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  1. Kalou is also right footed. Though I admit, it's hard to tell since he's equally bad with both.
  2. Sky's "Paper Talk": http://www.teamtalk.com/papertalk/
  3. I see nothing of the sort on Talksport or any website/twitter thingy.
  4. If we weren';t willing to pay the high wages of Augero, why would we suddenly change our minds and pay massive wages for Snidjer? Not to say I wouldn#t like him here, cause I would, but I can't see it happening.
  5. Defintely don't want us paying these ridiculous sums for Modric. I'd much rather we pick up a few younger gems at cheaper prices than do our usual and splash out f**k loads on someone who is massively overpriced. Some like that De Bruyne wouldn't set us back too much and he's a quiality young winger, just the kind of player we need.
  6. Then just call me the Mad Hatter and ship him off to Villa.
  7. Why would you want Pepe O.o
  8. Are their images altered in photoshop, or do they all just have massive chins?
  9. Probably the same for most clubs, I would doubt it's only a Chelsea thing.
  10. Zhirkov has had a fair shot, he's just been injured all the time. Unfopruntely we can't sit raound for years waiting for him to stay fit.
  11. Aston Villa are the ones being linked mostly with MIlner. So make of that what you will if they are a "big club". He wouldn't be a terrible addition to our squad, but there are better options out there.
  12. Don't need another LB. Cole still has another year or 2 at the top, and he can be gradually phased out to make way for Bertrand. With PVA as backup to them both or maybe employed in a slightly advanced role?
  13. You know that's not his website right? It's just the website that spammer from the other day was advertising.
  14. From a totally non-biased point of view I can't stand Ashley Young, the bar steward is from Stevenage.
  15. Why are so many of you paying attention to what some hack writes on his twatter account? It's even more bollocks than what you read in the newspapers.
  16. I would prefer for us to sign cheaper players and mould them into great players, the way teams like Arsenal tend to do (but you know, without the lack of trophies), rather than spending £20m, £30m, £50m on players, because if nothing else, that ridiculous price just puts extra pressure on the player, eg. Torres. If we could pick up a few wingers, a creative midfielder and maybe a right back each for under £10m and help them develop into quality players it would be much better for the club than spending sh*t loads on "superstars" who will inevitably flop.
  17. Already got a few, not sure we need anymore really, especially since Cech has still probably got about 8-10 years in him.
  18. If and when Wet Spam get relegated, I think we should have a cheeky bid to bring Scott Parker back. If we move on a few central midfielders this summer, e.g. maybe Essien and Mikel depending on offers, he could be a decent asset in the middle I reckon. A midfield three of Parker, Ramires and then one of either lamps or mceachran would be quality. Two hard working, energetic midfielders running from box-to-box, freeing up the 3rd to push forward more and create for the strikers.
  19. Good player, but a prick. So, no.
  20. Never heard of him. But we do need a better backup than Hilario and Turnbull.
  21. I just really don't like him, I would be disappointed if we bought him.
  22. Well terry said a while ago that he wants to be chelsea manager when his playing career finshes. As for Frank..not sure. He's a bit quieter and less outspoken, so it's hard to tell if he'd make a good manager or not, or would even want to be one. I can imagine him being a great coach though.
  23. Only seen him on youtube, but looks reasonably handy, and if it's that cheap, why not. It's worth a punt. Would certainly be less embarrasing if he slopped than a Shevchenko or a Veron, etc...
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