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  1. I think you are going a bit over the top with his height, he is 5'10/5'11, which an inch or 2 smaller than Gallas and Carvalho. Both of those were part of the best defence the premier league has seen, and also played in an era where the majority of teams played long balls to big number 9's. How many teams play like that now, and how many even play with a big physical target man? DCL, Kane, Woods, Jimenez, Toney, anyone else? Kounde has a great leap aswell, great on the ball, strong, and quick. To write him off because of his height, saying he cant dominate here, I find strange. He is actually an inch taller than Baresi and Cannavaro, who both were world class in a more physical era. Lets see how he gets on. Very highly rated, and chased by a number of big English sides that obviously dont see his height as an issue either.
  2. Hardly the sort of mentality you need to come through at a club like chelsea. We praise Mount and James for having that self belief that they would make it here, but these lads, wont even commit to short contract extensions, and a season or 2 on loan to cut their teeth in the professional game. This 'pathway' is a 2 way street. I can understand Guehi, and Tomori having some complaints, but kids from the acedemy with no experience in professional football. Have some patience. Anyway, hopefully selling now while they are still under contract, we can get some decent fees, and some decent clauses. Plenty of talent on the cobham conveyor belt, we will lose a few, but im sure we will keep a few aswell. Might be the new way of making money after the fifa loan restrictions come into place.
  3. Top professional and massively underated and I think he was always a Chelsea type of striker, and we shouldve signed him to replace Drogba. Thank you Arsenal!
  4. Bate is in the same situation. Looks like we will lose a few unfortunately. Maybe if Tuchel keeps him around the 1st team, and gives him the odd early round cup game, it might change his mind, although that approach didnt work with Lamptey, and James, Azpi, and possible CHO, will still be fighting for minutes at right wing back. Hopefully if he does go, we get a decent fee and a buy back clause. Dont want to lose him for free like we did with illing jnr, and Musiala.
  5. Ugbo got 16 in belgium, Broja got even less than that in holland. Might as well stick with Abraham who in terms of goals, outperformanced both of them at every level. If we can get haaland great, if not save the money, go again with Abraham, and try for Haaland again next summer.
  6. I dont want to see him go, but he refused a contract extension under lampard, and Tuchel doesnt fancy him. If we can get £40m for him, and use it for Haaland, then its good buisness. Wouldnt sell to Arsenal though, unless they paid well above asking price.
  7. There are fans that just seem to want squads filled with academy players. It doesnt matter if we win trophies, it doesnt matter if we play good football, some fans just want it to be like it was in the 70's. Im 35, and i only remember Chelsea buying players from all over the world, even pre roman, there was very few academy players coming through regularly even then. Now we have just won a champions league final with 3 youth players playing massive roles in the final, even the fabled class of 92, only had 4. Im really not sure what fans have to complain about. We are a massive club, that sign big name players for lots of money, if we can bring through a couple of youth players every 5 or 6 years then great, but its not what the club have been focused on for the last 25 odd years.
  8. Doom amd gloom merchants are back again. Not hrard much since the Champions League final win, and top 4 finish. Guehi obviously wants to play regular football, we cant offer that, unless anyone is advocating selling 1 or 2 out of the best defence in europe last season. He wont sign a contract, and has only 2 years left, there is a path for him, if he was willing to bide his time and give it a couple of seasons, whilst we look to move on Thiago Silva, and Azpi. But he doesnt want to wait, he wants to play now, and from various reports over the last few months, he doesnt want to go on loan. What is the club supposed to do in this situation? At least we are managing this better than we did Lamptey, and we are getting a good fee, and some interesting clauses, which could see him return, or see us earn even more money in the future. We have so many players coming through, even if we sold all the deadwood players, there is no way we could accommodate Guehi, Tomori, Colwill, Christiensen, Ampadu, Mayamba, Simeu, and Panzo. 8 great centre back prospects over the years, with not much of age difference in between, and its like that all over the pitch. Hopefully we still use the better prospects that are willing to bide their time, and play the longer game, to boost the squad. Then the ones that slip through the net, try get decent money to put back into the 1st team. No more money wasted on squad players.
  9. Really like Chiesa, always looks dangerous. Not worth €100m though, and I dont even think he can move anyway, or it would be very complicated, as he is in loan at Juventus, with an obligation to buy next summer.
  10. Didnt think he had the best tournament tbh, looked tired. That being said, the tactics Southgate used does not get the best out of attacking players. Not really fussed though, hopefully he gets a nice rest, and carries on performing for us.
  11. I meant Tuchel didnt have time or a willingness to work with Abraham, so why would he want to use Broja, considering he is more raw than Abraham. I agree with your assessment on Abraham though.
  12. Il be shocked if any of the loaned players came back in. We saw how ruthless we are with sacking Lampard, there is no time to turn a gallagher into a locatelli. Im also pretty sure Tuchel wants a team to win the title, is he going to time to develop broja,when there was no time afforded to develop Abraham. Long way to go in the window yet.
  13. Gone very quiet on the haaland front, and pretty quiet on incomings in general. Very different to last summer, where we seemed to be constantly progressing. Hakimi is off the psg, which is a shame imo. I thought he couldve added something extra to the attack, especially against those low blocks. Sancho looks close to United, i dont think that has ever been an option for us. So we are looking to Haaland to fix our goalscoring problems. If Haaand is a step beyond what we can do financially, will it be better to go with what we have, or bring in a player with potential? Daka, Vlaovic, Isak, Jovic, Silva, Ings, etc Could turn into a master stroke, or could end up another Batshuayi. If we dont do anything to improve the attack, will there be a lower expectancy on Tuchel to challenge for the title?
  14. I dont think his size is an issue. Maybe if he was a foreign player adapting it might be a problem. Gilmour has grown up with the physicality of the british game, and to be honest, he looks like the sort of lad who relishes that part aswell. Unless their is a perfect loan that becomes available, maybe under Lampard in the prem, where you know he will play regularly at a high level, in a team that like to pass the ball,then i would just keep him here. Loads of games next season, and i think even with another midfielder coming in, he will get plenty of opportunities. Kamte amd Jorginho arent getting any younger, Kovacic misses games with injuries, and im sure Gilmour has earned some trust with Tuchel now to play a bigger part.
  15. Agree 100%, back the manager. If he wants Traore then so be it. Just wouldn't be my choice.
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