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  1. A top manager, up there with Klopp and Pep. In-game management is first class.
  2. I seriously forget that we have Chilwell at times. That’s how good Alonso has been.
  3. A class player still. Could literally retire tomorrow and his move to Chelsea would be worth it for us, and him. Must be dream to have around the place and to learn from.
  4. Brilliant second half performance, brilliant.
  5. What’s with blowing 20 seconds early while we’ve got the ball! It’s meant to be a minimum of 2 minutes!
  6. RIP Jimmy. One of our own.
  7. Mendy obviously injured from midweek match. Spurs more or less back to full strength and fired up, will be a dangerous match.
  8. I think Neville was right when he said it was similar to the tackle on Mane, it just had a more unfortunate outcome.
  9. Reporter to Tuchel tonight “Do you think Lukaku will score more goals than Ronaldo” Tuchel “I couldn’t care less as long as Lukaku scores for us” That’s how you answer silly questions!
  10. That was a painful 45 minutes for him, and us, but I'm sure he will learn and get better as time goes on. Maybe earmark for the Villa League cup match to ease him in gently.
  11. I don’t want to write Saul off after 45 minutes but that was bad, he’ll cost us a goal at this rate. Save him for the League Cup I think, too risky in a game this tight. Swap him out at half time please Thomas.
  12. Premier League is no1 for me. It's our bread and butter and after a few years away I'd like us to at least be back as serious challengers again this season. I also really want to win the Club World Cup as it's something we haven't won before and would complete the European trophy set. It's also an invitation only trophy that some clubs will never get to compete for. As good as the Champions League is, it is hard to win back to back as there are a lot of good teams to compete with and one bad night and you could be out. TBH I'll still dine out on last seasons victory for a while because it's the most recent out of any English club and I actually think it was one of those rare occasions where the winners fully deserved to win it. We was better than Atletico Madrid, Porto, Real Madrid and Man City in every single match, we didn't get lucky once as it wasn't needed! So basically, my expectations for the season is a seriously strong challenge for the Premier League title and to win the Club World Cup, anything else is a bonus.
  13. “Loading” being teased on Chelsea’s official Twitter site, it’s 100% done guys!!
  14. Back on and 100% done deal according to Fabrizo Romano! And Matt Law!
  15. Apparently the Saul deal could collapse now, Greizman to Madrid is off and they have the power to scupper our deal. There’s still an hour to go though so you never know…
  16. You could be right but I thought it was something like once a player has been registered for that season with a number and plays in any match then it can’t be changed unless the Premier League grant you special permission or that player leaves the club vacating that shirt, basically Tammy and Lukaku and the number 9 shirt at Chelsea. Cavani has been registered and played today in the number 7 shirt. Like I said you could be right though, I guess we’ll hear more in the coming days.
  17. Unbelievable that Man Utd could win this, everything is going their way as per normal. Even read a rumour that the Premier League might allow Utd to change shirt numbers as a special case so Ronaldo can get his favourite number 7 shirt. That would be really showing bias if true.
  18. Martin Keown should just go and work for Arsenal’s in-house tv channel, he’s as bad as Carragher and Neville for their biased views.
  19. City could really spank Arsenal today if they stop messing about and taking stupid risks.
  20. Probably the one transfer that could overshadow Messi to PSG. Well played Cristiano, well played.
  21. I really like Kai, still so young but so gifted, he just glides around the pitch. Class act.
  22. Lukaku for me, run Arsenal ragged today.
  23. Brilliant today, an all round centre forward performance.
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