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  1. What we do know is he was behind Torres in the pecking order, this is something Lukaku's said in an interview. Now we can also know that after we signed Eto'o, he requested a transfer/loan. Same situation as Sturridge last year people also didn't know the ins and outs of the situation back than - what we did know is that one player ended up criminally underused and than was transferred away.
  2. So Suarez is a prick and no one will buy him because he is a c**t who plays for himself and thus he won't win any trophies While we should be happy because Torres puts in a shift for the team and Suarez puts in a shift for himself In years that pass people will remember Torres's trophy cabinet the same way people remember Roque Junior's trophy cabinet - probably Liverpool fans would still rate him the highest because he played at his highest level while being at Pool. If we were ever to sign Suarez I'd expect attitudes about him to change as soon as he does something like this in a blue kit
  3. Drogba had not won any medals before joining us Torres had not won any medals before joining us I don't really feel Suarez is more of a c**t than RvP or Rooney for example but I rate him as a football player ahead of both. I just don't see Liverpool ever selling him to anyone in the League - reckon Real will snap him up at some point for 70-80 million.
  4. I'm still amazed that Jose rates him ahead of Lukaku
  5. Brilliant tonight, imagine if he keeps this level up we will win the EPL by 10 points
  6. As I said earlier he is too inconsistent to be a key player for us, needs to improve
  7. He is pretty inconsistent - one match he is great the next all over the place
  8. Great performance by Torres today - needs to keep this up now, should start out next match. Jose is a miracle man doing what I though was impossible - Torres is looking good in a blue kit in the Prem scoring goals and not letting misses effect him.
  9. So comparing Drogba and Torres is perfectly reasonable and chalking out his sub appearances is also fine except Torres is the only player you'd do that for. Sheva had 51 starts and 15 goals I'm guessing he was a runaway success as well
  10. Drogba earner his spot in the team by being better than Crespo/Jimmy/Edgar he certainly didn't come here and to become automatic first choice striker. Lets just say that by the end of his third season Drogba had 66 goals for the club; 42 of which were scored in the Prem in 113 APPEARANCES not starts. Now it was only Drogba's third season at the club that he really became unquestioned first choice but he was banging goals in some regularity before that happened. Torres third season will be at the end of January - Torres has already played far more in those three years than Drogba played with us in his first three years and I'd even wager that Drogba had a larger percentage of sub appearances. But carry on rewriting history
  11. Nope, Drogba had 41 goals in his first 100 appearances; Torres has 39 goals in 141 appearances. http://espnfc.com/player/_/id/18727/didier-drogba?cc=5739
  12. I'd revert back to Floppes if he reverts back on his usual goal droughts and invisbru performances
  13. Great performance by Torres, we shall see how he does against City - expecting him to start that match
  14. Random Reporter - "So Jose what's your greatest achievement Winning Treble with Porto or Winning Treble with Inter?" Jose - "nah my greatest achievement is reviving Torres - long after I retire people will remember me for that"
  15. Good goal by Willian, him and Hazard changed the match after coming on.
  16. How often has Torres effected the end result over the last year?
  17. Hazard hasn't been burdened by much more defensive responsibility this season, on the other hand you are correct that A.Cole both doesn't get involved up top enough and there are few runs on the by line by him. I mean as poor as Hazard has been by his standards so far the player who has dropped off the most is Ash by a fairly large margin. Not that Iva is some forward running maverick but he has been far more effective when going forward and does provide options for the right midfielder on occasion.
  18. Defenders always get the benefit of the doubt in 50/50 challenges in their half unless it's blatant, I just have to remain everyone how Drogba got yellow carded for Johny Evans kung fu kicking him in the chest and breaking his ribs. After that decision nothing can really surprise me
  19. The difficulty with elbows to the face is intend, sometimes the team can say is that they were simply protecting the ball and didn't know where the opposition's player face is. I remember Rooney getting away with one against Wigan where it was perfectly clear he knew where the opposition player was and nothing was made of it. Can't really have a problem if he gets a 3 match ban for violent conduct, hand to face is always going to lead to that in this day and age - what irks me is that I thought he was booked because Dean saw the raised arm, but it appears he booked him for the "foul" and that "foul" was generous to say the least. If Dean had booked him for the raised arm and altercation they would not have the opportunity to slap a 3 match ban for him.
  20. Anyone know who what happened to Hazard this season, just nothing is clicking at the moment - I'm pretty worried by his form perhaps a rest might do him good.
  21. For 25 minutes he rolled back the years, credit to Jose's half time team talk - a different player turned up for the second half. Should have been subbed off before getting send off though. Fact is that in those 25 minutes he made as much happen as he usually does in two, three matches.
  22. I don't know guys Mikel is tied on goals with Torres in the League for 2013. He might be our best choice up top because he holds up the ball better and doesn't get dispossessed as much, also keep in mind if he plays up top his sideway passing is going to be far more effective
  23. Imagine if he dyes his hair ginger, he already has freckles Jose must have seen this picture
  24. I've seen different things from Eto'o than you obviously - especially in his first match his movement inside the box was spot on - Ba and Torres haven't been making those runs in the box; Ba is frustrating because to me he is not very mobile while Torres usually is running into the wrong position or remaining flat footed in the box. I've always rated Eto'o's movement inside the box as one of his best assets as a striker, so hopefully after he is match fit he will be able to show that on a consistent basis but I don't see any of our current striker as long term first choice players at the club. We will rid of Torres as soon as it becomes possible, Ba would have been sold if we got Rooney and Eto'o was only signed because of how inept we were on the transfer market.
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