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  1. I like him.. He's honest and very open in press conferences. Comes across as very knowledgeable as well as likeable and intelligent. I think he is going to do well here, I am confident in his ability to take us back to the top. Because of their love for Frank there are some on here who want him to fail and will never really give him a chance which is a shame. I think we could have done a lot worse.
  2. That was a great champions league result.. We dominated in all departments, brilliant performance,...
  3. Excellent all round from us i thought. We are going to tonk someone soon if we carry on like this. We are looking like a proper team i think.
  4. Poor Timo.. he's been excellent this first half. Next goal determines the winner me thinks..
  5. How many f**king times are we going to win it high up the pitch and end up passing it back to mendy... Its driving me mad !!!!
  6. Good half that. We look dangerous on the counter for once and I'm so happy for Timo. Let's hope we can push on in the second half and may score one or two more, and hope they don't get a shot on target !!
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