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  1. Grant you he hasn’t played a lot but has played 18 and scored 3
  2. It would appear that Spartek Moscow yesterday confirmed qualification for next seasons CL That fact means Spartek now have an obligation to turn Victor Moses loan into a permanent deal with an already agreed fee of £4 million on top of the £500k loan fee I think we paid Wigan £9 -£10 million for Victor and as we all know he has had loan after loan and with that each loan has entailed a fee with his time at Liverpool, WHU and Stoke alone bringing in in total around £3 million. With fees from Spartek, Inter Milan and Fenebarche probably amounting to around another Million So in b
  3. The first time I saw hiM was in a game at Exeter where he represented them against our youngsters in the EFL trophy. He was the best player on the pitch by a country mile Think far too many are basing his performance for a poor PL team. Don’t forget he has played over 22 times for Wales At Sheffield Utd he is playing in the back four his best position and the one he occupies for Wales is a midland then for me it’s a s a holding midfielder. He is 20 years old and will be a far more rounded player having been playing regularly and in a very challenging environment. Don’t wri
  4. This indeed is a good post. Prior to the introduction of VAR this type of incident was unlikely to have been even noticed on the day. It was. A fair distance away from the ref and also the asst on the opposite side of the field was probably too far away. VAR is the issue here because quite simply it enabled a ref away from the match itself to view from several angles in slow mo to form an opinion and consequently thought it justified a red card. I didn’t think viewing the game in real time it was anything but when you saw replays and the impact on Chillwell I wondered. The law
  5. Yesterday when Callum Wilson had his goal chalked off for handball both the commentators, Joe Cole& Peter Crouch agreed to a man that next season the goal would have stood. When they said that I thought that’s not the change to the laws as I understand it so when Peter Walton corrected them I thought yet again these ex players haven’t got a clue what the laws actually are. That is further emphasised when time after time they keep saying it wasn’t intentional as to somehow justify matters. As an ex PL ref said to me if it’s happened it’s happened meant to do it or not it hap
  6. I was at that game and it was a clash of heads with both attempting to play the ball at a set piece The ref had one look at this, VAR wasn’t in use back then, so no second look . Had it been I am not sure it would have been more than a yellow if at all anything but again it’s based on the refs opinion as to the way Cahill acted in terms of was he reckless etc etc
  7. Some years ago I had a very serious car crash which resulted me being off work for close to a year.The driver of the other car was way over the limit. When it came to court in respect of my claim to damages the opposition QC tried to argue the final claim should be reduced by 20% because had I not been there then I wouldn’t have been injured so his argument was that I had to bear part of the responsibility for my injuries. The judge told them to do one!
  8. Sonic. VAR is a terrible terrible addition to football whereas goal line technology is a plus and that’s because it deals with facts rather than an opinion Slowing incidents down, showing from different angles only adds to the confusion but it’s what so many wanted because they believed it would cut out errors and yes to a degree it has but so so many of the laws are based on an opinion and as we know in life there’s so many opinions about so many things
  9. Not even something that needs to be taken into consideration
  10. The funny part for me was that Moyes made reference to if that was a sending of then they, WHU, should have had a second player sent off. Vastly different based on the laws but hey if he thinks it should have been a red I guess the FA would be more than happy to charge the player
  11. The problem is that so many pundits, players , managers and above all supporters actually haven’t a clue what the laws actually say-or indeed FIFAs directives as to how they should be interpreted Lets look at Law 12 First off when is it a foul Direct free kick A direct free kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences against an opponent in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force: charges jumps at kicks or attempts to kick pushes strikes or attempts to strike (includ
  12. When he broke into the youth team he looked the real deal but even then he just needed too many chances to score just one. On the odd occasion he displays good movement but he doesn’t have that instinct to get into that area where the ball is likely to come . Time after time he just doesn’t make the sort of gamble that finishers like Cavani and Lwendoski display . Mason and Reece have taken that next step but Tammy unfortunately doesn’t seem to be able to take that next step and yes will do a reasonable job somewhere else but alas if he stays he will be a squad player making th
  13. My point was say the required majority 15 teams voted against promo or relegation and the other 5 and the FA who have a vote voted against would those 5 who voted against just say no and pull out of the league ? In terms of the bigger Championship teams they have a say
  14. Forget all this about the six clubs supporters trust they more often that not only represent the views of those who are members. Put one side CST and just spend a minute or two reading about how most clubs supporters really feel about their supporters trust. Gone are the days when AST for instance can stand up in a shareholder at Arsenal meeting and ask a challenging question. Well they would say they got their point over but at the end of the day if it came to a vote the majority shareholder would say this or that make an apology but the reality is nothing changed in that the owner
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