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  1. I'd want to win it all, but the league cup. That'd just be greedy. Have to leave something the lower league teams and north London clubs can realistically compete for.
  2. “Chelsea FC has until Friday [03/09/21] to provide a response to this charge.” Show them a clip of Salah yelling at Taylor, kicking the ball away ....and Anthony doing nothing about it and simply state "we were following the precedent set by the match day official of what comprised acceptable behaviour". Let the FA then explain to us why our players behaving like that is a charge, but not the other team. Im not saying the charge is invalid, Im just pointing out they pick and choose when they want to enforce it......and to me, that brings the game into disrepute.
  3. Only two charges? They're too kind. One should remind the FA that the officials are tasked with keeping the game under control, and if their inability to do so consistently results in some disorder....perhaps they too should be on the docket for misconduct.
  4. You were kind enough to even leave out the time he booked Fabregas for diving (v Southampton) in such terrible fashion that Anthony himself rung up Mourinho to apologize. even the last match, though not as extreme in the examples, the pattern is clear......Salah yelling at him, and boots the ball away after....nothing....... Matip could easily have been off with two yellows, did he even get one? (taking down both Havertz and Mount very cynically when they were breaking dangerously)......where was that patience with Chelsea players?
  5. Not to mention the skill he showed avoiding the yellow when scything down Havertz on a counter in the LFC half/final third.
  6. My not wanting this to happen due to him being the goal scorer they desperately need is almost matched by my wanting it to happen just to see united fans absolutely lose their minds.... Edit: the noisy neighbor who just slept with your wife type melt down
  7. No respect I tell ya..... The groups in full! Here's a round-up of all the groups! The English teams are in bold. (italicized by me for emphasis) Group A: Manchester City, PSG, RB Leipzig, Club Brugge Group B: Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, FC Porto, AC Milan Group 😄 Sporting Lisbon, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktas Group 😧 Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, Sherriff Tiraspol Group E: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Benfica, Dynamo Kiev Group F: Villarreal, Manchester United, Atalanta, Young Boys Group G: Lille, Sevilla, RB Salzburg, Wolfsburg Group H: Chelsea, Juventus, Zenit, Malmo edit: They just fixed it haha
  8. It's because under Tuchel we have been a rock. Won the CL with assured performances, and got more PL points than anyone but Pep who had a better squad whom he'd worked with for what, 5 seasons already. Tuchel now has a better squad (than last season's), and a full preseason in addition to half a season of bedding in his system with a new squad. I expect even more, dont you? Because when we normally have such a successful season we rarely if ever back it up by keeping the manager, bringing in the talents they want, and not selling players they really value....but we did this time. Kept the manager, kept them happy, kept the players they wanted to keep, and brought in their top targets. ....or ya, because we beat Palace and Arsenal......whatever makes the most sense to you..... like Athletico Madrid, Porto, and Real Madrid were walk overs indicative of an easy draw, and the real tough road was playing Borussia Mochengladbach, Borussia Dortmund, and PSG. Somehow. We beat very good teams, and did so in a fashion that made the other teams look a lot more ordinary than they really are.....if you don't want to give the lads credit for that, and want to pretend the CL was served to them on a silver platter....ok, i guess. We're all entitled to our opinions.
  9. Not according to Betfair..... odds of winning CL pre-draw PSG 11/4 Man City 7/2 Bayern Munich 7/1 Chelsea 17/2 Liverpool 17/2 Manchester United 14/1 Real Madrid 16/1 Juventus 20/1 Atletico Madrid 20/1 Barcelona 22/1 Dortmund 33/1 Atalanta 33/1 Inter Milan 40/1 AC Milan 50/1 Sevilla 50/1 RB Leipzig 66/1 Villarreal 80/1 Ajax 90/1 Lille 100/1 Sporting Lisbon, VfL Wolfsburg, Zenit St Petersburg, Porto, Benfica 150/1 Shakhtar Donetsk 200/1 Besiktas, Red Bull Salzburg, Dynamo Kiev, Club Brugge, Young Boys, Malmo 250/1 Sheriff Tiraspol 500/1 Odds by Betfair
  10. I think you're a bit harsh on Jorginho, but I liked your post because it was thought out and worth the read. Different opinions can be interesting even if you don't agree with them, so keep it up please. I'd would swap Alonso out for Chilwell too.
  11. Forgot about PSG and their additions. They had the talent for seasons, but the mentality was why I wrote them off.....those additions could change that factor. I'd probably edge them ahead of us in the CL. For the league I think we are one of the favorites given since TT took over only City has won more points, but they also got weaker imo (barring any incoming strikers) while we got stronger. Anyways, exciting season ahead of us for sure regardless how it ends.
  12. Ya, that would be pretty poor logic. Glad it wasn't mine.
  13. I think even Lampard had better numbers than Rooney, and in a season where the team just smashed goal scoring records.
  14. Good. I prefer this test asap, and not latter on. Let us see how our side can go against other top tier clubs, and not just the likes of happy to be mid-table London clubs like Crystal Palace and Arsenal.
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