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  1. big blue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    When I saw that number a while ago, I knew there was no chance we would get away with it. Just frustrating since we dont actually play any of these players. I think the punishment is over the top, it would've made more sense to ban us signing youth players.
  2. big blue

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Hes been out all season with a knee injury. Before that he has struggled to get games at Celtic and betis. Maybe he could play as the attacking midfielder in the 3, but he is so weak physically, tactically, and defensively, therres no way he could play any deeper, and that's assuming he has matured enough mentally to play at this level. I like musonda, but I think his career will mirror the likes of kakuta unfortunately.
  3. big blue

    Mateo Kovačić

    I think we need to see a lot more to judge whether or not he is suited to play the role. He played 30 minutes against Sheffield Wednesday in that position and gave away the ball right in front the defence with wasnt punished, and he made similar mistakes in the first half against malmo. Jorginho would've been crucified for those errors, and that was against low level opposition. Let's see what he is like against half decent opposition in that position.
  4. big blue

    Jorginho is a Blue

    i know jorginho has been a bit underwhelming, but musonda would make him look like essien! Musonda has no strength, he is tactically very naive, and he has never played in any position that would require any sort of real defensive contribution. He's also barely been getting a game at senior level. I think there is such a negative opinion now about jorginho, that it is turning into a case of 'anyone will be better than jorginho', when in reality he does some things very well, and some things not so well. If we accept theres problems all over the pitch, then I think it's fair to cut jorginho some slack, and see if he apart and improve in the next 18 months.
  5. big blue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    29 different players.
  6. big blue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    I'm strangely excited by it tbh.
  7. big blue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    If the options are giroud, batshuayi, Higuian, and Abraham. I would prefer to use the latter 2 in the squad.
  8. big blue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    We'd have to trigger the extended loan option, we can't sign him. I get that, I was just unsure whether we could trigger that extension with the ban in place. Kovacic is definitely out of the question now aswell.
  9. big blue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    I wonder whether higuain can stay? I know theres an option for a second season, hopefully it wouldn't be seen as a new loan.
  10. big blue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    No point even entertaining selling hazard though now since we can't even spend the money. Might aswell let him see his contract out, same with CHO. Who knows, maybe hazard will take pity on our situation like griezmann did and sign an extension. If we can't sign any players in the summer, then I think sarri needs to be sacked, because he hasn't shown enough willingness to play the youth, and that is what we will need next season.
  11. big blue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    Not too fussed. We might be able to delay it it with an appeal, so we can still spend in the summer. Otherwise, let's see some of the academy boys get a shot next season. 2 years would've been a game changer, but realistically a 1 year ban doesn't effect things too much. Hopefully the club dont start dishing out long term contracts to older players though.
  12. Can't agree with that Scott, kovacic has been awful. Hes quicker than jorginho, but he has been very sloppy on the ball, and he doesn't help us play out from the back as as well.
  13. Midfield has been awful. Kovacic looks like he will make a crucial mistake at some point, already got away with 3 or 4 sloppy bits of play. Barkley doesn't do anything really, in that first 20 mins when we struggled to get out, he didnt once offer a passing option. CHO and William look bright. Really dull game though.
  14. big blue

    Zinedine Zidane

    Trust me, we are done with average managers like him. What is with the hate for zidane? I saw you say slutsky would be a better manager for us. How come you dont rate him? Admittedly he had a world class team at Madrid, but 3 champions league wins on the spin is a massive achievement for any manager.
  15. big blue

    Arjen Robben interview

    Those 2 with Joe Cole aswell were fantastic. I was gutted robben went, it didnt even seem like we got a good deal at the time £23m and then we replaced him with malouda who I wasnt keen on from the start. I actually think the football we played under Mourinho at the start of the 14/15 season was the best we have played since Ancelotti. We played a very attacking team. Fabregas, oscar, Willian, and hazard on the pitch at the same time. In hindsight we probably should've just paid what was needed for stones and pogba, since we've wasted so much more money since then trying to adapt to new managers.