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  1. PSG are not really in the red, they are owned by a country! Madrid and Barcelona are paying the price for paying astronomical wages to keep 2 of the greatest players, whilst also spending ridiculous amounts on signings to keep those players content. Now we have the situation with covid, and the redistribution of some of the tv revunue, and both are in a pretty tough situation, especially Barcelona.
  2. Going around in circles, what you want and what the club want are totally different. I think its naive to think the club hasnt explored whether haaland was an option, clearly he is not, and would cost easily more than £100m including wages, agent fees. I think il stick to backing the club, and a champions league winning manager, who clearly wants him, and has a plan for him. Il leave the armchair coaching, scouting, and financial advising to you mate.
  3. Obviously im taking messi if at all possible. Still a world class player, and it would be special taking my lad to see him at the bridge. Wonder how long this dream will last before it crashes and burns!
  4. Said the same to my mate when it broke, but looks very official now, and it would be a pretty awful gane to play with their fans. Still wouldnt be surprised if either the league changed its stance, or Messi takes an even lower wage to stay. Seems bizarre he goes after they signed his best mate.
  5. Neymar was a household name when Barcelona signed him. No different to if we signed Haaland. You seem to be of the opinion that Tuchel and the club, are happy to maybe not challenge next season, but bring in a promising striker that might reach the level required to challenge in the next few years. Tuchel and the club clearly do not share that opinion. Tuchel wants to challenge, and the club want to challenge. So from the their point of view, who are you putting faith in? Lukaku or Vlaovic? I think with with how many young players we have in attack, a striker in his prime like Lukaku, is actually beneficial for the rest if the attack to improve. He has turned into a real leader under Conte aswell, he has a big personality, and he will take alot of the pressure from the likes of Havertz and Werner. I get the arguments about him in big games, they have some foundation. However, this narrative comes from his time at United, and we know 1st hand how Jose sets up teams against the rest of the big 6. West brom and Everton he scored big goals, and Inter last season he scored goals. But our problems under Tuchel generally havent been in this sort of game anyway. I just think there is some crazy negativity towards him, and no doubt he will get the Jorginho treatment. Ive seen people lie about his age, and say he is too old, when he is a month older than Kane, who im sure age wouldnt bean issue. When the club spent £200m+ on players 12 months ago, then they win the champions league, and back the manager massively with £100m+ star striker, i really dont think theres any grounds for complaints. It all comes across as entiled and spolit in my opinion. Our fans are definitely the most critical in the country.
  6. 1 good example doesnt prove anything either, especially when you have plucked one of the best players in the world. More chance of a Gabriel, Forlan, Pavlyuchenko, etc than there is from unearthing the next Ronaldo from nowhere. Especially now with modern scouting systems, where any player with big potential, are already known to teams around the world. The point however, is not whether we could find an up an coming talent on the cheap from somewhere. Obviously we could. Why are ypu bringing up examples of city signing ypung players? I never said we shouldnt sign young prospects from all over the world. We are talking about who is going to lead the line NEXT season. We want to win the title next season. We arent looking for a player with potential. We have loads of players with potential already at the club. There seems to be a massive obsession in developing raw talent into superstars, like its football manager. City couldve thrown an 18 year old kid in from brazil, but they bought Grealish. Why? because they think he can improve the 1st team next season. Occasionally an academy player will make the grade, and occasionally a player will come from nowhere and go on to be a star. But generally clubs buy players from a similar or just lower level than themselves.
  7. Salah wasnt great when he played, he came back from Italy a physical specimen, not that fraile winger he was here. De bruyne arrived pre mourinho. He wasnt ready to go straight into the 1st 11 either, he went on loan to Werder Bremen and did well. You can argue that when he returned he shouldve been given more of a chance when Mourinho arrived. The point still stands, that the champions of europe are not going to find there starting striker for next season, from an obscure club or country.
  8. Apart from the hat trick against united, winners against Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Spurs and putting us out of FA cup.
  9. Tuchel could be out of a job in 12 months, and in all honesty, we arent matching Madrid, Barcelona, United, City, or PSG when it comes down to a total package, which it will next summer with his price tag at €70m.
  10. Salah had had already perfomed against us in the chsmpions league, he wasnt plucked from africa or south america. De bruyne again had a good season in the champions league for genk. Neither if these players were good enough to start for us when we signed them. We need a striker now, not one that might be ready in a couple of seasons.
  11. Gabriel Barbosa is killing it in brazil, but he struggled massively in europe, it is obviously a massive gamble to bring in a player not acclimatised in europe. Any decent African player is already in europe, most end up in france in their teens. When has any club of our size ever bought in a player to lead the line totally unproven at a decent level? We are an institution now, a global brand, we sign players that either show world class potential, or have already proven themselves at the highest level. Imagine if spurs replaced Kane with the top scorer from the saudi league. Everyone would laugh their tits off😂
  12. Debi ali is very upset😂
  13. Its not a case of just putting up the extra transfer fee. Haaland probably cost £100m+ more than Lukaku overall when you take into account wages, agent fees, dad fees, and the transfer fee. Now i know their is the possibility of resale value, but as we are seeing with Pogba, Raiola could just advise him to run down his contract anyway, and if the likes of Madrid and Barcelona are still struggling financially then, that will be the case. Look at Mbappe, cost PSG an absolute fortune, and they are 6 months away from him moving for free aswell.
