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  1. So's Jesus apparently.......and we're still waiting 😴🤫🤫
  2. Excellent performance! especially with the media at the outset treating as underdogs. But what grips my sh*t more than anything is many pundits once again claiming City weren't at their best ..well f**k me with a barge pole, pundits say this every time City get beat, so when are City at their best? Taking minnows apart?; We've beaten City 3 times this year but the pundits still can't give total credit where's credits due; TT has got Pep's number and the pundits hate it, so be prepared for yet another season of a love in on Sky and others for City and Liverpool together with a whole bunch of n
  3. He seems to be the most intelligent of recent managers and my hope is that if the club do find him a striker and perhaps a creative midfielder, that his tactics change to be more offensive and agile, especially against the mid to lower teams because that's where the PL is won and lost as more points are to be had against those teams than the top 4.
  4. Hoping we see a good game; I won't be too disappointed if we lose this providing we put up a good showing and don't embarrass ourselves, as to me getting to the CL Final was a bonus...but I am royally pissed that we bottled the FA Cup given who the opposition was.
  5. Could have well been into double figures had VAR been on our side
  6. If we are entirely happy finishing in 4th the way we did, think of the poor Everton fans....so much promise in the first half of the season with a great chance of getting into a top 4 spot and totally bottled it in the 2nd half despite the number of games in hand they had.
  7. It's the Chelsea way....but somehow we seem to pull it off
  8. Shame it wasn't in style and more relying on a dogs breakfast performance by others..
  9. Well we got away with it today, another season and we would have failed miserably. Some teams that finished below us also had shocking seasons, the reality is had this been a normal season we'd likely finish 6th or 7th.
  10. How the f**k has Liverpool got into 3rd place.....Sky team of the season for sure and yet another w**k feast for the pundits like Carragher, Souness and others.. We have been extremely fortunate to reach 4th spot as most of the football in the league under TT has been woeful....CL not so much because its a different competition and demands different tactics
  11. I must say that in hindsight I'm not sure Frank wouldn't have ended up in the same position as TT, clinging onto 4th, but I think we would have seen more goals at both ends of the pitch. This team certainly lacks idea's in the final third and has done for some time despite the millions spent.
  12. If Pulisic starts against City it will be a travesty...he's been tits the entire game...
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