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  1. Barry Bridges

    Herman Crespo - Home and Away

    I loved this guy, even playing on FIFA back then I would always get him the ball so I could yell "CRESPOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" after scoring with him....and man, did my friends begin to hate that name ahhahaa. He was as fun to play with on FIFA as he was to watch. Really wish personal circumstances hadn't interfered with us enjoying him for a few more years..... Higauin has a long road to hoe in order to become the most beloved Argentinian striker at CFC.
  2. Barry Bridges

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    Pointing out what Sarri has or has not done is irrational condemnation? Seems to me like if the condemnation is factually accurate, then the person deserves to wear it. Honestly, if the next window is closed & Sarri is manager let me know if anyone in interested in putting any money down that this means contract extensions for older players who have been disappointing more than it means youth players will now get a chance? I feel Sarri has made his view pretty clear that the age of a player is more important to him than the performances they put it. I think this might have to be a game changer in terms of the board needing to give Sarri some more rigid guidelines rather than the free stubborn hand he has had so far.
  3. Barry Bridges

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    CHO's been with the club longer than any senior player has..... He's more Chelsea than anyone in that dressing room right if we're being honest. That's part of the tragedy of looking at the complete mismanagement of him that will likely mean the first top quality person from our academy (who joined us at the age of 6 or 7) since Terry may very well become a key player for another top club in Europe.
  4. Barry Bridges

    Jorginho is a Blue

    The booing was stupid and in poor taste. As much as I have hated on him here I also don't lay the blame at his feet. He is currently a fish out of water. Brand new not only to probably the toughest league to adapt to for a player of his style, but also tasked to be the engine and completely change the style of a team he just joined. I'm holding out hope it's just a matter of not a lot of time before we see his best rather than his worst.
  5. Barry Bridges

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Spooky to see this literally right after I posted my post given you broach the exact same topic I was writing about,. Obviously you're not alone even if it's just me... That has to be demoralizing to see from a kid who maybe just played better than most performances in that position this season.
  6. Barry Bridges

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Below is Sarri talking CHO. See he's decided to with the "played 14 matches" presenting a 10 minute cameo as being the same as a start. If Sarri wants consitency then he should try giving him a chance to show it. Also seems like he is saying CHO can expect maybe 6 "matches" more or less between now and the end of the season. 4:55 Here Sarri seems to mention that to play CHO more the club has to get rid of one of Hazard, Pedro, or WillIan... I kind of get it, but who's making the decisions here? He can force playing players that other teammates are getting visible frustrated with on the pitch, but he can't toss CHO more minutes? It's 4 players between 2 positions.... I don't know, but it smells either of just a BS weak excuse or Sarri trying to manipulate some personnel changes... potentially at the expense of alienating a player who, giving going rates, could likely save us atleast as much as Pusilic cost and rising and way more to replace and is not only homegrown but has been with the club since he was around 6 or 7 years old....... if he maximizes his potential and becomes world class while staying at the club that is mind blowing, but even if he tappers out to be a squad player that's fantastic and likely a big money saver still.... Maybe I'm just getting over excited, but the thought of him playing for our club for years to come excites me. 5:55
  7. Barry Bridges

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    and seeing them look good doing it........ and this is along the lines of what many have been saying..... most of us fans would be 1000000% more forgiving of the performances this season if we simply saw these players getting chances to grow (especially when they have been taking the limited chances given).... mind you, with young hungry players getting chances when older players seem uninterested(and thus giving those senior players a reason to try harder to keep their starting roles), the performances might have actually been better even if the results not so much.
  8. Barry Bridges

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

  9. Barry Bridges

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Malmo I expected CHO to start. Huddersfield I expected CHO to start. Dissapointed in those, no reason to expect why Newport would be much difference. You do realize that CHO is actually our player with the most goals and assists in the FA cup run this season right? Combine that with the form of Pedro and Willian, why shouldn't he have started against MUFC in the FA cup? Would he have done worse? It wasn't a surprise performance, it was the standard of recent times.well, maybe a surprise to you. Pal you're the one bringing up Foden and if you don't see the difference between why we need CHO more than MCFC needs Foden right now then I suggest you start watching some games before the season is over because clearly you've not been watching until now. Also, if MCFC want to alienate their best youth by not giving them chances and putting obstacles in their then guess how much I care? Yup, zilch. Then again, it's not so alienating when the reason you're not getting much time is because the senior players ahead of you are on form among the best there is in Europe and they're still competing to win all competitions they are in....at least Foden can delude himself that Pep will give him a chance when those players fail him..... CHO has clearly been shown that even if the players in front of him are crap or injured, one of the fullbacks might play instead of him. That aside, did Bayern come in for a 40million offer for Foden? That you keep comparing an apple to an orange is pretty laughable Edit: and another reason MCFC fans might not care like we didn't care in the past about youth coming through, is likely because MCFC fans know if Foden leaves and they need a top quality replacement that their club will go get exactly that in the transfer market. They will spend what it takes, and if they get it wrong they will reinvest until they get it right. We are not that club anymore, and so we can't risk letting more gems slip through our hands due to a complete case of mismanagement.
  10. Barry Bridges

