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  1. Thought he did okay, much better work rate and body language, shouldve got a return pass from azpi aswell which wouldve given him a chance in the box. Maybe the CHO sub has put a rocket up everyones arse, perform or get hooked. Not been impressed recently, but i read the other day he has only played about 1000 mins in a year! He was injured for 6 weeks prior to covid, dutch league was voided, and he got injured in his first preseason game us. Since then he has been chasing rhythm. Needs minutes, but he needs to do the basics if he wants to het on the pitch, so i think tonight was a decen
  2. Actually physically dominated suarez, im in shock. Really playing well, and this system suits him. Always liked Christiensen, but i feared his time here was done, maybe there is still hope he can fulfill his potential, although i guessit is dependent on which system we go with long term.
  3. Really good win, very well organised, and its the sort of victory that gets players to buy into what the manager wants. Even after the goal Atletico tried to step onto us, but we didnt give them an inch.
  4. I said this after soton game. Football is now filled with athletes. Players are over coached from the age of 6 or 7, by the time they break through, they are robots. Occasionally there will be the odd moment of brilliance, but gone of the days when you had Zola, Bergkamp, Henry, Le Tissier, Cantona, Gazza etc producing moments of individual brilliance on a weekly basis. Its why Hazard was such a special player. Its a very tactical game now, with so much available information, and micro management.
  5. Atletico defensive as always, but we have dealt with their counters well, only mistakes from ourselves have seen them get any joy. They want us to have ball, but im sure Simeone wont be overly happy with what he has seen, we have had chances, but as always we lack quality in the final 3rd. 1st goal in this tie is massive i feel.
  6. Didnt do well when he came in, but i actually thought he was just starting to get into the game when he was brought off. Shouldve gone on the left for Alonso.
  7. I was thinking this aswell this week. I dont really enjoy it, its more like an addiction at this stage. I spend 90 minutes, just being constantly frustrated the some of the total ineptitude of dome these players. It doesnt feel the same now, lots of athletes with no football brains, playing in stale games that are micro managed and over coached. Very robotic, and its not as much a game of intinct now, less improvisation, and ultimately less entertaining and excitement, since teams are so well setup to not lose, as opposed to setting up to try and win.
  8. Mount only turned up for 45 mins, but still our best player. Kate had a good 20.mins at the start of the game, the rest were f**king terrible.
  9. Mount showed up in the second half to rescue a point. Otherwise the attack was dogsh*t, and after we equalised, the back 3 play the ball so slowly, that there was no way of even getting forward. I felt we needed those 3 points, United, Everton and Leeds next. Cant see us getting 9 points out of them, so we could find ourselves playing catchup again in a few weeks.
  10. Dont want to criticize the team selection too much, but i thought we got away with it at Sheffield United, but not playing CHO at right wing back turns this system from being dynamic and dangerous, to completely predictable. James has a good delivery, but no real pace or dribbling ability, Alonso is slow and cant beat his man, we know his threat is popping up in the box. So we are effectively hoping Mount has a great game, and today he has been average. For this team to be successful, Tuchel needs to find a way of getting more of pur attacking players on the pitch at the same
  11. Really poor in the final 3rd. Dont even look like scoring. One volley from Alonso, and a 35 yard pass back from Rudiger. So frustrating to watch.
  12. Absolute horror show tonight, not for the first time either. At least Werner works his arse off when things arent going well, Ziyech just pouts, shrugs his shoulders, walks about and then loses the ball again. Body language is poor aswell. Hope he isnt sulking because he has been benched for a couple of games, because that is a sh*t attitude.
  13. He looked like he has considering passing it back, but changes his ind last minute...thank god!
  14. That one was a tough watch. Arguably one of the worse games ive seen us win. 1 shot in target, multiple players with terrible games, first touch, and passing abysmal. Ziyech and Pulisic looked like non league players. At least we are through, and at least it is iver and didnt go to extra time.
  15. Not his biggest fan, but he has been playing well, so even though it was an awful error, I would maybe grant him a pass, considering it didnt cost us points in the end. Going forward, I think a left footed centre back on that side would make playing out alot easier, if we are to stick with a back 3. Just a pity all of the ones we have coming through are right footed, although Ampadu and Guehi have done well as left sided in a back 3 this season but Sheffield United dont play out under pressure that much often, and its obviously a big step up for Guehi.
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