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  1. This game has been going pretty much as you'd expect. pretty sh*tty if Sterling is awarded that goal
  2. Disappearing from the planet from June 1st for a week sounds good right now.
  3. I've a long car journey tomorrow, I was hoping to be able to listen to the radio...
  4. They didn't even mention it when it was being shown in slow motion. It's comical
  5. Fabinho goes in full pelt with both legs, raising a foot to make sure he catches Suarez "Nothing wrong with that" The level of bias is pretty damn disgusting. They completely ignored the shove on Messi's head too.
  6. I've been watching Doom Patrol, easily the best superhero TV series I've watched. Weird as hell and Brendan Fraiser and Timothy Dalton are amazing in it.
  7. The big frustration is that it's a different show now from what it was at the start. The early seasons were full of tense political infighting with smart characters all trying to outwit each other, all against a brutal backdrop where anyone could be killed at any moment. Now it's all about the big epic showpieces featuring the world's worst tactics, very little politics and every character acting like idiots (has Tyrion done anything smart in the last 3 seasons?). Characters now have plot armor and constant 'badass' moments, It used to take entire seasons to travel across the continent, now everyone teleports around, fleets of ships are somehow able to sneak up upon a dragon and you have giant crossbows that have power comparable to a modern naval ship. It used to be a smart, tightly written show where you genuinely didn't know where it was going. Now it's a dumb hollywood blockbuster where all the characters are idiots and they care more about pandering to fans than the brutal realism of the early series. If the first 2-3 series had the writing of the last 2-3 series, it would have never have become the phenomenon it is.
  8. City were so very very nervy, that was a tough watch. Can't see Brighton putting up a defensive display like that. now they're staying up the players are probably already on holiday in their minds.
  9. The Last Jedi caused me lose faith in reviewers. I can understand maybe a few people loving but it got such overwhelming praise. It's hard to know if critics are so out of touch or if they're scared of upsetting the company that owns 40% of the movie industry but neither are good. Also getting a bit fed up people reviewing the subject matter, instead of how good the film is (hence all of the 'important' films that dominate awards nights despite tiny amounts of people having seen them). For games, reviews are there to tell me that the game isn't a complete and utter disaster, other than that, it's other people's opinions, gameplay and if I like the genre/makers that really get me to buy a game.
  10. I get he's frustrated but show some damn respect. He couldn't wait a month until his move to express his frustrations? Not sure what kind of send off he's getting now but it has to take some shine off of it. I'm so tired of this kind of player power at Chelsea,
  11. They had two attacks and scored two goals, both times the scorer was unchallenged. Playing possession based football without a solid defence will never work.
  12. A team that relies on lightning counter attacks and you put that many men forward for a corner. They were even tripping over each other during the corner so overcommitting actually hurt it.
  13. A goal that should've been given offside in the buildup. Things do go Liverpool's way...

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