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  1. Managers have been moaning about this in England for years, and I think they have a point. For one, we have an extra cup compared everyone else (League Cup). Other leagues also get a winter break, while we pile on the games. By the time the CL knockouts come about things start getting really jammed if you're still involved in all competitions, with April and May often getting ridiculous as it will for United this year. It'd be nice if the FA thought about scheduling more games in the slower period before Christmas to lighten the load at the business end of the season. Maybe then PL clubs wouldn't be so consistently disappointing in the European cups.
  2. If we win all our games up to and including United away, we'd have 81 points. Not enough to win the title unfortunately unless Spurs and City go on an unprecedented losing streak.
  3. Yep Spanish football has been hit with an unfair stigma. Martinez has got Everton playing like a stereotypical Spanish side and I think it's a lovely addition to the league. I envied their ability to play the ball out and keep it under pressure. Some of their attacking play was brilliant. It's a shame for them that they can't seem to defend for sh*t.
  4. Hopefully he quickly breaks into first choice there and gets his career back on track.
  5. Thank christ this saga is finally over. Good luck Torres, hopefully you can salvage some of your career with Milan.
  6. I get the feeling he isn't willing to sit on anyone's bench. I think, like Lukaku, he'd rather play for a weaker team and be nailed on than compete in a squad like ours. Remember when we first signed him he supposedly had reservations about playing time and then he suffered that injury.
  7. I thought Di Maria was most effective on the right wing?
  8. I agree he's a magnificent player, if a bit mentally fragile, but we'd have to get rid of Willian or Schurrle to take him on.
  9. Not sure mate. The Times reported it and they're no tabloid, not to mention his own tweets. I'd say negotiations are happening but it depends on whether Destro wants to come here and compete with Costa and Drogba.
  10. Has anyone actually watched much of Destro? Never even seen him play before. I'd be over the moon to end the Torres saga though.
  11. Given the chance, Varane would beat out one of Terry or Cahill for a starting place. He really is that good. He's outrageously good. For some reason Ancelotti favours Pepe and Ramos despite him being better than both, I can only guess that this is because of politics. Mourinho showed faith in him and he was an absolute monster. The problem is Terry and Cahill have both been formidable for us, I don't really want to change it. But Varane as the successor to Terry is the best we could possibly do at the moment.
  12. City wouldn't sell to us and he's got nothing on Varane. I think he's got potential but I doubt he'll end up in the world class bracket, whereas Varane should. Since we've been consistently linked various CB's all summer, I'm quietly hoping Mourinho wants to get Varane out of a deal sending Cech to Madrid. We look short a man in central defence. Terry has back problems and usually has time out, he's also getting older. Ivanovich is currently covering two positions and Zouma is very much a prospect. Terry also has to hang up his boots eventually. Marca reported Varane, Di Maria and Benzema missed training yesterday so I have a little suspicion. Hope to f**k he doesn't go to United even though they're in dire need of a CB. We obviously need a backup striker more, but it won't happen until we can get rid of Torres which seems impossible.
  13. It was kind of a downer going from Robben to Kalou, but he had this tendency to pop up with vital goals when we needed him. He grew on me over time. Same with Malouda but he went on to have one great season. In fact it's pretty amazing to think we broke the PL scoring record with Malouda and Kalou on the wings of all people.
  14. I think of it as a stress test on the forum's code, that way it at least has scientific use. We must be reaching critical mass soon! What then? Nobody knows.
  15. Sometimes I wonder if he even knows what he's doing.
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