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  1. Medium, I've a jet ski, quick jaunt across the pond!
  2. Gotta love that first sentence, man likes to have wars with people, great! 😬
  3. Frank will be alright. He will forever be Super Franky Lampard. He's had an amazing career with us and nothing will change that. I am gutted, but this appointment, as romantic as it was, was high stakes roulette and it hasn't worked out. Only this time the house doesn't win really. Nothing should surprise us at Chelsea. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Frank deserves to see out this season, no matter what, and to Christmas next year to sort things out.. in my opinion. Manager are stumbling all over the place, social media has created a world of ridiculous impatience. If we are in the same, or a worse position by this time next year then yes maybe he's not up to it... but he does need time. As a player he's worked under so many managers, he must know a ridiculous amount about the game and what makes players tick. He is still very green as a manager, but we must give him time. And dare I say he probably needs another £100M to sort
  5. I agree that we are too lightweight and lack a certain bite in the middle. A simple comparison of the stature, calibre and physicality of our mid 2000s teams, compared to now.... I get that we need to have evolved into a speedier team as the game has moved on and relies on speed so much more, but at the same time we look a bit flakey... dare I say a bit like a Wenger team, but without a certain je ne sais quoi Look at these legends
  6. Down with the dirty Leeds! This will be a right test!!
  7. something like £150M should pacify Barca you'd have thought
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