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  1. BBC is showing a back 3. Hope Havertz gets a goal, really need him to step up.
  2. Finally started God of War. What an incredible game- his relationship with his son being the driving force of the story. Runs like a dream on my PS5, no loading times really and it looks high def AF. Combat is very satisfying too, being able to throw my axe like Thor and summon it to return to my hand at will like Mjolnir. Plowing through draugr and dark elves like butter
  3. Cemented himself as a starter for England in last night’s game I thought. Southgate is no fool, he can see that Mount is undroppable from the squad now. Happy for him.
  4. It’s very bleak at the moment for PS5. Finished playing Valhalla and Spider-Man and nothing else tickles my fancy. I’m playing my Switch more than ever, just started another playthrough of Breath of the Wild and it just confirms for me that it’s one of the greatest games ever made. SO PRETTY. I’m also thinking of getting the new Monster Hunter game, though I’ve not played any of them before.
  5. Bring them on. We can beat anyone right now.
  6. Oh wow, thanks for the update, I’ll definitely download it. An incredible game, time for a re-play!
  7. Where are the Mount haters now? He’s our BOIIIII
  8. Mad team, courtesy of a mad manager. Loving the unpredictability. Hoping for another Giroud masterclass
  9. My optimism has got us nowhere on here of late, so I’m going to say it: we are going to get absolutely pasted tonight.
  10. We’ll win this lads. We are on a good run, new manager bounce. 2-0 to us
  11. Brilliant. Spurs quickly slipping into mid-table mediocrity along with Arsenal.
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