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  1. big blue

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Really fair assessment. At 31, and with a butchered hamstring thanks to the 2012 heroics, I don't think Luiz will have many years left at chelsea as a starter. We have some good young centre backs coming through, but there aren't many in the world that has Luiz's vision and range of passing, so it might be a position we look at in the summer. I like Ampadu though, maybe he could step up.
  2. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    I love hazard, he's one the my favourite chelsea players ever to watch, but speaking about madrid every 4 weeks is becoming really tiresome. Just get your head down and give us a fantastic season, then if you want to go, stick a transfer request in at the end of the season. If he goes, it will be a big loss, but the club goes on, and plenty of teams have lost their best player, and actually had a better team the following season. Marina has gotten some pretty good deals for outgoing players, so I don't see him leaving on cheap despite having a year left, hopefully we get a player or 2, if madrid can't meet the asking price.
  3. big blue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    I dont really get the point you are trying to make if I'm being honest. Sarri questioned the mentality and determination of the players after both the spurs game, and the wolves game. I think the city game was much improved on both fronts, and I agree it was partly down to the personnel, but 9 of the players that just didn't turn up at Wembley, all played very well, fighting for every ball on Saturday. That to me is a massive reason for us getting 3 points.
  4. big blue

    Alvaro Morata

    You just never know with chelsea, going by recent years, I don't think we would spend big on a striker unless we get a decent fee for morata. So if he is only loaned out, I think Batshuayi will come back, or we will be rolling the dice on a cheaper player. Maybe there is a release clause for someone we have in line, or we could take a punt on someone completely left field. Gabriel Barbosa is rumoured to be on the market, either on loan or relatively cheap. Left footed, quick, decent finisher. He had a terrible time at inter and Benfica, but he has had a good season back at Santos. Similar situation to coutinho. Might be worth a Barkley like gamble, and then see how we are looking in the summer.
  5. big blue

    Alvaro Morata

    Milan was mentioned, apparently they wanted zlatan but that has fallen through, I know morata was linked there in the summer aswell, so it could just be a rehash of that.
  6. big blue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    I agree with the tactical change giving us better defensive stability, I've posted something about it in the hazard thread. I do think there was a massive change in attitude and determination between this game and the spurs game though. Rudiger actually spoke about it after the game, and said the team spoke between themselves after the wolves game, with regards to the mentality, and the willingness to do the dirty work. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea/how-terrifying-maurizio-sarri-inspired-chelsea-to-win-over-man-city-after-pain-of-wolves-loss-a4012941.html%3famp
  7. big blue

    Alvaro Morata

    A few rumours that morata is going to be loaned out in January. Personally i would prefer a sale, but with the a possible ban hanging over us, I can see why the club would be reluctant to sell. If he does go, it surely means we are getting a striker in, might be a recall for michy or Tammy, or maybe we have someone else lined up.
  8. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    After the spurs game I called hazard out on being part of the problem in terms of what he offered off the ball, so I wasn't suprised to see him playing centrally against city, so we can have Willian and Pedro offering better defensive support, and pressing more intensely. Moving forward, I would still like hazard to be given a run if games at centre forward, I appreciate we lose a bit of his game, and it has been hit and miss in the past, and I don't want to see us pull balls up to him, like we did under conte. If we keep the ball on the ground, and we get players close to him, I think it could really work, and you know if he gets a chance, he will score. Maybe he isn't totally happy about playing there, but if it's best for the team in the short term, I think we have to go with it, at least until January comes anyway.
  9. big blue

    That Sterling Incident

    spot on mate.
  10. There was a phase of play just after half time, we tried to play out but city pressed well and the ball and ed up back at kepa. We then play some fantastic 1 and 2 touch passes, which resulted in Willian winning the free kick outside the box. I also thought it was an interesting passage of play, because jorginho didn't even touch the ball, so we are finding solutions the play 'sarri ball' without everything coming though jorginho. That is exactly what sarri wants, and the more we play with confidence, the easier we will be able to play through teams, and simply man marking jorginho will not be the answer.
  11. There is a black guy stood right next to them who doesn't even blink. Being of mixed race myself, I find it hard to believe he wouldn't have reacted
  12. I think it the win today was massive, just incase the players were starting to lose a bit of belief in the process (since a few on here have done), it was a shot in the arm at the right time, and hopefully we can take the confidence into what is a busy but very winnable stretch of games. Winning at wolves and losing today, would've left the same doubts. I don't care about the Scousers, they have been incredibly lucky in some of their wins, and they won't best city to the title anyway.
  13. big blue

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    In his last 3 games he's had 1 goal, 1 assist, and he's created 2 very good chances for Williamn today, and hazard against wolves. I think he's doing okay.
  14. big blue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    Went for kante. He had a difficult 1st half, but the goal was a massive turning point and he was unbelievable second half. Maybe it will shut some of the kante should swap jorginho noises, because its clear that it can work very effectively. Azpiliucueta also showed he has what it takes to adapt, and the confidence we played out with through our right side in the second half was immense. The difference between this perfomance and spurs wasn't tactical, it was done to work ethic and discipline. Great win.
  15. Just praising Luiz! This is a collectors item. It was a great win for though mate.