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  1. He looked nervous, he must be dying to stake a claim in the first team. Charged in like a bull in a china shop, but its only one game...lets chill.
  2. Felt like a bit of a freak result yesterday... Utd were ruthless in taking their chances, if only we were too. Early days, but not convinced on Abraham up front. Pulisic and Mount look they have great potential.
  3. I saw it on reddit, does that satisfy your need for sources, you goof It's an interesting point worth sharing.
  4. With David Luiz following Gary Cahill out the door this window, the entire 18-man squad for our 2012 Champions League Final in Munich has now left the club. But of course, the captain on the day is now our manager. Super Frank!
  5. Time to look to the future guys :)
  6. Lord Lampard esq. Manager, Record Goalscorer & Global Hero
  7. Head Coach title apparently.. I guess this means all transfers are by committee... suppose it's always been like that anyway?
  8. Surely he wants to stay at Newcastle for the Arab money!
  9. Stroking my little beard actually!
  10. Much too soon for Frank.... or is it?

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