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  1. He was our best attacking player last night, but that's not saying much - Cesar had probably as much input into our attacking play as Hazard/Willian/Schurrle put together. Anyhow good performance, did his job last night.
  2. The embarrassing part was - rolling around and moaning was his major contribution after coming on.
  3. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/demba-ba/leistungsdaten/spieler_40205.html Ba is on 317 minutes per goal in the EPL Torres on 259 minutes per goal in the EPL Eto'o on 183 minutes per goal in the EPL Not sure where you got those stats from
  4. He went from being World Class to a Crouch level striker, of course he would be miserable
  5. They got chills they're multiplying, And opposition defense is loosing control Cause the power Hazards supplyin it's electrifyin' They better shape up, 'cause we got the man and ball is at his feet. They better shape up; they better understand because Hazards running at their goal Nothin' left, nothin' left for them to do, except pick the ball out of the net Hazard is the one that I want. o,o, oo, Hazard. Hazard is the one we need Oh, yes indeed.
  6. Hazard had 6 Key Passes and 13 Successful Dribbles - unbelievable game by him ruined by our finishing
  7. There is no one available for us to splash the cash on - Jose would only splash the cash if the right striker becomes available
  8. He has done well since the new year; I'd be happy if he has more of this type of "poor" performances where he scores a goal. I'd still start Eto'o against United thought
  9. Another great performances today - that's the type of performance he is capable of. 9 goals in the League, that's already more than he had for all of last season.
  10. Forgot Morientes, Dark Kuyt was a success in a different position - the fullback striker which Rafa devised for him so Gerrard wouldn't have any defensive duties.
  11. Andy Carroll; Keane; Kuyt; Bellamy; Ngog; Voronin; etc (pretty sure I'm missing someone)
  12. Exactly people like to say how Sheva flopped was mainly due to his inability to dislodge Drogba but in truth Sheva was successful behind another striker a position at the time Lampard was actually accustom to move into when we transitioned in attack. Thus Sheva was marooned on the wing and couldn't cope leading the line on his own - his main downfall was Lamps; not only he was as effective as any striker we could have signed at the time but he was also a physical freak of nature playing non stop without any major injuries. For example Anelka was able to adapt because he was able to play as a wide forward or alone(when Drogba was injured). Lets say Torres was signed for 25 million pounds from Madrid. I reckon we would have made him an impact sub player using his pace off the bench to run at tired defenses. I don't think he was good enough to dislodge Drogba and might have had a stint at the club similar to Anelka living in Drogba's shadow and playing up top only when Drogba is injured. The truth is that only a club like Liverpool were able to bring the best out of Torres because FSW was happy to play counter attacking football and rely on Torres pace. They went on to sign up other strikers because Torres ongoing physical problems but Keane; Kuyt and probably a list of others either ended up being used wide or flopped.
  13. We had Drogba and Lampard at their peak at that time, if we signed Torres he might have ended up being loaned; played out of position and ultimately moved on without achieving the heights he did at L'Pool.
  14. I thought he had made it clear he only cares when he is on the pitch
  15. Overhit? Go re-watch the situation if Torres hadn't stopped his run in the first situation he would have gotten to that pass as usual he decided to shy away and stop his run ensuring he doesn't end up with an easy chance to score. The second one he got too so obviously it didn't go out of play he just isn't as fast as Lukaku and ended up being closed down by a defender. Blaming Hazard because Torres decides he can't be bothered running
  16. Our strikers don't not just Torres. Regarding defenders being effected by our strikers, had we put the game to bed when were on top in the first half and Torres actually had ran onto one of the two balls Hazard played which were good passes if our striker was actually making a run than it would ease pressure on the rest of the squad. Simple as that, when you have a striker putting away your chances there is less pressure on midfielders to take shots from distance or get inside the box loosing the ball and having to quickly get back when we loose possession. Also you have to keep in mind that confidence breeds confidence - not having confidence in our strikers makes midfielders and defenders make wrong decision, instead of just getting the ball to a the striker and letting him get on with his job.
  17. Spon on Davey but we go through this every season and people seem to have amnesia when it comes to Fernando.
  18. His attitude was not satisfactory because he probably felt he earned a bit more than being a back up for Fernando Torres after his season on loan. Until I hear managers who actually work with Lukaku and play him regularly complain about his attitude I will remain thinking is another excuse like the famous attitude problem Sturridge had.
  19. He flatters to deceive, people just really like him and judge him by some different standards or generate excuses when his goal scoring form is mentioned. Our strikers have 4 goals in the League since the start of the season - that's probably worse than teams in the relegation zone. If Looney had scored 2 goals in the League since the start of 2013 I wonder the types of articles and media coverage this type of form would have received. Even United fans would tear him to shreds. My opinion on his form in the Prem this season it's still the same - I don't see much of an improvement regarding his goal scoring consistency which is the main thing a striker should be judged on.
  20. Lukaku's situation is the strangest situation I can think off, certainly strikers have been frozen out of the squad due to personal differences with a manager but none have been send out on loan. Right now Lukaku's goals are powering Everton in a position where they are direct rivals for a top 4 place. It's not even early days any longer 1/3 of the season has passed us by. There is no other time in World Football where a player has performed so admirably while on loan only to be send out on loan again. Yet we do it with Lukaku and Courtois - while with Courtois this decision makes sense since Cech is still a World Class keeper and Courtois can use another season at Atletico playing in the CL; Lukaku's move makes no sense because our forwards aren't as good as him and he offers something completely different physically and in terms of finishing. Defenders dread to play against him despite his obvious shortcoming - he could have worked on those playing here because it's certain we would play more games than Everton by the end of the season. There is a reason people keep asking the loan - it makes zero sense to anyone outside of the club. As a 50 year old Jose should stop playing with riddles and come out and say whatever is on his mind and clear this up. I'd accept that, even if it meant that Lukaku won't be here next season but instead it's like he is putting oil in the fire. I think it's probably the same as Sturridge myself, Lukaku was promised something by the board without considering the next manager and after the next manager arrived it turned out he was back to square one
  21. I haven't even talked about his performance tonight just questioned Jose assessment of our strikers and their pecking order. This is something I've said time and time again but people will continue to defend this decision even though I feel it's one of the worst decisions Jose made. Do people honestly think that Torres would bang 25 goals in the League playing for West Brom or Everton for an year and half based on his performance in a blue kit? I don't think anyone other than people who just like Fernando Torres(plenty of those) would actually take him ahead of Lukaku in their squad as a first choice striker. Especially when you consider the upward curve which is possible for Lukaku considering he is still just a kid
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