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  1. made hard work of it in the end. Good 3 points though with arsenal losing.
  2. I think willian has done okay. He made 1 really sloppy pass, but he worked his arse off to get it back. Kovacic, Kante, and Alonso have given it away alot. Looking at the bench, it's a shame CHO isn't there, do we really need 3 centre midfielders?
  3. In complete control, without playing great. Far too many sloppy passes. The front 3 have been good though, we just need to stop giving the ball away under no pressure and we could get a few more second half.
  4. so many loose passes today.
  5. big blue

    Random Rumours

    The home grown issue is well over blown. 2 home grown back up keepers, Christiensen, Barkley, and RLC. We then have 17 foreign spots, which gives us a squad of 22, excluding all players under 21 like CHO and Ampadu, which is more than adequate, without have to drop £30m on players that will have very little impact here.
  6. big blue

    Elseid Hysaj

    I've never been impressed with Ake at left back, I don't think he offers enough going forward. In terms of homegrown left backs, I like Ben chilwell from Leicester.
  7. big blue

    Elseid Hysaj

    I think hysaj does still does a lot of things better than James does at the moment though. His defensive positioning is better, he keeps the ball better under pressure, tactically he knows when to time his runs, when he needs to cover. These are all attributes that generally come with experience, and playing at high level. So out of the two, I think hysaj has the edge right now, but Reece James is only 18/19, and he has the potential to be a world class right back.
  8. big blue

    Alvaro Morata

    I had high hopes for morata, and I think I could put up with falling about, and the moaning, if he was just a reliable finisher. It's not an exaggeration to suggest he should've scored at least 20 more goals so far in his chelsea career, and if he had, I think most of us would be happy with him. He might be the worse finisher I've seen up front for us. When he went down injured, my first thought was, I hope it's not serious, because we won't be able to sell him. Torres and Shevchenko were still worse, but both have the excuse of their body being part of the problem. I don't know who we need to replace him, but we need someone, because giroud doesn't cut it for me either.
  9. big blue

    Elseid Hysaj

    Seen a hysaj a few times, decent player, obviously would fit the system, but is he worth such a high fee? Azpiliucueta has just signed a new deal, hopefully he will grow into the role more over the season. Reece James is a fantastic crosser of the ball, probably the best at the club. I'd have him instead of Zappacosta in a heartbeat, it would open up a foreign squad place, and let us use the funds in other areas. Left back is more of an issue for me, Emerson just doesn't seem to be trusted, and Alonso isn't the right fit for the system in my opinion. Maybe it will change next year. Jay da silva and Castillo are the options in the youth ranks, but neither seems particularly close to getting an opportunity. I would be all for Alex Telles from Porto, he has spoken about interest from us in the past, Porto are a fairly easy club to deal with, and he is a really good player, at the perfect age.
  10. big blue

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Really fair assessment. At 31, and with a butchered hamstring thanks to the 2012 heroics, I don't think Luiz will have many years left at chelsea as a starter. We have some good young centre backs coming through, but there aren't many in the world that has Luiz's vision and range of passing, so it might be a position we look at in the summer. I like Ampadu though, maybe he could step up.
  11. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    I love hazard, he's one the my favourite chelsea players ever to watch, but speaking about madrid every 4 weeks is becoming really tiresome. Just get your head down and give us a fantastic season, then if you want to go, stick a transfer request in at the end of the season. If he goes, it will be a big loss, but the club goes on, and plenty of teams have lost their best player, and actually had a better team the following season. Marina has gotten some pretty good deals for outgoing players, so I don't see him leaving on cheap despite having a year left, hopefully we get a player or 2, if madrid can't meet the asking price.
  12. big blue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    I dont really get the point you are trying to make if I'm being honest. Sarri questioned the mentality and determination of the players after both the spurs game, and the wolves game. I think the city game was much improved on both fronts, and I agree it was partly down to the personnel, but 9 of the players that just didn't turn up at Wembley, all played very well, fighting for every ball on Saturday. That to me is a massive reason for us getting 3 points.
  13. big blue

    Alvaro Morata

    You just never know with chelsea, going by recent years, I don't think we would spend big on a striker unless we get a decent fee for morata. So if he is only loaned out, I think Batshuayi will come back, or we will be rolling the dice on a cheaper player. Maybe there is a release clause for someone we have in line, or we could take a punt on someone completely left field. Gabriel Barbosa is rumoured to be on the market, either on loan or relatively cheap. Left footed, quick, decent finisher. He had a terrible time at inter and Benfica, but he has had a good season back at Santos. Similar situation to coutinho. Might be worth a Barkley like gamble, and then see how we are looking in the summer.
  14. big blue

    Alvaro Morata

    Milan was mentioned, apparently they wanted zlatan but that has fallen through, I know morata was linked there in the summer aswell, so it could just be a rehash of that.
  15. big blue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    I agree with the tactical change giving us better defensive stability, I've posted something about it in the hazard thread. I do think there was a massive change in attitude and determination between this game and the spurs game though. Rudiger actually spoke about it after the game, and said the team spoke between themselves after the wolves game, with regards to the mentality, and the willingness to do the dirty work. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea/how-terrifying-maurizio-sarri-inspired-chelsea-to-win-over-man-city-after-pain-of-wolves-loss-a4012941.html%3famp