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  1. One of the reasons why that Maguire situation is such a good example is because despite being a clear cut penalty at first viewing from any angle it had little or no review.....and yet within a minute we're seeing an excruciating level of detail reviewing a far more innocuous challenge on Rashford to the point it was almost like they wouldnt stop reviewing until they found something to call.
  2. I think some people are pissy as they perceive he got treated better than more experienced and higher rated players when going through some of his poorer spells......I think they fail to consider a few things. One, overall he has merited the treatment, and shown the faith by Lampard to be a wise investment. Two, Yes we should expect more from players in their prime (and some many might consider WC or close to) than a young player. Three, it should be no shock that our first academy product in God knows how long to legitimately be capable of starting in our midfield might bet a bit of an easier
  3. Grealish too Uh, whats the term you use when a person with no relevant experience abuses someone as a poor professional, and yet the "poor professional" is roundly praised by his fellow colleagues , those who work as his supervisors/boss, and even the industry's commentary and punditry? Oh ya, clueless (...and only this because it is international Kindness Day).
  4. Wenger's post Incredible Arsenal is a great blueprint for trying to field a team of fancy with no grit....even City's best period came with some of that grit (Yaya & Fernandinho for example) among all their fancy players.....and our best days we had a number of players with both the grit, and the skills to be fancy. Grit is essential. Grit gets you over the finish line when fancy wasn't enough, and is how you end the fancy of other teams from killing you. Edit: Add Aguero to the grit list ahhaha....flash backs of two footed lunges on Luiz abound.
  5. If Rice came here and became World Class I wouldnt be about 10% as surprised as I am with how Henderson has been at LFC....and still am even though it already happened. It did happen right? He was a key player to winning a CL and PL, right?
  6. Alonso. One, I doubt any player has the pull to challenge Lampard right now. Two, if you're going to make a move against Lampard.....cause he got mad a guy had a hissy fit and sulked on the coach instead of joining the rest of the team like the other guy who was treated exactly the same by also getting subbed at half time after a terrible display? I don't see that being an issue.
  7. As awful as the first half was to endure (aside from a few chances that should have been put away), it was nice in the second half to actually feel confident we could get something out of the game despite going behind...and even by 3.....been a while since I last had that feeling.
  8. this is it.... if anything this was more a red than the one we got......in our red card there was a goalie as the last man.....in this scenario it was a defender....it was less of a last man than we faced assuming you'd rather have a goalie stopping a shot than a CB who cant use his arms/hands....... Logically this rule is rubbish...it implies the attacker is worse done by if you only have a CB between him and the open goal, as opposed to a prepared goalie blocking the goal.
  9. I believe the technical term for supporters of both Spammers and Gooners is: Masochist.
  10. or the hopes some competition might force Kepa to improve.
  11. His leadership and confidence could have way more impact than even his top tier ability. Quite excited for this.
  12. Chelsea sign Ben Chilwell and make him the most expensive player EVER to be signed on August 26, 2020.
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