  14. Im not saying he cant be questioned, but he clearly wants a certain type if forward, and with our finishing its understandable. Surely he knows what is best for his system? Thats your opinion, theres plenty in the game that think Lukaku's all round game is pretty solid now, probably including Tuchel, and Conte, 2 excellent coaches. Im sure you agree, Tuchel is an excellent coach, why do you not think he is capable of getting Lukaku playing to his highest level? The last paragraph is just conjecture. A lot of hypotheticals.
  15. You are cherry picking to suit your argument there though. You could just as easily say Chelsea won 2 titles in 3 years when signed Costa. Madrid won 4 Champions leagues in 5 years with a number 9. Bayern have won 10 leagues on the spin and a champions league with 9. Man city becore this season have won 4 league titles with Aguero. Havertz at false 9 is something i am definitely on board with, but there is more than one way to win, strikers are currently firing other teams to silverware, why cant a striker work here, especially if thats what the manager wants?
  16. Posters seem to know Tuchel's system better than Tuchel. Tuchel wants Haaland or Lukaku, he isnt having a striker pushed onto him, im sure the club would prefer it, if he was happy to stick with what he has. Tuchel must have something in mind.
  17. It was €100m including alonso. All seems pretty legit. I think it is likely to happen. Everyone would prefer Haaland, and if it was fifa, and it was as easy as just throwing an extra £50m at Dortmund, do fans not think we wouldve just done that? In all likelihood we have tried to get Haaland, but either Dortmund or Haaland, have not negotiated to the point the club feel comfortable spending that money. Now the season is fast approaching and we are moving for plan B in Lukaku, and from all accounts Tuchel is a big admirer. Stylistically similar to Haaland aswell. The club are backing a winning manager for once. We wont always agree with the clubs targets, but I think there is definitely some logic to how have things have developed. Proven goalscorer in his prime, who the manager wants. Last time we gave a manager those conditions we won 2 titles in 3 years.
  18. €100m including Alonso. Cash offer was €85m so about £72m. Doesnt really seem that desperate to me. Ive read Inter will accept if we up it by €10m,then it will be diwn to Lukaku. If Haaland was viable, the club would sign him. If we sign Lukaku, its because Haaland was not an option.
  19. I wanted Lukaku in 2017, and i still take now 100%. Theres a real lack of quality strikers at the moment, Lukaku is one of them. He has his flaws, but he scores goals everywhere, and is a menace when used correctly. Big game record wasnt great at United, but he scored some big goals for everton against the top 6, bagged a hat trick and a goal at Anfield at west brom, and at inter he had scored in 5 consecutive milan derbies, which was a record. I think there is just a stigma that surrounds him, without wanting to put down Abraham, there are fans that think Abraham has the potential to fire us to a title, but at the same time have never rated Lukaku, when for me, Lukaku was the better more polished players at the same age. Transfer fee seems very excessive, but its clear the club want as close to guaranteed goals as possible, they dont want roll the dice on potential. Haaland is still very much the number 1 for me, and also wouldnt be disappointed if Havertz leads the line. However if we get Lukaku in, we will have a team closer to challenging for the title in my opinion.
  20. I think you are going a bit over the top with his height, he is 5'10/5'11, which an inch or 2 smaller than Gallas and Carvalho. Both of those were part of the best defence the premier league has seen, and also played in an era where the majority of teams played long balls to big number 9's. How many teams play like that now, and how many even play with a big physical target man? DCL, Kane, Woods, Jimenez, Toney, anyone else? Kounde has a great leap aswell, great on the ball, strong, and quick. To write him off because of his height, saying he cant dominate here, I find strange. He is actually an inch taller than Baresi and Cannavaro, who both were world class in a more physical era. Lets see how he gets on. Very highly rated, and chased by a number of big English sides that obviously dont see his height as an issue either.
  21. Hardly the sort of mentality you need to come through at a club like chelsea. We praise Mount and James for having that self belief that they would make it here, but these lads, wont even commit to short contract extensions, and a season or 2 on loan to cut their teeth in the professional game. This 'pathway' is a 2 way street. I can understand Guehi, and Tomori having some complaints, but kids from the acedemy with no experience in professional football. Have some patience. Anyway, hopefully selling now while they are still under contract, we can get some decent fees, and some decent clauses. Plenty of talent on the cobham conveyor belt, we will lose a few, but im sure we will keep a few aswell. Might be the new way of making money after the fifa loan restrictions come into place.
  22. Top professional and massively underated and I think he was always a Chelsea type of striker, and we shouldve signed him to replace Drogba. Thank you Arsenal!
  23. Bate is in the same situation. Looks like we will lose a few unfortunately. Maybe if Tuchel keeps him around the 1st team, and gives him the odd early round cup game, it might change his mind, although that approach didnt work with Lamptey, and James, Azpi, and possible CHO, will still be fighting for minutes at right wing back. Hopefully if he does go, we get a decent fee and a buy back clause. Dont want to lose him for free like we did with illing jnr, and Musiala.
  24. Ugbo got 16 in belgium, Broja got even less than that in holland. Might as well stick with Abraham who in terms of goals, outperformanced both of them at every level. If we can get haaland great, if not save the money, go again with Abraham, and try for Haaland again next summer.
  25. I dont want to see him go, but he refused a contract extension under lampard, and Tuchel doesnt fancy him. If we can get £40m for him, and use it for Haaland, then its good buisness. Wouldnt sell to Arsenal though, unless they paid well above asking price.
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