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  1. Another clean sheet would be nice although that might be tough against Richarlison and Calvert - Lewin....we'll need to play as good as we did against Liverpool to get a result
  2. Jose doing a brilliant job at Spurs.....they really are pants.. and its not just down to Kane being injured.
  3. fairly even first half, they have had more than a fair share of chances and you can expect them to step it up the 2nd half offensively. We need to step up a few yards we are falling back to far allowing them time and space which will eventually hurt us. A 2nd goal would definitely give us a bit of breathing room. Lets hope we don't concede two early goals or we are screwed... Gilmour, best player by far...Kepa look sharp..
  4. Liverpool seem to create so much space and time,
  5. Gilmour is what we have been missing this season, blood and guts in the middle instead of poncing about..
  6. Guaranteed to give back a goal in the next 5 minutes if true to form
  7. Dave done like a kipper....awful start. This could end badly
  8. Would love nothing more than a win but we'll have to get at them early.....I fear a narrow loss on penalties.
  9. I doubt they were Conte's first choices, especially Drinkwater and Bakayoko,
  10. I have to agree, although he will likely see out the season; if we want to move forward at be back at the top table of world football then we need a world class manager not a rookie, as good as a club legend he was. We should never had sacked Conte, best manager we had since Jose's first time around. Should have backed him and given him the players he wanted.
  11. We deserve to be in the relegation zone...I can't believe some of the things we've witnessed defensively this season and I'm sorry but I don't buy this young team crap either, most of the team are supposed veterans of numerous campaigns with a smattering of one or two 'young' players...the bottom line is we are f**king awful all over the park and I'm not sure even bringing in 3+ players in the summer will make that much of a difference TBH.
  12. We have been so weak defensively for the last couple of years, so unlike the teams of old....the worrying thing is who is going to sort this mess out?
  13. and.....there u have it....same old same old
  14. I would call this an uninspiring lead ....but a lead nevertheless is better than being behind. The next question will be whether the defence can hold out.

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