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  1. What a line up Cooke, Hutchinson ,Osgood and a ref who set the Guinness book of records for turning a blind eye ! 🙂
  2. I spotted on Amazon last night the documentary on Leeds ,covering off last season ... watched most of episode 1 - it was an interesting watch. It is clear that being a city with just one club means the whole community is Leeds end of and that gives them a real feel for their team
  3. Whilst I’ve always lived down south my mum and her family all come from Deepest Yorkshire and all support Leeds ,horrible horrible team ,always have been always will be
  4. F1905


    Ah pin badges ,one of my many obsessions !
  5. Plenty of CFC in the arsenal seats up and celebrating
  6. Is that speedie goal away at Newcastle in the 1 1 draw ?
  7. More great pictures ,the state of the Wembley pitch after the horse of the year show ,blimey ,knew it was bad but that picture with Eddie grey and David Webb ,the pitch is just mud and more mud
  8. Leeds at home ,Ah the return of the edge and bono ! And even the stewards look like they’ve stepped off the terraces I was up in Leeds on Thursday for a family funeral and the crematorium was just passed Elland road ,brought back some good memories ....bit odd though sitting in the back of a hearse humming “we all hate Leeds and Leeds “🤪
  9. Loving the Luton defenders Adidas trainers 😀 Plus the picture with wee Pat above ,he’s wearing a CFC home shirt and away shorts by the looks of it,slightly odd Great pictures as always Ersk
  10. Nice one cheers Ersk ,the day I walked 8 miles home ,the things we did and indeed do for our club
  11. I wonder if that is the 3 3 on New Year’s Day ,looks cold enough to be
  12. The Doc was such a smart dresser ,every picture he looks the absolute bolloxs ,must be a 60's thing
  13. Any takers for Hull? Just cant figure out the badge
  14. I seem to remember a few CFC got into the Walsall end just before kick off and then got moved out by Old Bill and put in the away end... we were stood just down the side by the away fans in a CFC section as we had behind the goal and where we were on the side Seem to recall we were 2 - 0 at one stage and were lucky to get out with a draw

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