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  1. He's good at last ditch tackles, yes, generally. But why does he have to make them? His positioning and reading of the game isn't the best.
  2. Good in the air, but we really need to move him on I think. Maybe get Tomori back and bring him into the back 3, if we're sticking with that.
  3. I watched a highlights video and even that had him giving the ball away, or just making simple headers, so likely they couldn't find much that was any good to show.
  4. It's like some of you are new to football. You could have turned that off after 20 minutes. There was 0% chance we were getting anything from the game. Absolutely zero.
  5. Same feeling here, to be honest. I've watched football for long enough to be pretty sure what's going to happen.
  6. Knew we'd be f**king awful today. Had a loss written all over it.
  7. We still own Baba Rahman, don't forget.
  8. Week 36 of the PL season predictions. Person with the most points at the end of the season wins a terrible Chelsea-themed prize. Your prediction should be of the score, the first goal scorer and the minute of the first goal. For example, if I am predicting 2-1 to Chelsea with the first goal scored by Zouma in the 5th minute: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal, Zouma, 5 NOTE: If you do not include the team names in your prediction and instead just put the score, e.g. "1-2" I will assume Home - Away. If you're predicting a 0-0, then the player name and minute should be of the first shot on
  9. After all our good wins lately, I bet we go and lose to this sh*t show.
  10. Don't think that's right. We'd be on 67 and assuming Liverpool win all their games, they can still get to 69. Leciester would be on 72 if they win all theirs.
  11. Leaderboard erksblue 69 Mod Stark 64 acidicleo 52 Zeta 50 Amputechture 49 Munkworth 47 Cone 42 Scott Harris 40 The Don Antonio 39 Night-T 38
  12. Cone 5 Mod Stark 5 acidicleo 1 Amputechture 1 Munkworth 1 axman2526 0 erksblue 0 Night-T 0 Salato 0 Scott Harris 0 The Don Antonio 0 Zeta 0
  13. Oh and also, that was never a penalty. Gilmour is running and Jesus moves his legs into him, Gilmour didn't even move towards him. It's ridiculous. But it's Taylor so what do I really expect. Just waiting for our customary red card next.
  14. Very poor so far. To be expected I suppose, you can't play a weakened side against City and expect to get anything, they are too good.
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