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  1. What can you say. When Eden Hazard plays Chelsea usually wins.
  2. .... still not convinced.
  3. If Chillwell was facing the player that easily could be a leg breaker. It's full on studs right below the knee with the entire force of their body behind him. Would anyone dispute that's red worth had that broken Chillwell's leg? What matters more; the intent of the player, or the potential harm they cause? To me both have a role. Intent to harm without much harm being done can be a red....and so to can a lack of intent but an action that could cause serious harm as was the case here. I mean I dont get the impression Chilwell rolls around at slight contact, and you could see h
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-9496139/Chelsea-owner-Roman-Abramovich-furious-blindsided-Super-League-criticism.html I mean it's the DM, but still....
  5. Not really. I think he viewed it more as the best move for Chelsea, and he was ignorant perhaps of the importance to the fans of staying in the current competitions. I give him this grace because unlike the vast majority of other owners associated with this move Roman has sought to use his wealth to improve the club while the others used the clubs to try and improve their wealth. Will Roman hope to make money end of the day from his investment at Chelsea? Probably, but he has invested to make that so rather than leverage/exploit the fans. He may have just felt this is what Chelsea fans
  6. Chelsea fan first and foremost. Only follow cause my mom and her side of the family lived in Chelsea/Battersea for generations, and everyone but my granddad was a Chelsea fan (Fulham fan but for a funny story). Would support this club and find a way to watch even if it fell to the lower divisions again.....people forget historically CFC has had best attendance numbers in England when not even being in the first flight..... but would I support in this new format? I don't know. It might be named Chelsea, but it certainly wouldnt be the Chelsea that I followed because generat
  7. "....how was I to know paella had so many calories, and made men brittle!"
  8. For the longest time I thought @Munkworth was sending financial aid to low income families in India....turns out he's paying a contact center in India to upvote his posts here.
  9. Same Azpi who has won it all with us while playing everything from LB to RB to CB to even wing back at times? Whom Mourinho famously said could he win the CL with 11 Dave's?
  10. So the Midfield Azpiliqueta?
  11. Atleti fans should be livid with Savic. It might have been soft, but his sending off was still merited by his petulance actions and especially right after the ref had a talking to them if I recall correctly (as in within 15 seconds or so). A soft, and incredibly stupid elbow in such a game. Little embarrassed for Rudi, but he wasnt the only one going down too easily over two legs,
  12. That's the rub. Intentional violent act doesnt matter the severity of force. It's the intention. I do think had the penalty claim (which was outside the box if Im not mistaken anyway) happened after that incident it would have been given just to stay consistent as both were pretty soft calls although intent doesn't come into it with penalties as it does violent conduct (to my understanding).
  13. what a game. Cant recall the last time we played a CL tie against a team leading the league in a league such as La Liga, did so well, and felt so confident. Could really set the pace for how we end the season I hope. Well done!!
  14. Not often I am impressed by Kante going forward as I am by his cleanup/defensive game......but without sacrificing on the latter I think he really was best going forward yesterday. Fantastic game from him, and didn't think he had passes in him like his assist to Mount. I've noticed teams don't seem to press Kante as much as out other attacking/midfield players (as in dont view him as a threat needing closed down as much) while in the attacking 3rd....wondering if that will change. II suspect it will at this rate
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