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  1. Here we are off to the good ol US of A for a friendly when we are totally knackered and need a rest before a major final. I normally stick up for the club in general but this is utterly unfathomable, WTF are we doing, this should have been cancelled the moment we qualified for the final, end of. The manager had no say in it that's apparent after his post match when he came out against it, how can we be so stupid as a club, all for a few extra quid. I understand our various commitments but surely not a couple of weeks before a final when the squad NEEDS the rest.
  2. I'm completely torn.. Results... deserves his job, possible 3rd above spuds, LC final and a European final is good going after completely changing the way we play. Gut feeling... Lacks any positivity, doesn't inspire, terrible with the fans and media, oh and still plays Kovacic !! Very sad to say won't be disappointed either way
  3. That's exactly what i came on to post.. Did he actually touch the ball in extra time ?, we played with ten for a huge part of that game. How anyone can defend him after last night is really beyond me..
  4. You're doing it again !! Where did i say he was 'one of the worst'...?? I said, and i stand by it that he contributes nothing to our team or club and should be shipped back to RM ASAP. Please stop misquoting me, it's annoying.
  5. Kovacic as the driving force in the midfield = we are slow & sh*te... RLC comes on..... Say no more !!
  6. Who said Bakayoko ??? If you are going to 'quote me' get it right !! He keeps out RLC and Barkley, both of which offer more than he does in ALL departments. Your loyalty to him is admirable but I (along with most) want him gone ASAP, he just isnt good enough, simples.
  7. Possibly... but not excessively. When a player who is blatantly not as good as the man he keeps out because the manager needs/wants to save face i find it hard to be super objective... Same applies indecently to the Higiaun/Giroud situation.
  8. For me one of the worst players to ever play for us.. contributes f**k all, and just to rub salt in the wounds keeps out RLC who has provided us with some FORWARD passes, and very importantly GOALS !! Him and Higuan should share the cab home.
  9. I still give him the benefit of the doubt, although he tests the patience !
  10. Straight back to Italy, nowhere near fit/good/strong enough for the premier league anymore.
  11. The second I saw Hazard as the false 9 yesterday and that was that for me. He doesn't learn from previous mistakes, Haz is not a striker, it made us weak upfront, and we created very little. Out.. out. Out
  12. We were hopeless from the off... As soon as i saw Hazard as the false 9 i knew we were f**ked !! Sarri is blindly stubborn, and well out of his depth in this league. Added to that he seems to fail in all aspects of management, players, media, tactics, in fact all the things you need to succeed in the prem. For me he's become lost, one minute bowing to the fans, then going back to 'his' plan and f**king it up, what's next ???
  13. The only consolation is he's just a loan. We took a chance (couldn't be worse than Morata) and he's not done it, luckily we do have Giroud who not only puts in a shift but chips in with a few too. I'm sure the club will look to sort out the striker situation in the summer (fingers crossed on the ban front) if not Tammy and Giroud will start for us next season.
  14. After today i'm afraid I've u-turned to the Sarri out camp.. I'm sick to death at watching us pass the ball at a pedestrian pace in the middle third, only not to create a chance, and be opened up on the few counters. The three players it appears Sarri has brought in have all been poor, both Higuain and Jorgihno both look completely off the prem pace, and Kovacic is a total waste of a place. His persistence with the same players failing week in week out has gone from baffling to utter bewilderment, and I for one would be happy to see him gone tomorrow.
  15. For me that's the best post on this debacle yet. Misunderstanding my arse, face saving at it's worse more like ! This should be taken out of the hands of both Sarri and Kepa by the club with swift and decisive punishment of Kepa as a warning to others. Kepa will NEVER have my respect, and i doubt would ever make legend status for me whatever he goes on to win with us.

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