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  1. Great rotation for me, keeping most happy and minimising the risk of injuries.. Oh, and its not a bad team either !
  2. Far too much respect shown to that choking bunch of c**ts.. Still haven't scored against one of the top sides.. Too slow and wary.
  3. We got what we deserved.. Let a reserve spuds side dominate us for a complete half, utterly symbolic. Frank needs to get a grip, it's like watching sarri ball. I'm going to kick the cat....
  4. Possession, possession... Not enough end product, far too many backwards passes. Let's not forget this really is a spuds reserve team !
  5. Hooray... I'm having a party, best signing of the window!!
  6. I'm not having all that bollocks.. He just doesn't save enough shots, and he's weak in his area. In fact he's totally pants, the only fault Frank has with him is picking him over the tea lady !
  7. What was Frank thinking today ???? There is no redemption with Kepa.
  8. My choice too... followed by Hazard.
  9. Biscuit wrists won't start against Victimpool surely not... Frank hasn't been afraid to drop him before and I reckon he will now. I dislike him Intensely that disgraceful behaviour in the cup final saw to that, it's been compounded by his sh*te performances ever since. And if I may be so bold EB he's proper mince..lol
  10. There has to be some effect on the lads coming through, as buying five starters at the level we have bought must hold some back. I do think that Mason and Reece will cement their places but it's going to be tough for the likes of Tammy and young Billy Gilmour, as well as others who were on the fringes last year. I'm not complaining as I think the players signed are top draw, and in a couple of years should see us competing for the prem. Good or bad?, what do others think?
  11. What a signing, this lad is genuinely a top, top player highly regarded worldwide. Well done the board, surely Roman must get bored soon......
  12. I've donated before and happy to do again... Where's the donate button ?
  13. Possibly one of our worst signings, a total waster. The sooner Drinkwater (oh the irony in a name) is got shot of the better. You can shove all the WOKE crap, he's a disgrace, why he wasn't sacked after the drink driving ill never know. It looks like he's not going anywhere voluntarily, he's worse than Bogarde for me !!
  14. I've loved Pedro in his time with us. Always worked hard for the team, never moans, plays most of the time with a smile on his face, don't hear him being a twat away from football. All in all a top pro, and i would have him over Willian all day long. If he goes this summer (which does seem likely) i wish him all the best, and will remember him fondly.
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