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  1. Let’s switch back to 3-4-3, bring Moses back in and get some points back. f**k it, Conte used this tactic to great effect, Sarri clearly doesn’t know what team is our best right now. Change something FFS. City will destroy us.
  2. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    Go to Ringneck Creek, in the Lemoyne area of the map to find them. Scout from afar with binoculars and then shoot them with a rifle in the head. If you have dead-eye activated you'll see the red zone on their body- that's where to shoot. Or just do as @ForeverCarefree says and get them with a lasso instead and knife them
  3. Blueblur

    VAR in 2019/20

    VARs can only be used in four game-changing situations when there is a possibility of a clear error: for goals, penalties, red cards and cases of mistaken identity. The VAR can advise the referee of an error and the referee can also consult replays himself on a pitch-side monitor.
  4. Blueblur

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    BREAKING: VAR is to be used in the PL next season. Whether that will help or hinder us, time will tell. I wonder if Sarri will adjust our tactics as a result...?
  5. Blueblur

    Joe Cole retires

    Brilliant player. I used to have his name on the back of my Chelsea and England shirts. Such a talent and joy to watch. That goal against United was great to watch, I remember I was at uni at the time, in a pub with a load of Untied fans and I went mental when he scored. They all left of course. Not to mention that goal against Sweden. Again, I was surrounded by opposition fans when it went in - on holiday in NYC, watching the game in the United Nations building where my cousin worked- celebrated wildly in front of those Swede bastards.
  6. Blueblur

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    I've been waiting for this to happen for a couple of weeks now, their form is shocking. But I suppose the international break is a better time to do it, regarding planning. Ranieri will keep them up. Like you said, he has experience of improving teams and has loads of prem experience, title winner and all! I wonder if Huddersfield will follow suit and get rid of Wagner...though perhaps not. Fulham spent a bucketload this summer and are expected to stay up, whereas Huddersfield are almost certainly going down
  7. Blueblur

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    In other news, Sturridge being charged by the FA with gambling offences: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/nov/12/daniel-sturridge-betting I suppose he has to be doing something when injured most of the time. Naughty boy.
  8. Blueblur

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

  9. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    ^ @RIP Mourinho hahaha I don't think so. Back to Red Dead, check out this sad story about a guy losing his horse. I'm terrified it will happen to me at one point in-game. I love my horse.
  10. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    Single player games are challenging enough. The problem with online games for me is having to rely on having a good internet connection. Getting booted out of games, 'elastic-banding', waiting rooms, it's all stuff I don't have time for. Not to mention the age of the twats who play games such as COD etc. #SavePlayer1
  11. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    I manual save because I like the sense of control and reassurance that gives me. I can never see when the damn game autosaves, so I don't trust it.
  12. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    Black Flag is a smashing AC game- mainly because it has nothing to do with AC and you're just a pirate, boarding ships, fighting and swashbuckling, hopping from Nassau to Kingston, coves to islands. Enjoy!
  13. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    If you follow me on Twitter you'll have already read this story but... Met a Mexican by the side of the road. He challenged me to a shooting exercise, aiming at jars along a cliff wall. We wagered $5 as to who could shoot more, and I beat him. He upped the stakes and said let's play again, this time for $10. I accepted, but little did I know the next challenge was to shoot as many birds out of the sky as possible. I failed miserably. He demanded the money I owed him but instead I pulled out my repeater and blasted him to kingdom come. Looted his corpse. Stay south of the border next time, friend, you burrito-chomping shyster. Love.This.Game.
  14. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    My main gripe is the travel too- having to ride really big distances across the map to get objectives. But I love the first person mode, especially when riding on my trusty steed- I have named her Tornado, in honour of that fantastic film Mask of Zorro- the detail you pick up in first person mode is astounding. From the blades of grass at your feet, to the way you attach your animal kills to your horse. I'm loving the poker, used to play it for hours in the last game!
  15. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    Try pressing square just before you shoot them with the bow (to 'call' them so they stick their heads up) before shooting them. I'm really liking it so far. Lots to remember, different button combinations etc but I am liking it. There was this great mission in the first town you get to- Valentine- where it's basically a piss-up, you get really drunk with a companion in the local saloon and it leads to some interesting escapades. A hoot! The mission is called 'A Quiet Time'. @ForeverCarefree How are you finding it? You are the harshest critic.