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  1. Played a lovely ball over the top for the disallowed pulisic goal. I dont think its the inch perfect crosses that necessarily make a good attacking full back. Its the timing of runs, the abililty to retain the ball under pressure, and link up well with the players around them. Cole wasnt the best the best crosser, but he was excellent in all those areas. Defensively he has also been pretty good, not perfect, but he's been aggresive, and he has excellent recovery.
  2. Just watched the gsme back, and i think the main issue with the second half was pedro, kante, and azpi down our right side. Sloppy passes, and disjointed pressing, meant Fuchs and maddison had acres of space. I will put this one down to tired legs, and i think if Lampard had a few more of the injured players back, there wouldve been more rotation for this game. Lets just take the positives out the 1st 3 games. We are starting games fantastically well, but we just need to get better at game management, and controlling the game in periods where the intensity drops. Hopefully these periods become shorter and shorter with fitness, but its impossible to play for 90 minutes at that pace. Mount looks ready to have a big impact, i really think he is going to go from strength to strength. Emerson has been great, aggresive, great on the ball, great stamina to get up and down the pitch, long msy it continue. It is still early days, we will get better, we have some more very good players to come back in, and although results havent gone our way, we have played some scintillating football at times. Long hard season ahead, we knew it would be tough, i thought the support was fantastic yesterday, so lets keep it it and stick behind the team.
  3. My main issue from today, was how we kept giving the ball away and how easy maddison was then receiving the ball between the lines. What worried me was that it took lampard too long to react, and by the time we did, we had to chase the result. Shouldve made changes much earlier. Its going to be a slug of a season, we are a physically weak team, and i think RLC and Rudiger are big misses. Really hope we win next week, because if the start gets any worse, it could be an utter disaster of a season, as we saw in 15/16.
  4. When you look at how pukki took his goals yesterday it is hard to see how Abraham nearly scored as many as him last season at the moment. I think it must be down to nerves, because he is clearly a better player than he has shown so far. He really needs a goal.
  5. awful 60 minutes. Far too open on the counter again. Kovacic and willian were awful. Azpilicueta cant cross. Mount, Emerson, zouma, and Christiansen all had decent games. Disappointing, hopefully it was just fatigue, although we have a recent poor record in this fixture. Need tl start winning games though.
  6. tired last 15 minutes, early changes needed. Good start though.
  7. Part of me wants to see the same team that played the super cup, but that midfield struggled in games like this last season, where we generally struggled to create opportunities. Maybe its worth giving them another chance to see if they function better under lampards tactics, but i would be tempted to go with Barkley or Mount in for Kovacic. 1st real selection headache for Lamps, hopefully the players keep performing and making it difficult for him. Really confident of the win today. 2 nil. Barkley, and Abraham.
  8. I dont even understand the need to change it. Surely with VAR now checking every goal, they can check for any deliberate handball. Shouldve just stayed as it was.
  9. The worst thing about this rule change is that it doesnt apply for penalties. Any accidental handball in the build up to a goal is a free kick, but if the is an accidental handball that stips a goal or chance, then its play on. Watch the wolves goal that was disallowed last week. Unbelievably harsh.
  10. I thought the ref did well, certainly seen worse performances from male refs over the years. Penalty was a bit contentious, but ive seen them given plenty of times, and VAR didnt think it was a clear error. She let a few small fouls go, but all in all it made for a great game. Admittedly it wasnt the toughest game to ref, not too many bad tackles, and no real confrontations.
  11. I think the more direct style will suit most of the players to be honest. Its going to be interesting to see how we play against a packed defence though, because they were usually the games when kovacic, kante, and jorginho received the most criticism.
  12. I have always quite liked jorginho, i liked him at Napoli, and i was excited when we signed him. That said, he did have a difficult 3 months last year, between the everton game, until the league cup final when he picked up form again. I think some of the criticism was very harsh, some players take a year to adjust. The biggest thing that has impressed me the most though, is his resilience. There arent too many players that could come back so strongly after being booed by their own fans. He has real character and grit, and he seems to really want to be a chelsea player. Really good example to anyone going through a rough patch.
  13. I dont think he has even made it up the pecking order at Juventus, admittedly they have some fantastic centre backs. He is still fairly young for a centre back though, but i dont think he has had a good season since he was at empoli 4/5 seasons ago.

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