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  1. Playing up top in any club in the Prem who are favorites is not easy but Fernando Torres makes it look imposibru. I'm sure when we get a consistent goal scorer people will quickly forget about how difficult it is to score at Chelsea. We are no where near as bad as many clubs in the Prem in terms of setting up chances. The problem is that our strikers are not usually in goal scoring positions - specially Torres and Ba; I'm sure there have been many comments from myself and other posters about this. I maintain that Torres has ALWAYS been poor in selecting his movement inside the box - even at Liverpool out of all his goals possibly a maximum of ten were simple tap ins. He usually either stands around the penalty spot or he is in no position to receive the ball; not making a run; flat footed behind a defender and expecting the ball to somehow end up in his feet. When you have someone making the correct movement you will see how easily we would create chances. Last season against West Brom is a good example - we barely had any chances in the first 60 minutes; Torres gets taken off and suddenly due to having a striker with good movement we created 3-4 clear cut chances.
  2. As I've said in the other Willian thread, to me he is just a quicker and more technically proficient version of Dirk Kuyt - although Dirk probably had much more successful seasons in terms of statistics than Willian is currently having. If Spurs had ended up signing Willian and he had similar production we'd be laughing at them while their fans would probably be happy because he works hard. I appreciate his tenacity but a lot more is expected from him and he usually fluffs his chances or takes the wrong decision with his passes in the final third. If you look at our Rivals most have him in the top three flops of the season because they don't watch our matches and just look at who scored the goal or who got the assist. Willian is not a highlights player - the question is if we needed a defensive winger why didn't we look for someone who might be a little less expensive.
  3. I've said he would have no place in the squad if we sign a big money striker and bring back Lukaku. There is no sense in Fernando Torres as a third choice striker. Reasoning - tell me what role you think Torres is going to play next season? Third choice - Ba role on 175k p/w - that is surely the better idea than you know getting him to take a pay cut so he doesn't have to be Malouded. If he is still here next season it's likely because he values his wage more than his playing time - if that's indeed the case I don't see why we would give him any chances ahead of Bamford or Feruz
  4. I suppose you have not heard the numerous interviews our manager has had about the striker situation... But I guess that's too much to ask for
  5. I know our manager doesn't rate him; I know our manager will sign a striker in the summer 3 17 22 26 31 32
  6. If Torres is still here after the summer it would mean that he wasn't willing to take a pay cut to play regularly - I personally doubt that he would stay knowing that next season he would get even less playing time than this season. If he does indeed stay I don't see the point of him in the squad, I'd be more happy with Bamford getting the odd game rather than him.
  7. Yes I'm sure the next big money striker will take a few seasons to score 19 goals in the Premier League - you're having a laugh really. Seriously if we sign a striker and he doesn't manage at least double digits in the League by his second season - it's fair go to create a thread like this one. But don't worry - since I very much doubt any big money striker will "perform" to a level similar to Fernando - he is very special in terms of goal scoring and I doubt anyone would have though he would be this much trouble before we signed him. If he doesn't want leave and we have a new big money striker and Lukaku there is simply no place in the squad for him.
  8. Next season if he is still here he should be Malouded Too much of a distraction keeping him in the first team, let him train with the reserves
  9. The stats are correct 19 goals in 103 EPL matches
  10. Hazard, we'd be out of the top four if it wasn't for him
  11. He is the second best signing we've made in recent years no doubts about it.
  12. Must have winded you up quite a bit for you to stalk me across forums. Unlike you though I don't hide behind a new nickname
  13. Sheva was easier to stomach because Drogba was on fire, I'm sure I would have found Sheva as frustrating as Torres - if Drogba wasn't banging them in reguarly. The whole situation is a bit daft 3 years have gone by; numorous coaches; we still don't have someone to take up Drogba's mantle; we still have Torres. We should have cut our loses on Torres after our CL victory.
  14. It's not Torres fault - I've always maintianed that's it's board's/Roman's pride that's the main culprite for the whole situation. If I was in Torres's place I certainly wouldn't want to be sold to some lesser club for a lesser wage - at Chelsea he has won all possilbe trophies at club level and only the League title is left to completly his resume.
  15. Our top earners have the biggest impact on FFP, that's why we were able to sign Willian for 30 million pounds - his wages are a fraction of what we would need to pay in wages to the likes of Cavani/Falcao. In the summer there was no way to sign Cavani or Falcao because of FFP - that's what Jose said. Since than we have sold KdB and Mata thus the situation has changed and Jose had aluded that we should expect a striker being signed in the summer.
  16. The way Financial Fair Play works to sign someone high profile - we either need to free up our wage bill or sell someone. Our top eaners are Hazard; Terry; Torres - one oddman and two favorites. It's already been recorded that Jose doesn't rate Torres especially high - considering his latest joke about having no striker other than the 32 or 35 year old Eto'o and previous comments he has made about our strikers not scoring enough goals.
  17. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/feb/10/jose-mourinho-chelsea-pellegrini-manchester-city
  18. It's what Jose said himself I guess he has an agenda against Torres.
  19. You think if he cost less he would have been given as many chances - I think he is only here because of how much he cost and the wages he is on. Otherwise much like Sheva he would pretty much been allowed to leave on a free to someone willing to pay for his wages. We missed out on Falcao; Kun and Cavani - even Jose said that we had no chance to sign Cavani or Falcao in the summer due to FFP http://www.london24.com/sport/chelsea/jose_mourinho_reveals_why_chelsea_didn_t_sign_cavani_and_falcao_1_3313495
  20. I didn't bother to call you bitter and idiotic for not agreeing with your view of events but I can change my mind about that. Like I've said I view about 4 players integral for our CL victory if you find that offensive - very well carry on being outraged
  21. To me integral in our CL victory were Drogba; Lamps; Rambo; Cech. Please continue with the insults - I at least bother to learn players names. I don't see how Bosingwa was integral considering he was not even in the first team for the large majority of knock out matches; he was important after Terry and Cahill's red cards against Barca. I certainly rate his importance above Torres personally but that doesn't mean I rate him on the same level as Drogba; Lamps; Rambo or Cech. Those players were integral - we wouldn't even be in the Semi final if it wasn't for them overturning the tie against Napoli and than they were also our best players in the semi and final.
  22. fair enough I was thinking about timetowaste
  23. Now I though he was important especially in the semi final and final; I though Torres was an important member of the squad as well; just don't see how either was massively important for us or integral in those wins.
  24. Yeah weren't you the guy who called Schurrle sh*t during our last match? Like I've said in the FA Cup and CL - Torres contributed about as much as Bosingwa. That's my opinion on the matter. I supported a lot of players which doesn't be the case with you - all do you do is defend Torres but it's quite alright for you to call other player sh*t/crap etc.
  25. It's quotes like these that completely sum up this thread. If you think playing for a club like hull is the same as playing for a club like chelsea you need your head checking. Long is still a good striker and I'm certain that if he played 3 years for Chelsea he would do a hell lot more than Torres. People need to show a bit more respect to Long and stop comparing him to players like Torres who play in front of some of the best attacking midfielders in the Prem. Just because he is not some fancy Spanish international doesn't mean that in the EPL he is not just as good as the Chelsea Torres we have all witness miss countless chances over the years. On a more serious note the only trophy to which Torres massively contributed is the Europa League - his contribution in our CL and FA Cup wins is comparable to Bosingwa
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