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  1. IBlue you should be able to post mate as you have been a member over a month.


    Good luck mate,



  2. Are you able to allow permission to moderators to send people into the 'banned' group ? Otherwise when we have to ban people we have to use the warning tool and it doesnt actually ban them from coming back on the forum, logging in, and liking other peoples posts, usually sarcastically.

    1. coco


      How would i ever live another day if i banned you lol.

    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

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Well, this is awkward!

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Could you please allow adverts on this domain by switching it off. Some of the advert banners can actually be closed to avoid interferance of your experience on The Shed End.

Cheers now!

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Alright already, It's off!