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    saran75 reacted to dkw in Random Rumours   
    You're kidding, right?
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    saran75 reacted to the special one in Random Rumours   
    If Rodriguez was genuine about wanting to move here the deal would be done already, can't help but feel he's still keeping his options open.
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    saran75 got a reaction from DidierDrogbalala in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    Eden wearing nike!!....already!
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    saran75 reacted to Spiller86 in Random Rumours   
    Not the only person sir! I think they are a bit similar to all play together. Again we need an Eidur link striker as a different option. Unless of course we are going to move Costa on. Which I guess isn't out of the question.
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    saran75 reacted to barak81 in Willian   
    The way he took his goal last night is the main thing missing from his game, it's what sets the top players apart from him, he has all the moves, skills and natural attributes but he gets that brain block in the most vital of moments under time pressure. yesterday, 1 touch and wollop, no keeper stopping that
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    saran75 reacted to paraphil in Eden Hazard   
    What you on about?  We won't get one  ;-)
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    saran75 reacted to RichardCFC in Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!   
    Nope. You could see how hard he was trying to be a full back last night, attempting to overlap and doing step-overs and everything.
    The thing is, when he did overlap and receive the ball he didn't know what to do with it. Most of the time he would give it back to whoever gave it to him and when he did cross, it was poor. 
    It is unfair to play him as one and it's not good for the squad that one full-back injury and we're very short there. If Baba or Dave gets injured he'd have to play there which isn't good.
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    saran75 reacted to TheChelseaBlues in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    Everybody panic, a teenager was subbed off in a crucial league match to give us more stability and didnt start a pivotal Champions League match away from home 2 days later. You tricked us again Jose! ;)
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    saran75 reacted to SHELLY in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    I still want to know if Wenger will get in trouble for slating the ref...Jose got done for sarcasm about a ref last season.
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    saran75 reacted to ForeverCarefree in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    Agreed about waving the imaginary cards, pet hate of mine and personally think it should be a bookable offence. 
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    saran75 reacted to Barn in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    If players didn't run forwards though nothing would ever happen.  Isn't it a case of when one player goes forward the others adjust their positions to cover - it's a team game afterall.  I'm forever telling the kids that I coach that they have to learn to be smart enough to see 2 things on the football pitch; 1) where they need to be to hurt the oposition, and 2) where they need to be to stop the oppo from hurting us - both of these are in relation to teammates changing positions.  Once they have those two aspects to their game they then need to decide when one is more important than the other.
    I didn't see the game though so am commenting on the statement rather than how RLC actually played.
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    saran75 reacted to Xfaxtor in Random Rumours   
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    saran75 reacted to TheChelseaBlues in Our Youth on Loan   
    Add one more, Marin is off to Turkey. Starting to think Marin is using us to jetset around Europe. Spain, Belgium, Italy, Turkey.
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    saran75 reacted to Beerqueen in *Official* Pedro to Chelsea   
    Hmm new signing on the forum to slate a new signing for Chelsea.   As I said, hmm.....
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    saran75 reacted to Jonty in Our New Stadium   
    I heard that it will be named Stamford Abramobridge.
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    saran75 reacted to CFCBlue12 in Random Rumours   
    Turan is typical Mouinho player... wouldn't be surprised if he ends up here...
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    saran75 reacted to bluegraham in The John Terry Appreciation Thread   
    What a sh*t article. Any opportunity to bash the club and jt
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    saran75 reacted to dkw in Random Rumours   
    He wasn't one or arsenals key for players, he was the reason teams found it so easy to boss their midfield and play through theirvsoft centre.
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    saran75 reacted to Jonty in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    I swear I've read more about Costa's "elbow" on Livermore than Gerrard or Skrtel's blatant stamps.
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    saran75 reacted to chelseablueboy in Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!   
    I think the lad deserves more credit on here than the 'nitpicking' he seems to be getting..
    ANYONE would struggle to do as well as Matic does in that role (he's one of the best in world football at it), let alone a 20yr old with only a handful of matches behind him who's asked to do it for the first time in a cup final at wembley !!, then away at a very hostile and difficult ground a few days later..
    Give the kid a break lads, after all we did win both games 
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    saran75 reacted to badenblue in Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!   
    JT speed has always been very deceptive, he is slower than he looks.     
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    saran75 reacted to Beerqueen in The John Terry Appreciation Thread   
    That's certainly how I saw it, and how the commentators on the stream I had saw it too.  They even said it should have been a second yellow for Kouyate.
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    saran75 reacted to Zola in The John Terry Appreciation Thread   
    You can just smell the bitterness in that article.
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    saran75 reacted to dan_cfc in The John Terry Appreciation Thread   
    The word legend is overused but this man Captain Leader Legend could not be more appropriate.
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    saran75 reacted to Bobbywoodhogan in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    Gary Neville hit the nail on the head
    The right thing to do is to bring him in slowly so he’s comfortable,” he said. “You don’t want the situation where you’re substituting the kid off because he can’t handle it.
    “Jose Mourinho’s responsibility is to Chelsea Football Club but if he can bring young players through, and particularly English ones, it’s a huge responsibility for the national team. If they get in the Chelsea team you know full-well there’s a good chance he’ll play for England if he plays for Chelsea.”
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