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  1. Loving this ground thread ,i never twigged the links between our old East stand and the stand at Fulham but the pictures above really show how similar they are.
  2. The old bills lineup is fairly defensive,yes they have 5 up front but then have two banks of 2 in midfield,then 2 holding midfielders then 7 left backs ,6 central defenders including 2 women and 4 right backs with 1 facing the wrong way ,I mean how defensive can they be they then have 32 goalkeepers ,one ,five in from the right who appears to be taller that fatty fookes no doubt just 11 of our legendary north stand would beat them over 90 minutes !
  3. When Bridge scored ,I just discovered man love and hugged the geezer next to me for what seemed an hour at least ! He was quite happy hugging me back ,amazing what a late winner does think now va f**king r would spend 19 minutes checking if he was off side and would have killed one of the very very best celebrations ever modern football is sh*te in so many ways
  4. I always wondered if Kerry scored all the pens he actually missed,if he would have ,at the time broken the scoring record ? going back to the Pompey game I recall we missed a load of pens before that game ,of course during that game and in the games that followed...we went on a horrible run of misses and tried a few different takers ,who all missed !!
  5. Thanks Ersk whilst I’m still buzzing after Sunday’s result v that shower of sh*te from north London I’m also still buzzing from Arsenal away as above ,and that was, as we all know,35 plus years ago! I know it has been said a thousand times but look at that middle picture above ,in both tiers half the crowd have gone up celebrating. No history my arse ps seasons greetings to all who keep this thread alive ,we all know it is the best
  6. The graveyard ! never knew that ,brilliant ,just keel over with frost bite ,dig a hole and sorted 😨
  7. Huddle up like a load of penguins ,quality line 😀 The coldest for me is actually in non league circles Banstead away ,even in late April or early August,even if the rest of the uk is sweltering Banstead is like Siberia
  8. Isn’t it just ,one of the best recently posted .i bet the four cameramen behind the goal might want to warm their proverbials up after 90 minutes of sitting on snow .Love the movement of the keeper and the ball boy
  9. Great picture of my best ever CFC goal ,never the most important but simply the best .All from a Plymouth corner and Ray cleared the corner to the left and we broke ,I think Gary Locke whizzed down the wing and crossed it and Ray had run the length of the pitch and scored with the diving header in the above picture... well that’s how I remember it
  10. What a line up Cooke, Hutchinson ,Osgood and a ref who set the Guinness book of records for turning a blind eye ! 🙂
  11. I spotted on Amazon last night the documentary on Leeds ,covering off last season ... watched most of episode 1 - it was an interesting watch. It is clear that being a city with just one club means the whole community is Leeds end of and that gives them a real feel for their team
  12. Whilst I’ve always lived down south my mum and her family all come from Deepest Yorkshire and all support Leeds ,horrible horrible team ,always have been always will be
  13. F1905


    Ah pin badges ,one of my many obsessions !
  14. Plenty of CFC in the arsenal seats up and celebrating

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