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  1. Ancelotti sacked by Napoli. Madness. Would he ever go to Arsenal?
  2. Dangerous. Watch us ship another after this too
  3. Nice to see Rudiger back! Mount dropped to bench
  4. Tomori looking like 2nd choice centre-back these days against the mighty Christ our lord
  5. This isn't the news I wanted to hear tbh. I'm loving who we are right now
  6. Is it me or did JT look absolutely furious exchanging a few words with Lampard at the end of the game...?
  7. Different line up to what we usually expect. Glad to see James in there. Giroud needs to have a good game if he is to convince lamps he is better than Batman
  8. Annoyingly, I would be worried if that happened. Spurs will always be losers when it comes down to it, but I think Arsenal would be a great fit for the Argentinian.
  9. Wonderful to see Emery lead Arsenal to yet another loss. They’re on a six game streak of not having won, a record which stretches back to 1992 apparently. Emery needs to go but my lord, that’s the least of their troubles. They need a full squad refresh barring two of their players! They’re drifting into obscurity and I love it.
  10. Who do we want? MOUNT! When do we want him? MOUNT
  11. Willian continues to be our most frustrating player

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