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  1. A team that relies on lightning counter attacks and you put that many men forward for a corner. They were even tripping over each other during the corner so overcommitting actually hurt it.
  2. A goal that should've been given offside in the buildup. Things do go Liverpool's way...
  3. Calling it now, Cardiff goal at 54 minutes and we fall to pieces. This is so tedious.
  4. High press only works if you can get lots of goals, you need to score enough goals to mean that you've a buffer against teams that get the 1-2 breaks down the middle a match. We play tactics that suits half the premier league and cannot reliably score.
  5. We sacrifice our entire defence purely for a completely toothless attack. You can stomach boring lifeless football if it gets results but we get nothing from Sarri
  6. Footballers should amputate their arms apparently. What a terrible terrible decision
  7. Aww such a shame that Courtois is having a terrible game... Maybe don't badmouth your team mates just before a big game?
  8. We lose and we're going to have a media circus now thanks to Kepa being a moron. He hardly covered himself with glory in the shootout either.
  9. Deserves to be benched for the rest of the season for that. Thanks for embarrassing us and making us more of a laughing stock!
  10. Another 6-0 coming up on Sunday. This is such a lifeless performance.
  11. Managers other than Sarri have this ability I hear is called "learning". Soak up the pressure, don't let yourself get exposed. Every 15 minutes of pointless passing around the box, we make a mistake and give the ball away dangerously, pounce on that and get an unimpeded run on our goal.
  12. "This is the best performance of the season from Man Utd. tonight!" WTF are these guys on?
  13. Swapping Dave for Zappacosta at 81minutes, that'll win the game!
  14. BBC are acting like Man Utd. had to put in some sort of special performance here. Every Team in the league plays like this against us, it makes it painfully easy to beat us. We cannot score and every counter has about a 50% chance to end in a goal.

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