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  1. I was explaining literally just yesterday to a youngster the most glorious and illustrious past of the man now known on TV as "Jay Pritchett"... ALL HAIL AL BUNDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Maybe we should pull a Liverpool and make Tshirts for the players to wear to support the people who engaged in racial abuse...... Nah, let's actually have some class as a whole and keep the racists to the fringes and beyond with no support. It's easy to call out and punish racism from your rivals, but how you deal with it among your own is a much better test of character.
  3. that's the type of goal line save defenders look back on fondly for the rest of their lives....... Pretty sure the attacking player who did it to his own team will also look back on it for the rest of his life ahahha
  4. Probably also giving the w**k off sign but after seeing that goal thought "F*** me, he must need to use two hands...."...
  5. I think when opponents try to tackle RLC they're going to need to start asking "Please, sir!" because he is simply not letting them just take it. Just making it look too easy.
  6. Man, RLC should of just slowed down and held the ball up in the spammers box...they are just begging to give a penalty away....if the ref will call is another story, howsoever,
  7. Better hair but worse looking than I am. That's how I would describe Giroud
  8. I really don't see why people keep baning on about playing RLC & CHO....
  9. by selling them a fresh pair of underwear after?
  10. Well, going by current standards, if he gets a shot on net we'll have to consider him one of our top performers this week... He can thank Pedro and Willian for setting such a low bar.
  11. I think this thread is getting to a place where rationality is coming second to proving the point. Let me settle a few things; Mourinho was amazing for us, and he was also a burden. You can say he left him mark on this club in a fashion that lifted us up to new heights his first era, and his second brought us to new lows (for the Roman era). Both are true, and any attempt to write one side out of history is just not accurate. Conte might have the same winning % as Sarri, but consider how terrible the second season was and then remember how amazing the first season had to be in order for the two to balance to what Sarri's season is % wise. Conte's win % came voer two seasons that included one with a double in the trophy cabinet. That fact adds a lot of context to the statistic. He too lifted us up, and when it became clear the board directed him as opposed to him directing the board he stopped trying for anything other than a payout. Motivated and hungry Conte was amazing for us, but the not interested in being here Conte was not much better than disaster Mourinho..... I am curious about one earlier post saying Sarri has had one hand tied behind his back that Conte didn't have to deal with....what exactly would that be? Now Sarri.... has he been absolutely dire (at times, yes) overall? Not in results even if it feels so in performances. Has he done enough to really give anyone hope that he could, without a massive squad overhaul, turn things around for next season? Not really..... lucky him this overhaul is needed regardless. I can see why people support Sarri. I can see why people want him gone yesterday. He has a difficult task of changing how we play. He has done himself no favors in trying to win himself time by winning the support of the clubs supporters and the squad (it seems). He has been treated harshly by fans, but he has also had sharp words for the fans at numerous times. He doesn't have to act diplomatically with the fans when it comes to topics passionate to the fans, but you pay the price if you don't by losing the kind of support that can carry people through bad periods of performances & results. If you're going to be stubborn with the fans then you better bring in results to support your stance..... and by results, I mean earn them and not rely on awful officiating to get them. Sarri has shown he can setup the team for success in big games, and he has also shown a willingness to make the same mistakes over and over and over and over because he feels the only thing that couldn't possible be wrong is his strategy....it's always how it's implemented, but he seems to refuse to consider that there might be limitations outside his control this season to how feasibly it can be implemented and thus he needs to adjust accordingly......will that change next season? Either his mindset or his circumstances must if we expect to see different results. Personally if I'm Roman I'm giving conditions for Sarri to be here next season. One is to guarantee CL football next season either via the BPL or EL. Two is that CHO & RLC (fitness pending) start half the remaining BPL games at a minimum. Does Sarri feel that impedes his ability to deliver on condition one? Too bad. You've had over 3/4's of a season to prove you can do it with the rest of the squad, and that's led to where we are. I don't even care if we qualify for CL next season if in the process we end up losing academy product players who look like they could actually be important first team players for years and years to come. Sarri says he needed a winger to be sold to give CHO more minutes, but I feel an edict from the owner is good enough. Get that far and we'll discuss expectations for next season pending what goes on over the summer.

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