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  1. Back 4 was decent for that 17 game run at the start of the season.
  2. I wouldnt sell him at all. He just needs to play regularly, and if its not here, he needs to go out on loan. I think he has a lot of good qualities, but he is still very raw. It easy to compare him to Mount and James, but both of those players cut their teeth in the senior game on loan. James played nearly as many minutes at Wigan, than what CHO has played in his whole career, mount played nearly double.
  3. I think the most advanced of a midfield 3 is the only place ive seen him look quality. For 10 games before that injury, he looked like he was about explode onto the scene, but that injury killed his momentum, his confidence, and ultimately his Chelsea career.
  4. He is a journalist who reports what he hears. There are loads of times when transfers are close and dont happen. People change their mind, might go somewhere else for more money etc. I wouldnt say he is an ITK account. He is like matt law, he has plenty of connections, because thats his job. I dont think he is one of those Journos that just spew random nonsense for clicks, what he says has substance. Im sure if Wijnaldum releases an autobiography when hangs his boots up, he will say himself he was close to signing for Barca. Its pretty obvious which journalist and accounts to listen to and which is clickbait.
  5. Heard wages are more like 300-350k. Transfer will be about 130m-140m, and Raiola probably gets 20m-30m. Also a chance we pay even less than that, and he stays at Dortmund a year, like what Liverpool did with Naby Keita. Really cant see how anyone wouldnt be excited for this, no point worrying about hypotheticals like Raiola being a nightnare, or Haaland pushing for Spain every window. Who knows how this plays out, Haaland might might sack Raiola after a year. His Dad is there to advise him, and you can bet he will have something to say if Raiola is having a negatice impact on his sons career. Lukaku sacked Raiola after his big move aswell. If we can afford it, then great. It wasnt that long ago we were linked with ashley barnes, Im glad the club are showing real ambition to take advantage of the super clubs going through a tough time financially. From all accounts Tuchel really wants him aswell. So why not back the manager when possible?
  6. Is that not maybe because there is more signings at £30m to £50m, than there is £100m+? https://www.goal.com/en-us/news/the-100-most-expensive-football-transfers-of-all-time/ikr3oojohla51fh9adq3qkwpu Thats the top 100, not accounting for inflation. I would say theres as many hits and misses at the top, as there is at the bottom of that list. Hopefully if we do get Haaland, we get a massive hit, because we have burnt alot of times in the past. We are definitely due a major transfer success.
  7. Hazard always wanted Madrid eventually, doesnt mean we shouldnt have signed him, Havertz is big Barcelona fan. With a player that is putting up better numbers than Messi and Ronaldo did at that age, I think it would be a massive coup to get him here. At the end of the day, if his numbers continue, we get a massive fee for him, he gets close to Lampards goal record, and hopefully pick up a few trophies along the way. Who knows, may e he sticks around longer than he planned, we tend to have the effect on players.
  8. Really like him, but from what ive read, he suits a 3 man midfield, better than a 2. Would love to see a midfielder that can shoot from distance though.
  9. Mount left midfield? Gus Poyet style. Lamps actually played there aswell for a while in his first season. Not sure though tbh, might as well play 2 wingers.
  10. Fjortoft said on espn we were very serious about Haaland, and that there are developments on going. He was pretty spot on with the Havertz stuff last year, and as he his friends with Haalands dad, maybe there is some truth to it. Now we have seen Dortmund leak this €200m figure for a player they said was unsellable 2 weeks ago. Maybe theres a chance we get him, although i dont think we would pay €200m upfront, but perhaps we could work out a heavily incentivised deal, with €130m -€140m, and performance related addons, like league titles, champions league titles, goals, balon d'ors etc, making up the rest of the money. Similar to the deal we agreed with Real for Hazard, which had about €50m in addons.
  11. I thought we over paid for Chilwell last year, but i think he has had an excellent season overall, and he has looked every bit a £50m player since the international break. That being said, I wouldnt say that we should pay the english premium on other players because Chilwell worked out. A lot of very good players have come from europe to england, i would argue most of the expensive english transfers, have been okay but not always a massive success. Would anyone have Maguire over Dias? Sterling over Son? Very few bargains to be had signing england internationals.
  12. How you can say that when Havertz plays more through the middle than Werner?
  13. If we sign a a big money striker, im not sure where that leaves Havertz. The best he has looked for us, is in that false 9 role. If we move him deeper, it leaves us with about 6 players for the 2 positions off the striker. If we switch to 4231, he is either forced out wide, or competing with mount as the 10. He is our record signing, he is young, with bags of potential. If we want a big signing to boost the attack, it has to be a Sancho, or a Felix, to help create and score in tandem with Havertz imo.
  14. Just seen that @Spiller86 will be excited. Great player, although he has had an underwhelming season by his standards.
