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  1. Tbf liverpool are under no pressure until they reach out half, whereas we are being pressed all the way up to kepa.
  2. fabregas in this game and we are 2 or 3 goals ahead.
  3. Why would it be 4222 with that personnel? It would mean one of kante, kova or Jorginho as a wide midfielder.
  4. Wasnt far off. Thought Azpi would've started. Come on Chelsea
  5. Its a shame we this game usnt un a coulle if months time, but im still hopeful if we play 433. We can put out very similar teams to the ones that did well in 3 out the 4 games last year. Kepa James Christiansen Zouma Azpi Kante Jorginho Kovacic Havertz Werner Mount Maybe Giroud or Abraham, and Werner on the left. Or even give CHO a game over mount. Plenty of options still, and the team we have to choose from, is still as strong if not stringer than last season.
  6. Ziyech got injured during a match, chilwell arrived injured, and Thiago Silva isnt injured. Only one that has picked up a knock in training is Pulisic, but he had a poor record at Dortmund aswell, so i dont think it is necessarily a reflection on our training methods.
  7. in the last 2 years we have been pretty good again liverpool, so i would go with 433, kova, kante Jorginho midfield, which has worked pretty well against them. Hopefully Pulisic is fit becsuse i think a front 3 puli, werner and havertz could cause them serious oroblems on tbe counter. Id also start azpi at left back in this one.
  8. We definitely played 4231, and Havertz had a quite game on the right. Not that it really matters, he has barely trained, and even though he has played the position well before, i think the main reasons he didnt shine were fitness, and familiarity with his team mates, and Lampards tactics. No drama's I dont think anyone would expect him to hit the ground running, i think Ziyech will take time aswell, since his last competitive game was February. Plenty more to come from Kai.
  9. Bayern could not afford Havertz, we already turned down £40m for Cho, when his contract was running down, so it would surely take Havertz level money for us to sell with 4 years left on his contract. Juve are skint, Leipzig dont sign players for big money. A loan deal seems unlikely given we dont have an abundance of out and out wingers, and loaning him to germany could push him into wanting to leave, and after the Courtois situation, i dont think we would be that naive. Complete non story for me, a bit like mount being upset with the Havertz signing which was also rubbished. Bayern didnt keep perisic, and Cho didnt start 1st game of the season. 1+1=3. Plenty of opportunities for Cho this season, and i think he will have a decent campaign, just needs to stay fit, and keep his head down.
  10. Ive seen a few sites saying we played 4222, ive actually watched the game back last night, and it was definitely more of a narrow 4231, with Havertz, and Mount given licence to move inside. The only time RLC was pushed on was to either press, and we press in 442, and have done since sarri, or when kepa had the ball, RLC pushed up to compete aerially with the centre backs, and give us a target. The majority of the game RLC and then Barkley generally played in and around Brightons Dm, Boussouma. There was leaked team news before kickoff, where people said it was a 4222, so im guessing that it where its come from, but all the pundits and commentators, said it was 4231, and Neville even asked Lampard about it post match on Mnf. Whatever the formation, it didnt really work too well, RLC pushing forward on goal kicks meant we were a man light trying to play out, so Kepa either went long, or we play 2 or 3 short passes before going long. Bringing it back to Havertz, i was critical after the game, the scuffed pass, and skewed shot that went for a throw in, were fresh in my mind, but with a second watch, he was actually pretty decent, as we were as a team aswell to be honest. There were times he looked a little timid, but he worked he hard, and won the ball back when he lost it, and there were a few occasions, he found space but the pass didnt come. When these players start to learn each others games, i think we will be a devastating side.
  11. What we need is playmaker, that is defensive sound, and decent athletically. I think Rice could be that player, but in England we dont really produce that type of player that can do it at the highest level. So i have my reservations too, which is why i would keep Jorginho for the time being.
  12. Donnarumma would still cost a fortune, if you take into account raiola's agent fees. £40m+ fee, no doubt massive wages aswell. If we cant sell kepa, then that would be a huge financial commitment on goalkeepers. Mendy is all we can afford this season, hopefully he turns out to be a bargain and cements the spot, but if he is still not the long term answer, we will be in a better position to spend sgain next summer, or even in a couple of years time. Expensive mistake, we got away with the Morata one, but this is very much like Torres, where his wages are so high, and his stock is so low, it actually prohibits us replacing him properly. The best we can hope for, is he goes on loan at some point, and plays well enough that a team will pay £20m odd for him. No chance of any more than that.
  13. Played well, and i really felt for him and kante, because Havertz, RLC, and Mount, werent able to retain possession up the pitch, so it kept coming back for the first hour. I still think we should keep him, if we sell him, i think we will be in the market for a very similar player next summer, when we realize we miss his playmaking ability at times. Maybe not a guarenteed starter, but surely he is a useful player to have in the squad.
  14. Just oozes quality, cant see him not being anything other than a huge success here.
  15. Goal and assist. Good game on the whole other than that little slip up just after half time.

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