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  1. You do not make a substitution for them to take a penalty with their first kick. You'd think this would have been drilled into the heads of managers after this summer. Utterly moronic.
  2. The difference a clinical striker makes! Immense performance from Mendy too. 3-0 doesn't reflect just how tough that game was.
  3. Well that's the game f**ked. Congrats on the ref for making it all about him.
  4. Utterly disgraceful the situation with the seats not being ready. First game of the season after a Champions League win and some of most dedicated fans can't see it. They should have reserved some regular seats the second it looked like it might not be finished in time. Leaves a real bitter taste in the mouth. Champion's League group stage tickets? It's rarely difficult to get those, in fact they generally have to do all sorts of offers and discounts to sell them anyway. They're rarely the most thrilling games and they're played at pretty awkward times. A lot of holders I know aren't fussed about attending those and would have infinitely preferred the first home game after 'normality' and a Champions League game.
  5. I think that's about the worst run of fixtures starting a season I can ever remember. Ouch.
  6. Since then I've also completed the Sub Zero expansion/semi-sequel. That was a huge disappointment, it's worse than the original in just about every way. Not quite sure why they felt the need to take a game that had a creepy sense of isolation, then decide the player character should be a talkative teenage girl who wisecracks like she's in a marvel film. You don't need any of the vehicles except to save time as you can swim even the deepest parts of the game with ease thanks to all the oxygen plants and bladder fish everywhere.
  7. Gave it another go.... Got hooked. Been playing it non stop and I've now completed it. The game becomes a whole lot more rewarding and less tedious once you've got a big base set up with all the tools you need. Also realised saving the game whenever you're at 'safe' spots means you don't have to deal with the frustration of losing vehicles.
  8. They've been carried hard by Bruno and received some very favourable VAR decisions at perfect times.
  9. In a penalty shootout of incredibly bad keeping, perhaps it was fitting the only save would be from a keeper's shot.
  10. Some terrible keeping in this shootout. 16 in a row scored...
  11. Bought Subnautica because I wanted something else like The Outer Wilds. Not really gelling with me. I like crafting games but the tiny inventory, everything needing batteries, all vehicles permanently destroyed if they take too much damage, food and drink... it takes any enjoyment out of the game having constant tedious busywork.
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