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  1. Missed the game due to Canada Day get together...kept an eye on the game via twitter WTF happened? This loss could make things very difficult to hang on to 4th or even 5th the way Wolves and Man U are playing.
  2. Utd have the easier run in for sure and looking at the fixtures I don't see them dropping any more points with they way they are playing and with 6 teams now in the race we can't be dropping 2 points tomorrow; there are still some tough games for us ahead.
  3. Poor start, great finish. How Barkley is an England International is beyond me though, apart from his goal his vision is very narrow.
  4. Our defenders are their own worst enemy...and are generally poor.
  5. Players need a good kick up the arse at HT and make at least 2-3 changes
  6. If we play like this the 2nd half I don't see us going through. We've been sloppy for most of the first half in the middle of the park and the defence has been shaky. Need to make some significant changes at HT, certainly in the middle and maybe bring Dave in at LB.
  7. I think you'd need the Golden Boy in there not Gilmour
  8. It's just painful to watch at times, back, back, side, back...by the time they sorted out the idea of a forward passed the opponents are over them like a bad rash and then there is no way out.
  9. We have to be the worse team in the EPL playing out from the back...every pass is suicidal and into dangerous areas. Thought we would have sorted this out by now...hopefully before next season starts anyway.
  10. What an awful start ..could be 3 down ..shocking.
  11. I thought James was extremely poor against Villa, lost every tackle and passing was awful; likely rusty after the long lay off but lets hope he is sharper this time around.
  12. Don't see it TBH. I think its a case of keeping his best for the League games, prequalifying for a CL place is a priority...not the FA Cup. I think we'll see him coming on the 2nd half especially if things aren't going well and we need some creativity from the middle.
  13. Not a bad line up...Let's hope Leicester play a few reserves as well

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