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  1. Yup! Should be a lot of fun! weather doesn't look great though...
  2. I don't think JT would be living the Chinese lifestyle that you or I would be - China is a fantastic place if you have plenty of money... most places are!
  3. Not a dig at you at all, and I don't even think this is the case with John Squared, but Arsenal fans were saying this sort of thing about Bellerin for ages before he came good. Regular game time in the face of some bad performances can help a player a lot.
  4. Scored his pen in the shoot out.
  5. I wonder what BlueBlur, ShedEnd91, Zola and Chelsbear think about it?
  6. Came on here to say this... best 16 quid you'll ever spend.
  7. I think it's unfair to say we haven't seen any improvement since the start of the season - think he's steadily getting his form back and playing much, much better in the last month or so.
  8. The circle on the roof is a nod to the cemetery isn't it?
  9. Excuse my french, but who gives a f*ck about the Ballon D'or?
  10. Detest clean shaving - haven't had a bald face since at least 2010...I 'man-scape' with a beard trimmer to keep the facial hair tidy which takes about 2 - 3 minutes every 4 - 5 days.
  11. Mentioned it before but it should definitely be called the 'Carefree Arena'.
  12. Anyone played Gears of War Ultimate Edition? Great re-vamp of the original Gears of War maps, enhanced of course and loads of new additions. Made for some real nostalgia playing on Gridlock and the like!
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