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  1. If Kepa had played, we’d have lost the game Mendy showing his class and why he is our number 1.
  2. Strong team. Mendy immediately back in goal after recovering from injury, excellent. Back line looks good too. I have a good feeling about this one lads!
  3. Get rid, wish I’d seen Lampard tear him a new left bollock. Arise Chillwell and his more-able backup, Emerson.
  4. Put him in between the sticks immediately.
  5. Yep, I think so. I want to know the price! Ive pre-ordered the Mario All Stars collection for Switch. That will keep me going til Christmas!
  6. Aaaand that’s now our transfer window business done. Not interested in any other players now. Kepa is clearly here to stay and we bought a defender and some amazing attackers. That’ll do!
  7. Had my first trip to the cinema since before lockdown. Glorious experience, only about 10 people in my showing of Tenet. All spread out as per social distancing guidelines. Anyway! Spoiler-free thoughts: I’m a big fan of Nolan’s films, Inception being my favourite, Dark Knight Rises and Dunkirk ranking at the bottom of my list. It was- “standard”, as in the standard Nolan fair. The tone and themes were familiar to me and the mood derivative of his other works, but I never connected with it in the way I have with Interstellar, The Prestige or even Memento. I think the “love” theme of
  8. Indeed, and Twyla from the cafe is their sister/daughter!
  9. Fiancée and I just finished it. It was BRILLIANT. So well written, funny and heartfelt. Moira was my favourite! Can’t believe she was Kevin’s mother from Home Alone 1+2, barely recognised her. Her lilting accent had me in hysterics most of the time, bebehhhh
  10. He’s been good for us. Good, but not great. I won’t miss seeing him attempt to take corners for us anymore. I wish him all the best at Arsenal.
  11. Kepa is done at Chelsea, isn’t he? Expected line-up otherwise.
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