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  1. Loved The Guard. Gleeson, Cunningham and Strong are fantastic - some of my favorite actors. The Raid was alright. Was highly let down by the lack of brutality, actually. The fight choreography was pretty good, but I expected more from the trailers and word of mouth. Haven't seen the other two.
  2. I can't get past the author's picture. Wh..what is on his head? Is it a...Jewfrohawk? And why is it lopsided? Did he cut it himself? Is it not a haircut, but rather a deceased animal? I'm lost.
  3. I know what direct means. In my opinion, Hazard should play more directly than he currently does. Early in the year, he was going past everyone. Then he stopped. He's been better lately, but it's something I want to see from him every match.
  4. I can certainly see where Lane is coming from. I don't understand people saying Hazard is far more direct than Iniesta. If anything, I consistently find myself thinking Hazard should be more direct. He is a lot like Iniesta.
  5. Looper. I'm a bit behind the curve on this one, so I decided to watch it the other night. First half was brilliant and I genuinely thought I was watching one of the best movies I've ever seen for about an hour. There's a brilliant scene near the beginning where, in order to kill a man from the future, a criminal organization hooks a younger version up to IVs and surgically dismembers him, limb by limb, starting with his fingers. Every time the young man loses a body part, it also disappears from his future self. After about an hour, though, the movie got really bogged down and wasn't nearly as strong in the second half. Still probably a strong 7 because the acting is (generally) fantastic, there's some great action and the depiction of the story's sci-fi elements is quite visually appealing. If you can get over a few silly plot holes and a movie that starts stronger than it ends, I'd recommend it.
  6. Torres should god damned well try his best when he's earning £170,000 per week. That's over £24,000 per day to play a game. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who complain about athletes making too much money, but I don't think "trying hard" should ever be a valid defense of someone making that much. Trying hard is the absolute least you expect from any player, let alone a "star". Torres doesn't fit the team because he's bad. He doesn't fit the team because his legs, as well as his confidence, are gone. This isn't the case of a quality player let down by the system he plays in. Torres has played in various lineups, under various managers, with various teammates and the one constant is that he's been bad. Not a big game player by any stretch of the imagination, let alone comparable to Drogba. As for giving him the credit he's due, I will right now: Fernando, Hi. That goal against Newcastle was really something. Thanks for winning the corner that Drogba scored on in the Champions League. Alright, now that I've given you credit, please leave. Thanks. Sincerely, Brandinho
  7. No, not a chance he can redeem himself. What he can do is be productive enough to a) shed the label of "worst transfer in football history" and b) convince some other club to take him off of our hands.
  8. For those interested in SimCity, I suggest you guys wait a bit before buying it. A look of people are running into this:
  9. Yeah, I played it until shortly after the halfway point and haven't touched it since. It wasn't a bad game, but it was loaded with flaws. The combat continues to be dumbed down with every entry in the series - pretty soon all one will need to do is hold down the A button and you'll auto-kill every guard. I also thought Connor was a really poor choice of protagonist, especially after Ezio who was extremely likeable. We essentially went from a Renaissance-era James Bond to a whiny kid with no real identity, nuanced motives or adequate characterization. I also hated just how linear the missions were. There were literally two ways to kill each target - either the "right" way, which would involve traveling a preset path and making a stealth kill, or the "wrong" way, which involved running in and killing everyone in sight. That's very poor level design in a supposedly "open world" game. Visually, it's quite solid, the homestead missions were a lot of fun and I loved the missions at sea, but the game is so marred by the above flaws that I couldn't objectively give it more than a 6 or 7/10. I really hope they do better with Black Flag, but I'm not terribly optimistic because of its short development cycle. I'll still keep an eye out for it, though, because it's about time we get a (hopefully) good pirate game.
  10. Yeah, they really dumbed it down so it would run on consoles. The first Crysis was fantastic, a real landmark in visual fidelity, but Crytek really messed up trying to capture the console market. Crysis was never going to get as big as COD, but now they've pissed away much of their cred amongst PC gamers.
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