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  1. Kick the ball over their head and run into them. What the f**k was that decision?
  2. How many goals has Zouma cost us so far this season?
  3. How many of these pundits defend Salah going down at a slight touch saying contact makes it a penalty? There was contact, it wasn't clear if it was enough to make him go down but it also wasn't a clear obvious error so the penalty must stand.
  4. Now every team has seen that we get destroyed by direct long balls... This season is going to be fun.
  5. Guess we've had a taster of what to expect from Villa this season. Defend for 90 minutes and hope you get lucky
  6. France were terrible on the attack (multiple off-target headers and a poor miss at the near post stick in the mind) and the US routinely gave the ball away in their own half. Outside of a some good blocks in the second half, the US didn't have to work too hard and when France stepped it up in the final 15-20 minutes the US looked vulnerable.
  7. France are supposed to be one of the better teams in the competition... This is so terrible.
  8. This game has been going pretty much as you'd expect. pretty sh*tty if Sterling is awarded that goal
  9. Disappearing from the planet from June 1st for a week sounds good right now.
  10. I've a long car journey tomorrow, I was hoping to be able to listen to the radio...
  11. They didn't even mention it when it was being shown in slow motion. It's comical
  12. Fabinho goes in full pelt with both legs, raising a foot to make sure he catches Suarez "Nothing wrong with that" The level of bias is pretty damn disgusting. They completely ignored the shove on Messi's head too.

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