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  1. At the end of the day we knew at the beginning of the season and the appointment of Frank together with the young players that mistakes would be made, both by Frank and the players and that we would be inconsistent and floating around mid-table. By some miracle this team and Frank have exceeded expectations to a point where we expect them to win or challenge every game and be in the top 4. I think as fans we have set the bar too high for this team....yes the defence is poor and no doubt will be addressed in Jan or the summer...well its beyond poor its shocking. ..a point today will be a fair result, a loss is not shocking, against a good team that has been under performing all year. If Everton had shown up all season, with the squad they have we would have expected them to be in the top 6 - 8 and getting a point at Goodison would be a decent result.
  2. leave for 10 minutes come back and its 2-1..WTF happened...well I guess we are still in the game and can salvage a point
  3. can't get any worse for the 2nd half...can it?
  4. He is very talented. I just feel he is a very moody player. Today after the manager is gone he is making a case for himself by fighting and running. Next match not so much. I haven't seen too much of him though. He's their top scorer, which would suggest that at least he did not pout entirely
  5. Who would take Richarlison in Jan? Always liked him for a young player, he's only 22 and would add some muscle up front with Abraham -
  6. our defence has more holes than a sieve ...we are just sh*te at defending anything these days....can see them getting another before the half. Frank should do a Jose and yank Dave off and play Emerson on the left or switch Dave and James around.
  7. players getting drawn into the crowds atmosphere; we need to f**king calm down and play football not let them run around and bully us which is what they are doing
  8. f**king knew it...f**king awful defending.....again. Well Frank there's your answer where you need to spend your money
  9. Need a big game from everyone today.....Richarlinson is a scare for me against Christensen
  10. game over ...made a real meal of that though. Really need to put these chances away that are being created...Everton up next and that won't be easy today especially if they have a new manager .....which it sure looks like given the latest from Anfield

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