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  1. He’s very very lucky to stay on the park there, no intention to play the ball at all.
  2. Havertz saved by a marginal offside but that’s a poor finish.
  3. Never a red in a million years, there was clear intention to play the ball.
  4. He’s won the ball there but he’s come through Lukaku to do it.
  5. That’s a few great balls Mason has fired across the box with no one getting on the end of them. That was also a clear pen.
  6. Lukaku should be aware enough to reverse that ball with his left foot when Mount overlapped.
  7. Wow. Even by Werner’s standards that’s a shocking miss.
  8. Aye he’s a good player, big fan of him at Hibs - works really well alongside Nisbet as well. I’m surprised he’s not had a call up given his performances since he joined us. Shame about his injury this year!
  9. DOIDGEY!!! Get him up top, guaranteed goals!
  10. Pretty fair summary Scott. I mentioned concerns about his performances against better sides after Liverpool and got a hard time about it. That’s a few more with City & Juve tonight where he’s been ineffectual. It’s still relatively early days in his chelsea career again but there’s no signs of that trend that’s followed him his entire career, changing.
  11. I’m sorry but he has to get that down. He’s closed his eyes before the balls even arrived. Absolutely shat it to put his head on it.
  12. Mount out of form still provides more than Kai and particularly Ziyech even on his best days. They’re both massive misses.
  13. We lose Kante and Mount and we’re so poor. Bar the CL final, Kai really isn’t that great for me.
  14. Yikes, that’s not good! Although, it sounds like a good thing I’m missing it rather than getting severely stressed!
  15. Had to miss the game today, is the performance as bad as the stats suggest?
  16. Yessssss!! Get in there Rudi!!! Brilliantly picked out Timo as well!
  17. I feel like we let Spurs off the hook a lot when we play them. We could take 4/5 from them but end up winning by 1 or 2 - I want to smash them.
  18. Lukaku needs to direct that into one of the corners.
  19. Werner, again with a bad miss. Lukaku should never be going for that with Alonso, Alonso is facing the goal, that’s his ball all day.
  20. Oh my god Timo. Lukaku has done so well there, f**king hell.
  21. I’d like to see Werner for Havertz, he’s not been at it at all today.
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