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  1. & back up GK, no chance of Courtious coming back to sit on the bench anytime soon, so we need someone reliable. Also think we should consider looking at a new CB.
  2. His name is incredible
  3. Straight swap for Torres? I would have some of that, & nothing more than Torres deserves for all the performances he has put in for us would be to have those supporters behind his efforts.
  4. I would happily hit Torres in the nose before every game if that helps his game
  5. I say send him to Anzhi or the biggest bidder. He's don't nothing to deserve any favours from the club.
  6. ive seen plenty worse. Some games he doesnt he get chances he so pony.
  7. Agree wholeheartedly. Last season on some special nights in the champions league he sulked off, only to be surprised by Robbie pouncing on him. He's a self centred c**t, I think we should sell him to the highest bidder - Anzi, Zenit. If they don't want him send on loan to Isle Of Man FC or North Korea United.
  8. He has had a few cracking games in the past month or so, but recently the whole defence has been awful. Ivan needs a rest.
  9. Agree Azpi is our best RB, but think Ivan is a good right back when in form (not now).
  10. Dan Levene ‏@BluesChronicle Benitez has confirmed there will be no more incoming transfers for Chelsea this January. Good angle on this, is perhaps they have a manager lined up & don't want to buy players he doesn't want. Bad angle is we have players like Marin & Torres getting game time, both of them have very little confidence.
  11. surely there is no one left on this thread trying to defend his performances?
  12. Only makes sense if we have a replacement lined up. Not that the club have cared about sense this season.
  13. If he improves his delivery & shooting I think he can be top class.
  14. Unfortunately I think he was clapping Torres. W A C (what a c**t)
  15. He worked hard, still sh*t at the most important bit of being a striker.
  16. everytime I see a picture of him he looks more & more of a melt.
  17. yes, although not against us. Would cost a fortune & don't see why he would leave Bayern.
  18. only position we really need to strengthen in up front, & the one's we are looking at don't come cheap (well Falcao, Cavani)
  19. ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer Local Madrid media claim that Torres has told friends he wishes to return to Atletico who are now weighing up a loan move #CFC(Metro) Retweeted by Chelseadaft.org
  20. I can't stand him, but don't agree with booing him.
  21. Anyone who has been to a game this season can see how sh*t he is. The touch & instant control that Hazard, Mata, Oscar & co have is outstanding (a joy to watch). The ball comes to Torres & it very often balloons off him (Furlong style), or gets caught under his feet. Plus he looks like he's running in treacle half the time.
  22. I can't help myself. I've never felt like this about a current Chelsea player. The problem is you can see he still has the potential, all be it vs pony teams like QPR, etc. But his lack of effort & care for Chelsea offends me. The list is too long to go into, but when we scored against Southampton he doesn't budge & has a face like thunder, thats not someone with Chelsea best interest at heart. This is the face of someone who cares about Chelsea & feel what we do when we win:
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