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  1. Im talking about those players been strong enough. Each one of them has great balance, I wasn’t comparing body types at all.
  2. All of those players are strong, they have good balance. Tammy needs to toughen up imo, he was getting knocked all over the place against West Brom. We’ll see I guess but I certainly don’t think he’s ready.
  3. I remember when Real Madrid fans were booing Ronaldo cause he went through a dry patch. Just take that in for a second that’s Ronaldo whose arguably their best ever player and they boo’d him cause he wasn’t scoring goals for a period.
  4. You play against faster tougher opponent in the Premier league. I get what you’re saying the Championship is probably more brutish but the PL is a lot faster and therefore the challenges hit you harder.
  5. I was mostly worried about the record in finals, Jose rarely loses a final and Conte hadn’t one won. As you say the football gods were behind us that day.
  6. It wasn’t the best game but probably slightly better than 2007. I think this was an important one aswell, we we’d not secured CL football that season but still managed to win a trophy. Shows that despite what I’ve been reading about the doom & gloom of where we are that we can still win trophies.
  7. No way is Tammy ready to be our number one striker. The guy got majorly bullied by West Brom, they were so physical and that’s the kind of thing he’d have to play against every week in the PL. He needs to get on the weights and needs a good PL loan, best thing that we could hope for is that Villa get promoted and take him back on loan again with him as their number 1.
  8. Im happy for him to stay as a back up option. He gives more for the team than Morata ever did and that Higuain does.
  9. Kinda feel like Zidane’s getting a bit personal there and comes across a douche. Bale was instrumental in his three Champions League wins you’d think he’d be more respectful.
  10. Just enjoy the happy memories. I’ve seen so many people in a depression after City’s treble. Look we’ve had a ton of success since Roman took over, let’s remember it fondly and not turn bitter like the Scousers.
  11. There’s rumours Zidane is going to Juve as his relationship with Pérez has apparently soured.
  12. I just hope the players think like that cause I worry they wont and a lack of motivation will be what costs us.
  13. It’s very rare we’ve been motivated this season. The two times we played Arsenal aswell we weren’t exactly outstanding. We were quite lucky at the Bridge and dogs*** at the Emirates.

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