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  1. Been a while since I posted so excuse me if I do a bit of throat clearing. The Mourinho worship is unhealthy. I mean lets say Jose was completley innocent, the players were all evil and set him up to fail and Abramovich and the board were all wrong to sack him and Mourinho is just the greatest, most special one. I don't believe that but hypothetically lets assume that is the case. The club is three points off from relegation. I mean is that something not obvious. I mean I know I'm just a lowly fan from America who can't measure up those Gods that have money plus geographic luck to attend games at the catherdral known as Stamford Bridge but the supporters do know that right? I'm just a dumb American who calls the game soccer and didn't have a conception of what "relegation" was until 5 years ago but I know its something really really bad. Even if you love Mourinho that much shouldn't you put that aside and support the club at this very dark moment? Unless you're some Mourinho superfan instead a supporter of Chelsea Football Club how the **** do you justify that? That one supporter with the banner of "three rats" with the font not even filled in so you could barely read it? Embarassing. Learn how to make a proper banner. I wouldn't even write this if the club was 6-10 but its 3 points off the relegation zone. If your son goes drunk driving then gets in a accident that's not the time to scream at him about how stupid he is, you make sure he's alright, that the bleeding has stopped then later when he's recovered you scream at him. Sure I understand sports are emotional but is this the time to boo your own team because your God Jose Mourinho was sacked for having the worst record, in god knows how long? Maybe the last game was to make a point. To let off some steam. Fine but I hope it ends and everyone gets behind the team so they dont get RELEGATED. At this point nothing should be taken for granted. Also one columnist on ESPN FC made a good point, how do the Chelsea fans even know who were the "rats". I believe Costa, Hazard and Fabregas were the few who backed Mourinho. Well that's irrelevant. But anyway, I always wanted to talk about this but I never got around to it. A fantastic spanish language book called The Special One: The Dark Side of Jose Mourinho by Diego Torres. I read the english translation of it and it really showed as the cover suggests the Dark Side of Mourinho. Nothing too salacious but the man is like a caricature. I can't say reading that I expected this to happen but the book is great context for what has happened. I never hated Jose Mourinho, I loved his personality, his attitude and the way he gave the club some color in his first and second appointments. I'm glad Mourinho had a second stint because being a latecomer I didn't experience his first reign. With that said I think he has some huge flaws as a manager, and he has some demons as a human being. And flat out the way he treated Eva was a disgrace. Its bad karma and I can't say I feel sorry for how it turned out for him. Some of the supporters are still drinking the Kool-Aid but if Mourinho does get the United job wait until "The Special One's barbed comments are turned on Chelsea FC then see how unamusing it all is. Mourinho was never about Chelsea no matter what his words, he's always been about himself. I hope Mourinho does go to United so everyone can see this. He would've picked United over Chelsea in 2013 if United hadn't picked Moyes. Torres, Diego (2014-04-10). The Special One: The Dark Side of Jose Mourinho (p. 268). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.
  2. Exactly how I feel. Happiest moment of my life, wish I could go back to that moment.
  3. So much praise for Gary Neville. That's what a color commentator has to do: put things in perspective. When all that strange stuff started happening against Bayern he said "it must be written in the stars" and other comments like that. He had the sense of the moment, to tell the audience what was happeing in the big picture. That's why I had a lot of problem with the previews, not that the columnists picked Bayern over us but they just seemed to ignore the magic surrounding this team. Everyone was too X's and O'x and matchups on paper. If you hadn't noticed, this year's Chelsea team defies common sense and all reason. Comeback against Napoli, those epic wins against Barca, Messi miss, Torres' ridiculously theatric goal, then Bayern. Call it fate, destiny, divine intervention, SOMETHING was there. And Gary Neville understood that narrative. I appreciate him for doing that.
  4. Just incredible. You see miraculous victories like that happen for other teams and you wish and wish it'd happen with your team and IT FINALLY DID!!!!!!
