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  1. We are in trouble and that's why yesterdays game was so crucial ...now it's panic stations given who we have to play.
  2. Guess that didn't work out as planned ...that's why our game yesterday was a must win for me and the team blew it. Liverpool are not going to lose any of their last games, even others are smelling blood now...we have to win against Leicester next week, a draw won't be any good
  3. Maybe he just has a sad face...he won't get off lightly if he continues with the performances we've seen this year.
  4. I bet they are shaking in their boots watching this fiasco..
  5. He's now had numerous managers albeit he is young in terms of age, no his career....no manager that I can recall has preferred him over other players for more than a couple of games. He just doesn't do it for me, he doesn't appear to work as hard as the other young players and perhaps that's why he can't get a run of games, or is it others are simply better? If he was as good as he is made out to be he'd be playing every game regardless of his age.
  6. Wonder if the media, especially Sky and provide us with the same excuse for a poor performance like they do with City and Liverpool...we made changes and played our 2nd string players...doubtful; it will all be about how good Arsenal were on the night and why couldn't have played like this all season...
  7. I had high hopes that we would give this Arsenal team a lesson..I clearly set my expectations way too high. The first 10 minutes set the pattern for the rest of the game, pass backwards, move like a snail going forward, see the same old sh*te 20 yards out f**k around outside the box, cross the ball to no-one. This is pre- TT sh*t. It would seem that their heads are at Wembley already instead of this game.
  8. Well that first half went well....f**king disaster thanks to Zouma. When ever he plays we f**k around at the back..
  9. Yeah we do have a tendency to f**k about too much when we play Arsenal but I think we are in a better place tactically than we were on Boxing Day. Just don't see us losing this game unless we have a WBA meltdown.
  10. Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about Man City, how great a team they have, how great their Manager is, how Foden is the 2nd coming and when they get turned over the pathetic excuses the media make; that they never played their best 11; they only played their reserves, so and so is injured. City deserve the win the CL because of they need to, to put the icing on the cake, because they are the best in Europe. Personally I am sick to death of this sh*t...City and Pep have been exposed by CFC and TT and the media just don't want to admit it...I hope we trounce them in the final and that
  11. 3 points or nothing. Need get this game done an dusted early and out Arsenal in their place. Can't be beaten today.
  12. Salah played for us first also...and he's as bad as Sterling with the moaning and diving..
  13. TBH ...I think they are overhyped by the media much like PSG and RM...no-one in the media gives us credit when we beat the big heads..it's always they were poor or made changes. f**k them all Roman has put together a great squad of players and TT has them playing as a 'team' ..the icing on the cake is finding someone who can consistently put the chances away.
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