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  1. He could have but he never, he injured it in an unnecessary game. I have no issue with us doing these American tours or charity supporting games but save it for pre season. Our season isn’t over and it was an incredibly stupid decision by Roman to sign off on this inbetween. The risk of injury in a competitive match is much higher than a training session. If we’re missing Kante & Loftus-Cheek for the final, we’re in big trouble.
  2. Well I suggest you sign better players on Fifa, I have Sancho, Icardi, Milinkovic-Savic, Ruben Neves, Lucas Hernandez & Jovic, De Ligt on mine so if Marina wants to just copy that I can send her a screenshot.. 😜
  3. Not sure we need to worry about that mate, we have two superstars. Probably one after the summer window. I agree however, that Zappacosta done well last night, he’s still nothing that an Aina/James couldn’t do though in my opinion.
  4. I’m pretty sure it’s to register new players. Luiz would already be registered so I don’t think that would effect it.
  5. Two year contract extension confirmed by the club. Strange we’ve broken the over 30 rule for Luiz. I don’t think he’s worth it and we would have been as well letting him move on unless he’s happy to take a squad role.
  6. Personally, I’ve been Sarri out most of this season. I still don’t feel I’m wrong in that, I’ve seen enough from his game management to think he’s not got what it takes to move us forward, he looks tactically inept when it comes to influencing games. We very seldom come from behind to win games (only against Cardiff twice I think). We have played some really poor games of football and been on the end of a couple of really embarrassing results. His signings in my opinion have been poor. I’m not a big fan of his public man management either, the whole CHO - England debut fiasco was poor i felt. That said, I am man enough to admit he’s achieved the goals I assume were set out to him at the beginning of the season and he does have a pretty poor squad so he’s earned the right to stay next season. He has got RLC playing exceptionally well, that could be down to him just maturing as a footballer but the man himself credits Sarri so I’m inclined to believe him. If we get to Christmas and we’re still playing eye bleeding football then the board will have a decision to make - the big problem they have is if they do that, our ban will be kicking in that January so we won’t have any wiggle room to change the squad. In an ideal world we’d get a DoF in so that we have continuity irrelevant of the managerial situations.
  7. I get the point you’re making, but a one off game is completely different to an entire league campaign. Second worse football ever, Wimbledon were worse than us - just
  8. I’ve made no secret that I’m not a fan of his but he’s starting to win me round lately, his form has improved significantly. Personally I’d stop short of immense but he’s been good, even winning tackles and screening the back four which is a nice change. His turn on the edge of the box to start the counter last night was beautiful. I’ll wait to see him sustain it over more than a handful of games next season but it’s certainly promising signs.
  9. To be fair if he hadn’t chucked it for the goal. It would have still been 1-0 so he probably wouldn’t have needed to do this. Nonetheless it was a good clearance. He’s still not a good enough defender though. He’d given Jorginho a horrendous ball just before their goal that could have cost us as well.
  10. Alternatively, if he was on loan from City, there would be people saying he’s the future of English football and what a prospect he is and none of our loan army can do that. Yet because he’s ours, it’s no big deal and he’s not good enough. There was about 3/4 times the ball came off the keeper in and around the 6 yard box last night. Abraham smashes those chances in. Perfectly capable of being our back up striker and he’d hit at least double figures if he was
  11. I absolutely love Luiz penalties, no f**king about he just smashes it
  12. Azpilicuetas penalty was good, it was right in the corner, he just needed to lift his head and he would have seen trapp had gone early.
  13. Why are keepers never pulled up for jumping 5 yards off their line? It’s a joke
  14. Great penalty from Ross, no keepers saving that - right in the corner
  15. Maybe his backs finally given out from carrying the rest of this team all year.
  16. Owen Hargreaves is the biggest gobsh*te to talk about football. Him and Jenas should never be allowed on the tele to discuss football. Both a couple of idiots.

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