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  1. I feel very similarly. There's just no anticipation, excitement or anything for this. I also imagine with such a long period between the season finishing and this game, there must have been a lot of time for players and manager to be thinking about the future. So with transfer bans and questions over Sarri, Higuain, Kovacic, Hazard and maybe a few others, you kind of think just how motivated/distracted will they be by the time the game finally comes around. It's utterly bonkers that it's still 10 days away and the season finished about 8 days ago.
  2. I certainly don’t see it with Liverpool, they’re just having a good period. Unfortunately for them, they’ve waited so long for their good period and it’s coincided with the EPL becoming a one club league like is the case in France, Scotland and Germany to name just three. 6-0 against one of the strongest and most difficult sides outside the “big 6”. It’s just as well they can’t yet get their sh*t together in Europe.
  3. I agree. A lot of people said it when Roman took over at the Bridge and it didn’t happen. I think it will with City as they are run on a whole other level. They’re state run. They’ve got it all set up perfectly. Great stadium, best training facilities, best players, fattest cheque book, best manager, best back room, and some literally unbelievable sponsorship deals, oh and soon to be demonstrated, the best lawyers. They’re a machine of a club. All they're missing is a decent atmosphere at their games.
  4. Gutted for RLC. What an opportunity missed for him. Do wonder whether his injury record is going to have a constant and spoiling effect on his entire career.
  5. My dad said Villa were the same last night. So one of them are going to look like dicks when they’re back at Leeds or WBA next season. I’m all for self belief, but ostentatious displays of celebration at that stage are pointless. There’s nothing to celebrate until you’ve won it.
  6. Ok, so Frank says they “deserve a moment” but he’s also “a bit worried” as they still have a lot to do before they celebrate.
  7. I think that someone needs to tell Derby that they aren’t promoted yet. I’m surprised Frank has allowed such a massive over reaction from his players. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that they’re playing Leeds again next season whilst Villa are playing at the Bridge.
  8. That’s fair enough and I take your point about this having been a very high achieving period for the club. I guess my view of things isn't the same as many as I tend to see CFC as a business as much if not more than a sports club now and when you’re investing 75 million on a goalkeeper I think you have high expectations. I doubt Apple or Mitsubishi just shrug their shoulders and say “things change” if the shares drop.
  9. Not really. The number of games we’ve lost and drawn has been quite high by our standards and our goal difference is also way below the norm for us. If you forget using City or United as a reference and you use our own better seasons, then this has not been good. With our spending over the years, finishing fourth or above is something that should happen, not be considered an achievement. And getting to the final of the Europa League is good but, we’ve hardly had to play anyone we’ve ever heard of until the semi and even then we made bloody hard work of it. Poor football, dodgy squad, dodgy manager but end of season looks ok as even now we’ve still got players that all but perhaps 3 or 4 other clubs would kill for.
  10. You should have gone to the game, we could have done with that attitude from those at the Bridge.
  11. The final humiliation. Having to play the Liquidator over than tannoy at half time is a desperate attempt to generate an atmosphere. Our support is as pathetic as our team these days.
  12. There’s a good few posters on this site alone who argue strongly that his style is great and that we must give him time. I think they might be members of his family though.
  13. HA ha ha Sarri. And there are people who think he is a brilliant manager!!
  14. Our support is just as bad as our team. I know it’s terrible football but some vocal encouragement wouldn’t go a miss in the circumstances.
  15. And where is Hazard? Has he gone to Madrid already?
  16. I’m absolutely staggered by Sarri. He is absolutely bonkers. I’m amazed he hasn’t got two pencils up his nostrils and his underpants on his head!
  17. Blimey, what on earth has Cahill done to Sarri?
  18. I think we caught this season’s jersey on a nail back in October. There’s only one cuff left.
  19. God, we are absolutely sh*t. One or two players away from challenging for the title says Sarri. He’s completely deranged.
  20. Only just seen that Eintracht conceded 6 goals in the first half against Leverkusen at the weekend. Not sure how important the game was to Eintracht or whether they rested their entire team, but not great preparation all the same.
  21. I have a very strong feeling that Liverpool will end the season empty handed and we won't be the only London club to have won the European Cup.
  22. I think Sarri said this, "I think that we have to buy only one, two players, otherwise it's very difficult to improve immediately," So I don't think that he's saying we only need one or two players to be challenging on all front - and after watching this season, surely nobody thinks were maybe just one player short of challenging on all fronts. I think he's saying that to see any immediate improvement he needs one or to players. That's just a starter on the path to challenging on all fronts. If Hazard leaves, which one or two players can we sign that will counter that loss and allow us to bridge a 25 point gap on Liverpool and City?
  23. We are so f**ked. So we get one transfer window where we'll get robbed blind for even mediocre players and that will mean that we'll probably buy a couple of less than mediocre players. Then two windows without any signings and then back to to getting ripped off for the first window after that. Even Sarri has said it will be very difficult to improve at all without signing and couple of players. I guess the best way to look at it is that by the time we can start to improve our squad again maybe Pep will have left City.

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