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  1. The racism story is already off the front page of the BBC and the main sports page. Gotta love the difference in level of coverage to us.
  2. I'm sure he's drafting a letter to the FA demanding that City be docked 9 points right this moment! https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/48020270
  3. Not sure I can blame Kepa too much. When you've a defence as utterly hopeless as we have, no keeper has a chance and you're going to keep letting in terrible looking goals because you've no idea where the balls going to go.
  4. 15 minutes of solid attacking, they get the ball into the final third once and we gift it to them. This is f**king embarassing.
  5. Any team is likely to score on any attack. Our defence must be challenging for worst in the league.
  6. Completely open in the middle of the box. This should be basic stuff....
  7. So why are they not showing the offside lines? They definitely have them, they've had them every offside.
  8. Penalty is technically correct but.. I'd have been pissed if we'd got a decision like that against us. Need to take the players on yellows off, the ref will be looking to even it up.
  9. Well that's something you don't see everyday
  10. I'm not entirely sure how that wasn't given offside...
  11. Was a yellow card, not a red. You card based on the challenge which was a standard late slide in. Poor to change the decision purely on the basis of the injury. As for the injury. They won't show the planted foot challenge that caused the injury but you did catch a glimpse of he aftermath (foot at a 90degree angle to his shin).
  12. With the new rules on handball, how is that not a penalty? What the hell?
  13. Watching how many times he had to view that 'foul' there's no way he can justify it as clear and obvious. He wasn't even sure and he overturned the referee! Funny how many decisions VAR overturns but how incredibly rare it is for them to overturn a red or give retrospective diving punishment in seasons past. So will the FA admit that they were incompetent and getting it wrong in these panels in past season or that they're getting it wrong now?

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