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  1. Started very well, but than Second Half Syndrome kicked in and we looked like crumbling yet again. Scraped through in the end, but far closer than it should have been,
  2. I have a ticket available for Papa Roach at the O2 in Kentish Town tonight (6pm) if anyone wants it. Downstairs Standing. Let me know asap if you want it.
  3. I imagine he'd try to take him with him to a new club. And I would have no problem with that.
  4. He is not confident on the ball, which is probably a big reason why Sarri doesn't pick him much.
  5. We're just not a top side any more. The board thought they could keep switching managers and getting miraculous titles, but all the while our squad has been decreasing in quality and we're now at the point where there are 4 or 5 sieds in the PL who are simply better than us. We are so far from the side that dominated England and was a real force in Europe, a decade or so ago.
  6. And now we get to hear from Robbie Fowler pitch-side. Christ, is every pundit in football an ex-Liverpool?
  7. Pretty much as expected, Liverpool dominating, we're just trying to stay in it. Not sure if we can do that for 90 minutes, I can't see us keeping a cleansheet all game, we'll have to bring on a striker and move Hazard to the left at some point.
  8. Bet someone makes a noise during the silence and causes another media blacklash against us.
  9. I'm so bored of hearing about this stuff all the time.
  10. The usual suspects from the awful PL performances come back in (Alonso, Kovacic, Barkley, Willian, Pedro) and shockingly.. we look awful again. It's almost like there's a connection here, I'm just not seeing.
  11. I would go: Kepa, Alonso, Christensen, Rudiger, Zappacosta, Jorginho, Kovacic, Barkley, Husdon-Odoi, Giroud, Pedro
  12. Would love the spoil the party again, but this lot are mentally weak and Liverpool are one of the best sides in the world at the moment. I'd be happy with a point.

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