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  1. That price list is a thing of great wonder ,love it , thanks for posting ,the only home shirt I ever brought ,and still have is the 81 pin stripe ,not sure I remember the 0.45p postage ha ha ....cuff links and belts ,pendants and key rings ,ah great memories....
  2. Great pic of Alan Hudson ,if that is the 3 0 defeat game in 71-72 that was my first ever CFC game ...48 years where have they gone !!
  3. That was a tough season ,I didn’t do many games ,but did the notts county game as last game of the season, so must have thought why not .... The demo wasn’t planned as far as I recall ,in fact being the last game we might have been on the pitch regardless ...seems a long time ago now
  4. The thread that just keeps coming up with great pictures,stories and memories that live on ,love it !
  5. yeah he is about still but pretty poorly the last time i saw / heard about him..... maybe your right ,maybe he saw himself more them than us as well.... who knows .... on the back of OLDGIT above saying "everybody at the ground new they were witnessing a very special talent." i suspect older CFC must have been gutted when he went off to Italy and then back to that lot
  6. hit him on the head ,hit him on the head ,hit him on the head with a baseball bat, on the head,on the head ps not his fault but it always annoys me how Greaves is seen by the press /media arses as a sp*ts legend yet his goal scoring record for us,at all levels, was staggering
  7. More great picks Ersk...love the boy with the megaphone ,imagine taking one of those in today ,sitting next to a tourist and giving it a full one man went to mow?
  8. Great picture ,neither touching the ball but the effort on both players faces says it all...muddy pitch ,great kit,great team although Keith Jones could’nt be described ever as world class ?he always gave his all even if it was a smidge limited bless him
  9. Cheers Ersk for the answer and some more great pictures ....
  10. Great picture Boyne... my brain is telling me I never knew about the Umbro logo and old badge being on the roof of the west stand....anybody know what the wording reads ?
  11. I was there but I was an old git being 5 years old
  12. We’re playing Nottingham forest ,that is a very young Duncan McKenzie on the far right hand side
  13. That was a really decent Everton at the time ,in fact for a couple of seasons to be fair , they placed some superb football . i always enjoyed going there especially in the seats as that terrace was about 2 feet deep ! ?
  14. There will be a bigger fan zone down my local ,the nags head I would suspect !
  15. Now that is some good news for a change ,thanks Boyne... keep fighting Mickey T

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