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  1. Poor couple of games, could do with a rest I think. Maybe bring CHO in on the left, or Pulisic if he's almost fit.
  2. Good thing I just checked here, had no idea the game was an early kick off.
  3. Leaderboard Top 10 Mod Stark 34 Munkworth 19 bisright 16 axman2526 14 acidicleo 13 erksblue 13 Juan Nil 12 Cone 11 Scott Harris 11 fitz 11 Mod Stark has clearly signed some reinforcements this season, improved his defence and signed a few top quality strikers.
  4. Scores this week: acidicleo 5 erksblue 5 Mod Stark 5 Salato 5 Amputechture 1 bisright 1 chiefBlueCFC 1 Cone 1 Itsintheblood89 1 Jezz 1 Munkworth 1 Night-T 1 PloKoon13 1 Richard P 1
  5. Abraham is pissing me off this half. Several times he's either given the ball away or a move has broken down around him and he just puts no effort in whatsoever to help out as Newcastle break. Needs to work harder for the team and stop throwing a strop every time he doesn't get the ball where he wants it.
  6. Only just got back home. I changed Fraser to Joelinton earlier, but couldn't write it down.
  7. Week 9 of the PL season predictions. Person with the most points at the end of the season wins a terrible Chelsea-themed prize. Your prediction should be of the score, the first goal scorer and the minute of the first goal. For example, if I am predicting 2-1 to Chelsea with the first goal scored by Zouma in the 5th minute: Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea, Zouma, 5 If you're predicting a 0-0, then the player name and minute should be of the first shot on target, rather than first goal. Deadline is 30 minutes before kick-off. ------------------ Correct Result (W, D, L): 1 poi
  8. Anyone else find they just don't really enjoy playing games that much any more? Like, I sit and browse my list of games on Steam or something for ages, maybe buy something new that looks cool, but then I just don't have the energy or enthusiaism to actually play anything, especially something long with a long story that I know will take me months to actually finish.
  9. Top of the leaderboard: Mod Stark 29 Munkworth 18 bisright 15 axman2526 14 Juan Nil 12 fitz 11 Cone 10 Scott Harris 10 acidicleo 8 Amputechture 8 erksblue 8 Strider6003 8 Zeta 8 Droopy
  10. Scores this week: Mod Stark 5 acidicleo 1 Amputechture 1 axman2526 1 bisright 1 Cone 1 erksblue 1 fitz 1 Hessleboink 1 Jezz 1 Juan Nil 1 Malta Blue 1 Munkworth 1 PloKoon13 1
  11. Today will be Mendy's first concession in the PL.
  12. They are doing pretty badly, so I expect them to turn up against us. I would go for: Mendy Azpilicueta Silva Rudiger Chilwell Kovacic Kante Mount Ziyech Werner Pulisic (if fit)
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