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  1. Not even one hack running the story. Hope it's true but a media outlet would have ran with it by now surely.
  2. Very disappointing result. These games should be our bread and butter. At least this kind of result shines a light on certain positions of weakness and should reinforce the case for squad additions as soon as possible.
  3. A masterclass from Frank. Is he santa clause? What a day. We've shown what we can do with good preparation. Also a great win for VAR today.. Although it still takes too long.
  4. Where has the most priority do you think? We need to be careful to not upset the nice dynamic we have in the team, I hope the younger players don't suffer too much if we bring in 2 or 3 players. I wouldn't be opposed to a few older and experienced heads to use as squad players.
  5. This is going to end in tears, even quicker, surely?!
  6. Banned for being a brain dead c u next Tuesday.
  7. Make sure you stick those photos up @Valerie Enjoy your night!!!

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