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  1. I think we need to hold off judgement until the end of season. He was out for pretty much 18 months. Its going to take him 12 months of fairly regular football to even reach where he was pre injury.
  2. He also pulled off a saucy back heel on the half volley to take out 2 players, and set us on a break away against Krasnodar.
  3. im not going to jump on jorginho because Kante had a spectacular game. Weve seen Jorginho do well in games like today aswell. I do think that if we continue with the system we played today, then Jorginho will struggle to get in over Kante though. We have also seen Gilmour push Jorginho down the pecking order in this system, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of months. I think the only time Jorginho played in a similar setup with 2 attacking 8's next to him, was also a 3 nil win st home to Burnley coincidentally enough, mount and barkley were eit
  4. That international call up has really boosted his confidence. He seems like he really believes in his ability, and his defending is getting better and better.
  5. The spring he has on him is very impressive. Physically he doesnt look 36. He is in better condition than players 10 year younger. I dont usually watch games, and find myself almost excited to watch a centre back play, but he is majestic, and i havent seen this quality at chelsea since JT away at Arsenal in 2015. Hopefully the years he spent in france playing at 75%, will see him have a couple of seasons here playing at a high level, because the thought of having to find a centre back to replace him is very daunting.
  6. Best performance since fa cup semi's. Everyone was excellent. Looking forward to motd.
  7. Excellent return to the side in his best position. Havertz and Mount have a nice balsnce between them, and with kante sitting deeper, it is all looking rather rosy!
  8. So happy with how Lampard has responded to that soton game. Built the foundation with a couple of solid defensive displays, and now he seems to have found balance in that midfield with mount, Havertz and Kante. Good run of games now to keep the momentum going.
  9. I just think £15 massively over evalutes the product being sold. A sky sports package for the 10 months of the season costs £220. This gives you access to 146 games. So Sky value 90 minutes of football, with pre, half time, and post match analysis at around £1.50. Now i understand they cannot sell a ppv event for that price, a subscription model allows the price per game to be cheaper, as there is an almost guaranteed amount of money coming in. However Sky and BT are selling an inferior product, (no analysis), for 10 times the price customers are already paying for
  10. Back to Back goaless draws, and it hasnt been the best watch over the last 180 minutes, however, we now go into krasnodar, with a good chance of winning and if we can also keep a clean sheet in that game, defensive confidence will be pretty high. It means we go into games with less pressure on the attackers, because there will be a confidence the defence wont get ripped to shreds, and 1 or 2 goals will be enough to win us games. We actually have a pretty decent run of games between now and xmas, all very winnable. Hopefully this week has been the foundation, and next week we get ba
  11. Best centre back in the league. Calm Composed and reads the game so well.
  12. Been out injured since before lockdown with a knee injury. I guess everyone is waiting to see how he recovers. Quality player, that could be the perfect defensive midfielder for us.
  13. Strange game last night, especially under lampard. On the one hand, it was probably our best defensive performance in a back 4 since the 2 nil home win against city under Sarri. Sevilla were great, well organsized, pressed as a unit, moved the ball nicely, but ultimately lacked the individual brilliance to create anything against us. Defensively it was a solid building block, the problems we had yesterday, are the sort of issues you would expect with so many new players. We lacked cohesion on the ball, players occupying the same spaces, resulting in too many 2 yard passes, and no p
  14. Okay performance, but looked tired second half, i thought Kante was the worse out of the 2 today, very sloppy in possession. Midfield didnt really work today though, Havertz lost the ball way more than usual, which meant we really struggled to get the ball into our attackers second half. Probably shouldve switched to 433 earlier.
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