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  1. For Chelsea he excels between the lines, receiving the ball on the turn and driving into space.

    For England he basically just played as a defensive winger. It's very different and unsurprising we didn't see the best of him.

  2. Could someone explain the obsession with Jack Grealish to me? It really confuses me. He's a good player, quite skillful. But the way the media talk about him and the way the crows reacts every time they see him on the bench, or he touches the ball, you'd think he was prime Messi. It's not a case of him not being a Chelsea player so I'm putting him down. I genuinely don't get it.

  3. It's weird, cos we have lots of rivals, but I wouldn't say we have a main one. And none of those in the list would see us as their main rival.

    If I had to put some in order though, probably something like:

    Spurs, QPR, West Ham, Leeds


  4. 9 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

    Would end up being a mercenary for a year or 2 before he forces a move through to Real or Barca. 

    Sources near to him let it be known he does not see us as a big club and he has a well mapped out path for his career that sees him end up at a Barca or real, an "elite" level club.

    If we win some times in that time then it works out, if not that is a whole lot of cash and an even bigger circus around him and his tw@t of an agent.

    Biggest conern is him unsettling the applecart with his ridiculous wage demands. 500k for a 20 year old 1 season in a decent league.

    Agreed. From what I've read, he doens't have any interest in coming here really anyway. So I think we could spend our money wiser than this.

  5. 4 hours ago, Malta Blue said:

    Laungage like this is very provocative 

    You should design an after the CL win banner and post it on here and let the people decide.

    You should be willing to back up your quality banner making comments with actions.

    I'd join in but the only "editing" software I know how to use is Microsoft paint and unless people want a crudely drawn stick man version of Mason Mount I dont think I've got the goods.


  6. 1 hour ago, Malta Blue said:

    I made the mistake of telling my horrible, horrible wife how much this costs and now she wont let me have it unless one of you guys pay for it.

    Anyone got a spare €175 they can give me




    That's the prize for next year's Prediction league.

    Not as nice as this years prize that erskblue got, but it'll do.

  7. I don't think Haaland will want to come here. Some reports were saying he only wants a "top top club", so basically Real or Barcelona I suspect is what they mean by that.

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