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  1. I believe you tweeted me the same thought the other day, officer dibble. Yup, it me! Im very happy to hear that they’re filming a second series.
  2. What We Do in The Shadows How have I just discovered this? Matt Berry has me laughing like a hyena. I LOVE it! BAT
  3. Hasn’t earned it, in training or the pitch clearly.
  4. Barkley not even in the squad. Cool formation
  5. The boy is mustard. Intelligent, calm on the ball, has pace, good god. He'll be a nailed-on starter for the rest of this season.
  6. Stopped following the Spurs game at 2-1. When I checked the score at bedtime I laughed myself stupid! What a collapse! Rumours of that rat Vertonghen banging Eriksen's wife are hilarious, whether it's true or not. Would make sense why they are falling to pieces and talk of dressing room unrest. Kane surely has to look around at his team and think 'what am i doing here?'. If he wants to win things, a switch to United would make sense, if OGS is backed for the next season or so (he won't be, probably sacked after they lose to Liverpool this weekend). Poch just doesn't look interested anymore. At least we're building something. They're stuck with a massive stadium debt and as usual, can't attract the big name players. Can't win a trophy. Spurs will be lucky to get top 4 this season.
  7. Death Stranding looks dreadfully dull. A walking simulator, as many have already pointed out. Though who knows, that self-righteous berk Kodjima may surprise us all
  8. Near the end of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake on the Switch. It's such a beautiful game and steeped in nostalgia for me. About to climb the mountain, enter the giant egg and face the Nightmare. Next up is Ori and the Blind Forest!
  9. Gilmour controlled everything Bats scoring against lowly opposition, standard. He’ll be back on the bench this weekend. Pulisic looked creaky and out of practice. James looks like an absolute baller

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