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  1. Old Dell boy flogging those ski hats might not know his ski from his hat,he might even be off his bobble as he is even trying to flog Arsenal Celt@c half and half...i mean wtf
  2. The Blue Flag collection not old ,unlike me but it gets worn occasionally
  3. Trouble i had with subbueto was i had no one to play against ,ah so would spend hours taking free kicks from outside the box ,trying to score around and over the wall sad but happy i had the cfc kit but loved the palace embassey fag packet type one ,the don rogers kit,shame on me but at that age i had no real understanding of tribal hate tread
  4. Zinc great memories ,your right about that walk, every pub had locals gurning at us as we went to the ground .Remember being behind the goal and im sure the terrace wasnt that deep as such and there were a couple of pens that CFC were in ....ive seen footage of Speedies goal ,on this Vintage thread i guess and our end looked great
  5. Not football related but RIP Toots ....
  6. Cheers Bluehaze ,your right Weller wares monkeys boots but i fear his are top end wedge. so black cardigan with a 1981 pin stripe shirt underneath and partially on show ,another fashion disaster i fear.... CB look at the thread you started ,still going ,fair play to you
  7. Oh no shame on me , as i was always monkey boots over Dr Martens.... and then DM shoes over DM boots 🥾 shows what little i knew then and indeed now ha ha
  8. Cheers Bluehaze there it is ! Still cant picture it even though it is as clear as day ...strange
  9. Great read ,music and football ,my lifetime passions ,Wee Pat a CFC legend....
  10. Carefree mike was a decent poster ,really hated them north london scum ,as we all do I know but i seem to recall his every post had an anti spurts comment ....good on him and i hope he’s well
  11. Cheers Ersk ,must admit ive never heard of Alan Young ,he looks a beast though
  12. Great picture,no idea who the Bloke second from the right back row and front middle between john boyle and John hollins are any takers
  13. Funnily enough i have never noticed or seen that score board thing in any picture Bluehaze ,very odd. My first game was Sept 1973 and Me and my mum were in the west stand and the Shed as i recall was Exactly as it was until the day it was finally pulled down. i need to google a bit more !
  14. Wow great pics bluhaze ,never seen them...does the article say what year that work to the ground was done?
  15. John sissons is the top one ,the bottom is maybe john john john um
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