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  1. To put this in context......is someone seriously saying we will feel the impact of losing Willian now more than we felt the impact of losing Hazard during a transfer ban?!?!? I mean....maybe.....I guess.... it's just not bloody likely though, is it?
  2. My Nan would terrorise Arsenal and she's been dead 2 years. TBF, if your dead Nan shows up running around a football pitch I'll probably be terrorized too.... well, I'll be laughing for the first 15 minutes as she takes out Arsenal, but when she starts to leave the empty stadium I'll be scared.
  3. I'm sorry that is just rubbish....his mentality was, I don't want to get blamed for costing Spurs the title (he literally said exactly that in the interview), so I'm going to not do my job of officiating if a legitmiate call might cost them the game by losing a man or giving away a penalty. He didn't care about Spurs digging their own grave. He just wanted to shirk any part of his job that might hurt Tottenham's chances of winning so he couldn't be blamed for it. In what world is letting a team keep 11 players on the pitch when they should be down to 9 or 10 "letting them dig their own grave"? Nah, he let them try to kick Chelsea players off the park....... He gave them a massive advantage by keeping them at full strength when they should have had players red carded......I'm sorry, but I just can't fathom your logic ... it's like saying Overbo was really favoring Barcelona over Chelsea, he was just letting Barcelona dig their own grave but not giving any of the penalties they committed. Really? How is it hurting them to let them play recklessly/dangerously if the referee isn't going to penalize them for reckless/dangerous play?
  4. I would have to imagine that anyone shrewd enough to thrive where Roman did to make his fortune in the first place will likely make a few bucks during the pandemic rather than lose money in it.
  5. 11 Daves would fit the budget with change left over,,,,, Cudicini Clarke - Ivan - Desailly - Dave Makalele Essien - - Lampard Mata Robben - Dixon Just seeing now I'm pretty much copying @Sexyfootball midfield/forwards but went with a diamond instead of the 4-3-3 ...pace up top, power & creativity in the middle (goals too) .....was thinking of going with Conte's 3 at the bank but can't afford the wing-backs!
  6. hahaha actually read the article....think they kept a straight face when writing Gerrard's PL achievements? Significant statistics: -- 504 games played: 120 goals, 92 assists -- Most Premier League assists by a Liverpool player -- Second-most Premier League appearances by a Liverpool player (Jamie Carragher, 508) -- Second-most Premier League goals by a Liverpool player (Robbie Fowler, 128) None of the 3 "mosts" are for the league, but just LFC....and half the entries showing he wasn't even the record holder in his own club, let alone the league hahaha. Guess they didn't want to compare his goals, assists....or even appearances....to other PL midfielders.....wonder why....
  7. You have to have a quite compelling argument to put someone into the hall of fame of a league they never even won a title in...... and I fail to see how Gerrard provides that considering some of the other options who have won the title multiple times....
  8. He's also an incredibly fit young man not only in peak health, but with access to world class medical staff and facilities. His recovery could very well be atypical because so are his circumstances.
  9. First team to field an entire starting 11 of infected players to win the league. Or act like adults and call it off now.
  10. I see you've already drank the pre-match Guinness.
  11. Having the worlds most expensive defender in your team whilst you complain about other teams prioritizing defense as a tactic.......well isn't that just the Liverpool way. As for LFC losing out on a major prize due to events outside their control....well tough diddums, or as an Everton might put it: 1985.
  12. I'd definitely want to keep 2 yellows = red, but a 5-10 minute penalty for the first yellow would be intriguing. Maybe even make the length of the sin bin based on the type of yellow (reckless challenge, time wasting, diving, intentional handball etc). I wouldn't want it to make officials less likely to issue the punishment however, and making it more severe just might have that effect as well. As for the time wasting issue....... would you risk going down to 10 (or less) men via getting a yellow for time wasting? The time wasted should be added back regardless, no?
  13. it was a 3-0 result for us or the sack right? Right? Thanks for your service Frank.
  14. It's Billy the Kid, who will pop your lid. From a game he's never hid, even though Billy is still just a kid. Removed Liverpool from the FA he did, Billy Gilmour our Billy the Kid. Just a little reminder to Billy to keep grounded because no matter how well he performs, I'll still be able to produce an embarrassing ditty about him.
  15. Anyone involved in the Lo Celso decision making fiasco should still be on gardening duties.

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