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  1. To think before Barca with Pep in charge and now with City it's all about possession, possession, possession starting with the keeper; for some teams like City it works for others they don't have the players with the confidence to settle on the ball or move it quickly enough around the opponents press....remember the good old days when the goalkeeper would hoof the ball up the pitch from a goal kick trying to find the CF ...now its all poncing around with the keeper and the defenders before any action starts...zzzz
  2. I know James is the successor to Dave, but really the boy can't defend worth sh*t, yeah OK he's young and still learning. Mediocre and safety first in every back pass or sideways pass he makes, which disrupts all the momentum when we are trying to attack and players running forward...but more importantly he needs some lessons on how to defend IMO.
  3. Constantly giving the ball away with sloppy passes, can't get any momentum since the goal, still trying to go down the middle which is jammed packed, horrible tactics, slow paced turgid football that needs to be addressed. Just can't see any gelling within this team, don't think Frank knows who to play at the moment.
  4. oh well that will limit the damage I guess..20 mins to salvage a point.
  5. It will be the day that James actually passes the ball forward every game is the same...apart from the poor crosses more or less every pass has gone sideways or backwards.
  6. Frank might have a few choice words at half time. Mind you it could be the Palace look alike shirts that are the cause of this mess.
  7. Been saying for ages, we need a world class defensive coach, Jodie and Frank and even the new guy that just came on board are f**king clueless....most of our defenders for the last 2 seasons have been, or are internationals..you don't get to play international football for being pants; its the coaching and the tactics that are mostly wrong.
  8. Send him to WH as Moise is looking for defenders to make the team better and throw in Barkley while your at it + 10mill and take Rice back in return.
  9. Just as well sign him to piss everyone else off....
  10. He's had a decent game...might prefer him over Alonso if he was a bit more consistent
  11. The score line should be about 10-5 I reckon...2 horror misses by Barkley and Mount in the last 10 mins...from what I've seen in the last few minutes of the 1st half and this half been pretty much one way traffic and a nice easy hat-trick for the new boy.
  12. Havertz has to play to get some minutes under his belt and get some rhythm going against lesser opposition, maybe Silva gets some minutes also.
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