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  1. Doubt if he'll change a winning team....Zouma for me of late plays far too many sideways / back passes...guaranteed we will get pressed to death tomorrow so I'd rather see Mendy and the rest of the defence keep hitting the long balls over the top of the press and by- pass the midfield rather than pissing around trying to play out from the back.
  2. No matter who we buy as a centre forward we seemingly always turn them into a turd sooner or later the exceptions being Drogba and Costa..
  3. Liverpool have produced some of the best divers in the world ....
  4. Love how BT pundits diminish this result......if it was Liverpool it would be a great victory
  5. Well he did one thing in the end......and still not a hair out of place...
  6. A good win to take back to the bridge....although I don't expect to see such a defensive AM side as we strangely saw tonight. We did manage the game out well after the goal.
  7. My mum had one of those, left the handbrake off and it rolled down the hill....smashing into a couple of cars on the way.....kids on the estate were laughing though
  8. Giroud has done nothing.................except 'looking good' not a hair out of place
  9. If I was Chillwell I'd be putting in a transfer request in the summer...
  10. apart from Werner no one up front making a run to create space while we are pissing around 25 yds out...frustrating
  11. Mendy is having a howler today.....Kepa best get ready for the Utd game..
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