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  1. Surely he wants to stay at Newcastle for the Arab money!
  2. Stroking my little beard actually!
  3. Much too soon for Frank.... or is it?
  4. Strange that nothing has happened yet, I thought we were lead to believe it was all but wrapped up? I assume we are driving a very hard price and rightly so.
  5. We are too cool for that. We would be mocked a lot if we did that following Liverpool and the big ears....
  6. I'll be at the coast in my parents new holiday home for the first time that day, my first night and memory will inevitably involve seeing Spurs or Liverpool winning the CL. I'll watch a bit and turn it off before anything is lifted... feels wrong.
  7. Done deal it seems... over 100M is good money for a player entering their last season, just think what it would have been if he had a few years left though.... Lets enjoy his last game of us, give him his due praise and hopefully a good send off. 😞

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