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    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Not sure if anyone is watching the Belgium Swiss game but we thought the English defence was bad...the Belgians are atrocious - 2-0 up and coasting to 3-2 down in 20 minutes..shocking

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Let's hope Kane has a sh*te game on Sat....but have to say he is a decent poacher

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    didn't you know that he is England's saviour.....there is just something about him that I don't like......maybe because he plays for Spurs

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Woeful defending.....

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Well a typical England performance ...its about as exciting as watching paint dry; look nervy at the back and missed chances at the front. Barkley is clearly saving himself for the weekend, as he is for the most part, jogging and strolling around the pitch watching the game go by. Dier...what does he offer? Can see changes at half time or very shortly after.
  6. Well, not really but that's your opinion, I respect it and your entitled to it. We are getting off topic here as this the match thread and not one on FFP...however as we started here I guess we will carry on. Just like all good businessmen, if you can find the loopholes and your way around avoiding taxes, financial penalties, etc you'll do it, giant companies and others do it all the time...hell even I do it. If the governing bodies were stupid enough to leave gaps or even a crack in FFP rules then they will be exploited by experts and others until the gaps are closed. If City, PSG and others legitimately found their way through the maze and the FFP lot don't like it then tough sh*t; they should have ensured the rules were water tight before they put them out. And don't think we as a club are angels either, especially when it comes to recruiting the youngsters; even recently being investigated by FIFA. Of course there are sleazy dealings going on with all the top clubs I expect, it would be naive to think otherwise, even the new FIFA President is at it! City just got found out and I suspect we will see the usual 'investigation' at some point to appease other clubs. Even though there have been rumours, it's been reported for ages that money is being syphoned and pushed in different areas of the club to hide their shortfalls of FFP, but no-one seemed to be in a hurry then to investigate and I doubt anyone will be in a hurry now either, because it will just open up a can of worms that will bring down EUFA and others. This is a segment from a piece from SB Nation in regards to FFP back in 2015: That Manchester City has been able to significantly outpace Chelsea, despite being hamstrung by the poor timing of financial fair play, is a testament to the club's efforts. The club's globalisation strategy is second to none, and City now enjoys a tangible presence on six continents. Manchester City's executive team is unlikely to get the credit they deserve due to the longstanding mischaracterisation of some of their commercial deals, but they have done a fantastic job in the face of hurdles that were designed to be insurmountable. 0n another note - Everton's away kit looked sh*t
  7. While you could argue that Hazard fills this role, we need a midfielder that will attack the oppositions midfield and drive at the opponents defence( an Essien type player) right now we don't have one of those players holding a spot in the first 11, RLC is probably our best option. I still don't like Kante in the advanced role, while he may win the ball higher up the pitch his distribution is not as good as it should be in the attacking sense; in addition by playing forward he will be naturally be placed in a position where chances and half chances fall to him; a natural forward thinking attacking midfielder will take these chances on, whereas Kante tries to play safe going sideways and the chance is gone. Sarri needs to have a closer look at the squad and set up. We all know that the 2nd half of the season is more difficult than the first time around....continuing what we are doing will simply be nullified the second time around.
  8. funny now the shoes on the other foot our fans are pissed how City are spending money...strange we weren't moaning when Roman first arrived and spent a boatload to win the title. Roman started the trend of clubs being owned by billionaires but now can't keep up with the big boys. We just have to suck it up like everyone did all those years ago.
  9. Well we lucky or unlucky depending which way you look at the game. Yes we should be thankful we are at the top of the table rather than the bottom; seeing as our expectations were not more than a top 4 spot at the start. Trouble is the expectations have been raised over the previous 10 games or so. So should we be disappointed or happy where we are sitting despite the result? City today showed why they will win the league in a canter unless they have a meltdown. Anyone of the remaining 6 or 7 clubs can grab a top four spot as they / we are simply not consistent enough home or away. I think this team, with the players we have, are just about as 'good as it gets' for us this year. Like others, I still feel Kante is playing in the wrong position and apart from playing short forward passes what has Jorghino really offered? because as a sitting midfielder he offers very little defensively creating pressure on an already underwhelming back four set up. Without a ruthless striker up front staying in touch with the likes of Liverpool and even Spurs might be a struggle as we approach the holiday schedule and beyond. We needed to make a statement today and unfortunately thanks to a strong Everton performance, a few misses we missed the opportunity to put pressure on both Liverpool and City. Onward and upward...sh*tty break then another tough test..
  10. there is only one team in this game so far and its not the team in blue.....just don't understand why we see this type of opening half performance week in, week out...one day we will be punished for it and won't be able to come backs we have done so far.
  11. Another poor sloppy start.....our back four scares me
  12. different Everton team, different manager, different Chelsea team, different manager............expect the same result a CFC win. ....a narrow 3-2 victory for the home team I think.
  13. couldn't nip off work today for this - first game of the season missed but it doesn't sound like I'm missing much? Can't even pick up commentary of the game on Talksport . Our usual slow start by what I am reading and still trying to go down the middle of the box which as usual is packed.
  14. CFCCAN

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Problem is Scott no one really knows what went on behind the scenes, it could have been and sounds like a dog's breakfast....I mean if the club are so hard up that they have to bring a petty thing up like parking in the wrong spot is beyond belief. I think it's fair to say that both sides are equally to blame for this mess. Split the difference and stop pissing about, both sides will learn from their mistake..................oh I forgot this isn't exactly the first time we have run into dismissing managers, yet somehow we generally make a mess of it.