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  1. Man U are without an away win in 10, I think Ole will be gone in the next fortnight
  2. Why the hell are we selling to a direct rival for top 4? Arsenal we know you're competing with us for Champions League places but go on take our most experienced defender 🤦‍♂️
  3. On my iPhone I'm getting one of those pops ups where it says you've won something and it redirects you to this dodgy page.
  4. See I haven't seen much of him, does he look poor now then?
  5. I was so shocked I literally just sat there with my mouth open.
  6. Speaking of Costa he’s been linked with moves to Everton and West Ham. I find this baffling for several reasons: - he hated living in England - he’s only 30 and can surely do better than those two. Anyone else think it’s strange?
  7. I don’t know how he can say that, they basically threw away 3rd and almost 4th because they were terrible at the back end of the season. They ended up finishing behind us and we won a European trophy while they lost their chance at one. I’d rather have had our end to the season than theirs.
  8. You’ve got me thinking, the lack of parade. Why don’t the club do like an open day for the fans with the trophy. I remember in Rugby League teams would do that after winning the Grand Final.
  9. Thing is if we don’t get an answer before the window closes then what’s the point?
  10. Ah I didn’t start watching footy until 1994 and not properly until late 96 so that’s why I don’t know who they are haha
  11. Can’t help thinking this guy would have been perfect for us.
  12. I’d back them in the CL for sure. Pretty sure they signed him already or it’s one of those he just needs to put pen to paper.

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