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  1. Another 6-0 coming up on Sunday. This is such a lifeless performance.
  2. Managers other than Sarri have this ability I hear is called "learning". Soak up the pressure, don't let yourself get exposed. Every 15 minutes of pointless passing around the box, we make a mistake and give the ball away dangerously, pounce on that and get an unimpeded run on our goal.
  3. "This is the best performance of the season from Man Utd. tonight!" WTF are these guys on?
  4. Swapping Dave for Zappacosta at 81minutes, that'll win the game!
  5. BBC are acting like Man Utd. had to put in some sort of special performance here. Every Team in the league plays like this against us, it makes it painfully easy to beat us. We cannot score and every counter has about a 50% chance to end in a goal.
  6. Sarri just won't change his tactics at all will he? The entire league knows that if you soak up the 'pressure' and counter, you'll tear us apart every time.
  7. Oh joy conceded a stupid goal and now 10 minutes of pressure
  8. abigsmurf

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    How can players even get motivated under this system? No players can flourish as they're not given a chance to. Pass pass pass around organised defences who'll quite happily wait for your inevitable mistake and counter. Half the teams in the league play counter attacking football, this system plays to their strengths and make the worst defences look like world beaters. Occasionally you see a ball delivered to no one inside the box out of sheer frustration or cluelessness about what to do next. Say we get a new star player, he's amazing, he's motivated... What's he going to do under this system? If he's any threat he'll have 3 defenders stuck on him the whole time. Heck The defenders could probably have a few games of cards whilst they wait for the ball to come in, if it ever comes at all.
  9. Sarriball doesn't work, the sh*ttiest teams in the league know exactly how you play against it. We're stuck with this sh*te for probably the rest of the season.
  10. abigsmurf

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    How about just taking it to a corner instead of a sodding kick straight to their keeper. Moronic. Crap end to a really crap week for me.
  11. They were tired, we were desperate, that was why. If we played like that in the start we'd probably concede.
  12. The worst teams in the league can defend against us with ease. We play such boring un-threatening football.
  13. abigsmurf

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    Almost £60mill for a player who spends a lot of time on the bench. I really hope our scouts are justifying their salaries with this signing and we haven't just fallen victim to getting in a bidding war over a player owned by a club that does shrewd business... That said, if he does perform for us, it'll mean a lot of new American fans. Club could see it as a gamble worth taking.
  14. Between Watford losing the ball and us scoring there were just 2 passes. There's a lesson to be had there. We have no strikers, we're just passing it endlessly around a defence that we give plenty of time to organize, eventually ending up in a us losing the ball or a delivering cross in to no-one (or at best to someone who isn't a finisher) . We could even get away with such a toothless attack if our defence could be relied upon not to look vulnerable on every single attack.
  15. abigsmurf

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Some of the worst penalties I've seen in a long time from Leicester there