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    That Sterling Incident

    they did look older that's for sure...still love how these journalist find excuses for City's loss, still the darlings for the media, together with Liverpool...hardly any credit for Chelsea...so far anyway

    That Sterling Incident

    they are just conducting a witch hunt and trying to dig up sh*t to stir up sh*t...typical journalism

    That Sterling Incident

    Agreed that racial abuse is vile ; jumping all over it on the Sunday Supplement.....worrying how much time is being spent on 'alleged racial abuse' and now pulling out every fan comment and banter that could be heard, funny though fans don't shout abuse at our players at any other ground; what a load of bollocks; fans have been shouting at players since my first game at the Bridge in 69....next thing no fans will be allowed to shout at players.....
  4. Sad thing is, looking at their fixtures over December and early Jan against the fixtures of the other top sides..they could come out the other end on top of the league
  5. Don't you just hate that prick Alle
  6. Well would never have guessed that result after the first half hammering we took. Fair play, we stuck it out and played some decent football and deserved it in the end.....f**k me
  7. Kepa distribution is so poor and it puts us under unnecessary pressure.
  8. Well WTF...what a turn around from the 1st half
  9. Should be RLC, more muscle than Barkley
  10. We'll this should be an interesting 2nd half.....if we were under pressure in the first half, God knows what the next 45 will be. City players clearly believe in each other and as a complete unit. They have 4 players pressuring Kepa at all times and any outlet player is surrounded regardless of how high their defensive line is, whereas we are standing 5-10 yards off their players not trusting those behind.
  11. Hopefully that will now create some space as City have to come forward
  12. Pep's half time talk won't be speaking about our attack that's for sure
  13. making Delph look world class is sickening
  14. If ever there was a game that decides Eden joins RM in the summer this is it...as he watches world class players enjoying their football while all he can do is look at the sh*te that surrounds him.