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  1. Massive trouble now tbh. Even a draw against Leicester isn't enough now if liverpool win all there remaining games Cant really put missing out on top 4 on Lampard either at this point, too many dropped points at home. Shouldve been out of sight weeks ago. Hopefully another 2012 job, but ive got this nagging feeling the season is going to go to sh*t. I hope that Arsenal results hasnt effected the players too much. Ive gone from feeling confident of top 3 and 2 trophies, to worried we will lose both finals, and end up 5th in the Europa! Football is a crazy game.
  2. He could see the whole pitch when that ball got passed back, plenty of time to stop it and recover the ball. He got a good claw on it aswell, so I think he couldve done better. Agree to disagree though mate. Not going to go around in circles.
  3. Harsh, but i thought he couldve stopped it dead, rather than try push it out. Still dont see that happening with mendy, as i dont see mendy being that wide. 95%on jorginho, 5% on kepa for me.
  4. Total waste of a win against city. Terrible mistake from Jorginho, who has been dogsh*t all game. Gilmour shouldve stayed on. Havertz misses a f**king sitter that wouldve killed the game in the 1st 15 mins. Mount wasting numerous good opportunities to either score or find a killer pass. Tuchel rotating a little too much, Kepa might not get blamed for the goal, but for me his posiistioning wasn't right, and he couldve made a better decision with the attempted clearance. Also the subs were not right for me. Giroud hasnt played for 2 months. frustrating, and now it
  5. Thought he was pretty good against one tbe best pressing teams in the world. There was one play in the second half where he drew in 2 city players, then managed to slip a pass between them and we broke away 5 v 3. 1st time he has started 2 league games back to back, and if he keeps performing, he will see more minutes.
  6. Yeah really feel for him because he has been great for a while now. He made the same mistake twice, got away with it earlier, but punished for the goal, wild misjudgment.
  7. Poor half devoid of any quality or intensity going forward, topped off with a really poor mistake from Christiensen. That aguero penalty sums up the attitude from both sides to this game.
  8. interesting team selections from both, get the feeling neither side want to give too much away for the final, so both teams rotating as if this was a league cup game😂
  9. Giroud is going and it looks like tammy will too. 6 for 3 is fine though aswell i agree, but there is alot of noise about strikers, so maybe we will see a change of formation next season.
  10. Salah is a no go. After what happened with the super league, owners at these clubs are under even more pressure, there is no chance Salah is sold to Chelsea, and there is even less chance Kane ends up here aswell. Not sure who we will end up with. Doesnt look like theres a number 9 out there that is available, Haaland looks too expensive, Lukaku looks set to stay, so it might be a case of sticking with what we have, or look to improve the attack with more of the same. Its hard to think we need anything at the moment, with how we are playing and the quality of the players on the bench
  11. More Sancho rumours doing the rounds. Not sure there is anything to it, as we seem pretty stacked in those attacking midfield areas. Really like him as a player though, and who knows, maybe the plan is to just bring another quality attacker if we cant get a true 9 in.
  12. With the way we set up now, might be better going for dybala, martinez, or greizmann, mobile forwards who can play across the front. Lukaku scores goals wherever he goes, and his game looks to be more polished now, but i dont think he presses too well, so that could be an issue. Haaland is ideal but too expensive by the sounds of things. Kane is complete non starter.
  13. I think that is a last 30 minute change, I would start like that, as it sets a defensive tone. Hoping we play a similar game to the Atletico 2nd leg, dont over commit, but offer a threat on the counter, and take the tempo out of game with strong phases of possession.
  14. After every good result against a top side, there is always a few questioning if the the top is actually a top side! Maybe its Tuchel and the way he has us setup makes it very difficult for teams to play their normal game. In the big games, we have made every opponent look fairly ordinary for large parts, even City who we outplayed for 60 mins, and then completely starved them of opportunities with all their big hitters playing. Hopefully these big teams continue to look poor against us for the rest of the season!
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