  5. -At first I was dissapointed to see that this was basically going to be like the Barca game but as the game went on and on without Bayern being able to capitalize I embraced it and thought Chelsea just might have something magical going. -Then Muller scored and I just thought "well I guess you can only play this style for so long before you get burned" but I didn't give up. -Then Drogba equalized which was oddly anticlimactic. I don't know maybe I was too hyped up to understand what had happened, I was just screaming. -Robben penalty kick I really thought we were done for, I thought of Messi but how lightning doesn't strike twice, OH BUT IT DOES!!! -I was hoping for a dramatic Torres goal to win the game in extra time. And as extra time went on I warmed to the idea of penalty shootout because I didn't think there was a way to win the game otherwise. -Drogba freekick to win the game which was incredible to even be in that position. The magnitiude of the moment overwhelmed me but he missed it. -Penalty shootout. For like a microsecond I considered just leaving the pub and waiting outside but I just thought these Chelsea players have been playing their hearts out so it'd be dishonorable for me to bail on them. I thought of Moscow but I was confident until Mata missed and I lost some belief we were going to win but I just thought after all that had transpired it couldn't end this way. -After Neuer scored I really thought it was over. Then afterwards it's just pretty much a blur, me screaming at Bayern missing, other Chelsea fans screaming and OH MY GOD Drogba somehow has the opportunity to win the freaking game!!!!! Then I thought about John Terry's miss. Then he just effortlessly put it in, and for a while I didn't understand it was over I had lost count in the pandemonium at the pub and thought that Bayern still had a chance to equalize or something and I had to ask everyone around me if it was all over and IT WAS!!!!!!!
  6. I didn't appreciate it at the moment, y'know cuz I was too busy trying not to faint but that Neuer penalty kick! I mean is he a good kicker in real life or is he that much of a badass that he took it cuz nobody else wanted to? That was great psychological warfare, seeing a keeper hit a penalty really was demoralizing. It didn't work thankfully but wow.
  7. Someone mentioned (I think it was on Twitter) how Bayern's tickets were so damn cheap and all you had to do was pay some membership fee the tone being oh Chelsea is so evil with their rich owner and high ticket prices. Then Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl writes about how Bayern is the model franchise. Bayern this and Bayern that. Bayern is fan run and Bayern doesn't have debt, Bayern cured Polio. Yeah how do like the model franchise now? LOLOLOL.
  8. I was cheering every missed Munich shot like WE had scored a goal. I just loved that as time went by they were more and more frustrated, you could sense it. They tried and they tried to kill us off but were the pest that wouldn't go away. Beautiful football is overrated, give me this gritty, resilient type of football ANYDAY. Damn proud of this team.
  9. Just got back home. So many things I want to say but this is the most important I'm a Johnny come-lately, only been a fan for 2 years and I didn't experience the heartbreaks like Moscow. I really am most happy for all you old time fans who witnessed heartbreaks like Moscow or even pre-Abramovich era when things weren't as rosy. So I salute you, this one is for you. I feel guilty since it's only my second season and we've already won our first Champions League ;)
  10. I'm seriously sick of worrying, being nervous or having doubts. I don't even care anymore. I'm too pissed at all the doubters, haters and naysayers. Amount of disrespect from everyone has been comical. Anger is a great way to erase fear. Bring it on.
  11. Personally I only watch Champions League Finals for the commercials. My favorite is the one with the talking babies.
  12. Total cliche but no matter what happens I'm proud of the team. Well unless they lose 10-0 today. ;) No but seriously I thought we were done after the first leg of the Napoli game. That comeback in the second leg was incredible. Then against Barcelona we were such a underdog that on Twitter the hashtag #ChelseacanWinIf was trending. We were a joke to rival fans on Twitter yet we somehow pulled off the upset. We're playing with house money in other words. I will be incredibly dissapointed if they lose but I will put it in perspective.
  13. I just have a irrational belief in Torres (validated after that Barca goal). I just know he's going to play a part in a win. Maybe a goal, maybe a assist. I know he will play a pivotal part. Great players step up during big games.
  14. Welcome to The Shed End kitierkatba :)

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