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  1. We should have comfortably scored more than 4 goals in this game but i should just be happy we scored that many from our chances for once!
  2. That’s settled the nerves a bit more! As great as it is to see us scoring goals, I wish it was against someone else - feel sorry for big Gaz🙁
  3. True, I was gonna use the term sexy football and then read it back and decided to just go with good. Like you say, not playing badly but it’s not a patch on the first half IMO.
  4. Kai had space there to drive further forward before striking that.
  5. We should have known better than to expect two full halves of good football. we’ve only been capable of one dating back to Frank.
  6. I agree about Benteke but Zaha I think is harsh, he’s a moany c**t but he’s a good player, would be better in a side that actually wanted to attack and with better players around him - still never an £80m player though.
  7. Probably the most I’ve enjoyed a half of football under TT since he took over, fingers crossed for more of the same in the second half!
  8. It’s giving me a sore head seeing us look so dangerous going forward. I forgot what this looked like 🤯😵
  9. Fantastic free kick from Mason and Kurt is an absolute monster in the air. Easily the best centre half we’ve had, probably player at attacking the ball since Cahill and Terry.
  10. That was a great touch by Kai, just needed to put his foot through it and it might have had too much power. Puli unlucky to not get the deflection.
  11. Another great finish by Puli! Terrific cut back by Kai as well, great movement and awareness to pick him out.
  12. Werner has played in just over 3,000 across 41 games minutes this season across all competition and scored 10 goals and assisted 11. Tammy has played just over 1,000 minutes across 30 games in all comps and scored 12 and assisted 6. He’s outscored him in a third of the time & got half the assists he does. Of course he’s going to be much more impactful and game changing when he’s playing almost every minute in most games. Inflated? They both took part in those games until Werners injury. Let’s not forget Werner played the full 90 minutes against that very same Luton si
  13. Simply because he cost £50m - that’s why. He’s not performing well to be playing on form and Tuchels reason is pish, our attack is painful to watch the vast majority of the time and we struggle to score goals. In general our league form isn’t great either to be honest - we’ve won two out of our last six.
  14. Comparing him to Haaland who is a generational striker by any definition of the word and Felix who was touted “the next Ronaldo” in a lot of corners of the media isn’t really fair and not many strikers are at those levels although from (the little) I’ve seen of Felix - I don’t think he’s lived up to the hype thus far, admittedly I don’t watch him a lot. There was a massive fanfare over Belotti before and look how that’s turned out. We sold Lukaku to Everton, who were nothing more than a mid table club, not dissimilar to Aston Villa at the time so I’m not sure what point that proves? O
  15. So criminally underrated by our own fans. Gets the usual, bambi on ice, sh*te touch etc which is the exact kind of criticisms that were levelled at Lukaku and now our fans are clamouring for us to re-sign him for £100m odd. I find it totally bizarre. Meanwhile Werner gets away with some shocking performances like last night and no one writes him off despite it not being the first time. Given our record with strikers we sign, we have a lot more misses than hits, it blows my mind folk are so happy to give up on Tammy. The way he’s being treated under TT is poor.
  16. Well that certainly wasn’t easy on the eye but I think everyone would have taken 2-0 before the game so can’t complain with that, puts us in a great position for the second leg. The thought of playing Real does put the sh*ters up me a bit mind you, can’t help but think they’d rip us to shreds playing like that. Hopefully it brings back some confidence after the weekend and we can get some form going.
  17. f**king hell man, that should be an easy ball for Kovacic to tee up Azpi for the cross and he’s massively over hit it, it’s a simple pass.
  18. That’s brilliant from Chilwell! Capitalised on the boys mistake fantastically! Great composure to go around the keeper as well, very nicely done.
  19. Jesus, Havertz saved from the flag, totally switched off there and a shocking attempt at finishing an open goal.
  20. I honestly thought he was older than the Likes of Frank & JT! Learn something every day!
  21. This is not a slight on the team but I just thought this was funny when I seen it and shows how misleading stats can be.
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