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  1. Lamps didnt cover himself in glory. We over commited for a set piece. Cost us a goal. 5 mins left, why isnt lsmps scrraming at the players to kick the ball out when Abraham was injured, so we get waste a bit of time, evaluate Abraham and set the team up for the last 5/10mins. Crazy game management. Players have to take responsibility aswell, but if any other manager was in the dug out, he would be getting slaughtered for some of the perfomances this team is trotting out on a regular basis now.
  2. Really struggling with this team now. Why commit so many men forward for a corner, whenwe are 1 nil up against 10 men, especially as most them have been taken short. Abraham is blatantly injured, why is he not up top and batshuayi working back to help out. bizarre decisions. Kepa is shocking. 4 wins in about 12 league games. Painful to watch.
  3. Also what the f**k was Luiz doing there, 30 mins in, you have to let them score. Agent luiz in full flow, and it looks like he recruited mustafi, who seems to work undercover for every team in tbe league bar arsenal!
  4. lazy 10 minutes after the goal. Flicks and tricks coming out after 1 goal. Need to come out second half with a dominant mindset, keep the ball moving, tire them out, and take our chances.
  5. Id sell personally. I just dont see a top keeper in him. He is awful at commanding his area. Never comes to even punch balls into the box, i get he is small, but surely with his reach, he is still 'taller' than even the tallest players. Keepers are so over protected, if he was a little braver, he could at least come for bals around the 6 yard box, but he is just rooted to his line. He is a decent shot stopper, but not one of the best in the league, let alone europe. He seems slow to react at times, and when you factor in his height, it stops him reaching some shots ypu would hope a top keeper would save. His distribution is extremely overrated. He is decent with his feet, but he doesnt really stand out in that department compared to ederson or allison. We play out from the back, but not in the same way we did under sarri, if we are under pressure, we can and do go long. Surely another keeper could handle that. He has had his moments for us, and no doubt he will improve, but i dont think he will ever improve enough to make up for the frailties he brings to the team. We effectively paid £35m for him, so if we could recoup around that for him, then i would take it. I really like the lazio keeper, Strakosha.
  6. Fitness is his concern, ive no doubt he could still produce at 33 in England, but he has been injured alot in the last 2 season, so it would be a huge gamble on big wages.
  7. I agree we need to strengthen, but how msny of those sigings made an impact in the season we signed them? Probably only Cahill and David luiz. So i can understand to pessimism, but we in my opinion, we have to take a chance on a couple.
  8. we created better openings tham we did when we won 2-1 last season. 1st half azpi, kante, mount, and willian all found themselves with presentable opportunities in the box to either engineer a great chance or make half a yard and get a shot away. Only kante managed to get a shot on target. 2nd half willian dragged one wide, and we wasted 2 or 3 promising counters where we were running at their back line, and ended up playing pass, or just being indecisive. Theres been a few games this season where we have created very little, such as Southampton at home, but on the whole i think we do create opportunities, maybe not quite enough, but a lot of the team, we lack the quality to consistently turn these openings into big chances. We had 1 consistent match winner in hazard last season, this year we have none. We have players capable of producing, but none that have consistant end product.
  9. Financially though could we afford it? Seeing Roman have to pump in another £250m, just to balance the books from missing out in a season, makes me question whether we can afford to pay a massive fee and wages should we miss out again. I agree it isnt the be all and end all with regards to attracting players. Surely there are players we could bring in that wouldnt necessarily take sancho's potential place. Someone like a ziyech would be a nice boost, and he could also play in the 10.
  10. This is what worries me though, if the club had its finger on the pulses, we wouldve activated grimaldo's buy out clauses of €60m on january 1st. Even if telles was the option we wanted then he also has a buy clause of €40m. Either couldve been here for 2 weeks and be in the process of adapting. Maybe we are waiting to sell one of alonso or emerson 1st, but i think a club of our side should be getting the players we need, then moving on the deadwood. If Alonso and Emerson saw a big money left back come in, maybe they would be more inclined to look for a new club? I dont think either are seen as options though, and we are happy to wait for chilwell in the summer. I like chilwell, but he isnt even worth half of what leicester will want.
  11. All 3 were great players, they might not have been the biggest transfer fees, but it was good scouting to get the players in they could afford at the time. edit. also worth pointing out the inflation in the market. Hoffenheim sold firmino for £33m, after put up 22g 16a, (better than jovic or sancho has managed. But they sold joelinton for £40m who scored 7 goals last season. What would his price be now? How many wingers have a comparible record to salah in italy? What would there price be now? Mane had better numbers than zaha, who palace turned down £60m last season. Dont be fooled by their price tags, all 3 were great players, at a time when great players were £30m-60m. Great scouting.
  12. I think it is combination of the 2. Great players, great coaching. All of klopps front 3 were proven goalscorers and match winners before he signed them. salah 40 goals in 80 games in italy firmino 75 goals in 200 games in Germany mane 25 goala 75 games in england all 3 have good assust numbers aswell. none of our front 3 options have ever hit double figures in a top flight season before this year. Klopp and Guardiola have made already great players into some of the best in europe. We are working with largely unproven players, thry might be good enough long term or they might not. Is the club in a position where it can afford to wait and find out, even if it means missing out on top 4?
  13. Honestly think the pivot isnt even the issue. Its the quality of the 4 in front. We didnt struggle to create yesterday, we got into loads of good positions, but the final ball or finish was shocking. I do agree that maybe kante isnt really needed in these type of games, but it isnt the biggest factor as to why we are striggling to score goals. Every team bar liverpool, city, and leicester have been woefully inconsistant. Leicester are looking like having a bit of a wobble now aswell. If we want to be challenging city and liverpool, we need to have front players, that would have a chance of getting in their line ups. None of our 4 would get close to that at the moment. We move the ball well enough to get into crossing and cut back positions, or to get a player running at their back 4 with options, buy until we have forward players that make the right pass at the right time, and finish consistantly, we will be an inconsistant side.
  14. His movement in the attacking 3rd is great, but when the ball gets in to him, he lacks the attacking instinct needed. Dont think we need 2 dm in most games though. Jorginho or Kante for me, unless we have 4 quality players ahead of them.
  15. Not just willian for this, but we got 3v2 or 3v3 quite a few times in the second half, and the movement and pass selection was terrible, didn't even end in a shot on goal. Standard willian performance that we have seen over the years, some glimpses, but not enough quality at times. Still better than mount, and Cho though.

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