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  1. That doesnt sound right at all! He looks around 80kg max (typically!) Although I wasnt looking for that last night. A bit of size will help him im sure.
  2. @Valerie Fantastic night, not the greatest performance and we went downhill fast when Kante went off, but a solid night. I had great seats, really close... and the team celebrated for ages in front of us Kante ❤️
  3. Lets never speak of this thread again! lol
  4. Posted this in the ticket thread, but hey ho Cant wait for this tonight!! Got two tickets in the end! It is absolutely surreal to see my beloved blues in my home city!!! Never did I ever think this would happen. The last time I saw Chelsea in NI was in 1999, in a charity match against Omagh Town, a fundraiser after the Omagh bomb, how times have changed!!! The stars have truly aligned. Enjoy the game everybody!!
  5. Another day closer to the new season and no sign of any real movement 😞
  6. Haaland AGREES Chelsea deal Erling Haaland has agreed personal terms with Chelsea, according to reports The striker is Thomas Tuchel's key target this summer, after accepting a move for Harry Kane is unrealistic, and has already made contact with the striker. Ian McGarry of The Transfer Window Podcast claims the Borussia Dortmund sensation has accepted a contract offer and now the two clubs must reach a deal. McGarry said: "Personal terms for Haaland are signed off. It’s just a case of Chelsea agreeing a fee with Dortmund."
  7. Thats a relief. Its a bit of a disgrace that it was pitched as an investment platform when it was just straight up gambling. How the FCA didnt pull them up on it until it was too late is a joke.
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