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  1. That decision could be overturned with the appeal hearing that has started a week ago. The ban may stay, but the punishment could be delayed until all appeals are exhausted.
  2. Maybe because unlike France, we need a striker to score goals, because we dont have 2 world class supporting players. Giroud has done well in Europe, but he has been very average in the premier league when he has started. It really shows how unbelievably poor our recruitment has been that he is probably our best option.
  3. Really not confident of beating Frankfurt over 2 legs, and then beating arsenal in the final. Best chance we've got of champions league though now unfortunately.
  4. Turned up for about 30 mins over the 2 legs. Job done in the end, but that was a poor second half yet again.
  5. I suppose it depends on who the manager is. 4231 with kante and RLC in the 2, with a more natural number 10 ahead them would be great in my opinion. Although I would take Joao Felix as the 10 ahead of coutinho, SMS, or Fernandes.
  6. Chelsea fan aswell to boot. Would be great signing. Jovic, Pepe, Felix, CHO, Pulisic, Abraham, would be my ideal attacking group for next season. I dont want to lose hazard, but if we sell him, plus bakayoko, morata, batshuayi, Willian and pedro, there should be plenty of funds available for a complete overhaul of the attack. Not convinced the club will spend big, but we did stump up a record fee for a keeper when we needed one. So its anyone's guess what level we will enter the market, with a 2 window transfer ban looming.
  7. A poor game yesterday and a quiet game against west ham. But it's all about experience and having patience to let youngsters make mistakes. No point wanting a rookie to play if you dont cut them some serious slack. I think he should be starting every game between now and the end of the season, hopefully it will put him in a good position in his develop to really kick on next season.
  8. I agree with that, I think we behind United, city, and liverpool. Spurs still dont pay top wages so until that changes we will be ahead of them in terms of attracting players. Arsenal really need a couple of seasons back in the champions league to surpass us. We are definitely on the decline though.
  9. Piatek has only just signed for Milan. I dont think he could move even if it was possible since ges already played for 2 clubs this year. Jovic I really like, he just seems to have that special something, I cant see him being a one season wonder in the way belotti has turned out to be. He has an excellent all round game. The trouble is there are alot of clubs being linked with him, so I doubt he will end up here, since we dont seem to be able to compete in the market these days. We were probably the most attractive club in England after we won the league under Mourinho, we didnt capitalize, and now we are probably the 4th or 5th most attractive destination in England, let alone Europe. So if we want the best players, we will have to overpay, but we dont seem to be showing a willingness to do that these days. Higuian was low risk, it hasn't worked out, and the search for a quality striker will continue.
  10. It will definitely go to CAS, but unless the fifa appeals committee, rule against the fifa disciplinary panel, then we will be banned will start before the appeal process has been finished with CAS. I have feeling that the Fifa appeals committee will actually suspend the ban pending the CAS appeal, since that has always been the case, and it leaves fifa open to all sort of legal proceedings, should we serve a ban, and then have it overturned by CAS.
  11. So glad that got picked up. It actually happened twice in 5 minutes after the break.
  12. Yeah I dont think jorginho was good at all today. I do think he gets digged out unfairly sometimes though. When the gameplan was to sit deep and counter, sarri wouldve been better with kante in front of the back 4. I'm not of the belief that kante should play there all the time, but it's got to be horses for courses, and kante wouldve been a safer bet to execute the game plan. Jorginho is incredibly lightweight, but I still think he cam be an important player, but sarri should pick and choose when we need some thing different in front of the defence.
  13. Disappointing loss. In hindsight, hazard down the middle was the wrong choice, although hazard started wide left away at spurs and city, and the games were over after 30 minutes, so I can understand why sarri went with hazard up top. It worked pretty well in both games against city, in terms of us being more solid. Liverpool are on course for 97 points. They are a fantastic side, that haven't lost a home game in 2 years. We are a decent side, nothing more, and we dont travel well. The ability of the players is more of a problem, than the ability of the manager in my opinion. I've lowered my expectations now, it feels very much like the early 2000's, where we had some decent players, but overall the quality wasnt enough to mount a title challenge, but we still had a decent chance of a cup run. Top 4 is looking less likely now, but I'm sure there will be a few surprises in the last few weeks, so I'm not totally giving up. I think frustrations should be aimed at Roman, he has allowed us to significantly decline in the last 2 seasons, he doesnt seem to be that bothered about us dropping down the pecking order, if he was ambitious as he was 10 years ago, alot of these players would never have been signed in the 1st place.
  14. I agree, but I think it comes down to sarri not trusting hazard defensively.
  15. I think it's important to remember liverpool haven't lost for 2 years at home, and we have been awful away from home this season. So while we haven't been great, a lot of poor choices in the final 3rd, we've limited liverpool to a couple of half chances, and we looked comfortable on the whole. Hopefully we nick a goal in the second half and hang on.

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