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  1. so good that you're just cruel for bringing it up.....
  2. I'm livid! 3 barely breaks into my top ten favourite numbers..... Edit: I lied. Upon reflection it's comfortably in my top 5 favourite numbers.......still think we should of held out for better.....
  3. Oh, and more importantly than seeing Frank backed in the transfer market would be backing him with patience. IMO....... but both would be nice.
  4. This is only accurate if you define "big spend" as being over 180million euros....... because he's spend more than 170million in two seasons at LFC, and 3 of the 5 he's spent over 125million euros. Now his big purchases have all worked out which is impressive, and he has showed he deserved that backing......but ya, Klopp has gotten backed in the market pretty squarely......as for this summer, maybe Klopp wanted to splash big again....or maybe he was thinking "well this squad isn't old at all, it's clicking and only getting better with time, and since we won the CL and finished a single point away from top of the BPL with a plus 67 GD and having the best form in the league ending the season......do I want to risk ruining this dynamic unless their is some dynamite deal to be had"? From my perspective, and admittedly I am not a football manager guru, sometimes the smart move for a manager is to keep the squad you have......and if there no real need to strengthen any part of your team (where would you suggest?) then is adding a big name signature worth it? Ya maybe you improve the team, or maybe you mes up the dynamic/player flops, and all you did in the process was pile even more pressure on yourself as manager. The issue with Carlo is that his squad was actually weakened after he won the double with us, and not just he wasn't backed getting who he wanted......he squad was actively weakened after winning the title. Conte we all saw the issues, and can anyone say it was addressed as LFC's past issues were? Of course not.....tbf, maybe Klopp is gone too if he acted like Conte did.....so thats an important distinction to factor that Conte's performances merited backing more than Klopp, but his attitude might have made a big difference in getting that backing. But this LFC side......I admit I remain as ignorant as possible about the,...... what need were they screaming for in this past summer? What would have been a viable upgrade not realistic only in the pages of EA's FIFA games? Klopps probably been backed better than almost any manager sans Mourinho first era........ but he's shown it a good investment, and all in all while we can complain about specific situations re backing as Chelsea fans, in general we have little to nothing to complain about re the club being backed by Roman....we might not agree with all the decision, and rightfully so in hindsight, but he's spent an ungodly amount of money funding the success we've enjoyed for a decade and a half.
  5. Almost forgot when Drogba got booked for having the audacity to let Johnny Evans Kung-Fu kick him in the chest.
  6. I distinctly remember that event as RVP had kicked the ball within a second of the whistle, and yet that same game Messi kicked the ball much longer after the whistle and nothing......I also recall laughing as it was Arsenal hahah. To me one of the worst decisions that I think may have cost us another league title (and maybe not) was when Mike Dean failed to call a penalty for a literal rugby tackle on Ramirez by Larsson in 2014...and then gives some very soft calls Sunderland's way....damn impossible to find a video clip of this though the Guardian cites the situation in their match report as Mike Dean had, at best, offered an erratic refereeing display, having opted against penalising Adam Johnson for planting his studs in Azpilicueta's chest in the first half, or to grant the hosts a spot-kick when Ramires leapt to convert from close-range only to be edged away by Seb Larsson. Edge is very very generous to Larsson....... true to form Dean also misses Ramirez swinging Larsson in the face. What I recall most was that if we won the game then Chelsea controlled it's destiny regarding winning the title with the 3 or so remaining games, but if we lost then Liverpool controlled the destiny.........and Mike Dean had previously been removed from reffing a FA cup final LFC was playing in due to bias concerns.....apparently that was the right call......anyways, Stevie Me goes on to save us from a LFC champions parade but our lads fall apart in the final games....... but I always felt that collapse could be traced to that awful officiating, and had it been a proper officiating job Mourinho maybe wins back to back titles twice with us.
  7. Keep adding to that spine and it's going to grow a tail!
  8. Well the EPL players have done well enough that all English clubs are going to the round of 16.... not so with the German clubs...... Not that I think I'd use that as the best metric here
  9. Didn't appear to me like VAR was consulted at all...... super quick decision I guess.
  10. So is the concept VAR is only used in clear cases of a ref's error....but only when the ref thinks they've made the error? Because we've seen a lot of clear errors with no VAR check, and big decision at that....
  11. no VAR in CL? because that was a clear and obvious mistake not to award a penalty.....

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