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  1. something like £150M should pacify Barca you'd have thought
  2. Think thats it big blue. Plus he cant be any worse this season than he was last season. Maybe his stock will rise and if hes improved someone will take a punt on him. Ideally he'd get back to the sort of form he was capable of...
  3. Seems to be all but a done deal now, a lot of moolah!
  4. Just not good enough from Kepa. No presence and a lot of dithering. Big time Charlie!
  5. Frank needs several hundred million to put this right, sadly
  6. Its clear we need 3 or 4 big name players to come in to make us properly competitive at the top again. Its going to be very difficult to get those players, everyone above us wants strengthen and we will be naturally down the pecking order.
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