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  1. Grazie Antonio! Best of luck in your future Career.... thanks for the memories.
  2. What an absolute joke of a bloke you are.... wishing injuries on any player, let alone one of ours is just disgraceful. You sir, are what is known as... a c**k womble!
  3. Every game i watch Andreas, the better i think he is and to be honest im not at all surprised that Barcelona are looking at him. We need to keep him whatever, he has the potential to be the best CB in the world... in my opinion. He could be the main man at the back for us for the next 10 years!
  4. Good change for Moses last night... The young leftback for Arse seemed to have the measure of him from the off. Zappa has one hell of a shot too... unlucky not to win it for us.
  5. I actually sigh everytime Baka gets on the ball.... Ive seen sunday league players pass better than him. Give DD a decent run in the team....
  6. I don’t think it is all over with Antonio just yet, it is surely obvious to the board how much he is loved by us fans, his name is sung with gusto every game. I just hope for once they take it on board and do what they can to keep him. At the moment, I cannot say with confidence who I would have to replace him. In my opinion he is that good. I love his passion and the fact he celebrates every goal as if he has just scored himself. We need to tie him into a new contract, give him anything he wants and back him in the summer window. Last season of course but also this season, I feel I’ve enjoyed going the bridge more than I have in years.... i think Contes passion has definitely rubbed off on the fans.
  7. Why can’t we attract top players anymore?
  8. I think we all need to calm down a bit here, we have a defeat and Willian needs lined up and shot. He has been great for us over the past few seasons, he was put on, incorrectly in my opinion, on Saturday after Moratas injury and he had a poor game agreed, but so did a few others so its not entirely Willian. In another game on another day, he could have had a blinder and we would be saying he is the best thing since sliced bread. Swings and roundabouts.
  9. He has said previously that he wants to lead us into the new stadium, whenever that will be. He still has a long career ahead so hopefully we will see a few more years from him yet. Just hope Roman keeps his trigger finger occupied with something else and gives us the consistency we need from a coach.
  10. Im pleased the circus is over to be honest. We just need the 'Costa is better than Morata' headlines from the 'pundits' which have been popping up on headlines over the last few weeks to dry up, im sick of reading the same old crap. Costa didnt want to be here, we got a big fee and a tidy profit so i think it is good business. I am convinced that Morata will make sure that Costa is forgotten and will help fire us to more success. Just read that Costa has apparently told reporters that he has no issue with Conte..... Im sure that wasnt what he was saying a few weeks back when he was partying in Brazil trying to engineer a move away.... Good ridance to the T**t!
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