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  1. Those are such nice videos, thanks for posting @abramovich !
  2. Some of them are utterly enraging to find! You can hear the vibrating/mystical noise it makes but end up running around in circles trying to locate it!
  3. Keep an eye out for those books of knowledge, start unlocking mad abilities!
  4. Yes yes YES. Polished is the right word. Side-quests happen more organically, not just spread about the map chaotically like Odyssey. The story quest arcs are self-contained which is a better structure. Game of Thrones indeed. I loved stomping on people’s skulls once knocking them down, brutal stuff. It’s a lonnnggg game though, took me about 90 hours to conquer all the counties in England.
  5. Lots of fun reading Blue Moon forums post-match thread. A lot of rage directed towards Pep! I spent a delightful couple of hours in bed this morning reading all the match reports and analysis. Still can’t quite believe it, our second CL trophy!!
  6. I couldn’t give a flying f**k. Well done Rudiger for ensuring he had to leave the pitch. Survival of the fittest.
  7. Every time Sterling had the ball and attacked down his side I worried. Ha, why though? Reece not only tracked his every movement but on the occasion where Sterling got passed him, Reece simply stepped across and used his incredible strength to hold him off and rob the ball. It’s a simply game when it comes down to it eh?
  8. Can I just say that Reece James was incredible tonight. Sterling in his pocket all game. What a legend
  9. AHHHHHHHH I AM SO HAPPY. Young Kai!! What a night for all our new lads!
  10. It’s so weird, the players don’t even glance at the trophy as they walk past it. Must be superstitious
  11. Ok I am actually sh*tting myself now. Nerves have set in. Time to crack open a beer
  12. Hoping Havertz has a blinder tonight. He is a talented lad and with Mount behind him surely we can create something!!
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