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  1. Tammy is injured as it turns out so him hobbling around failing to tackle instead of getting treatment was even more stupid by the bench. The next day and I'm still annoyed at our performance...
  2. Pile of sh*te. Not sure what was worse, the awful short corners we kept trying, all the times we tried to do a dozen passes in the box instead of anyone taking it on, the headers straight at the keeper or another demonstration of a defence that was literally non existent for the first goal. For their second goal Abraham was hobbling around, barely able to walk. Instead of kicking it out and letting him get treatment, we apparently though the best course of action was to have him defend instead... Not that we didn't have 4 or 5 chances just to clear the ball and ease off the pressure. Terrible tactics and players who are gutless, always wanting to pass to someone else rather than taking on good chances and then forgetting that they also need to defend and overcommiting themselves.
  3. Aside from the poor finishing, the terrible crosses, the lack of creativity and a defense that went to pieces the only two times they were called upon we did well!
  4. For that you need strikers that can finish and Willian not to keep playing the ball behind attackers.
  5. I hope Frank makes the players come out and apologize to the travelling fans who now have to stew on that sh*t for the 5 hours it takes to get back. But then, that was a spineless performance, why would they grow a spine now?
  6. Was that their only shot on target the whole f**king game?
  7. No creativity, no finishing. You need at least one of these against defensive sides.
  8. Abraham is so terrible at finishing with loose balls. Given loose balls tend to make up the majority of chances against defensive sides, it cripples us.
  9. Spurs are impressively mediocre at the moment. Watford were terrible yet had huge amounts of the ball. Mourinho's going to have to completely change the playstyle unless they can get some clinical players in front.
  10. Spurs' finishing is just surreal. Never seen so many clear cut chances rocket massively wide/over.
  11. Be careful with their expiry times. I've had store credit expire from them.
  12. Leeds have been hurt by Bamford being so wasteful. He should have scored at least one of those chances. Arsenal also getting away with murder, Xhaka fouling endlessly without getting a yellow and the ref for some reason not giving a red for a clear kick out.

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