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  1. I knew there was some reason we spent 20 million on this guy. Really wonder if Alonso is any better.
  2. Whoops. Apologies for the earlier post
  3. Now that it's done. Forger whatever the f**k Fiorentina fans had to say about him, let's hope he turns out to be a good player for us.
  4. This is getting ridiculous. If this goes through we'll be spending 50m+ on two completely average defenders. Joel Matip is a better defender than Luiz and Liverpool got him on a free!
  5. Haha. I like Michy but it's way too soon to judge how good of a striker he is.
  6. Just looks like a natural footballer. The opposite feeling of what I get when I watch Lukaku.
  7. Makes me miss Ryan Bertrand. We should really start using buy back clauses if possible.
  8. What does Willian have to do to get his thread name changed?
  9. I think if the team improves and starts playing better, then Hazard's form improves naturally. We've seen enough of him to know that this is not his true level. Worst case scenario is, the fans turn on him and he decides he's had enough of the whole circus. We'll end up selling him for less than what he's worth and struggle to find a decent replacement with no champions league football.
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