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  1. I went ahead and bought Odyssey anyway. I am loving it. Greece is so much prettier than Egypt! And I am playing as Kassandra, always a breath of fresh air not playing as a male character for once. I will say though, the game is a little overwhelming at times. I have SO many quests in my quest log to do, a lot of the time I don't even know where to begin. I've started hunting down Cultists and killing them. I have bounty hunters chasing me a lot of the time, got loads of naval missions to do, side-quests, timed side-quests, bountys, sync points, questions marks, forts and of course, the main story missions. The game world is colossal, I feel like is Ubisoft's version of The Witcher 3. The side-quests are incredibly detailed and you can see they have poured their love of ancient Greece into this game. I don't see how they are going to improve on this. But then again I never thought they'd ever make a better game than AC II or Black Flag. The combat is a delight, too. My favourite thing to do is get into a fight near the edge of a big drop and Sparta Kick a soldier off the edge, watching them fall to their death. Never gets old! 30 hrs in and many more to go...
  2. He's an unbelievable player. So much for being 'injured' the other night! It's alarming though, how frail we look without him- our midfield had gaping holes in it during the United match. People make jokes about Kante being two players, but he actually is. The sheer amount of energy, tackling and quick passing he showcased against Liverpool meant they struggled to keep hold of the ball at times because of his high-energy pressing. Our best player and world class. He will be impossible to replace, though I am confident he will finish his career with us.
  3. Get Tammy on, Giroud looks leggy and can't stay onside anymore
  4. I think we are going to get absolutely pasted. Still, up the Chels and all. Who knows, Liverpool might have an off-day, but they are playing with swagger right now.
  5. Dragging myself through the last season of OITNB. Near the end of Santa Clarita diet which I've enjoyed very much. Timothy Olyphant has amazing comic timing. The Boys was good at the beginning but is meandering a bit, hoping the last couple of episodes are as good as the first few. Also just done a Spaced re-watch and now on to Black Books re-watch, comfort television!
  6. We have an incredibly poor back line right now, with Rudiger out and Luiz gone. Not surprised we shipped 4 goals. We'll get better, let's just write-off this match and hope our exciting youth players such as Mount and Tammy continue to look lively and take their chances in the coming games.
  7. Little rat. Without him, and not being able to buy any players, we have a very injury-prone back four right now.
  8. What a stunt to pull if true, Judas. If true. Time will tell.
  9. The thing is, the club HAD to be seen taking strict action on this. If we'd just dropped the investigation or said 'we didn't have enough evidence' (like the courts did) then these pricks would continue coming to the games week in and week out acting the same way. And as a PR exercise, we as a club would look even worse than we already do. It's not just that the bloke probably did say those racist things (lip-reading isn't an exact science is it) but his sheer demeanour and behaviour was absolutely disgusting and abhorrent. I really felt embarrassed watching it. This type of behaviour is just not on and I am glad the club has issued a life ban to him and temp bans to those other scrotes.
  10. Lampard ran back from training to the team hotel- 9km- with his coaching staff. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7271889/Chelsea-news-Frank-Lampard-runs-9km-Chelseas-team-hotel-Japan-set-standard-players.html Leading by example, I love it!
  11. Rocket League is fantastic, i have it on two consoles. And Skyrim is a lifelong-love affair for me. Essentially an endless game, I love it. Trying to drag myself of my Switch version of it (currently at lvl 31) and play something different.

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