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  1. This is what happens when you are badly run. You end up with a whole squad of players bought to suit about 3 different managers and their drastically different styles.
  2. I watched a few highlights of goals, but the quality is really bad, some comical own goals and mistakes, and sides utterly unbalanced like in the 13-0 win.
  3. The worst run looks like end of Jan going into Feb. With Newcastle away, Arsenal, Leicester away, then Man Utd and Spurs, not to mention Bournemouth away who like to thrash us these days.
  4. Too much smoke to be no fire. If you read his quotes, he obviously wants to go back to Italy and never intended to stay here long.
  5. Once everyone is back from their injuries, hopefully next season's team will be something like: Kepa Emerson Christensen Rudiger Azpilicueta Jorginho Kante Loftus-Cheek Hudson-Odoi Batshayui Pulisic Subs: Big Willy, Luiz, James, Barkley, Mount, Pedro, GIroud
  6. If we went for Lampard long-term, we could have brought in Harry Redknapp as DoF to support and advise him.
  7. The only way I would want to see Mourinho back is with a lot of conditions: - He agrees to chill the f**k out and stop bringing arguments and bad press all the time - He agrees that for the first 2 years, his remit is to build a youthful side, making use of our best academy prospects, not to sign stop-gap players to try and win the league once - We also revamp the staff around him. We need a DoF with real knowledge, who can help guide the project of an exciting, youthful side and stop Jose when he wants to sign a load of Willians for their workrate.
  8. Let's wait and see how he does, before writing him off...
  9. Allegri manager. Kepa Rudiger Christensen Azpilicueta Alonso Jorginho Kante Zappacosta Willian Giroud Pulisic

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