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  1. Chasing shadows yes , but not physically bullied like they are saying
  2. I wouldn’t say Man City have a big powerful midfield, so more crap from the pundits
  3. I give you spurs, don’t spend a penny but challenge for top 4 it’s all about the manager
  4. Defeat today then again in cup vUtd then City in cup final then Spurs at home and then Gus will be brought back for final 2 months
  5. No proper investment over the last 2 years and this is the result, its only going to get worse we are the 5/6th best team in the league and thats where we will finish . can anyone really wonder why the board didnt back Sarri with a replacement for Cesc and dithered with Higuain , the man is so far out of his depth and the players have given up AGAIN.
  6. you could tell the players have lost faith in Sarriball , there was no pressing in the first half
  7. arsenal have kept two clean sheets this season one against huddersfield and the other against us, we are a joke
  8. Sarriball is a myth there was only one team doing the high press in the first half , and in the second they done exactly the same as spurs ,sat deep letting us have the ball knowing we have zero threat up top . top 4 gone with this game ,we are going backwards and i wouldnt give any money to spend as i think he is clueless rant over
  9. We are utter sh*t but the ref is worse , every tackle from us is a free kick to them but their tackles he waves play on . we lost every header that came into our box and we just do not look like scoring
  10. sorry to say but cant see Sarri lasting the season out, when man u catch us for top 4 its curtains
  11. every team that comes here knows how to play us ,we have no goal threat what so ever