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  1. I’d like to see more of us in pre season before committing fully but from what I’ve seen so far I’d quite like the 4-4-2 diamond we used in the first half last time out. Kepa Azpi Christensen Zouma Emerson Jorginho Kante Kovacic Mount Abraham Batshuayi Still a good few pre season games to go through until then. Alternatively I’d go for the 4-4-3 and swap mount with Pulisic and Bats/Abraham for Pedro and keep that rest the same
  2. If he’s adamant he’s not signing and he’s holding the club to ransom then in my opinion we need to get shot of him. That’s the kind of toxic attitude we don’t need around the club. He’s being offered huge money and assurances over game time at the age of 18. He’s extremely naive if he thinks he’s got a better chance of playing at Bayern. I also don’t particularly like his brother being his representative and already having been involved in two Chelsea youths being taken to Bayern. The further away from the club we can get him the better. i still wish he’d sign and in a perfect world he would but this has been dragging on for far too long now for there to be nothing in it. Bayern wouldn’t still be bidding if they weren’t getting signals from his camp it was still a goer and certainly not if he’d already signed the contract as some of these ‘in the know’ers have claimed. Compare this to Pulisic who has had about a week of holiday because he wants to join up with his new team mates and it’s night and day.
  3. This is what worries me, he’s had quite a few good chances today and not taken any of them. I thought he should passed it to Abraham who would have been able to take it first time on his right.
  4. Zappacosta still looks dug-meat. I mean I don’t take pre season too seriously but having never really looked like challenging the first team, this is his chance to impress. Mount on set pieces is good, at least he can beat the first man, what a pleasant change!!
  5. I quite like the look of us with two strikers, gives the defenders a bit more to worry about than when we go with one. Tammy and Bats link up well as well. That flick Tammy put in to Bats would have been a sensational goal if it had dropped a bit quicker!
  6. In terms of Christensen being a liability, the same could be said of Zouma when he goes charging almost Luiz-esque to win a ball he doesn’t need to. That’s what used to lead to his last ditch tackles a lot of the time before, fortunately he’s athletic enough to get back. I’m sure Frank will assess them all equally but I’d like to see luiz used more in a JT leader under Conte role with a bit more game time. I’d go with: 1. Rudiger 2. Christensen 3. Zouma 4. Luiz/Ampadu 5. Tomori (send on loan to a PL team).
  7. I thought Maatsen done well for a 17 year old lad. Guys like Piazon, Baker etc we need to just sell them. Even for the good of their career - Piazon is 25 now. Baker is 24 I t’s highly unlikely either are going to break in to our first team setup at this stage.
  8. Honestly, see looking at our twitter threads actually makes me cringe. The amount of these ‘fans’ throwing their toys out the pram because a team full of guys who will probably be sent out on loan haven’t smashed a team in to their season. Horrendous.
  9. First friendly so I wouldn’t read much in to it but I like how we’re set up. Pressing from the front, on the front foot looking to win the ball back. - I like Kenedy at left back, and I wouldn’t be against him being back up to Emerson if we were to sell Alonso. He’ll be tested by better teams than Bohemians but at least he has the pace to recover if caught out. - Ampadu is class, he controls the ball so well no matter how much pressure is being applied, he’s cool on the ball and can ping a pass as well. He put a great ball through to Batshuayi down the line. - Danny Drinkwater has been good considering he’s not seen a second of football in a year. - Bats has led the line really well, showed great strength to hold the ball up a couple of times, I just wish he had a bit more pace as he could have been 1 on 1 a couple of times if he had that change of pace, it could just take some getting up to speed. - Connor Gallagher looks a tidy player, links up with everyone around him really well, lamps just needs to teach him the finish when running on to it at the edge of the box! Overall quite impressed with that as a first pre-season friendly! Hopefully the second half team can match it!
  10. If his hand was just trailing and he didn’t intentionally try to stop the ball with his hand that’s a shocking decision. The penalty is bad enough but he should never be getting a straight red for trying to win the ball and having the ball strike the arm unintentionally.
  11. Thanks mate, that would line up with when our twitter posted this... So I just wanted to reaffirm that I had the right time in mind! Cheers!
  12. Does anyone know the exact time that Drogbas penalty hit the back of the net in Munich on British time?
  13. Looking forward to these games! It’ll be nice to see some of the young guys get a run out, even ones that might not stick around for the full season!
  14. It won’t be that come May when Abraham has hit over 20 goals and CHO & Pulisic are on at least double figures each as well😉 I’ve went with 4th but I’ll be happy with anywhere from 6th up.
  15. Bit harsh on Barkley in my opinion, he’s definitely underwhelmed in a chelsea jersey but if frank uses him in the way England do then he could be like a new signing all over again. He has the ability as he showed at Everton. Hopefully the greatest attacking centre midfielder can work to bring out the original promise that he showed as a youngster.
  16. Eh? I thought his full time job was being a prick. Amazed he can fit any other work around that.
  17. The most galling thing about all of this is actually the fact a lot of these people have journalism degrees. I wonder what the courses for that look like. Module 1 - Make up whatever you like for transfer rumours. Module 2 - if it’s an event, just guess and if you’re wrong, keep guessing and eventually it will line up. Module 3 - if it doesn’t line up then just blame it on a sudden change of events. Here’s your degree..
  18. I mean, he literally said it was happening yesterday and now it’s only being prepped today. It’s total guesswork by these guys
  19. Now now sonny. I won't have any of that sensible talk. Where would the online world be without rabid shouting. Apologies, I’m not sure what got in to me. SARRI IS A w**kER AND CONTE WEARS A sh*tE WIG. f**k THEM BOTH!!! Better?
  20. Jesus, can you not just thank two managers who won trophies for our team and wish them the best in the future instead of crying over spilled milk and arguing about who hates who more? I would have preferred José not go to United but he did, such is life. They all won trophies for us and for that, personally, I’ll always be grateful irrelevant of how it ended. Some of you are acting like Sarri/Conte had a sh*te on the centre circle at Stamford bridge and then pissed on your seat. Everyone’s gonna have differing opinions on who they prefer but abusing previous managers who were successful here is a bit cringe. (Except FSW - he’s allowed).
  21. Kovacic is 10000% done. The club confirmed it through an article on the website, so what’s the hold up in just putting up an announcement? It is amateurish to post an article confirming something you’ve not actually confirmed yet. It’s very poor IMO. As for impatient, our pre season starts on Wednesday and yet again we could potentially go in to it managerless. As long as it’s done before then, I’m happy but we knew Sarri was going a month ago. I’m sure there’s reasons behind the delay but we do seem to drag our feet more than other clubs in my opinion.
  22. I must admit, we are coming across as quite amateurish (again) this summer. Kovacic still hasn’t officially been announced despite it being leaked on the website a few days ago, and him not being listed in the players leaving the club at the end of the month. What on Earth is the hold up with just releasing a statement confirming that we signed him? I know Mel Morris loves spouting off to the media but again, we get more updates from the other club than our own. All these ITK’ers on twitter claiming it’ll be 48 hours, then the 48 after that, then the 48 after that... making out they know anything and aren’t just guessing makes me understand old @yorkleyblue points about social media.

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