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  1. I thought Thomas Too-Chill (Im making it a thing) wasn't going to change much. After his first few games I didnt see a reason to change that view. Given results, formation change, and better performance despite still having a lot of room for improvement......I'm glad I was wrong. I thought the same too on an even higher level when Mourinho was booted last time. Thought it was really going to hurt us, and we wouldn't recover for a long time. Conte smashed that view, and I was as ecstatic as any fan about it. I know you have described some accurately, but there are people like me w
  2. Thomas Too-chill. I just made that up....he may have no chill at all.....
  3. what an amazing option to be able to put on the pitch to close out a game like that.
  4. I'd rather watch back to the wall defending for 90 minutes than 75% of a game be center backs passing back and forth on the halfway line was my thoughts back then........ perhaps bias, but I truly felt as good as that Barca team was they could be one of the most boring team to watch at times.
  5. I find how he runs with the ball to be as entertaining as the goals he scores..... like a mad man possessed
  6. I feel this is a very underrated stance/under appreciated set of circumstances.
  7. i wish politicians would be this entertaining when deflecting.... masterclass performance!
  8. Im going to laugh when after you tell this to your child they respond "Dad....you watch men in a field kicking a f**king ball.....whats your point?"
  9. ...Ya...I know....mind stopping? They're starting to hurt.
  10. Silva..... I mean we kept a clean sheet, he played the biggest role in defense imo......kind of hard to pick an attacking players as MoTM in a game we created next to nothing in terms of chances........but would agree CHO was the standout starter going forward, and hope he gets more minutes as a result.
  11. ...did the club really put out a tweet celebrating a 16 pass move from this game? Are we Le'Arse now!?!?!?!?
  12. I read this thinking "Dolan, did you just give a gambling addict my wages as cash in an envelope!?!?!?!!??" Not saying Kerry is a gambling addict...that's just how f'd my brain is.
  13. Weird feeligns when Im being told going up 5 points on our top 4 rivals in half a season was a task too far......but we should seriously contemplate dropping 17+ more points than the relegation sitting teams in the same time frame....?
  14. dont worry when I see your name you come across as really speechless to me 😛
  15. ...you should put that right back where you found it before anyone else notices 😛
  16. I thought everyone was just speechless after their names....some more speechless than others.......
  17. Well, if we got Wenger instead of Tuchel we'd probably have even surpassed those metrics while still collecting just the one point. Im not digging at Tuchel as he literally just got here.....Im just beyond amused at those who think we saw something tangibly different on the pitch today from what was happening before Tuchel got here..... I guess a lot more touches to get to the same result? Edit: and by same result I don't mean just the draw, but the uninspiring performance.
  18. Im not going to go on as the manager hasnt had anytime......Im just not sure what I saw now is much different from what got Lampard sacked aside from a little more effort it seemed from some players. Again.... Tuchel has had no time.....Im just saying I dont see this measured improvement some talk about....I hope to, because honestly we'd all rather see CFC succeed than not no matter how angry we are over Lampard's treatment.....just havent yet, and that totally makes sense in the circumstances.
  19. You're referring to the game where Mount played with Kovacic and Kante in the middle and was rated by many of being the best of the 3 and the only real driving force going forward aside from Pusilic? The game where Mount won us a penalty, and Jorginho failed to convert it? Just checking we are referring to the same Arsenal game Mount played in.
  20. was it everything you had hoped for?
  21. Let's crowd fund to afford someone to get Lampard out on the night and drunk and get those stories flowing.....
  22. Nope, but they can totally find "other reasons" to isolate you, make you train with youth, get sent on loan, delay contract extensions etc etc etc if you catch my drift.
  23. There's a sh*t storm-a-brewin, Randy!
  24. His biggest contribution to Chelsea, and the only real talking point he has ever given to our fans.
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