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  1. Anyones guess tbh, Dortmund are the type of club that only sells on their terms, even if it means taking less money in the long term. So while it looks like January is the best time to move, as most of our competitors will probaly be out of the running having spent in the summer, and probably need to secure champions league funds for next season 1st, it really depends on Dortmund.
  2. big blue

    Nathan Ake

    Not sure what to make of bringing back Ake. He would be effectively only costing us £15m, considering we got £25m for him, so price wise, it is a good deal. I really liked him through the youth sides, he is a born leader, great left foot, aggresive in the tackle, versatile, and fairly quick aswell. My only concern is that he isnt dominant enough in the air, which is a major weakness with our squad at the moment. We really struggle with balls into the box, and im not sure Ake helps improve us in that respect. I dont see any big deal happening in January, i know people will site van dijk and and coutinho as big January deals, but both players already tried to force a move the previous summer, none of the big players we want, or who we hsve been linked with, have even looked particularly unhappy at their clubs. Maybe Ake would be a sensible addition, even if he doesnt fill the need for the ideal centre back, currently he is still better than Christiansen, and Tomori, and at similar level to Rudiger and Zouma, so we could sell him on again down the line for an overall profit.
  3. Think you must be gerard's agent.😂
  4. id rather bring back boga for £5m and wait until the summer.
  5. If someone is willing pay his valuation, then he's gone. Palace arent even looking in trouble this season. Not keen on him at all, but i think it will be done regardless. Id rather keep the money and wait until summer, champions league football, isnt the deciding factor it once was, so i dont see it hindering us in the summer, if we are willing to put enough money the table, for our main targets. Signing players that will improve us slighty, because they are easier to bring in, isnt the right way to go imo. If we are buying into lampard and his long term vision, then we shouldnt be rushing into signing players that arent exactly what we want.
  6. Didnt realize that tbh, i think that could be massive, might make a sancho or werner signing more likely, depending on the draw.
  7. I agree, he looked dangerous, linked up really well with kante amd willian. Defensively he was aggresive, and didnt give an inch. Not sure why we cant see that every game from him.
  8. I think ive just got to get used to seing both fullbacks pushed up to the byline, whilst we 'protect' a slender lead. It seems crazy to me, but we won so im happy. Pulisic was really in the mood tonight, amd we really stopped playing when he went off. Nice to see Rudiger back, him and zouma coukd be a nice combo. Emerson should be on corners, i said it after the west ham game, he put one on zouma's head, and at least we look dangerous. Bring on the knockouts. Hope we get a big draw.
  9. Fair points, thought he was older. If we could raise £40m from selling Christiansen, and get Koulibaly for £95m, then i would be down with that. Koulibaly would definitely improve us a lot, and he plays left centre back aswell. I think another reason none of centre back options are particularly great, is because all 4 prefer to play on the right.
  10. I think we will end up signing zaha and ake in January. Both can play in europe, both are fairly attainable. Wouldnt be my choice in either position, but they would make us stronger.
  11. £150m for a 29 year old centre back is madness. Great player and all, but if it doesnt work the resale value will plummet, and even if it does work, we are looking for new centre back to replace him in a couple of seasons time. Im not against bringing in an older player, but it needs to be financially viable aswell. Maybe we could get him for cheaper, but de laurentiis is a pain to deal with.
  12. Bit like Dembele, if he stays fit, he would be a fantastic signing, but his injury record is a major concern.
  13. I like Romagnoli but i think he is even less likely, if he is now being represented by raiola. After what happened with lukaku, i dont think the working relationship is good between ourselves and raiola. His fee was pretty much the difference between lukaku signing for us or united. These things shouldnt matter, but unfortunately they do. We havent worked with jorge mendes since jose left either. It could still happen obviously, if all 3 parties wanted it enough, and if we were willing to pay an excessive agent fee.
  14. The defending has been shambolic this season, theres no way we will finish top 4, unless it improves drastically. Going forward we generally look okay, but theres the attack isnt good enough, compensate for shipping goals every game. We had decent run against some of the weaker teams, which coincided with some poor results from our rivals, but on reflection we are still a young side, with potential, but ultimately lacking quality. Hopefully some january additions will help, but its important to remember the expectations at the start of the season, and remember how big of a job lamps has got to turn us into title contenders again.

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