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  1. Blood and Wine in particular looks awesome!
  2. It's taken me 5 years but I've finally completed the main story of The Witcher: Wild Hunt. I got the 'bad ending' due to my choices so that has annoyed me! Oh well, time to start the DLC! Note: I let my mate borrow my PS4 copy of the game after briefly losing interest, and he never got round to giving it back. So I bought the Switch version and started again on that. It's a brilliant game, even better than Skyrim which at the time, I thought was superior.
  3. Idiot. I hope he doesn’t go down the Kyle Walker route. Still, he’s just a kid and will learn from his mistakes. Getting arrested doesn’t look good though...
  4. Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker Watched this for the first time today on Disney+. Was wary since it got such a bad critical response (from fan-boys anyway). And the result? It was was fine. (no spoilers below). Not as good as Last Jedi and definitely poorer than Force Awakens but by no means terrible. The Quantum of Solace of Star Wars films. It moves at a break-neck pace, hardly stops for breath and throws out the ideas Last Jedi mooted. Some cool fights but plot was a bit w**ky. I’m suffering from Star Wars fatigue though- they need a 5 year break or something before releasing a new one, though I have just read Taiki Watiti or however you spell his name, will be directing one next. Sigh. I‘m dying to see the next entry in my beloved James Bond film series- No Time To Die. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if it got delayed again due to Coronavirus!
  5. Season 1 of Prison Break is some of the most exciting and tense TV I've ever watched. Give it a chance! It all went a bit silly after the first season but even the second one holds up well. Don't bother with the rest... Episode 5 of GOL was incredible!
  6. Yup! Reminded me of Game of Thrones and Skyrim. I adored Odyssey, I don’t mind that the AC games have moved away from the “assassin” gameplay and have gone full on RPG. Vallhalla will be a day 1 purchase for me.
  7. Gangs of London on Now TV. Written by the guy who directed The Raid and Raid 2 films. Very, very violent and also very very good! If you like watching people get shot in the head, limbs severed with machetes and bones broken, this is your show. It's got Joe Cole (not that one!) from Peaky Blinders in it. A power-struggle in the Big Smoke. Also watching Save me on Now TV. Dark, dark stuff, written by and starring Lennie James, who plays a man who is trying to find his abducted daughter. The Mandalorian on Disney+. Started off well but is meandering a bit now I've got to episode 4. Some filler guff and lack of plot.
  8. I've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons daily on my Switch. Not tired of it yet. There is something about not having an 'end goal' as such that keeps me playing. I'm fishing, catching bugs and donating to my local museum. It's very therapeutic after working all day. No Man's Sky is finally the game that was promised when it was first released. They have tons of stuff added to it now and I've watched some Youtube videos. Still, I'm not going to buy it again. They lied from the start about the game and will not be getting my money a second time.
  9. Everyone please watch season 2 of Sunderland Til I Die on Netflix. My friend edited the programme and the more views it gets, the more likely there’ll be another season and therefore work for him to do (once this pandemic is over anyway!) .
  10. Nope, it's barren in terms of PS4 and Xbox games. Consoles are coming to the end of this cycle after all. It's very good. You'll love this then. Bloaty head has now been replaced with Lightheadedness!
  11. Currently playing Two Point Hospital on my Switch. It's basically Theme Hospital, for those of us old enough to remember Bullfrog's management-sim. It is keeping me occupied until the new Animal Crossing game is out next week!
  12. I expect this game will be played behind closed doors. But same starting XI as against Everton please!
  13. This is getting embarrassing for those toffee bastards
  14. Big game for Billy. Another chance to show he is a midfield maestro and part of Frank’s future plans

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