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  1. He still has to improve his off the ball work which may not be good at a top team.
  2. He can't stop mid way or stay on his line. By closing in , he hurries the striker to make a decision. Only truly talented players can round off the goal keeper , most often you see the strikers make the mistakes. And some times the GK ends up with the mistake just like Thibo ! Unfortunate really !
  3. Dzagoev seems to be a very good right sided attacker .. Good option in case we see Hulk as overpriced ..
  4. Oh where did you get this ? Everyone here is jumping with joy that both Luiz and Cahill are fit to start :)
  5. Using that tactics against Barca is much easier than use it against very talented attacking teams like Bayern or Real. Unless Barca get a target man , Chelsea can feel safe playing this way against them , but we do need a Drogba , don't we ? Coming to Bayern , they are a complete attacking threat and the variety of options is simply breathtaking. But From what I in their match against Real , then tend to leave so much space in the center when they attack and this is very crucial for us to start the counter with Mata in the middle. They don't have a strong defence and the last striker any def
  6. What we would lack most is the pace and energy of Ramires for the quick break. For that reason alone , I would play Torres on the wing and use him for any attacks we would start through Lampard - Mata - Drogba and then Drog will have to find Torres . I can't handle a CL final heart break another time and hope we win it this time.
  7. Malouda is not a sort of player we need at the moment and if we really want our man Torres to succeed , we need pace and width . It is now clear that Malouda can't provide both and why still persist with him ? Also Acole is not a great crosser and so the whole left side cannot provide a decent pass or a cross if continue to play Malouda .. For all the chances he got , I would have liked Zhirkov to atleast get a fair shot !
  8. I read a lot many people referring to Ian Mcgarry and his tweets about CFC and stuff . I decided to follow him and he gives interesting bits though may not be authentic. Atleast there is something interesting when nothing happens :) When someone asked about CFC going after Neymar , He has recently tweeted "They have focussed attention on another player for that position. Possible shock if that comes off . Sorry , cant say any more now " Though it may be or may not be true , Atleast I feel interesting to guess the player . Ribery , Nzogbia , Bastos , Bale - anyone ?
  9. Guys , Please suggest some very good horror / thriller movies ( frightening + interesting ) , those you would label it as must watch ! I 've seen almost all the successful movies of that kind but would like to dig deep into the genre and watch those movies that might have been relatively less heralded but would prove to be a good watch .
  10. Welcome to The Shed End sizzler85 :)

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