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  1. How does this continue and nothing is done about it? Honestly just feel done with football right now. I’ll see you all next season.
  2. But with 11 men we may have had a chance, that’s my point. We were denied the chance at a fair game today.
  3. If I read online that Arsenal deserved it I’m gonna smash my iPad. They literally created that one chance in the second half which came after Taylor failed to give a foul on Christensen btw. Kova’s Red was a great challenge, Pedro fouled outside the box near the end too. Add to that the many bookings we picked up which were wring decisions. I’m just flabbergasted at that display from that c**t. I am not saying with 11 men we would have won but we were robbed of a fair chance to win the game.
  4. I’m f**king fuming referee hasn’t given us a fair chance to win this game at all
  5. Same here, everything’s just gone for Arsenal here, ref, the pen, injuries to our players etc
  6. I’m fuming it’s been all us this half and the defence is sh*te
  7. Danny Murphy literally grunted in frustration then cause Aubameyang didn’t take a good touch in the box, the bias is annoying
  8. Getting annoyed with the commentary and the punditry bar Ash, so pro Arsenal
  9. If Arsenal fans wanna moan saying Azpilicueta should have been off... A foul on a running striker committed by the last man of the defence will no longer result in a direct red card and suspension, unless the foul is violent or consists in a hand-ballin the box. As long as the foul is judged to be an honest attempt at taking the ball, the defender will only be shown a yellow card.
  10. Terrific first ten minutes after that we’ve been sh*te, think we’re losing this but hope I’m wrong
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