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  1. Same here. Really quiet apart from when first switched on or when changing disk
  2. Glad you’re enjoying it. I’m nearing 65 hours on Valhalla. I would definitely wait til you get a PS5, it’s a gorgeous looking game and runs really well on it. Having a laugh with photo mode, I keep stopping every few moments to take picture of the sun setting over various lakes, rivers etc.
  3. Anyone get any good games over Christmas? I got Immortals: Fenyx Rising for my Switch and am pleasantly surprised. It’s made by the same Ubisoft team who made AC: Odyssey. Having fun soaring around the map like a Greek God and solving lots of puzzles.
  4. Glad to hear it! You’ll enjoy it the more you play it, it really opens up. Combat gets better when you unlock more abilities. And then you have the Cult of Cosmos stuff which makes it quite challenging when you are being actively hunted. I ended up with more than 110 hours logged. I’ve already done 40hrs on Valhalla. Exploring England is a bit bleak compared to sunny Greece though, I miss those sunny isles
  5. It might come across as unrefined compared to Ghost but it will keep you busy over Christmas certainly! Kassandra is preferred mainly because her voice acting is better. You’re stuck with him now!
  6. I think I’ve waxed lyrical about Odyssey before on this thread but yes, I rate it very highly. It’s a steal at £15 too. If you do get it, play as Kassandra, not Alexios. It’s a sprawling, beautiful game, Ancient Greece is a vibrant playground. Sun-kissed beaches, islands, coves, shipwrecks to explore.
  7. Utter madness. I won’t be going near this game until they have patched it up to the nines
  8. Crunch is sadly ever-present at almost all game companies. Despite CD Projeckt's 'can do no wrong' image its clear this time round that they too have done what Rockstar, Ubisoft etc etc have done when needing to rush a game out in order to meet a deadline- work their poor employees to the ground.
  9. CD Projekt are destroying their excellent reputation for producing the Witcher 3 and the mad amount of free content they developed for it with an unfinished sci-fi game such as Cyberpunk. Working from home can’t have helped them and there must have been a huge rush and crunch to get it in the shops before Christmas. I’m going to wait a few months before getting it. Im having a blast with AC: Valhalla. This is the most mature, refined game Ubisoft have made, and the best AC game since Black Flag in my opinion. England is just beautiful and the story arcs are absorbing and moving
  10. Top of the league. What more do fans want? Many things I suppose, Werner to bury all his chances and Havertz to not play since he’s rubbish but really, can’t complain!
  11. I definitely want to get Tsushima, it looks incredible. I sometimes replay games yes, Skyrim, Zelda games, GTA, are all games I’ve replayed a lot. But Far Cry and other games, not so much. I thought Far Cry 4 was the best of the lot though, didn’t like 5 much.
  12. I see! Never had the disc spitting problem luckily. No trouble bringing the saved data over at all- if you connect your PS4 and PS5 to your wifi network it will transfer the data at a push of a button (and a 15 min wait, depending on how much data is being moved over).
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