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Much different competitions played, and I don't think Sarri is going to get the money to spend that Pep got to take the team where he wanted it....... do you? I'm not trying to take the piss, but any of the player who have marked Jorginho since November would likely spit their milk out in laughter if they read this. Delle Alli looked like he was half arsed pressing Jorginho, but at the same time he looked like Essien did against Gerrard in the 2009 CL simply because it was Jorginho that half arsed effort was against. .....literally because he is the weakest link. He is slow, he is weak, he is extremely easy to dispossess and everything has to go through him with our current setup. Plus once you get the ball off of him it's usually a pretty clear route to the goal with maybe a CB to beat...... You don't target the opposition where they are strongest, you go for where they are weakest..... and I'm not so anti-Jorginho, but I am anti-repeating failure over and over. Jorginho can clearly play ball in a system that suits him, but right now this isn't it and one of the reasons is because possession is not enough "defense" in this league even when you have the system down, and especially when you don't. Seriously, when the f**k has possession won Arsenal a title in the past 2 decades? When I think of possession teams I think really of two of Pep's teams, Barcelona and City........ both had defensive astute players where Jorginho is....very very astute defensive players to the point that you'd mention this ability over their passing abilities..... almost like even Pep knew you can't completely sacrifice defensive cover for the CB in the pursuit of a possession based style.....and we of all people should know you don't need much possession to win the game, particularly in this league... in fact really just a few key seconds, and our current setup with such a liability in front of the CB's is all too obliging in providing those seconds even to the lowest quality of opposition. The formation needs to change to accommodate Jorginho, or Jorginho needs to change (which includes using another player) to accommodate the formation in the BPL..... otherwise it's just more of the same. Edit: TL:DR? If he is so good, then why are so many opposition managers getting such joy from simply targeting Jorginho? Hazard gets way more special treatment than Jorginho ever has, but his class prevails more often than not.
  11. Barry Bridges

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The guy who got 90 minutes and two goals this past weekend? Why, are City's attacking wide players absolute rubbish this season? Because I thought they were averaging something like 3 goals a game and were top of the league over at the Etihad..... They might both be highly talented teens, but there is a world of difference between their scenarios and thus what they should be expecting.....
  12. Barry Bridges

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    I'm pretty sure Sarri has no f**ks to give regarding needing excuses not to give minutes to CHO
  13. Barry Bridges

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Not many 18 y/o have one of the largest European clubs coming in to pay a hefty fee in hopes he will replace their own aging star wingers, particularly ones who can't even get a game in their own poorly performing sides. The current handling of it is the height of stupidity. Either the club rates CHO or they don't, but if they don't why did they turn down 40million for the kid? If they do rate him, why are they managing him in such a fashion he is nearly guaranteed to push for an exit or sign with another club on a free within a year? It's like the stance is "we value him too much to sell him now, but not enough to play him enough that he'll actually sign a contract extension". This winter window we've paid 60million for a player who is going to stay at another club for half a season, and then tossed away a 40million offer to keep a player who rarely makes it off the bench and is often not even in the squad...... Might as well have spent 100million to get a top player immediately in hopes of nailing CL football (and monies) for next season. Ya, I'm beginning to see why so many are questioning this board of ours.
  14. In despair.... most likely......
  15. Barry Bridges

    How to fix the team

    How to fix a team that's misfiring massively? Hmmmmmmm...... just a hunch, but maybe try to change something in/about that team....any change....just a minor tweak even......just maybe that'll help fix it or help find the solution. or, just keep on doing everything exactly the same and hope the change itself miraculously occurs...... that's apparently a good way of changing things at Cobham right now.