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  1. I'm just wondering if we can keep it under 8 and that, given our current form, might be a good result.

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Images like this is why he needs to go...sooner rather than later
  3. I agree with a lot of what you have said but the buck ultimately stops with the manager; he's the one responsible for getting the team ready and securing the result. While it seems that in recent years our managers have had little say in who comes in I don't believe he is not consulted on the type of players he wanted. He simply won't accept that this league is the toughest to manage in; you have to be adaptable, if not you will get creamed week in, week out as we are seeing. It's not the players that will get him the sack, it's his unwillingness to learn and see what's happening around him. I've said it numerous times, without trying to repeat myself; a new system and style of play only works the first time around, managers in this league are astute and quick learners, if you don't change your style of play the second time around, even slightly, you will get punished. While Mr A and the Board may be slightly culpable for this mess the main reason is Sarri himself.
  4. Fair play, Brutos you have been a supporter of Sarri, but you pointed out his problem, he won't change the system, you've heard him say it time and time again....it's plan A and no Plan B until Plan A is perfected and that my friend is nowhere in the near distant future; he's a stubborn old bastard that won't adapt to this league; what may have worked in Italy clearly is not working here. He is the only one who believes he is right while the team around him has no faith in his system which can be got and destroyed in every game. If he stays he will surely have had the worst record in modern CFC history, with fewest goals scored and most conceded if this is allowed to continue.
  5. Sarri has ripped the heart and fabric out of this club in 2/3rds of a season. Mediocre signings, half decent players being left on the bench or loaned out ...what a f**king shambles he and the Board have turned this club into. Can hardly say that after 7 months progress is being made; he's a stubborn old goat and he would rather see us toil week after week because he won't change a f**king thing or even consider a Plan B; we can't score, we can't defend, we have no leaders and we have no stomach for a fight any longer. Well if Buck, Marina and the Board want this on their heads be it; keep him and we won't be looking at CL football or top 4 for the next few years. Top 4 for the next 5 years will be City, Utd, Liverpool and Spurs with CFC being a 6-10 place club if Sarri stays...mind you it will take quite a few transfer windows to sort this mess out and wipe the slate clean...and all without Hazard who will be enjoying the Madrid sunshine if he had any sense.
  6. Wonder if Buck will give Sarri the same treatment as Carlo....done in the tunnel ....such class.
  7. 2-0 down and he brings a defender on and not CHO....what a f**king stubborn moron of the highest order he really is.
  8. Sarri will be gone after the Cup Final loss. 'Bring back Mourinho the crowd sings' ...haha ... bring back anyone that knows anything about football. Outdone by a rookie manager, tactically in every respect.
  9. fans booing and rightfully so.....shocking
  10. no one tracking back from midfield
  11. Well the myth that is Sarriball died on Feb 18th 2019 at Stamford Bridge.....bye bye Sarri, can't stay around and watch this mess every week now.
  12. no guts in midfield, no urgency in attack, malaise at the back.....game over
  13. Always has a stellar game against us, bang average every other game.
  14. Alonso, can't defend worth sh*te.....not even good going forward....bye bye Sarri at this rate. Can't keep picking the same team and players that stink the joint out week after week.