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  1. Could he not do both? Im sure he juggled them for a season before he left for england full time.
  2. Lampard certainly isnt my first choice, but just seeing him Drogba is making me optimistic. I think i would be more supportive of the idea of Lampard, if Holland was coming back in to be assistant with Morris. I think Lampard and Morris need some experience, because they will be going head to head with some of the best coaches in world football. Holland knows the club inside out, he knows the youth, and he also knows what it takes to coach winning premier leagues sides, so i think he would be invaluable. Whether he would be interested or not is anyones guess, but i think he might be tempted back with Lampard as i can see their philosophies and vision, being more in tandem than they ever were with conte and Jose.
  3. i would take him over some of the names being bandied about. 1. Ten Hag 2. Jardim 3. Lampard 4. Allegri 5. Blanc 6. Holland 7. Mourinho 8. Nuno 9. Gracia 10000000. Rafa
  4. Be careful what you say on here, Harry will be 2/1 if the mail read that!
  5. I think 10 years ago, his height wouldve been more of an issue, i was concerned about it too. I think the premier league has gone alot more technical now. Its still more physical than the other top european leagues, but the likes of Cardiff are very much the minority these days. There is probably 14/15 sides that get the ball down and play, rather than lump it forward as fast as possible. I like Kepa though, he makes some great saves, and his distribution is fantastic.
  6. The second coming of rafa or 3rd coming of jose! The journos are loving this lol Alan Curbishley is free isnt he?
  7. I think it is linked into the age of the player, we have loads of players that currently fit into that over 23 bracket that have no real chance of getting into the team. I suspect most will leave this summer anyway, and a few whose contract expires next summer before the restrictions come into place. Piazon 2019 omeroe 2020 Baba 2020 Kenedy 2020 kalas 2021 Van ginkel 2020 hector 2020 Eduardo 2019 kane 2019 miazga 2020 Pasalic atalanta to exercise buy option musonda 2022 Pantic 2021 Nathan 2020 Palmer 2021 Baker 2022 Moses likely tk be sold Zouma likely to return Bakayoko likely to return Batshuayi likely to return Morata atletico to exercise buy option So a big chunk of the players that will be affected, are going to be out of contract anyway. There is then a decision to be made on the bolded ones, some will be sold, some will be kept around, and some will remain on loan as part of the 8 permissible loans. I think there would have been scope to keep Aina on loan if the player and club wanted it. Overall we seemed to have changed our strategy a bit, we dont really buy players specifically for the loan army anymore, whether this was due to emanalo leaving, or in anticipation for the new rules, i think we are in a decent position. When the rules kick in, I think there will only be Musonda, Baker, and possibly 2 or 3 players we are struggling to sell, that will be over 23 and out on loan. All the rest will be made up from the younger group, and i think we will see more players leaving at 21/22 with buy back clauses, which i think is good thing to be honest.
  8. Everything i have read indicates the loan restriction wouldnt apply for u21 players, so i dont think it will change us as much as people think. Hopefully it just stops us holding onto the likes of piazon, kalas, etc, instead of just moving then on when they are at a decent value. Aina being sold is disappointing, but i think like Boga and Ake there will be a buy back clause, considering how cheap the fee was.
  9. We started last season with 6 centre midfielders plus Drinkwater. Jorginho, Kante, RLC, Barkley, Fabregas, and Kovacic. We can start this season with the 6 centre midfielders, hopefully minus Drinkwater. Jorginho, Kante, Mount, Barkley, Kovacic, Bakayoko. Maybe RLC will have returned by January, and hopefully by that time, we can find a buyer for Bakayoko. Or maybe, Mount will still need a loan, or maybe Barkley has is sold. Numbers wise i think we can have all of them here next season.
  10. If we were serious about last summers 'long term strategy' then Ten Hag should be priority number 1. If the club want a safe pair of hands for a tricky period, then Allegri or Blanc would be my first choice. If the club want to gamble to try appease the fans, then i think Lampard or Mourinho will come in. I just want it sorting in the next 2 weeks. Give whoever comes in enough time to settle in the area, and plan preseason.
  11. I can see him taking minutes off ampadu. Might be better for Ampadu to on loan, because if we give bakayoko the 'drinkwater treatment' his value will drop significantly. I didnt want Bakayoko back, but it seems we will no choice unless a kind club makes us a decent offer for him.
  12. What makes you think that? We have publicly denied all wrong doings, and FIFA havent budged an inch. What is the benefit of an agreement with FIFA now they are no longer in a position to affect our situation? I just think FIFA's new head of disciplinary, has made an example out us. They saw how easy the ban was circumvented with the Spanish sides, so they have tried to enforce the ban immediately to have an impact. Their approach has clearly worked, we are running out of time. FIFA will know what they have done is very sketchy, but at the same time, they know we have broken the rules, and the best we can hope for from CAS is a reduction to 1 window. So they wouldnt be exposed to lawsuits from ourselves, if the case was completely overturned, and they had restricted our trade. I just hope the next club gets treated the same.
  13. Im a lucky chelsea fan. Im 33, and i cant reqlly remember what it was like to have a star player leave in his prime. Robben was probably the closest, but he hadnt made as bug of an impact as hazard has. When you consider every team in the country has had to go through it with the likes of Ronaldo, Suarez, Fabregas, Bale etc, we have had an incredible run of keeping our star players. its a strange feeling to be honest, very sad i wont see him in a chelsea shirt again. Im hoping he doesn't get a closer affinity to real madrid than he has with us, so we might see him line up with legends team when he hangs his boots up!
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48366518 Sarri said 4-6 months for RLC, almost identical recovery time to CHO. I dont think either player had a full rupture in the way koscielny did. Bad injury but not career changing.
  15. GK Kepa Cabellero Cumming DR Azpilicueta James DC Rudiger Zouma D.Luiz Christiansen Ampadu DL Emerson Alonso CM Kante Jorginho Bakayoko AM RLC Barkley Mount LW CHO Willian RW Pulisic Pedro ST Giroud Batshuayi Abraham That is what i think the 25 man squad will be.

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