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  1. Tuchel said Silva had “problems in training”- sounds like he’s just old and tired!
  2. Pretty much what stopped me from buying it. As much as I really liked Dishonoured it looked very samey and wouldn't take too long to complete. Talking of being samey, I've pre-ordered Far Cry 6. Give me an Ubisoft copy-and-paste game anyway.
  3. @ForeverCarefree , care to comment? You're quite critical of games in general, I wonder how you've been finding it?
  4. Deathloop has been released to rave reviews- IGN and Gamespot have both given it a 10/10! I am very tempted to purchase it. Arkane made Dishonoured which I played years ago and I loved that game. Having looked at the gameplay I am getting strong Dishonoured vibes with this one too…
  5. Mad line up, hope it works! Lots of goals in that team though
  6. Anyone see the PlayStation showcase yesterday? The new God of War looks great!
  7. I don't see where he will fit in or what position he will play exactly, but a good signing!
  8. Willian’s decision to up sticks is pretty damning for Arsenal- the situation and morale there is probably more dire than we imagine.
  9. It’s insane isn’t it? Such a well-focused narrative, brilliant graphics and exciting gameplay. Speaking of open world games, I’ve returned to AC: Odyssey. I want to get all the trophies so I have a lot to do! I finally defeated all the cult members today but I have so much more to get in with. Might try the the DLC. It’s great that it plays in 60fps now on PS5.
  10. Ronaldo can’t run anymore. Can’t take free kicks anymore. This signing doesn’t bother me in the slightest.
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