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  1. That sub was as predictable as the sun rising in the f**king east!
  2. That sub was as predictable as the sun rising in the f**king east!
  3. blown all the chances we have had today, just not sharp
  4. Danny Should Have Drank Water
  5. Eden Hazard must stay 😰
  6. Huge opportunity to go 3rd - although we then go on to play liverpool and man utd away later this month !
  7. I don't want to know what happens, until I watch it 🙂
  8. A guy in my work knows exactly how it all pans out, his brother has been an extra in almost every episode of the last season!
  9. Its taken "F*ck Sarriball" to get him to change tactics. Good work everyone!
  10. It feels very much like Van Gaal at Utd to me, lots of possession, doing feck all with it.
  11. Perhaps he's worried about getting scooped up by law enforcement for 'questioning' if he comes into the UK again?
  12. It would help explain his total absence from the club as of late I suppose, surely he would still fly in for games now and again? Very depressing stuff with Chelsea at the minute, Sarri is just not a good fit. Is our time at the top over?
  13. Those sorts of projects are never on time I agree with everything though.. quite scary times we live in now... You cant stand still in football

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