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  1. what does jorginho do ? not seen anything apart from pass sidewards and backwards
  2. 5TH best we can hope for , we just dont score enough , as for sarriball wheres the entertainment
  3. gazza

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    if we are going to play a tech midfielder with no pace at least lets use fabregas who can find a pass, jorginho is dire not one decent forward pass all half. after the goal fulham were the better team
  4. We can’t play the youth like spurs do ,because the manager doesn’t get the time
  5. And people were saying sell Kante cos he don’t fit the system , Sarri will be gone after 2 years
  6. Ffs it’s not just the defence
  7. I thought sarriball meant goals ,we are hopeless
  8. Also they have rookie centre back
  9. 5 or 6 that’s where we belong
  10. worst midfield display and worse ref display i have seen not one midfielder has tracked back like ali , son or erickson
  11. Totally agree also this means we have played Arsenal , Liverpool and Utd all at home with only 1 win
  12. Need to bring Giroud or Morata on
  13. Arsenal score 5 we can’t even get 1