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  1. wow thats two certain goals that GK has stopped
  2. Didn't appear to me like VAR was consulted at all...... super quick decision I guess.
  3. So is the concept VAR is only used in clear cases of a ref's error....but only when the ref thinks they've made the error? Because we've seen a lot of clear errors with no VAR check, and big decision at that....
  4. no VAR in CL? because that was a clear and obvious mistake not to award a penalty.....
  5. We had more possession than City so according to the press circa a few years ago we won, right? First team to out-possess city in a few years if I'm not mistaken..... and playing some pretty good football. A little more clinical in front of the net and we take some points home, and ditto if they hadn't gotten a glorious deflection fest of a first goal. I will say that for not having beat a top 6 side yet this season the defeats to LFC and MCFC should be highly encouraging at 2-1 scorelines and with the boys in blue (the proper blue) looking as good as the opponents, and at times even better.
  6. Even better video from that same thread.....
  7. Hard to believe at times he's just a 19 year old enjoying his first season with the senior squad....... is he the best player on the pitch most games? I should hope not at this point (or what does that say about the rest of the team?), but he's certainly been one of the most important parts of why this season so far has been highly promising and entertaining,...... and at 19 years old in his first season playing in the senior squad.... quite excited for what's to come with this lad if he keeps working his socks off.
  8. he was garbage the first season and much of the second for MUFC before becoming the best keeper in the league for a few seasons.
  9. Whenever I need to humble myself in recent times I just think back to how badly I thought Chelsea would struggle parting ways with Mourinho the second time......
  10. Arsenal FC..... 2,000 quid to watch the team for a year, but free to watch the oh so much more entertaining fan base.....
  11. a few bottles of whisky and a wall full of posters of Cudicini?
  12. wow, from spectacles to testicles it's really all there to see......
  13. I'm just glad you consider me at least average!
  14. I came in to see the Meme....and honestly was a bit disappointed.....then I saw the video it was in response to......glorious indeed!
  15. TFW you call the pattern a blip, and call the blip a pattern...

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