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  1. Brilliant from the big man tonight. His link up play was fantastic, holding the ball up, winning headers, brining his team mates in to play. He managed to grab his goal as well which was thoroughly deserved. Two assists for Havertz and heavily involved in the third. The chemistry the two of them showed was amazing to watch, it was as if they’d been playing together for years. It would be interesting to see if we could Tammy and Tomori in the same team. Top performance from the young man tonight.
  2. In before the over the top criticism of his performance tonight. Young laddie that has barely played of late and is severely lacking in confidence and people are expecting him to play like prime Hazard. By no means a vintage display but he grew in to that game in the second half. The first half he looked stuck in the middle of ‘I better not do anything wrong’ & ‘I need to do something to impress’. Inevitably ending up stuck somewhere in the middle & making sloppy mistakes. He needs a run of games to get his confidence back. He should be going home tonight with two assists and
  3. Good result! Brilliant confidence booster for our attacking players. We still look very, very vulnerable defensively which I’m sure is a big concern for Frank. Barnsley tested Willy far too often, I’m just glad he was up for it tonight!
  4. What exactly are you expecting of the laddie when he’s barely played of late? He should have two assists and a pen. He’s not been sensational, but that’s still a decent contribution for someone that’s barely had a look in.
  5. That was a stonewaller - the ref hasn’t given it because we’re 6-0 up and he feels sorry for them.
  6. One more goal to match our result from last year at this stage...
  7. Nice little assist for Chilly B on his debut! Great header from Giroud - I don’t think there’s anyone better in world football at attacking the ball in the box with their head than him.
  8. That’s another great ball in from CHO, I actually think Azpi got up too early there, he should be scoring that!
  9. As good as we’ve been going forward - against better sides we would be in serious trouble giving up this many chances to them. Barnsley have had some great chances against us tonight. Fortunately, Willy has been great - if Kepa was in goal, this could be 5-5!
  10. What a bit of play by Mount and Giroud. How had Collins managed to save that, what a cracking save that is.
  11. The enigma that is Ross Barkley... that’s actually miss of the night. I can’t believe he’s put that wide.
  12. CHO should have had an assist there - that was a terrific ball across the box, begging for someone to tap it in.
  13. Are you this good with all sports😂? I was trying to find stuff for the NFL the other week and almost had an aneurysm in the process.
  14. Kaiiii with a hat trick!! What a ball by Tammy around the corner as well! The chemistry & link up those two have already is incredible. It’s like they’ve played together for years!
  15. It would be kind of harsh on Emerson who has played really well tonight IMO.
  16. Tammy has been brilliant tonight. I have no doubt last season he’d probably of tried to take that himself but his awareness & link up with Kai is terrific.
  17. How is that not a foul? Tammy has gone past both of them and they’ve tripped him which caused him to lose his footing and not get the ball before Baxter. Surely that should be pulled back for the foul.
  18. Brilliant tackle from Havertz there to win the ball back, top work rate! Fantastic finish by Ross off his left!
  19. To be fair, Christensen was booked originally as well until the referee looked at it again.
  20. Not quite sure what people were expecting from CHO, a world class performance? The kids barely played of late and his confidence will be shot. Looks like he’s not sure whether to play it safe or try and impress and ends up caught somewhere in the middle. He needs a run of game to get some form and confidence back.
  21. He certainly tailed off after the restart, I can’t argue with that. Giroud was also in good form at that point. They’re at completely different stages of their careers - Abraham is just starting out, Giroud is nearing the end - I would expect him to be the more rounded player of the two.
  22. That was a sensational ball by Barkley by the way. What the f**k is the keeper doing. Centre half got him off the hook massively there.
  23. Already had this argument with someone in his thread - if you look at the goals per minute - what you’ve just said is bollox. It was up there with the top strikers in the league. You’re entitled to your opinion even if the evidence doesn’t back it up.
  24. It was evidenced last year by the fact he was the top scorer for the team that finished 4th in the PL that Barnsley is clearly not ‘his level’
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