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  1. I've loved Pedro in his time with us. Always worked hard for the team, never moans, plays most of the time with a smile on his face, don't hear him being a twat away from football. All in all a top pro, and i would have him over Willian all day long. If he goes this summer (which does seem likely) i wish him all the best, and will remember him fondly.
  2. Let Spurs have him, we can then keep with our recent policy (Hazard apart) of only letting players go when they have past their prime, and for me Willian has reached that time.
  3. I must admit i do find it strange that he isn't getting games over 'Dave', maybe not every week but i think he contributes as much as Dave at this stage in their respective careers, and deserves more starts as the 'proper' right back.
  4. Why can't we do this in the first 10 mins of the half instead of the last ??
  5. After going behind first this Bournmouth side haven't won in 30 games.....
  6. Every corner of theirs, they get a head on it.. Everyone of ours they get a head on it.. We are amongst the worse in the prem on set pieces and I'm sorry but Frank and the coaching staff are going to see some blame quite rightly coming there way. We are just so weak once we lose the upper hand in a game, i hate to say it but we appear gutless..
  7. Direct pacey football. I'm afraid whilst we have Jorge in our midfield we will never have that
  8. I really dont get the score one then pass the ball to death between the back 3 and the midfield ??? It's just waiting for the one error that lets them in, why on earth don't we UP the tempo as opposed to faff about around the centre circle..
  9. Bit of a reality check tonight for me.. Didn't realise how far behind the really top sides we have fallen, it's a fairly long way back it looked like this evening.
  10. The money side of it is irrelevant for me as it isn't my money ! Kepa is weak. he doesn't marshall the defence, he only becomes vocal when he makes a save, ie. shouting at everyone with an air of i've done good now you lot need to buck up !! His wrists are made of some pliable material as opposed to bone and muscle, oh and i'll never forgive him for the cup final tantrum. Is it also a coincidence that since he took over as Spains number one they have slipped ? Get rid when we can, he's not even arguably one of the worst keepers in the PL, in virtually every stat he comes out in the bottom few. He just isn't good enough.
  11. I have to say he looked more than frustrated to me. Considering how measured he has to be he looked angry (which he was barely able to conceal) and let down. I think the reality of the job has or is beginning to hit home. Does anyone else think that it's possible he's being used as someone the club is 'using' as a 'fan popular' interim to get us over the transfer ban and the expected drop in success they thought it would bring only to bring in their first choice when the coast is clear. It looked from his demeaner that the club has gone against his wishes and i'm not sure that bodes well for the future between them, as for it to work they both have to be pulling in the same direction. Hopefully i'm just being a doom monger and reading too much into it...
  12. Hpw many times does Willian have to f**k it up for that final pass ???
  13. This reeks of many other games like it.. We need to score soon or they will catch us out i fear
  14. As the thread is 'current state of affairs' i would have to say that i would expect us to get 4th (although i still think Lister are an injury or two away from a collapse) Having made the knockout stages of the CL a good showing against Bayern would satisfy me and going through against them would be a major achievement for Frank and the team. Latter stages of the FA cup as long as we don't get the top two on the way. We have i think excelled up to now, and dont we look like a really promising team going forward, none of this we're still in transition after three managers and 300m spent like Manure !!

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