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  1. Speaking of needing American to British translations and vice versa....... when did "panic" come to mean "used sound judgement &"
  2. How is this going to impact clubs in the lower divisions where gate receipts are vital to staying afloat? Think FIFA/UEFA has a plan for these, or will it be down to the local FA's/governments?
  3. He's also an incredibly fit young man not only in peak health, but with access to world class medical staff and facilities. His recovery could very well be atypical because so are his circumstances.
  4. Well now it's 1,000 a week & growing, as opposed to a 1,000 a month.......still not as fatal as some other infectious diseases......but that's kind of the point of the precautions, to keep the numbers down.....because unlike most of those other infectious diseases, we're very poorly equipped to handle the COVID19 strain. If you want to stop death tallies from hitting hundreds of thousands to millions globally,...... you've got to act before it gets there........
  5. over 930 deaths since that graph from Monday, the 9th......... I'm not saying all the panic is justified......but people taking a look at the tallies now to dictate what they will be like.,.......kind of makes me picture someone leaning on the railings of the Titanic going "oh, it's just a bit of ice. Clearly you can see that it's not much to be concerned about". Current numbers are the tip of the iceberg and the only countries reporting success are ones you should be taking any information from with a massive grain of salt.......
  6. First team to field an entire starting 11 of infected players to win the league. Or act like adults and call it off now.
  7. Poorest parts of the world also probably have the lowest amount of international visitors/movement,,,,,from that perspective it kind of makes sense. Not many catching it because not many people coming in with the virus. If those #'s are true then I hope they learn from the mistakes of other countries and start taking pre-cautionary measures ASAP.....because I suspect they likely have some of the most fragile/least resourced health services on the planet too.
  8. You either act preemptively to mold/control the situation as much as possible, or you react and put out the fires after they've already flared...... Sorry to break it to ya guys, but much of the western world seems to be very much a react only once I actually have to type place....especially when preemptive activity might require a level of voluntary sacrifice.
  9. I see you've already drank the pre-match Guinness.
  10. Having the worlds most expensive defender in your team whilst you complain about other teams prioritizing defense as a tactic.......well isn't that just the Liverpool way. As for LFC losing out on a major prize due to events outside their control....well tough diddums, or as an Everton might put it: 1985.
  11. Podcast on COVID19 with guest Michael Osterholm who is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology 00:10 Intro 0:40 How bad is Coronavirus 4:00 Is the virus an "old persons" disease 5:18 Incubation period 7:50 What can be done to prevent infection 13:45 Drug shortages 15:20 Sauna use effect on infections 18:00 Was Coronavirus man-made 22:00 American Wild Deer diseases and Prions 32:00 Is Corona seasonal 35:00 Corona could be 10 times worse than the flu 35:25 Corona will stay around for months 36:10 Coronavirus vs Spanish flu 38:30 How can we prepare our immune system 43:20 Do hand sanitizers and masks work 50:00 We stockpile weapons more than medical goods 54:30 Will people panic if they are told the truth 56:00 Vaccines 1:02:00 Why a virus would originate from China 1:11:30 What to do if you get the flu 1:15:45 Lime disease and ticks 1:23:00 Effects of fire suppression on ecosystem 1:30:00 Vaccine for Coronavirus
  12. I'd definitely want to keep 2 yellows = red, but a 5-10 minute penalty for the first yellow would be intriguing. Maybe even make the length of the sin bin based on the type of yellow (reckless challenge, time wasting, diving, intentional handball etc). I wouldn't want it to make officials less likely to issue the punishment however, and making it more severe just might have that effect as well. As for the time wasting issue....... would you risk going down to 10 (or less) men via getting a yellow for time wasting? The time wasted should be added back regardless, no?
  13. it was a 3-0 result for us or the sack right? Right? Thanks for your service Frank.
  14. It's Billy the Kid, who will pop your lid. From a game he's never hid, even though Billy is still just a kid. Removed Liverpool from the FA he did, Billy Gilmour our Billy the Kid. Just a little reminder to Billy to keep grounded because no matter how well he performs, I'll still be able to produce an embarrassing ditty about him.
  15. Anyone involved in the Lo Celso decision making fiasco should still be on gardening duties.

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