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  1. Bit of a stretch to claim that was down to great defending... the clean sheet on Sunday was pretty lucky... Zouma gifted Calvert-Lewin a chance that he would take 9 out of 10 times. We still need a top class CB. The only question is who we pair with that player, for me it would be Tomori then it would be a case of letting two of the 3 remaining CB’s go which would give us 4 (if you include Ampadu at CB) with Azpi as emergency cover.
  2. His end product was past it 15 years ago to be fair... joking aside, I’d be happy for him to stay as a squad player but not if it made us break our policy on over 30’s players by an extra couple of years. As others have said, we didn’t do that for JT, Lampard etc. We shouldn’t be doing it for Willian. He’s been a good servant but it’s a bit cheeky to turn down a 2 year deal which is already going against the clubs policy.
  3. He will be an ever present in Chelsea for the next decade. Despite the ridiculous criticism he receives from some sections of our support, he’s had a terrific season and really sets the tone for when we press. He has all the attributes to be a world class player. People often forget, Lampard was not performing at this high a level at the same age, I don’t think he even played a CL game until he was about 24/25. We have a wealth of quality young players who are scrapping it out for the top 4. The future is still very very bright for us, especially with the likes of Gilmour making an impact. Tino etc won’t be far behind either.
  4. Terrific result tonight against a strong Liverpool team when we are decimated with injuries!! Billy was different gravy tonight!
  5. Awww Mason, you have to square that. You have to square that!!
  6. Adrian really is a conundrum of a goalkeeper. Probably your ideal no.2. He makes some world class saves (Willian before the goal, that save from Giroud) he had a few crackers in the super cup against us as well but then let’s in a clanger like the Willian goal.
  7. Oh my f**king god. We could have been winning this 4 or 5-0
  8. Jesus Christ. The best and worst of Pedro in a 30 second period. Incredible pressing to win possession and then an absolutely dreadful finish at the end of it. That would have been game over.
  9. Oh my f**king god. Where has that Ross Barkley been. Incredible goal!!!
  10. Jesus man, come on Barkley - you’ve got to be doing better there.
  11. Shame he looks like a baby giraffe when he gets the ball at his feet.
  12. Just put Tino on for Pedro at HT. I can’t keep watching him man🤦🏻‍♂️
  13. f**king hell. If Kovacic is off this season actually cannot get any worse with injuries. You couldn’t f**king make this up.
  14. YESSSSS!!! Thank god! To be fair to Adrian that first save was f**king world class. He had no right saving Willian’s initial shot.
  15. Awww man. I’ve really enjoyed Pedros time with us but he’s finished. I really hope this is his final season with us.
  16. Oh my f**king god. Pedro with an awful touch, you have to get your shot off there.
  17. f**king Zouma let’s the ball run under his foot and Rudiger just punts it in to the Liverpool forward. Hahahah couldn’t make it up man 😂
  18. True, we do have some extremely physically imposing players who are dominate in the air...
  19. Sell Zouma & Rudiger - neither are good enough IMO. Keep Tomori & Christensen - at least they’re young enough to develop add in Ampadu and then try and bring in a truly world class CB to partner with one of the three.
  20. It does seem like we’ve had horrendous luck with injuries to key players for long periods of time. I can’t remember a time when we were so badly ravaged by injuries for such a long period of time. This must be one of the worst seasons injury wise for a long while? I’m sure the lack of quality squad depth also makes this look a lot worse than it would have in the past but I still can’t think of a time when it was this bad.
  21. Surely you’re not referring to tonight? He slipped, not much he could do about that. If anyone in our back 3 was a weak link it was Rudiger IMO & Bayern attacked that early doors and we were lucky they didn’t capitalise on it.
  22. Is there any update on when he’ll be back? I don’t feel like the media ask about him at all in the pressers the way the do with Ruben, Kante etc.
  23. Willy made a couple of saves against Spurs that I didn’t think Kepa would have made. The stop from Moura I thought would have gone in with Kepa.

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