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  1. Hazard did everything he could, clear MOM. However, he can't do it alone in a system which failed spectacularly on the night
  2. Fast Eddie

    Spuds V Chelsea (LC) Tue 8th Jan 20:00 UK

    Going tonight - mixed feelings about it (what sort of result we'll get that is). One thing for sure, no doubt their self proclaimed 'Army' will be in attendance in numbers at a key point looking to pick off 'scarfers, etc'. As was the case at the Bridge they need to stay well away from my small ensemble...
  3. Hi Eddie 

    Are the tickets for the Chelsea v Leicester still available?


  4. Fast Eddie

    Eden Hazard

    His quality is unquestioned.. Yes, good money v's his contributions this season would seem like good business..
  5. Fast Eddie

    Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    He looked as though he had more energy/better fitness yesterday despite missing a game..
  6. Fast Eddie

    Eden Hazard

    it's not about intuition, more feasibility that he off to real in Jan..
  7. Fast Eddie

    Our New Stadium

    Agree, we're members with good loyalty provision and struggle to get tickets. Bolton midweek early round of Capital One Cup was a sell out with 9 first team changes and a good night out. I'm looking forward to seeing us grow and better availability for all... Roll on the Bridge expansion.
  8. Fast Eddie

    Didier Drogba Returns!

    I think the galvanising effect for fans is another aspect gone unspoken so far. Chasing a game Drog on to help bust a defence will rally the atmosphere home and away and we all know Jose places big emphasis on fans' role in help achieving the objective.
  9. Fast Eddie

    Our New Stadium

    Battersea laid empty for so many years.............. It's BS and sad for us. Next best scenario is buy up some of the area that surround the Bridge and/or send the railway underground but I don't know how realistic that all is...?
  10. Fast Eddie

    Our New Stadium

    Can I like this ^^ 10 times. That sack of sh*t consortium with grand ideas on a hoity toity development I hope it fizzles to dust and they all catch bubonic plague slowly while we turn it into a proper football stad with reasonable turn up on the day prices for new and old gen proper supporters...........
  11. Fast Eddie

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Jose makes the difference and based on current form I can't see him choosing anyone different for the nod against Citeh than Torres at the mo..
  12. Fast Eddie

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Damn I loved that sh*t from Torres today - I want more anger and aggression, soft yellow, should never have been sent off. Soon as he's legible back in the side...
  13. Fast Eddie

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Torres hit rhythm against Swindon and looks sharper than Eto'o for sure. Sadly Eto'o looks out of it to me, age and lack of competitive games may have reaped there toll on him. For that reason Torres starts against Spuds all day long for me and I would be surprised if Mourinho doesn't give him the start. Also it will be a massive confidence boost for the lad.
  14. Fast Eddie

    Our New Stadium

    The current site issues are a massive shame Yes, it says 2 -3 seasons, bottom paragraph of the above. Personally I think the only viable space left is Battersea..
  15. Fast Eddie

    Nathaniel Chalobah

    If fundamentals you missed the one at the top of the tree - touch. I've seen him play a couple of times and think technically he is very good. Against Crystal Palace (which poses us with another derby) he wasn't great. If anything I think he lacks stamina to make it to the end of games, tires and Zola has replaced him towards the end of matches in the past. Albeit lack of stamina may be because he's still developing physically. Zola may have hit the nail on the head re mentality and the ability to prepare and approach games in a good physcological state, especially finals, could be an area for development imo, and it seems, Zola's. ;-)