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  1. Thats a relief. Its a bit of a disgrace that it was pitched as an investment platform when it was just straight up gambling. How the FCA didnt pull them up on it until it was too late is a joke.
  2. He's done a remarkable job, deserves all the plaudits!! Win or lose, up the blues. We have a very exciting team now, huge potential.
  3. Medium, I've a jet ski, quick jaunt across the pond!
  4. Gotta love that first sentence, man likes to have wars with people, great! 😬
  5. Frank will be alright. He will forever be Super Franky Lampard. He's had an amazing career with us and nothing will change that. I am gutted, but this appointment, as romantic as it was, was high stakes roulette and it hasn't worked out. Only this time the house doesn't win really. Nothing should surprise us at Chelsea. Onwards and upwards.
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