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    Ben reacted to That Boy Brandinho in Random Rumours   
    Based on what, exactly? Falcao's season in Spain was more impressive than Huntelaar's season in Germany in my opinion. Tougher league and he was younger. Falcao's undeniably more physically talented as well.
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    Ben reacted to BaneIvanovic in Random Rumours   
    My approval for the Jovetic move
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    Ben reacted to Ozztheboss in Random Rumours   
    Jovetic is the:
    Would welcome him with open arms.
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    Ben got a reaction from Ozztheboss in Random Rumours   
    I think we should sign him even if we do get Hulk
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    Ben got a reaction from BaneIvanovic in Random Rumours   
    I think we should sign him even if we do get Hulk
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    Ben reacted to abramovich in Random Rumours   
    Dembele again impressed me yesterday against Pool. I'd replace Meireles with him in a heartbeat
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    Ben reacted to nonotnowjim in Random Rumours   
    Yep, spot on ( as usual may I add DKW - the voice of reason). He is out of contract at the end of the season.
    For me it is a no brainer, this club is crying out for a wide man, and here is a young lad, with great skill, goal scoring ability, pace, premier league experience, and he is free.....
    The "not chelsea quality" that some spout is nonsense. A player doesnt have to be a readymade superstar to be "Chelsea quality (whatever the f**k that is!)...
    Moses is a bit more of a rough diamond, but he is a brick sh*t house, has pace and can also score.
    In my mind both would be better prospects and offer more than Malouda and Kalou.
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    Ben reacted to bjd in Chelsea v Bayern Munich (CL Final) 19/05/12 KO 19:45 BST   
    He just needs a reducer early doors.
    Franks the man for the job.
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    Ben reacted to ant-sw6 in Random Rumours   
    I really hope we don't sign/try to sign Modric again this summer.
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    Ben reacted to timetowaste in Random Rumours   
    And Malou...... nevermind
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    Ben reacted to timetowaste in Random Rumours   
    For the money though I'd rather go in for him than Tiote, anything above 15/20 mil for Tiote would be too much
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    Ben reacted to Gem in Random Rumours   
    Ryan is ready.
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    Ben reacted to romansoldier1981 in Random Rumours   
    De Bruyne or Kakuta, definetely better than Malouda
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    Ben got a reaction from TheWestwayWonder in Random Rumours   
    Can't see Real letting him go until the summer at the very earliest, they could still have a fantastic season.
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    Ben reacted to Zeta in Random Rumours   
    Average player, just like Merieles. No point filling the squad with average players just to build up the numbers, it's just more people who will get games ahead of the youngsters, who will then eventually leave I suspect.
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    Ben reacted to ace in Random Rumours   
    A boy can dream, right?
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    Ben reacted to BrewCrew in Random Rumours   
    Yes thank you! LUIZ ISN'T MOVING PEOPLE! These ideas have to stop. He is a center back. That is where is going to play. It is just an added bonus that he has a little pace and skill. He is already learning to calm down and eventually I see him being one of the best in the world at that spot.
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    Ben got a reaction from dkw in Random Rumours   
    at least recoup what we paid for him. Part of me will be sad to see him go, he's been a good pro, but never quite good enough on a consistant basis, got an unfair amount of critics in my opinion. Not a world beater by any means but scores some important goals for us.
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    Ben reacted to ducavis in Random Rumours   
    Talking of wide players, Shaqiri looks very decent
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    Ben reacted to sals in Random Rumours   
    daily mail also saying juve are in for kalou. Think he could do quite well for himself over in serie A especially if he was starting on a regular basis. The writing has been on the wall for his chelsea career for a fair while now but he is a very likeable individual and would love to see him do very well in his post chelsea career
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    Ben reacted to dkw in Random Rumours   
    You would think so wouldnt you. These players who have given us almost certainly the best period in the clubs history and yet the lack of respect shown to them by some fans is beyond disgraceful, you just have to see the sh*t the likes of Anelka, JT, Lampard, Drogba, Ferreira etc get on here. By all means question their usefulness to the team now, but the disparaging way some do it makes me embarrassed to be a fan of this club at times. I wonder how long these "fans" have been involved with our club at times.
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    Ben got a reaction from Zola in Random Rumours   
    This annoys the hell out of me, he's been a huge player for us & still got something to give. So surely he deserve some respect?
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    Ben got a reaction from dkw in Random Rumours   
    This annoys the hell out of me, he's been a huge player for us & still got something to give. So surely he deserve some respect?
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    Ben got a reaction from driver05 in Random Rumours   
    BBC gossip saying Llorente. A good target man, but Athletico would want a fortune for him I reckon. Doesn't make sense after spending out on Lukaka.
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    Ben reacted to Eggy McMuffin in Random Rumours   
    Not a chance. We're moving away from a style of football that requires a target man. We only play one up front, so would only need 2/3 strikers in our squad. We have Torres who cost £50m, Lukaku who cost £18m and Sturridge who cost us £5m in compensation; why then spend £25m on a forward who wouldn't fit in.If Drogba and Anelka both do move on in January, I think the best way to deal would be to bring in a winger. Adam Johnson, Marco Reus... someone of that ilk and we'd be sorted I reckon. Not that we'll allow both to leave at the same time.
    Also, the story is from The Metro...
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