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  1. 2nd half perfomance was excellent. The press was as good as anything ive seen from us. big 3 points. up to 2nd.
  2. These are the games where i miss hazard tbh, just need that momemt of quality. At least CHO looks capable of providing though.
  3. Decent 20 mins at the start, but we have struggled through midfield. Barkley shouldve come off sooner, clearly didnt shake off that earlier injury. CHO has been good, but we need to step it up, if we want 3 points today.
  4. He is still sore after the whole john stones thing i think.
  5. I dont think Glen johnson was ever a regular starter for englamd while he was here. Neville was number 1st choice right back. Bridge was behind cole for club and country. Cahill was a starter for the majority of his chelsea career. Certainly dont think you could deem him not good enough until possibly his last season, by which time he was no longer a regular starter for England either. I think Barkley is a unique case in that respect, i think he is excellent in games against lower level opposition, some players dont apply themselves in those type of games, but Barkley really imposes himself. The trouble is, as soon as he comes up against a decent side that press, and dont allow him as much time and space on the ball, he finds it difficult to consistently make the right decisions, and he is either forced into making mistakes, or plays so safe that he doesnt make enough 9f an impact. So it makes sense how he looks great against bulgaria or serbia, where teams are less organised, and the slower pace of international football, but put him against any decent premier league side, and he struggles.
  6. Hamstring injury for france in the warm up.
  7. I just think with batshuayi, he has played second fiddle for about 4 seasons, his contract is running down, and can see the club and him both seeing a sae as the best option.
  8. Agree with this. I cant see giroud or batshuayi being happy to play second fiddle again next season, so id imagine both will probably go. Personally i would go for another young hungry striker, that would make Abraham the senior option. I really like the look of Haaland, he seems ready for the premier league. Other than that, the nigerian striker from lille looked a handful, and he has been prolific aswell this season. Osimneh? I cant see the point in bringing in a big name striker, who will want massive wages, if he is going to find himself on the bench. We need a young hungry striker, that see's chelsea as a big step, and is young enough to be content with developing as a second choice striker.
  9. His all round game is phenomenal. He has everything, strength to hold the ball, and win aerial challenges, speed to get in behind and run the channels, technique to keep the ball under pressure and link up with team mates, and he can finish from all types of situations. I cant help but feel we have struck gold with him. Whether he goes on to be an elite striker is solely down to him now, he has the ability and he has the platform, he just needs to keep stay humble and keep working hard on the training pitch.
  10. Maybe let ings get infront of him a little 2 easily, but he did actually make the tackle, it was just unlucky it came off ings and ended up the net. I still think the soton player got into the box way too easily, and Tomori didn't do enough to stop the cross. I wouldnt put much of the blame at zouma's door for that one personally.
  11. I thought he was actually very good today, unlucky with the goal. Second half he won everything. I would still prefer rudiger and Christiansen, but i can see why lampard would be reluctant to pair tomori with Christiansen, because of a possible lack of physicality.
  12. Tomori needs to just take a breathe, and keep it simple. At least the goal didnt come from a set piece, but it was an awful goal to concede nontheless. Thankfully they have made some errors at the back of their own that we have been able to capalize on. Please chelsea, just give me a dull 45 mins and see this out. Im expecting at least another couple goals second half though. Its just the way we are this season. Think it will end 4-2.
  13. This game is a massive potential banana skin, off the back of a european away game, against a saints team that have been unlucky to get just a point from their ganes against liverpool, united, and spurs. On the flip side, we have a fantastic record at st mary's. I think it will be tight, and we will need to be clinical to get 3 points. im going 1 nil.
  14. https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/social/joorabchian-luiz-willian-restaurant/ https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8391250/chelsea-mayfair-restaurant-willian-david-luiz/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5656261/Chelsea-stars-force-launch-new-London-restaurant.html
  15. They must be pretty close since they have opened a restaurant together.

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