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  1. There are a handful of players I don't want to see anywhere near a Chelsea shirt and he is one of them.


    By the way, there is no love lost from his side either, and if he had a choice he would never choose to come here. Thank goodness.





  2. There's only enough square footage around Stamford Bridge to expand the current stadium by about 5 thousand which is not big enough for what the club wants.


    It's to do with the area surrounding the ground itself not being big enough mostly due to the railway lines but I read on the Chelsea website they would need to expand the width of the exit points leading out of the ground mostly the one which runs parallel with the East Stand.


    It really is shame that office space and apartments was chosen over this: 



    Yeah, saw that and it did send shivers up my spine. Yet, I thought it would have been quite awesome, and would have involved some engineering clout to boot, to basically move two of the chimneys so that the four chimneys were actually the four corners of the stadium. Imagine a mostly blue stadium with the four white chimneys lit with spotlights at night.


    OK, back to reality.





  3. I have to wonder it would make any sense for either Torres or Chelsea to part ways.


    For Torres, he now looks like he belongs here; he looks comfortable, and he looks like he is enjoying playing again. It took a while, and why would he want to start that process all over again anywhere else? Also, how likely is it he would be going to a club with better chances of success than Chelsea?


    For Chelsea, we forked out such a lot of money for Torres, and selling him now would be admitting we made a huge mistake, and would mean trying to get back as much (no matter how little) for him as possible. However, why would we do this when he is showing signs of turning a corner?


    From a form and confidence perspective, I say we keep Torres. But ultimately, it will come down to whether Jose (or whoever else) sees a place for him in our squad.





  4. I am still in dreamland and still in the best football high I've ever had.

    Watched the game at home, with only my first Chelsea jersey and my scarf as companions. But, strangely enough, just as the game started, all my nerves disappeared and I just knew, I saw, that whatever Bayern throw at us, it won't be enough, that we are the stronger, if not the better team, that tonight we will NOT be beaten, no matter what. I felt we were always going to equalize just as I felt Bayern would probably score in the minutes before they did. I thought we would win it in ET, but this way was even better.

    When Mata missed, I kept repeating that the first team to miss usually wins; when Schweinsteiger missed, I couldn't believe the implications of it - Didier scores and we are there! - and I had to pace around my small room and repeat it to myself. When he stepped up, there was only one outcome. When he scored, I just collapsed on the floor and watched in disbelief - bliss is the best way I can put it. My mind empty of conflict, of thought, just pure, boundless pleasure and relief.

    Who played how is unimportant. We were a force of nature last night and we won it, that's all that matters. My every footballing dream is fulfilled, every footballing dragon slayed and buried. There is nothing more I can ask of this team - Chelsea has given me everything.

    Virosh, well puts, mate. I felt exactly the same.



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