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  1. coco changed the title to Chelsea breakaway from breakaway European Super League
  2. This is the end of football if this goes ahead, and I for 1 will never support a breakaway super league.
  3. Jose has joined Poyet in my cant really like you anymore now you're a bin lid book.......ffs Jose what has happened to you to sink so low to join that shower of sh*te. Rumour has it Mourinho no longer has a foreskin
  4. https://www.chelseafc.com/news/blogs/boilerplate-allincfc/inside-blue/-norman--give-us-a-wave-.html
  5. Eddie the Eagle as it goes i thought it was a good watch. The lad who plays him is brilliant.
  6. Well my fellow Shed enders i haven't been on for a while but thought i would pop in and give my opinion on the whole saga... Here we go again on to the manager merri go round saga with every Tom, Dick and Harry going to be linked!! I feel sorry for Jose after all he has done for this club and careers of many players he has been treated again as many of our legendary personal in the past badly. He deserved the season and deserved to ship out the players that was not willing to give 100% they earn a fortune and play for the club so if they are not willing to give everything for the badg
  7. Fury.....epic war movie would reccomend this to you all.
  8. Still a lot of love for Torres i see tbh whenever he's put the shirt on he has worked his plums off yes he didn't score the goals his price tag suggested but he never was going too, our system simply doesn't suit him we should never have signed that type of forward in the first place, however if we hadn't of signed him we would not have won the Champs league or the Europa so if he stays or goes cheers Nando a lot of fickle fans jumping on the hate bandwagon!
  9. how many goals did Torres get last season 20 plus wasn't it?? defo a flop lol
  10. This topic is f**king boring its the same people saying the same sh*t day in day out yaaaaaaawnnnn!!!
  11. When i buy it end of the month i'll have a game i'm not much good find the new one tough to play on.
  12. The new coach is a f**king fat Spanish waiter and a c**t to boot.
  13. First off "say what"???? I won't make excuses if he's had a sh*t game i'll say it but watching him play he's had more good games than bad, He works hard for the team even if he doesn't score!! And does not deserve the amount of tosh you and other fans dish out!
  14. If a player puts on that blue shirt you support him end of story. For example if Torres wasn't on the pitch in the champions league final we would never have had the corner from which the Drog scored, So us winning that trophy we had a helping hand from Torres. And i'm sure when he scored that goal against Barca most of the Torres bashers were cheering - hypocrites!! so does this mean you fans who abuse him also boo when he scores?? JOKERS, Torres doesn't get abuse at games because they see the effort and hard work he puts in, Yes some times he looks pissed off but so would you if you made end
  15. Torres put in a good shift link up play was good was unlucky not to score and to be sent off.
  16. This is a f**king joke now! Torres works his balls off every game, he runs his heart out for every min he'son the pitch. He has been unlucky because he's played upfront on his own which means defenders can double up on him, which frees up our attacking midfield players. if you watch the games and Torres's movement and runs they are world class only problem is we never look to him and he makes these runs in vein!! i'd get pissed off too if i was making good runs and never get the ball. People on this forum are f**king with my melon!!
  17. Done the chelsea way!!! that game had everything...i rolled around on the floor laughing! i felt like a kid at xmas what a feeling!!!!
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