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  1. hahaha...Both! But it's all gonna be worth it when that sweet sweet chocolate hits my lips.
  2. Thank you Just. I am glad to see someone on here still has the sense to recognise a 4-2-3-1 wide toilet formation when it's on display:
  3. 4-2-3-1: how my inbred cousin Giacomo counts down from 5. Amusing to watch when it's the offspring of two 1st cousins from the mountainous regions of Friuli struggling with his numbers, less fun to watch on a football field. It's a particularly poor choice given the players available. It sacrifices depth from the wingers for a higher 10, and the wingers we have (Pedro, Pulisic) are players who you would like to see playing close to / behind Giroud in a 4-3-3. They have to do more defensive work, and end up deeper and wider. So unless we plan on signing James Milner and Mark Albrighton, or
  4. That is... not a good 4-2-3-1. Swiss cheese in the last 20 mins...
  5. Seriously though good riddance to bad rubbish. I hope to see him crushed by Conte next season. The last time we will watch Jorghino's impression of a fiat panda trying to get up a slight incline in defensive midfield.
  6. Well well well. Wellity well well. Wellity well well wellity well well. All it took was the public de-pantsing of another Italian to bring you out of hiding. THIS WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.
  7. I'd take that money and run. He works hard and has some qualities for sure but his passing/awareness is average... And his attitude sucks.
  8. Becoming clear that there is a culture of undermining rather than working when you are not in the team / not on board with the manager's vision at Chelsea. Always difficult in modern times due to massive player contracts. It's becoming repetitive though. Maybe an opportunity to explore a willian + cash for Pogba deal.
  9. Arrested Development was a tip from g4 and was genius. The characters and what they do with them is pure genius, haven't genuinely laughed so hard since the early simpsons and the best south parks. Have watched them all a few times now and I don't think i'll ever get sick of them...
  10. Watched "Food Inc." a documentary about food production in America which was very interesting and definitely something all Americans should watch. Also Being John Malkovic which was awesome and all 3 seasons of Arrested Development which were great too!
  11. The Pianist, was tragic but had some amazing scenery and shots.
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