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  1. No your only 50% right - the players. The other 50% is the coach and his staff cos in this game he had wrong setup at start - they have very effective 352. So going 433 was daft as all the play first half was in front of their 3 cbs - we improved a little at 343 and more varied long balls but when they sit deep have to go down channels and first pass out from the back - we went 8 passes sideways then forward - tedious and stupid We had no bottle and no brains on the pitch - worse performance since 6nil to mancity
  2. You have to respect the Blades - well organised, great work ethic, teamwork, solid tactics, setup works for their squad 3-5-2 and they go right to the end. We have to be on it and match their commitment and work rate and of course manage their set pieces. Frank might need to change the setup because they pack midfield and go long to mcburnie or down the channels to sharp - so we will find it hard to go through midfield and be under pressure at CB when they go forward. Maybe 3-4-3 but with players with plenty commitment and prepared to battle, so I would start with azpi, zooms and ch
  3. For me it's pretty straightforward - 1. Lamps needs a defensive coach as set pieces defensively and overall basics are not top level 2. None of the CBs are top level, need to change at least one - someone with game craft like sonucu at foxes 3. Azpi still excellent and RJ coming so no worries RB for me 4. Emerson not top level as not that quick or clever or good defending, alonso OK in top third but not defensive third so change here needed as a priority 5. KEPA no where near top level - last 15 years we have had one of top 5 best keepers in the world.....need to sort
  4. Agree with all of that - set pieces always a worry and all zonal doesnt work, it has to be part zonal and part manmark/block. Thats the coach choice and think frank would benefit from a defensive coach in his team. Suggest review again after city game as no cf focal point and lots movement so kante key and maybe gilmour with him.
  5. Actually our defence is pretty awful and gets exposed often, partly because we haven't been using Kante in the holding role or having a proper holding player who can tackle as well as intercept. So teams counter attacking get straight through to the CBs. Unfortunately none of the centre backs are good enough IMV, if you want a top top team - zouma and Rudiger are like twins, big strong and can tackle - but positioning not great and get exposed on the ball when under pressure - I would sell both Christiansen - more of skilful ball player than the others but hasn't improved and his lac
  6. Folks - I have a number of 1990's official club videos which I can't watch anymore, and will probably bin but thought worth checking with members on here first. Happy to give for free, especially if someone can convert and get onto Youtube. They are as follows: 1989-1990 Season Review 1996-1997 Season Review 1997-1998 Season Review 1999-2000 Season Review Chelsea Heroes & Villains - 2000 Cheers
  7. No, Carlo plays a 433 with plenty long balls into the channels for Calvert-Lewin and richarlison plus a right. Sided winger to chase. They go front to back quickly and often bypass midfield where they are a bit physical but actually a bit static. frank will match up and expect to play through their midfield with quick interplay but we need to man-up and not get bullied like we did at Goodison. We'll get plenty corners to defend. i think he will go with kepa azpi, Rudi, zooms, alonso mount, gilmore, lofty pedro, Giroud and willian sure we can get a win 2-1
  8. His size not a problem if he is paired with the right player or in a 3 - similar to tomorrow? for Wales he holds and has done ok but maybe best at the deep lying player as not dynamic enough to push into the forward role IMV. He does show leadership qualities though as often vocal even with top players and not shy to give a view. keen to see his passing game as positionally he is bang on q. For me are is he quick enough or strong enough to be class CB - if he can get a run of games then we can see the potential i think he might be captain material in the future of our blue
  9. So Giroud to start and maybe Tammy last quarter as prep for BM RLC also get a run in prep for BM....yes bit odd to play with next game in mind but we have to kepa returns and hopefully some improvement away frank went 343 which screwed jose plans so not expecting that again, maybe a tweak to 4231 tho Spurs will frustrate but are decent on the counter, but IMV are flakey at the back and the keeper if we press well, to do that we need some energy frank hopefully has noticed his first pick are not winning games so he may have to drop a couple players for a rest my te
  10. Frank will hopefully have learned lots for our defeats to the mans this season and will tweak our tactics and setup. in both games they sat and defended with high energy and physicality and hit us on the break when we lost or gave the ball away in the middle third. The 4 nil was robbery but we were so naive - yes early days. so tweaks I want to see are; kante holding and not Jorginho as his pace not up to it against the mancs the 3 midfielders in the 433 don't all push on at once and one must sit and support the CBs when we have the ball when we switch the play, do it
  11. Depends on whether frank sticks to his 433 system and high press or not as Mason is really a no.10 and wants to sit behind the striker or strikers as his fluidity on the ball is his best asset. And he will get goals from that position too. RLC perfect for 433 as he has the running power to surge from deep and actually Kova can do that too. Kante much better in holding role as is Jorginho. so for me, to get best out of MM need to change to a diamond with Mason at the top and Kante at the bottom with RLC and KOva either side. Then 2 from Tammy, WIllian, Pedro, Pulisic up front. No
  12. As shed upper ST holder last 10 years I can't think of a single individual racist fan remark form a single fan but obvs there are songs with certain undertones which many fans join in with - technically some these are racist but IMV its meant more as lable for that teams fans. We all know these - 'mudrerers' or 'y.ds' or 'pikeys' or whatever. Away trips can be more partisan however and more likely to hear racist/homophobic remarks or maybe diver/ginger/overweight related shouts from someone within hearing distance - maybe booze fuelled or just tribal or just kno-head, not sure. Sure
  13. Top top performance and tactics from lamps and the boys - the right selection, tactics and setup. Everyone played top notch - Kante and kova completely outplayed their static midfield. Masons fluidity perfect, azpi and Marcus always in the game and the CBs defending properly. And then Willian- one of his best ever IMV. but credit to Frank as the prep and performance top class. Now, let's win well at home
  14. Big big game this weekend..............especially as Jose has often out-witted our managers with his tactics, especially when we are away (yes apart from the 4nil obvs) - remebering the 2nil when Herrara man marked Eden to oblivion. His tactics at Spurs have mirrored Manu already, 433 with very defensive mid-3 and quick counter attack game using front 3 and quick/long balls. We all remember last year with Son out-pacing our midfield - expect a repeat of that. He has stopped the full backs bombing on as much as expect them to sit deep, invite us on and counter-attack as though they are th
  15. Refreshing to see lamps learning and changing selcection, formation and tactics as needed. yesterday the Kante/Kovacic pairing was new but worked perfectly. Ditto Willian and James development down the right and players feeding off Tammy. IMV Pulisic and Mason though are making same runs and often get in each other's way - but both flair players so expect that to improve and with Azpi rock solid left back behind them that works too. But the CB pairing and various combinations not quite right yet - feels like Rudi and tomori will work as have blended skills with Rudi power and aggre
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