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  1. I've noticed as in those other games we've lost like this, that straight from the kick off, if our defenders just pass it side to side among themselves for the first 30 secs, were in for what we saw today...coincidence perhaps, but sets the tone for the entire game. Frank has to stand up and take the blame for these types of performances, team selection and tactics. Kante should not be playing in these games, he has to play Barkley. Kante's skill is nicking the ball, there is no requirement in games like this as the opposition will gladly let us have it. Well, at least Arsenal won't put 11 men behind the ball on Tuesday I suppose.
  2. Well there you are again.....f**king sh*te at breaking teams down and pay the price....livid.
  3. Tired, lazy, unimaginative football....and its going to end badly I fear
  4. I guess its just going to be 'one of those days'
  5. If we had 4 hours we'd never score playing like this, all we do is push the ball wide and throw in a hopeful cross into a box full of black and white shirts..does anyone actual want to try shooting beyond 6 yards...
  6. There's just no movement up front when Jorghino has the ball, everyone is static.
  7. Newcastle sitting on the 18 yard and moving the ball slowly in front of them is not going to scare them.....lost count how many games we've seen play out in a similar fashion all year.
  8. Wow that was close...shocking defending again though, not closing down the cross quick enough.
  9. Got to move the ball a lot quicker going forward, just allowing the barcodes to sit deep only results in getting caught on the counter if we lose the ball 25 yards out.
  10. Kovacic was definitely playing well when somehow or other he got turfed to the bench, we are lightweight in midfield without him I think...
  11. Yes it was but there were those City and Leicester fans that were hoping for a Liverpool stutter....it doesn't matter now though.
  12. Palace held there own but City were huffing and puffing for most of the game....title definitely over now.
  13. Well I guess once City scored one they were going to get another. Palace stopped playing after they scored..

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