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  1. We literally can’t play football after half time. It’s killing us
  2. Anyone but Spurs to win. Anyone. We'll never hear the end of it- the first trophy Spurs win in over 10 years, the CL trophy? No thanks.
  3. A good, solid episode, where they reminded us of the allegiances, grudges and as yet unsolved plot points. Glad they quickly got the issue of Jon's true parentage out the way. The best bit of the episode was probably the ending, watching Jaime sh*t himself at the sight of Bran-Flake leering at him from across the courtyard (they really need to increase security at Winterfell, as it looks like Jaime just trotted in without any problem). Only five episodes left. Can't wait to see who ends up on the Iron Throne. Hope it's Tyrion. I reckon Daenerys is going to go the way of her father (already seen shades of it; see her execution of the Tarly's from last season) and go berserk- perhaps Jon will murder her to save the 7 kingdoms? Just please leave Jorah alone. I couldn't handle it if he perishes in the final battle. Though in most likelihood, he will. And Theon is almost certain to do something ridiculously heroic and sacrifice himself in recompense of his actions over the pre-Reek years. Winter is here. Let the speculation continue!
  4. It's is certainly not boring, you hunk of munk.
  5. Youngsters finally blooded. Here we go, let's beat these bin-dipping slippy bastards!
  6. Diego Costa banned for EIGHT games, after abusing referee. Insulted his mother apparently haha. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47891377
  7. It certainly is! It's going to take me a while to unlock all of the regions on the map! Far Cry Primal? How much of a game back-log does your brother have?? He is three years behind...
  8. Finally got my hands on Just Cause 4. I've been waiting ages for the price to drop and them to patch it up. It plays fine, not had any problems yet. It's good fun, the same as the other games really. I didn't really enjoy JC3 but they've amped up the mayhem in this one. Being able to tether balloons to enemies/cars/helicopters and watch them go spinning through the air before I detonate them, sending them falling into a ravine, never gets old. I much prefer the game map too, reminiscent of JC2 (my favourite) and a huge improvement on the bland map in the last game.
  9. I suppose there isn't much else to do apart from getting c**ted if you know you won't play for Chelsea ever again
  10. Eden has just said the Real Madrid rumours are wrong and that he is just focusing on finishing in the top 4 and winning the EL with Chelsea. Yeah so he is definitely leaving
  11. Nah. Giroud has been hanging them in in Europe, works out better this way. Good team, come on the Chels!
  12. Doubt it. He played for the U-23s only yesterday. Carroll out for the season which is good. No excuses really, just need the right team selection....
  13. Watch Sarri revert to type, by playing Willian and Kovacic. We'll get thrashed. FFS, stick to the youth and we have got this!
  14. You should see my face, I look good too, Danny boy

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