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  1. If it weren’t for Ruud, none of this would have ever happened. No FA Cups, League Cups, Roman, PL Titles, Champions Leagues. Nothing. Zip. Nil. Niet. Niente! We’d be just another Tottenham at best. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/52904670
  2. I recall AVB starting well, but teams had him figured out after a few games and then he didn’t know how to solve the problem. With Lamps, the flaws are there straight away, but hopefully he’ll get it solved soon(er rather than later).
  3. Heard some noises that Marina might have given Ralf Rangnick a call. https://www.mediareferee.com/2019/06/14/forget-sarri-chelseas-managerial-woes-would-end-if-they-appoint-this-60-year-old-genius-starring-in-the-bundesliga/
  4. Dreaming a little but if Sarri goes to Juve maybe Roman can make a quick call to Z-man?
  5. Haha, but you know deep inside you that with Sarri in charge here, we probably won't even get a draw over 2 legs against either Ajax or Barcelona right? If we played in a league that had only 8 tough games per season (instead of 38), a break for Christmas, and schedulers who were a little more accommodating for teams playing in Europe, I think we’d do a little better than not even getting a draw.
  6. I’ll never forget Frankie’s goal against Bayern Munich. Straight out of the Zizou textbook. Seems as though one of his opponents thought the same. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/chelseas-frank-lampard-best-prem-14146484
  7. Big balls of a big dog. God bless him. https://www.uefa.com/video/skills/video/videoid=1954219.html?autoplay=true
  8. http://sportwitness.co.uk/chelsea-player-front-page-marca-transfer-will-happen-nothing-goes-wrong/ Read the bottom.
  9. Anyone watch Portugal v Spain? When AC let Costa go at the start of last season I thought it was probably for the best. But after seeing his goal, AC would probably wish he could go back in time and do everything he could to keep him.
  10. I'd be f**king miserable too if I were the manager and asked in the summer for a second striker and left back to give us any chance of doing anything after Christmas. Then only to get told at the end of August to wait and see what happens in January. With 5 days to go before the window closes again all he's got is "Here you go, not what you asked for but another injury prone midfielder. And while we're at it, what do you reckon of Andy Carroll?". This Palmieri/Dzeko transfer better follow through. If I was Roman, and Conte manages to get us to finish second in the Prem and get over Ba
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