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  1. They would it if meant they made more money. Clubs don't give a sh*t about the fans really.
  2. Their strikeforce never seems to have any trouble scoring against us!
  3. Maybe we could throw in Drinkwater for free as well.
  4. If only we had an actual striker up there. Maybe we should just sign Augero on a free for a season.
  5. Hard to pick a team at the moment, got so many attacking players.. But I would probably go something like: Mendy Azpilicueta Silva Rudiger Hudson-Odoi Jorginho Kante Chilwell Havertz Mount Giroud
  6. No idea why bookermakers have got us better odds than PSG, they are much better than us. City or PSG will win it in my opinion.
  7. Maybe we should go 3 in the middle, Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante all at once.
  8. I knew we'd concede a late goal just to make it nervy.
  9. Sloppy. If Porto were a bit better going forward, I feel like we would have been made to pay for it. Really need to come out more focused and energetic next half.
  10. Wish he would hit the ball a bit harder. COuld have had a hat-trick.
  11. Great start, ripped them apart for 20 minutes or so. Felt like we got a bit sloppy in the last 10, started giving it away more. Also front three haven't been involved much since the opening 20 mins or so. Hopefully can step it up again and get a few more to really put this to bed. After the West Brom game, even a 3-0 lead doesn't feel that safe.
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