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  1. Against anything but a couple of teams I feel the way we control games now they just cannot handle us.. 3-1
  2. chelseablueboy

    Andreas Christensen

    I've been shocked at his decline to be honest. I really thought we had a young 'home grown' defender stating a place in the starting line up, but he seems to have gone backwards in the system Sarri wants. Real shame, but If he can't play as the manager wants he will have to be moved on. I'm loving the football we are playing, and don't care who has to be sacrificed for it to continue.
  3. chelseablueboy

    Team for the future

    Just as a side to the 'comparison'.. City aside It's unlikey that the others will hold on to that lot If they don't win trophies, and that will be the difference as It has been over the last decade or so. What they look like now could be, and probably will be very different in a couple of seasons. Just a thought based on the last few years of the teams highlighted.
  4. chelseablueboy

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    We are still better off than we ever could have hoped for this season, we are top after all (for a couple of hours anyway) One minus for me is deffo Morata.. If I never see him in a Chelsea shirt again I wont be disappointed !!
  5. chelseablueboy

    Eden Hazard

    I would prefer the club offered him £500.000 a week. It sounds like silly money, but that equates to a replacement of say £150 million over 3 yrs. Bearing in mind at the end of say 3 years he would still be worth a third of that at least.. Offer him the earth I say, It's cheaper than trying to replace him (as we wont get feck all for him in the last year of his current deal) PS. I have no problems with the way he speaks, he's honest and respectful of the club at the same time... And boy have we had a player for the last 7 yrs !!!!!
  6. chelseablueboy

    Chelsea V MOL Vidi (EL) Thurs 4th Oct 20:00 UK

    As far as 'rotation' goes he has changed 9, yes 9 players from the last starting 11 I understand. I loike most others would like to see some of our younger talent get more time. But.. If Sarri thinks the match is better spent making 1st team players match fit for more Important games than that is a reasonable tactic, despite us just thinking of youth players in a probable walkover.. There are two sides to this. Anyways... C'mon the Chels
  7. chelseablueboy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Saw on BT last night, not only are we top of the premier league possession stats...... We are the best in EUROPE at keeping the ball, and It Isn't all wasted either, as we sit top of the league on goal difference !!!
  8. chelseablueboy

    Eden Hazard

    Someone tell those two this is the EDEN HAZARD thread Lol !!
  9. chelseablueboy

    2028/19 kit?

    I quite like it, could wear that out... Very funky me thinks.
  10. chelseablueboy

    Alvaro Morata

    A fair assessment, he really does need to get his act together, and talking about elsewhere isn't going to endear him to us that's for sure !!
  11. chelseablueboy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I'm very pleased with what he's done so far, not very many would have said we would win our opening four games, and not withstanding a few nervy moments against the Arse fairly emphatic and very entertaining too. We are dominating possession as opposed to soaking it up and waiting for a break away goal (especially irritating against the smaller clubs). It's such a pleasure to see US on top of games, I'm sure we'll have some slip ups.. But.. Wont it be fun and exciting along the way. Long live 'Sarri-Ball'
  12. chelseablueboy

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    That was great.... End to end stuff, we played some of the best football we've played in years IMO, I love it. More of the same for me please.
  13. chelseablueboy

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I honestly can't remember when I've been so relieved to see someone leave us.... I'll not whinge about the money, as it isn't mine !! Hopefully Milan will buy and we'll get shot, he is one of the worst players to wear our shirt, which is unbelievable considering how he was for Monaco. Anyways... onward and upwards with Barkley and RLC..
  14. Can't do any more really in such a short space of time. Well done Sarri & Zola, and well done the lads. Great win and as they say... Things can only get better !!!
  15. chelseablueboy

    Rate our transfer window

    I'm happy overall. I think we would have Willian go if Manure were willing to let us have Martial (IMO) so keeping him until a suitable younger replacement comes along was sensible. The Rat face scenario was out of our hands and I feel the club dealt with it OK. I never for one second thought we'd lose Kante, but Eden was a worry.. Phewww. The signings look on the face of it good additions, a quality keeper on a super long deal, Sarri's choice of playmaker (showing the club DOES support the manager), and the exciting potential of the Croation lad (I'm sure there is a clause somewhere in the loan deal giving us first refusal at a certain price) All in all, we ain't done bad, could suprise a few after the first few weeks of bedding in are done.