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  1. You're having a laugh....... "Chelsea twitter trolls pretend to be Manchester United fans in order to racially abuse Pogba".
  2. Fat Frank the Toilet Manager..... It does have a nice ring to it.......
  3. Didn't dominate the opposition like Drogba and bag a hat trick in his very first game away at Old Trafford? Sack him.
  4. I've heard of this Frank bloke prior to him arriving from Derby. Seemed like an intelligent lad with a huge drive & understanding of the game, but also humble. I think he'll do well as a manager here so long as the club exercises patience and a recognition of what the circumstances are. I imagine with his attributes he must have had the potential to be an amazing player, so I am hopeful he can use those attributes to help develop an fantastic team containing some amazing players/.....
  5. Absolute money grabbing mercena..... Oh, I told you he was a true Blue from day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thought those were the directions to the outhouse......
  7. All the fools falling for Mariana............. she'd give you one amazing night, and then have you doing the dishes & chores for eternity without a sniff. Beware of beautiful women who can negotiate like she can.....
  8. Kind of ironic that all the problems were with/in his head, and yet his head is also the only thing he seemed to be able to score with consistently.
  9. It'd be foolish to let Sarri go for waiving that fee unless the club is simply looking for an excuse to get rid of. Regardless of all the other factors it's about what Sarri is worth to Juventus ..... and that's a lot more than 9million.........and that's before taking into consideration how recent dealing have shaped the "transfer relationship" between clubs.
  10. not rating Klopp as much as the guy you are arguing with, but he's been to the UCL finals 3 times and won 2 Bundisliga titles while not ever managing Bayern Munich.... It's all down to how we define a great season I suppose, but he's had a few very good seasons.
  11. Sadly for Morata he will eventually have to leave never never land and grow the f**k up.
  12. hahha find the clip of Arsenal fans fighting each other on the London underground last night
  13. I think what GoT has done is show us the difference between a TV show based on amazing books that keeps true to the books (bulk of the series), and what TV writers will produce when they do not have such a fabulous book to follow or when they try to put their "cleverness" ahead of the true nature of the books (final season). So many ways this final season could have been written better. So many more questions left unanswered, and not in a good way. (IE, Anyone have a clue why in episode 1 at the very end the Night King had left those limbs in the Bolton castle in the shape of of the Tygarean's crest and had them suddenly catch flame? Yep, apparently even the TV show writers don't have a f**king clue why they did that.....just one of many, many examples) ....and so many contradictions...... I'm also now not at all excited for whatever these dud writers do for Star Wars....... if these are the best writers in Hollywood then it's no wonder all the best material we see in film/on TV tend to not originate from Hollywood writers but rather is material that is adapted/taken by Hollywood writers.
  14. What would the league table look like if dives got yellow cards instead of penalties.......

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