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  1. He did okay, but im struggling to give much credit to a defensive performance, that shouldve shipped 2 or 3. Ive seen him play 4 times now, and his ability, doesnt make up for his lack of height. Harsh but true. He has no future here for me, and im sure if we got a decent offer, he wouldve been loaned out, but he wasnt good at Porto last season either. Colwill is twice the player, let alone Tomori and Guehi. The win for me was down to luck more than judgement today imo, and I thought the overall lack of command in that back 3, was not good enough, and would be exposed week in week out. Thankfully Sarr and Chalobah got away with it tonight, Christiensen I thought was pretty good, and Toney actually started giving him a wide birth as he was hetting much change out of him. Anyway massive win, because Brentford look like this seasons Sheffield United, and will continue to take points from teams around us, at least before they get found out as the season progresses.
  2. Really struggled as soon as Toney pulled onto Chalobah. Sarr isnt good enough either, did okay, but we definitely got away with one today.
  3. Last season we played on the counter against the top sides, and it generally worked, because we were great in transition. When we were faced with teams that sit deep like last night, we still struggled. Fa cup final, Arsenal at home, Wolves. Big games this season, we beat Arsenal and Spurs comfortably, and played really well at anfield, couldve scored more despite going down to 10 men. Last 2 games havent been great, and Lukaku individually hasnt been great in either match. Would we have won the last 2 games with the sane setup as last season though? Its hard to argue we would imo. As stated we would have struggled to break down Juve regardless, it wouldve been similar to the Atletico game away, and it wouldve took a momemt of magic. City had something to prove, and we didnt play well enough all over the park, if we passed the ball as poorly as we did, it wouldn't matter who played in any formation. Very early days to say Lukaku is hurting us in the big games, especially as we won 2, drew our toughest away day, and narrowly lost 2. I think it would be fairer to assess this after xmas, we have a run of games now, that you expect Lukaku to make the difference in like he did against villa, Zenit, and Arsenal. When is the last time we could say Ziyech, Havertz, Mount, were the difference makers?
  4. Constantly being played out of position, I don't really think its fair to criticize him. Was always a left winger, cutting inside, shooting, or picking passes. Now he occasionally gets a run out at right wing back. I think he should be afforded the same opportunities as Ziyech. If he plays crap having started 5 out 7 games in his favoured position, then i think it would be fair to question him.
  5. I dont get the reluctance to play a back 4, when he has used it so frequently in the past. I know a few have question marks over the centre backs, but surely Thiago Silva, plus another, would be sufficient for alot of games we play. Something definitely not right with the attacking phase. Last season, it just looked we needed a goalscorer. Now we have one, we barely create any chances. Maybe the system is the issue in some games?
  6. Last 5 starts he has been utter dogsh*t tbh. Surely he has to drop down the pecking order now, there are no bright moments to cling to, he isnt even on set pieces anymore. Hudson Odoi deserves minutes behind the striker, because everyone else has been terrible, bar mount who isnt even impressing as much so far this season. Havertz offers slightly more, but again, its getting to the point now where you have to start seeing some performances, amd since the international break, he hasnt been good enough. Im seeing so many negatives with the 3atb system, maybe its time to switch it up, and see if having more attack minded players on the pitch can actually make us a decent watch. If we are being honest, the football hasnt been great for the majority of games this season.
  7. Up until the goal, that performance was awful. Tuchel got it wrong, way too defensive, and our passing was not good enough to play through that strong city press. Christiensen, Mendy, and Rudiger had a good 90. Everyone else was poor to be honest. Nice run of fixtures now to put a good run together.
  8. I thought he was going to be like Mata, but Mata actually looked more physically capable, and his end product and influence was more consistent.
  9. Always good for team morale to come through a shoot out. Much better 2nd half, i thought RLC had a really good game in that deeper role. Nice for Werner, although shouldve buried the second. Mount back on form. On we go to City.
  10. He actually looked decent before his injury. He has made 3 appearances since and has stunk the place out every time.
  11. Not sure the formation will suddenly give Ziyech an acceptable 1st touch. Just looks off it tonight.
  12. I will cut some slack since a lot of these players havent played for a while, and as a collective havent played together. However. Ziyech and Werner absolute garbage. Loose touches, weak, no threat. Saul, slightly better than the 1st horror show, but still poor. CHO needs to do more. Sarr okay on the ball, but doesn't look that good tbh. On the plus side, Kepa, Chalobah, James, all been good, RLC been comfortable in that deeper role. Kante and Chilwell okay halves.
  13. I think at some point he surely has to, and Pulisic will be back in the next week or so aswell. Its actually pretty impressive ehere we find ourselves after 5 games and some tough fixtures, when going forward it hasnt been great. Thankfully we have goals coming from the rest of the team.
  14. Really good changes from Tuchel today, I wouldnt even say he got it wrong to start with either, having Mount in the front 3, should let us move to a 3 man midfield, but he was off the pace again today, so Tuchel made what looked like a defensive substitution, but in reality, it let us completely dominate the game.
  15. I think he has been decent before the international break, but these last 2 games have been poor. Mount the same, just not clicking, and when they get an opportunity the quality from both is seriously lacking. Werner and Lukaku looked promising, and with Kante, Kova, and Jorginho, all looking in great form, none of these creative players are shoeins to start for me at the moment. Long season though, but my god we miss that Fabregas, Mata, and Hazard creative spark.
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