  15. Not sure what formation we will play, but il assume we will keep the 343, and also use 4231/4222 in some games, since there has been a few repoorts about using a back 4 next season. I would like to see a decent deputy/competition for Chilwell, so I would like to see Nuno mendes come in, or Robin Gosens. Midfield, I think we need someone who can complememt what we already have, Rice would be good, but I like the look of Tchouameni aswell. Winger, I might be in the minority, but I am happy to go into the season with Havertz as the main striker, and Abraham backing him up. So my improvement in the final 3rd would come from signing Sancho. He is quality, he is available, and in 12 months time, if we really still need a world class striker, we have Haaland's best mate already at the club. Should Abraham leave along with Giroud, I think we still need that traditional striker option, but we need someone to who realizes they wont be 1st choice. Ings is a good option, I also like Weghorst who weve been linked with as well. I think Tuchel likes that type as an option, hence him signing Chupo-Moting for PSG. Back 4. Mendy James/azpi---Thiago/Zouma---Rudi/Chris---Chilly/Mendes Kante/Kovacic---Rice/Jorginho Sancho/CHO---Mount/Ziyech---Werner/Pulisic Havertz/Ings Back 3 Mendy Azpi/James---Thiago/Christiensen---Rudi/Zouma James/CHO--- Kante/Rice---Jorginho/Kova---Chilly/Mendes Sancho/Ziyech---Mount/Pulisic Havertz/Werner/Ings In Nuno Mendes/ Gosens Rice/Tchouameni Sancho Ings/Weghorst
  16. Really dont want weigl either, but he has just won benfica's poty, and had a decent season. Agree though, he is too similar to Jorginho. I thin we need someone little more all action. Tchouameni or Rice for me.
  17. Lukaku hasnt had raiola as his agent for a couple years.
  18. The fact he can play left and right to a great standard is very appealing, much more so than Traore. Wouldnt want to see James or Chilwell get benched though, but I suppose there is the option to see James move into that right centre back role, which i actually think he did pretty well there, although i think it takes a bit out of his game. If James can still get into crossing positions, in the sane way azpi did under Conte, then long term, he could definitely play there. All this talk about right wing backs though makes me think it would be easier to buy back Lamptey. He is better than Traore for me.
  19. That is some loss, considering they cost £200m. Cant see Pulisic or Jorginho leaving at all. More chance of contract extensions imo.
  20. £50m for Traore would be daylight robbery. He has been sh*t all season. He has no end product. I wouldnt want him, as i think between James, CHO, Azpi, and Livramento, we enough different qualities and depth for that right wing back slot. But if Tuchel wants him, and thinks he can be a good signing, then he has earnt backing.
  21. I think we would have to lose one of Ziyech or CHO. Maybe CHO will go out on loan, but i cant see Ziyech moving on, but I agree, if it was down to me, i would move him on aswell. Very underwhelming.
  22. At the moment we have 8 players for the front 3 positions, which ended with Giroud, Abraham and CHO barely playing. Giroud is leaving, which leaves Abraham Havertz Werner Pulisic Mount Ziyech CHO Assuming Abraham leaves, even if i would prefer him to stay, that would still leave us pretty stacked with 6 players for a front 3. If we keep this setup, there isnt room for another big money attacker. Its just going to lead to unhappy players. There is alot of talk of a forward coming in however, so it looks to me like we will change formation, and if that is the case, I would much rather see Sancho coming in, than a striker. Havertz as the false 9, Werner playing off him, Sancho creating in wide areas, and Mount playing an 8/10 hybrid. Some sort of 4231/4222 mix of a system, with Kante+1 in the pivot behind. Im struggling to see where Havertz fits in anywhere else other as that false 9, and for me, I think he has to play. No new striker for me, maybe I could make the exception for Haaland, but id rather see Sancho, or dare i say Mbappe come in.
  23. Just finished watching the game again, and whilst kante was fantastic and deserving of his motm award, I think Havertz was the best player on the pitch. Absolutely majestic, all the cute touches were coming off, he was winning duels, movement fantastic, dribbling and passing were exquisite. He took his goal well, but he also couldve had 2 assists, with a couple of pieces of brilliant play setting up Werner in the 1st half, and Pulisic in the 2nd. Really excited to see him next season, I actually think he will be our best player next season.
  24. big blue

    New CB?

    I like Kounde and Tapsoba, but both really young. We have been linked to Varane who I like and Sule, who im not too keen on. Not too worried about the centre back situation, we have been solid at the back for most of the season, even under Lampard we were okay in a 4. I think its clear Tuchel is a better coach than Lampard, so what is to say he cant get a back 4 defending as well as this back 5, especially in games we are expected to win, and also if we bring in another defensive midfielder. We can always switch to the 5 in the big games, as its been very successful this season in those games. Marquinhos is obviously the one centre back i would want 100% but PSG dont sell players, only way a top playerleaves that club, is at the end of their contract.
  25. youngest player ever to win a Champions league and Europa league .
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