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  1. Ah Barry Venison Always worth googling barry vension england Hickey re the Colin Ward book steaming in
  2. The other thing I remember is we put 4 past Liverpool at home ,next home game ,we put 5 past Ipswich ,i was at those two then the next home game was this Burnley one where we scored 6 so im thinking it must be 7 in the next home game...so who we got Man united ..perfect but no
  3. Great pictures of the cup game v Burnley thanks Ersk...was at the game ,mid week under lights ,went 1 down i seem to recall... why do these games mean so much but today’s games well meh heh ho win or loose up the blues
  4. RIP the Doc For some reason when i see any picture of him ,especially in the sixties ,i always think he looks both dead hard and super cool at the same time
  5. Cheers Ersk... would never ever have got that name so thanks...ps got to love the bounder site 👌
  6. In that huddersfield picture from the right Steve Kember ,John Dempsey ,Dave Webb but on the far left hand side who is the CFC player? I started going early seventies and we all know that team but this player has me beaten but i know one of you will enlighten me cheers
  7. It’s been very enjoyable reading and watching the cfc v leeds stuff the past 24 hours ...got me right in the mood ,we all hate leeds and leeds and leeds ...even my leeds supportIng mum has been on the phone giving it large ,not bad for an 87 year old 😂🤪💪
  8. I didn’t realise DDR was banned ,he had some excellent stories ....anyway pre kick off i always liked how nearly every player had a song and when sung they would turn and wave to the shed.... when and why did that stop..? Just the modern game i guess .... Random examples Peter Bonetti clap clap clap Peter Bonetti ,Kenny Swain he’s here he’s there he’s every fuking where ...na na na na na Spackman ,la la la Zola
  9. Bluehaze that Noddy Holder story didn’t half make me chuckle , brilliant
  10. Trebor backwards is Robert ...just a thought ,anyway the real question is how did it only take him 4 weeks to build the east stand out of matches !! it takes me two weeks to find a box of matches ,a further week to find any glue then with my first attempt to glue two matches together i glue my fingers together which takes a further week to separate so im four weeks in and done bugger all but Bob builds a nearly full size replica in that time!
  11. The bloke in the jumper was the Chelsea lottery seller ,used to stand just inside the ground at the foot of the shed steps i seem to recall...must admit never brought one but the peanut sellers ,well that was a different matter ,brought loads of bags
  12. Good memories re Nobby ,not sure i saw him play live so good read Stretford ,how sad he like many of that generation had to sell their hard earned medals...shame the money bags PFA couldn’t have done more plus the clubs as well I appreciate the clubs are a business and do quite a bit on the quiet ,especially CFC in many ways but why cant they buy the medals then give them back to the families moan over.... RIP Nobby ps not being disrespectful but what was his first name as I presume Nobby was a nickname ?
  13. In the Everton away picture nice Tunbridge Wells union jack ,i wonder who that belonged to 🥽
  14. Add me to the nearly formed i never knew that about Tommy Baldwin club... cheers Stretford can i add I enjoy your posts ,i know youve been posting for a while but pleasure to read your take on old skool man u and cfc
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