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  1. Drogba's header was so incredible I went more mental than I ever have for a goal.
  2. anyone know got any his res pictures of us lifting the cup yet?
  3. It doesn't feel real I keep thinking I'm gonna wake up any minute
  4. By the way how awesome was Mikel tonight? I can't help thinking how winning the FA Cup helped us believe we could do this
  5. Hey guys been a long time I stayed off the site as I was convinced me coming on here has jinxed us and now its safe Absolutely buzzing
  6. Wouldn't mind a decent backup goalie I cant help but worry with Cech been out for a month
  7. To be fair to Milner he's been wasted at City they haven't used him properly at all.
  8. I'd love him if he wasnt trouble but the guy is so disruptive, he should just go home thats where he clearly wants to be
  9. Too old now when he was here before he was superb, one of the best strikers I've ever seen
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