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  1. I believe the technical term for supporters of both Spammers and Gooners is: Masochist.
  2. or the hopes some competition might force Kepa to improve.
  3. His leadership and confidence could have way more impact than even his top tier ability. Quite excited for this.
  4. Chelsea sign Ben Chilwell and make him the most expensive player EVER to be signed on August 26, 2020.
  5. I cant see him picking Arsenal.....Liverpool obviously makes sense for him.......but Frank seems to have some serious stardust player pulling power...... and I cant imagine if you're looking for an exciting project to join instead of an reigning champion's squad that you're going to find a better ticket these days than CFC. He'd be worth getting rid of a few for..... question is would he be worth taking a bit of a haircut on some players' fees just to free up funds. unpopular question...would it be worth putting Jorginho & Kante on the market to get him if that's what it took, and he wanted to come?
  6. Over rated player who'd never get this fee if he wasnt Engli.......oh wait, it's confirmed that we've signed him? He's going to become the best LB in the league enroute to picking up the PL title next season!!!
  7. Maple flavoured Brits are the best of them all!
  8. settle down.....let's get Robinho finalized first!
  9. that actually made me laugh hahaha edit: least you didn't complain about his first touch...there is hope then!
  10. apparently Coman is out......one down, 23 more to go!
  11. and yet you rate higher strikers who didn't even deliver that.....so I have to ask..... Can you show me on the doll where Tammy touched you? It's ok. This is a safe space.
  12. Summer of 2012 I was in UK and went to Brighton for a day with cousins.....was shocked at the amount of Chelsea kits I saw.... not like everyone was wearing them but enough that I asked a cousin why, and if I recall he wasn't sure why so many Chelsea fans would be there unless a lot of Chelsea fans had decided on day trips too ...... and that's really the sickout memory of Brighton for me.... so based on the anecdotal experience of my personal observations during one day in Brighton....makes perfect sense!
  13. I really don't see how Tammy improving his hair washing regime is going to translate into being a better striker....but it does seem to work for Giroud who was absolutely vital for us!
  14. That's the funny thing about statistics......invaluable and indisputable when they support your preconceived notions......and utter garbage not worth a Kepa's chance of catching a cross when they don't support your pre-conceived notions. Here's a hot take...... for his age and experience Tammy has done quite well and had a season many in his position (age/PL experience) would have killed for........ he also needs to improve quite a bit if he is going to be a starting 9 consistently for a club with the ambitions of Chelsea. Sometimes if you just look at all the factors/statistics objectively.....you realize more than one side can be right...or wrong....or a mixture of both right and wrong. Tammy has a future here....it's up to him to determine if that's being our main striker/competing with another as out top striker...... or being the backup to the ones who are..... personally, I think it will come down to how much work he puts into it. I don't think ability will be his limiting factor.
  15. Did Willian want 3 years, or just a contract with a 3 year value? By that I mean did he take a 2 year at Arsenal because it paid more like a 3 contract year with us? Wish him best of luck, and think at this time it might be the best move for all involved. He is not a player I would pay to linger for their dressing room influence. For me if he isn't a bang on starter at his age then the squad spot should get better use for someone who is either a bang on starter, or not but is closer to their prime years than retirement.

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