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  1. Knew soon as Kante went off we wouldn’t score again, Kovacic is absolutely dog sh*t
  2. 73% possession and not 1 shot on target is a total disgrace
  3. that is the most depressing football ive seen us play , absolutely no pace or imagination . pls let this be Sarris last game , I have never been so bored watching us play. Pedro 0/10, Jorginho 1/10 Higuain 0/10, kovacic -2/10 (not even heard his name) Willian -1/10,barkley 1/10 and i wonder why we dont score enough .
  4. Did anyone really believe we would win the game anyway
  5. Sack him now and put us out of our misery
  6. Same sh*t different week , fail to score yet again and let in two crap goals to Everton who are absolutely dire
  7. Chasing shadows yes , but not physically bullied like they are saying
  8. I wouldn’t say Man City have a big powerful midfield, so more crap from the pundits
  9. I give you spurs, don’t spend a penny but challenge for top 4 it’s all about the manager

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