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  1. Frustrating game. We didn't play very well first half, but we were still in it, until the sending off. Every time you think Christensen has turned a corner and he starts to put some good performances in, he goes and does something incredibly stupid again... At least we showed some fight and desire in the 2nd half and kept working hard till the end. We could have easily collapsed and conceded 5 or 6.
  2. Only positive I can say is that at least he didn't completely crumble afterwards and made a few good saves and still came and caught some balls into the box.
  3. Gunna be 7 or 8 if Liverpool can be bothered. Will turn it off when they get to 3.
  4. Ugh. Christensen was having a good game up to then. So annoying.
  5. Needs to be better when he gets his chances. Played well against some Europa league teams and lesser teams in the league cup, but I've never seen him do anything in the PL.
  6. Salah cutting in from the right against Alonso will be a slaughter. Wonder if Dave would have been better as he's naturally right footed, so Salah cutting in would be onto his favoured side.
  7. I don't understand the constant bitching some people do about Mount playing. Sure he's not exactly world class, but he's a competent player who puts a lot of effort in and contributes a lot to the team.
  8. Take aways from the last game: - Havertz should not be out wide - Alonso needs constant support down the left or he gets overrun - Kepa still pants Cabellero James Christensen Zouma Azpilicueta Kovacic Kante Mount Havertz Werner Giroud
  9. Week 1 of the PL season predictions. Person with the most points at the end of the season wins a terrible Chelsea-themed prize. Your prediction should be of the score, the first goal scorer and the minute of the first goal. For example, if I am predicting 2-1 to Chelsea with the first goal scored by Zouma in the 5th minute: Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool, Zouma, 5 If you're predicting a 0-0, then the player name and minute should be of the first shot on target, rather than first goal. Deadline is 30 minutes before kick-off. ------------------ Correct Result (W, D, L): 1 point Correct Score: 5 points Correct First Scorer: 5 points Correct First Scorer and Minute: 15 points Correct Everything: 30 points ------------------- Current Leaderboard: Mod Stark 16 Zeta 5 erksblue 5 Amputechture 5 dansubrosa 5 Juan Nil 5 Munkworth 5 Browerkid 5 acidicleo 5 The Don Antonio 5
  10. Don't really want him. He's nothing special and would cost a lot of money for a position (presumably DM) where we already have lots of options.
  11. Think he learned throughout that game that he can't be as casual and slow on the ball as you can in other leagues when playing in the PL. Several times he got caught on the ball and looked surprised that he was closed down so quickly.
  12. A big start for Mod Stark as he rushes into the lead. And about 8 of you copied my 3-1 prediction so I'm going to have to stop doing mine first! Results after week 1: Mod Stark 16 Zeta 5 erksblue 5 Amputechture 5 dansubrosa 5 Juan Nil 5 Munkworth 5 Browerkid 5 acidicleo 5 The Don Antonio 5 axman2526 1 fitz 1 Salato 1 Cone 1 Erdal1905 1 Droopy 1 Gol15 1 Night-T 1 bisright 1 Richard P 1 sabin6912 1 Jezz 1 coombsie 1 RIP Mourinho 1 chiefBlueCFC 1 Andy North 1 Scott Harris 1 Strider6003 1 Bluesince66 0 PloKoon13 0 https://docs.zoho.com/file/l1b8u9ebd1dcc72ac4232a9a6a2a30b147286

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