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  1. So happy about this and it just keeps reminding me of the year Eddie Mac won us promotion with with a side made up of young and exciting players, loved that season. COME ON FRANKIE LAMPARD'S BLUE AND WHITE ARMY
  2. And we need the best CDM in the world playing in that position
  3. Makes you wonder why these managers are paid so much money and yet are so blind to what everyone else can see
  4. Mate of mine is life long Rotherham United fan and for some reason he seems to think that your club are the Devil incarnate lol
  5. Your post is the first thing that has made me laugh this evening lol
  6. Well done Chelsea another 3 points gained. Really did not want to lose this one as only live a couple of miles from the Amex. My daughter was working at the Amex for the game and was chuffed as she is also a Chelsea fan and she was delegated working in the away end
  7. not many though although I do remember seeing 2 Forest lads on the train after the Portsmouth and Bognor Train had joined at Barnham
  8. Any one born south of the Highland line is a Sassenach by the true definition of the word so that includes Lowlanders lol
  9. Had only been living in Brighton a few years after moving from Chi when that game took place. The stand you are referring to was known the West Stand extension which is where I was sitting with an ex girlfriend. Yes you are right the Brighton fans exited the North stand pretty quick when our lot started to flow in from the corner enclosure.
  10. Yes mostly agree with you. When I was growing up in Chi and traveling up to the Bridge there were loads of Chelsea from Sussex, Surrey and south London. I find though that with Brighton (where I have now lived for many years) that their fan base in Sussex sees to mostly end along the coast west of Worthing and that part of Sussex is mostly Pompey country. Certainly growing up in Chichester most of the local support was Portsmouth with very little for Brighton.
  11. and safe standing, then it would bring back the feel of the old Shed
  12. I'm Chichester born and bred although have lived in Brighton for many years now
  13. Yep can still remember going through the turnstiles and up the steps into the mighty shed to see Ray lead out that young Chelsea side so full of promise that got promoted out of the old second division. I can still hear the chants of Eddie Macredie's Blue and white army or Wilkins Wilkins born is the King of Stamford Bridge. Then there were the girls dotted around the ground with their I'm a Butch Wilkins Babe scarfs wrapped around their necks. Thank you Ray for giving me so many great memories of my teenage years. you were taken too young-Rest in Peace.

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