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  1. Kepa is done at Chelsea, isn’t he? Expected line-up otherwise.
  2. We will win this quite simply because we have Giroud on our side. He can’t stop scoring! Plunging a breadstick/sword into the Gunners’ hearts once more!
  3. This made me laugh a lot, thank you! It’s calming the nerves
  4. Domination, like the Chelsea of old. De Gea had a nightmare, lovely to watch.
  5. Bate makes the bench! I don’t know who he is. I wonder if he’s a master of it...
  6. Anyone else just sick of the sight of Kepa? Part of me is like ok, he’s young and will get better but then I’m also like omg can’t you save anything?? The top sides have excellent goalkeepers but we don’t- Kepa+unreliable defence= no clean sheets.

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