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  1. rags spreading rumours we'd be in for Chilwell in Jan if the ban clears ... would really cement a very strong English core in the club (with the explosion this year under Lampard) we haven't seen in some time.
  2. Southgate gave CHO a full senoir debut before he had a senoir club start, didnt he? England does seem to be flourishing under him compared to how bare the cupboard seemed when he first started...
  3. I feel like he'd be a real good influence in the dressing room for all the younger players to look up to..........lol
  4. I looked to make sure I wasn't there before laughing....
  5. Willian meant to score...and he did.... regardless of the amount of luck between aspiration and executive.......good enough for me..... But I will add that if Willian absolutely meant to execute exactly what he pulled of there...then I'd like to know why he isn't scoring 20+ goals a season with that type of shooting skill and mastery of physics.
  6. Great for Willy.....but kinda sh*te for us as a club.... Tammy will have that sorted in no time.
  7. beyond that look at some of the linkup play from the academy kids.....it's a tangible factor to consider when players have spent years getting to know how each other play, and thus play better as a unit than even the sum of the individual talents.
  8. I reckon he might be worth keeping around....
  9. be nice to see the benefits of having a bunch of talented players come through who are already well adjusted to playing with each other...think that's an under rated aspect of bring in players via the academy as opposed to the market
  10. Not the hero we deserve....but the hero we need..
  11. Never let a scouser take a penalty when away in Europe.......... you know they're already distracted & stressed out that their home is probably being burgled while they're out of town.
  12. I like how the guy who's on the video staring at the handball and missing it is the same guy whose going to review if it was a handballl....

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