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  1. Well that was a great confidence booster for Werner wasn't it...
  2. When you see Kepa do that, you have to wonder if he's even a Championship level keeper. There wasn't bad decision making there, it was just inept. Lack of confidence can only excuse so much.
  3. Two goals from nothing due to our defence looking like complete amateurs and 30 minutes of toothless attack from us. Embarassing.
  4. As much as it sounds silly (along with a large dose of sour grapes) they are genuinely getting the luck as they need it. Match changing penalties from awful decisions and freak goals in the last 10-15 minutes. Even today their goal was a deflection that took it away from the keeper. They're very rarely playing well but keep getting the wins in weird ways.
  5. We can't deliver a final pass, we can't finish, they run pass our midfield and our defence gives them all the room they need to score. But aside from that, we're doing fine!
  6. Man U are the only one that get these decisions. Not a mention of how crap that decision was on Sky.
  7. I think it's got to stop. The Covid situation is pretty grim and lots of clubs employ people whose age puts them at risk. Wouldn't be especially bothered to be honest. We're halfway through the season and players are clearly not coping with this fixture schedule. We're seeing loads of terrible games from players that are knackered and a big jump in cynical play as teams look to exploit tired teams
  8. The second Giroud went off, we had zero threatening players on the pitch. Werner did nothing except ironically chip the ball massively over one of the few times he should have kept it along the ground. I'd have more time for Hudson Odoi complaining about crosses not getting to him if he showed any movement at all towards the ball rather than remaining a statue. Our crossing was bad but players being so static made it worse.
  9. Leeds may as well not have a defence, Man U can get the shot off every time.
  10. Mourinho has taken long ball football to a further extreme. You wonder how much of this is tactics coming together and how much is luck that these tiny number of chances are being taken
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