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  1. Well his girlfriend left him recently so I’m sure he’s had plenty of practice.
  2. I would agree. I imagine the higher up’s view a £70m+ player on over £100k a week with over four years left on his contract as not a good investment while sat on the bench. I’d imagine one of Tuchel’s objectives will be to coach Kepa back into form, therefore I can see him being given another extended run as the first choice.
  3. Lots of snippets on the Athletic article on here. So, for those who fancy a bit of light reading, here it is in full: “The buzz around Chelsea before the new season hadn’t been this upbeat for years. Manager Frank Lampard was ready to build on an impressive first year in the job and the club appeared to be backing him with the biggest transfer splurge in their history. There was talk of a title challenge and Lampard establishing his reputation as one of the brightest emerging coaches in the game. But all was not what it seemed. “The moment he goes on a bad run of four-five g
  4. All the reports are now saying it’ll be Tuchel, a.k.a. the ‘German Conte’. The bloke won’t last the year.
  5. Never a dull moment at Chelsea. Who would have predicted that we’d make all the Transfer Deadline Day headlines even when we’re banned!
  6. Is Drinkwater injured? He's not even on the Leicester bench today.
  7. If his first introduction to the UK is a copy of the Daily Mail I wouldn't be surprised if he's on the next train back to France!
  8. You betcha! The source is me, I am a football agent.
  9. Apparently we're in for Danilo from Real Madrid. http://www.90min.com/posts/5224610-chelsea-reportedly-ready-to-match-asking-price-for-out-of-favour-real-madrid-defender?utm_source=RSS It's a sh*t source so take it with the punch of salt it deserves.
  10. Watch out folks, the lunatics are out of the asylum on BBC News!
  11. Well, I don't want to sound harsh but I'm not surprised. It's still a shock to hear it confirmed though. I had assumed John would retire and join the coaching staff at the end of the season but it's clear, from reading his statement, that he wants to continue playing.
  12. http://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2017/4/2/15152802/eden-hazard-laughs-off-real-madrid-rumors Hazard on Real Madrid rumours:
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