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  1. He's rapidly becoming my favourite current player, i love his work rate, skill, maturity... in fact my 'Bromance' application is in the post !!
  2. WEll... I'm happy to eat my words that he was right royally f**king us over. Glad he's signed, now prove your worth it young man and light up the prem !!
  3. Hope to be proved wrong.. BUT.... I think he has royally stiffed the club right up the jacksey. He's waited until we can't even get a fee for him so he gets the full financial benefit of being a free signing. Had he told us he was deffo not signing we could have at least got a fee for him (30m or so) but after the close of this window HE gets all the dosh. How the f**k can this all take so long, it's unheard of and although i will be gutted and repeat I hope I'm wrong but it doesn't seem like he's signing any new contract.
  4. I think the away kit is proper smart, going out smart in fact. It's about time we produced a smart, classy shirt.. Well done boys and girls.
  5. Mod, Soul, Scooters is huge in England at the moment, and has been growing for the last 15 yrs year on year.. The away kit is tapping into that. Are you American ?, if not you just don't know better, if you are, well culture of any sort really isn't your forte is it now !!
  6. At least it gave Frank an idea who Isn't going to be in his thoughts. Must be hard for the players to shine in that kind of game, but I suppose that's what makes the exceptional ones...
  7. Just read the news on the official site.... Are there two Morata's ?, because the one they talk about isn't the whinging fluffer who played in the games i saw !!!! Good riddance.
  8. Here we are off to the good ol US of A for a friendly when we are totally knackered and need a rest before a major final. I normally stick up for the club in general but this is utterly unfathomable, WTF are we doing, this should have been cancelled the moment we qualified for the final, end of. The manager had no say in it that's apparent after his post match when he came out against it, how can we be so stupid as a club, all for a few extra quid. I understand our various commitments but surely not a couple of weeks before a final when the squad NEEDS the rest.
  9. I'm completely torn.. Results... deserves his job, possible 3rd above spuds, LC final and a European final is good going after completely changing the way we play. Gut feeling... Lacks any positivity, doesn't inspire, terrible with the fans and media, oh and still plays Kovacic !! Very sad to say won't be disappointed either way
  10. That's exactly what i came on to post.. Did he actually touch the ball in extra time ?, we played with ten for a huge part of that game. How anyone can defend him after last night is really beyond me..
  11. You're doing it again !! Where did i say he was 'one of the worst'...?? I said, and i stand by it that he contributes nothing to our team or club and should be shipped back to RM ASAP. Please stop misquoting me, it's annoying.
  12. Kovacic as the driving force in the midfield = we are slow & sh*te... RLC comes on..... Say no more !!
  13. Who said Bakayoko ??? If you are going to 'quote me' get it right !! He keeps out RLC and Barkley, both of which offer more than he does in ALL departments. Your loyalty to him is admirable but I (along with most) want him gone ASAP, he just isnt good enough, simples.

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