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  1. I think with the blue blinkers off we would all be screaming for a penalty if the roles were reversed. Torres did make a meal of it but from behind it doesn't take much contact to the foot/ankle/leg to make another player lose their balance or throw them off their stride. He was nowhere near the ball, it was a tame but stupid foul and we got hugely lucky. What made it more idiotic was he made the challenge as he was heading out of the area. Even if this was not a foul, all he had to do was wait another second to tackle him outside of the area and remove any risk of a penalty. Simple inexperien
  2. Agreed, take the 50 million from Oscar and add 30 million on top of that and there's Sanchez. That's close to Barca's front line and equal to Real's in my opinion. One can dream
  3. Most people using that to discount Terry are kids writing lists adding their own criteria for what to qualify and what not to. Simple fact is that Terry has been employed by Chelsea FC since he was 14. But yeh I do see how with that criteria some would view it otherwise http://www.footballtop10s.com/10-one-club-men/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2607656/John-Terry-greatest-one-club-men-A-salute-footballs-loyal-servants.html http://www.squawka.com/news/one-club-players/240334
  4. Some people do need to be wound up or angry to perform at certain tasks or at certain levels, everybody is different, what is not different is how you focus it. Taking it out on other players and referee's isn't controlled aggression. It's just stupid. Obviously Costa and or Conte have found a way for him to channel all that aggression into something far more productive. And it's f*cking wonderful to watch
  5. Chelsea still held his contract. Could also say technically yes lol
  6. Comparing Diego Costa to a "brawny canary" is genius lol. Good article
  7. We did lose to Arsenal and Liverpool.....we all know and have seen what Mourinho's reactions would have been. My viewpoint is you can respect someone for their talent, and appreciate how good they are at what they do, without liking them, and that's how I viewed Mourinho. Too much drama, too much angst, too much finger pointing and too much us or me against the world. It got really tiresome, He was not always like that, but it got bad towards the end and at several other points. There are managers who are born winners, but will not b***h, moan and complain and point fingers constantly, I'm tru
  8. Personally I think they just gave less of a s**t overall, whatever it's cause was, not that they played s**t on purpose. When you're at an elite level in any sport, any negative change can substantially affect performance because the margins are so small.
  9. I don't think Costa would contemplate trying it. Attitude in any team, corporation, business entity or organization stems from the top. Jose is a great manager. But he was not last season. He was behaving like a 5 year old. It makes sense that those employees "beneath" him assumed they could act in that manner as well. I truly believe Jose will grow and learn from this. But honestly I hope that he continues as last season and we all get to watch Man U implode.Unfortunately I doubt it, he's an egomaniac but he's also incredibly intelligent. Guess we will see which side wins.
  10. I wonder if the wage bill included our "loan army" which other clubs then pay us who pay the loaned player? Like the previous poster said, how we have such a high wage budget with such a small squad is very surprising
  11. What's the point in having one of the world's best players if he isn't even trying anymore. Unless his attitude changes substantially I'd be completely ambivalent about him leaving if the price was right
  12. Honestly I would be amazed if most professional football players were NOT on something or another. They have to play through the pain barrier with niggling injuries constantly and with the amount of games they are required to play, with the number still rising due to all these end of season friendly tournaments and tours and so on, I would be amazed if the majority of professional footballers were not using something or another that isnt currently tested for.
  13. It's really easy to buy into a culture when you're surrounded by it, even if it is a corrupt one. Over time you subconsciously persuade/reassure yourself that no harm is being done, especially when it's the "well everyone is doing it" mentality. It's all a matter of perspective and I'm sure there are plenty formerly honest people in FIFA who got into it with good intentions, but perspectives become skewed when you're surrounded by one certain perspective, in this case a corrupt one. No experience in FIFA, but I have learned this from my personal experiences at least, being surrounded by a cult
  14. Not ready to come out of the closet yet but apparently others are
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