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  1. Cabellero confirmed as starting in goal for this one. We'll get a clean sheet for once! I know Willy would have probably started this one anyway, but I hope Kepa takes a bit of time to reflect on how terrible he has been recently.
  2. Vegas? You lucky bar-steward. Dont put it all on red 😉
  3. So he's practically gone. Deserves more playing time and he won't get that here. At least he got a taste of what it's like to win trophies!
  4. Alonso is injured, Tomori is ill and Gilmour too. Not sure who will be starting today...
  5. No, he doesn’t. It was the same with Conte when he arrived and then look what happened. Give Frank time and with a bit of spending next month and things will be better. I don’t think Emerson will be playing again, that’s for sure...Frank knows that
  6. I'm well-aware it does Munky, can't wait! I think Cavill is great casting to be honest, looking forward to seeing him toast some fools with a bit of igni. I haven't read the book series yet but I think I will depending on how much I like the Netflix series. No, but having read about it a bit it seems right up my street. Might pick it up for cheap on PS4.
  7. Bought The Witcher 3: Complete edition for my Switch. I never finished it on my PS4 and didn’t manage to get round to playing the amazing DLC so I’m happy to start again. Being able to play it on the go is brilliant, it will make this Christmas with my family a lot more bearable!
  8. I don't think so, RB Leipzig are top of the Bundesliga and could be tricky.

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