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  1. I thought he started the season pretty poorly, especially by the high standards he has set over the years. But he has been solid for most of the season, and really has grown into that leadership role. Still 1st choice ahead of James for me next season, but i think it will be a nice changing of the guard if Reece can learn from one if the best in the buisness.
  2. £100m would be a miracle for those 4.
  3. sh*t reporter, but if true, that has to be tempting.
  4. It might be an unpopular opinion but i would keep him, especially with so much change, i think a little bit of stability would be great. He has been pretty solid all season, work rate is top notch, he is a fantastic athlete, my only concern would be his attitude if he isnt in the team every week.
  5. Already brought in £20m for pasalic and nathan. If real win the league, we get another £15m for hazard. Bakayoko has been linked to a few clubs for £20m Emerson looks likely to go back to Italy for £20m Probably get £15m for Batshuayi, whose in his last year. Zappacosta will likely head back to Italy for £10m. Thats £100m of pretty likely transfers. I think we will be stuck with drinkwater, and a few others, but there is still the possibility of Barkley being sold who would bring in a signifant fee, and also zouma has been linked with a move away. We will save on wages with big earners like willian and Pedro off the books. Transfer are ammortised over the length of the contract as well. So a £50m player on a 5 year contract, £10m a year salary, is actually seen as £20m per year signing for 5 years on the books. If we are saving that in wages from willian and pedro, it isnt as big of a hit financially as it would appear. We are in a very comfortable position, Ziyech and Werner will go towards last years figures aswell.
  6. i think mcneil could actually be a quality left back.
  7. If kova and kante are out, i would start him ahead of gilmour, who has looked off the pace so far. No need to rush gilmour, jorginho can at the very least do a job against the likes of palace.
  8. Probably going to be 3 spots. From what ive read city will at least get 1 year ban.
  9. Starting to look like himself. Nice game for him to come into, i think the end of the season will come at the wrong time for him.
  10. 4 clean sheets in a row for Zouma. Liverpool Everton Leicester Watford. Has to start for me.
  11. Everyone was good tonight, a couple of lapses towards the end, but a solid victory. Barkley deserved his goal, probably motm for me, looked confident, controlled the game, and worked hard. Zouma should start every game, so dominant in all his duels. RLC and James both starting to shake the rust off. Big week coming up,we will hear about citys appeal, wolves and leicester have a tricky game or 2, and we have have 2 games on the road which will go along way to deciding our fate.
  12. Crazy to think how disappointed some fans were we spent £57m on him. He us our most exciting player, and he already looks like he will be worth the fee. I wont compare him to Hazard though, Hazard is one of those genious players that come around every 10 years. Pulisic will have less of those moments i think, but he is a very effective player, and his directness and pace could see him become a real goalscorer for us. USA! USA! Happy 4th of July to those fans over the pond. I think we have found the first american superstar in the football world.
  13. Good half, i feel more comfortable with zouma in defence. James still a little rusty with his positioning. This is how we need to play once we score the first goal, much better. We havent really given them anything. Hopefully see Gilmour, CHO and RLC get some minutes and a comfortable win.
  14. United looking really impressive, might struggle to keep up with them. Leicester still not convincing and have some tricky fixtures. Wolves are dark horses, they have a few tricky games left aswell. I was more confident this time last week, but i still think we will have enough to finish 4th, but we cant afford to slip up in these next 4 games.
  15. Fot anyone questioning lampard's ability to set up a defence, its worth noting that we actually dont give up that many chances. 4th in the league in terms of the expected goals from how many chances opponents create against us, which i think is very good considering how many individual errors that are made. The bigger issue is how many of those chances are actully ending up in the net, which is the worst in the league. Now that could be down to opponents having their shooting boots on when they face us, or more likely it is down to Kepa having a really poor season. If we replaced Kepa, and iron out individual mistakes, or sign players that make less mistakes, then i dont think its a stretch to say the way lampard sets us up currently, will be good enough to have one of the best defensive records on the league.

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