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  1. Watched Scoob. It's terrible, skip it. You can probably sum up how little they 'get' Scooby Doo with the following statement: it's a Scooby Doo film without a mystery to solve. Not funny, spends way too much time on Blue Falcon (and setting up a Hannah Barbera shared universe in general) and it splits up the gang for about 90% of the film. The only good thing about the film is them re-doing the classic Scooby Doo intro in CG.
  2. He's on bail now so they have 28 days to charge or 'release' him (although he can still be under investigation for this). If it's a he-says-she-says case a conviction is unlikely but he'll be guilty in the eyes of the media and it'll follow him for his career. Media outlets like The Guardian will ensure the public never forget.
  3. What a f**king idiot , whether he's guilty or whether he's let himself be tricked. Innocent until proven guilty but unless there is no case to answer and it's clear in the public eye he's innocent, this will follow him for the rest of his life. The lack of prominence on the BBC makes it seem like they're hedging their bets a lot (this should be the top headline) which gives me hope he's just been stupid rather than a scumbag.
  4. Apparently 8 teams are now opposing neutral venues which is enough for the vote to fail. In all honesty it's likely Leicester and us blocking it. We have nothing to gain from a season restart and everything to lose. Void, PPG, current position, all of those would give us Champions League.
  5. Marathoned A Series of Unfortunate Events over the last week or so. Enjoyed it a bunch, despite an unsatasfying final episode. Also probably not the best series to binge watch as the recurring format for each chapter can get repetitive.
  6. I think you've got to void the season. Even if infections are dropping by July, no government is going to want to be seen as creating a second wave (as happens in a lot of pandemics) by restrictions being lifted too early. You've got 9 games left. Even with an insane schedule, you're going to need 5-6 weeks to play that. Player contracts will expire, sponsorship will overlap. What happens if a team gets 3-4 first team players out with corona? You're going to have players who've not played for 3 months with limited training ability asked to suddenly start playing 3 games in 7 days. Finishing the season as is? Teams that have their difficult games backloaded are at a massive advantage in terms of relegation and Champions League. It would be too unfair and I imagine some teams would take the league to court. Playoff tournaments? Again the differing fixtures would make this unfair and how would you deal teams that would be confident of remaining up/qualifying suddenly having to deal with matches that woulds be a lottery because of fitness and 'cup final' mentalities.
  7. They made record profits last year and are now making us subsidize them for more profit. Hope they get hit by a windfall tax, they could easily cover these wages themselves. This is for genuinely struggling companies. Funny how they're now all too keen to take money from the Tories
  8. Arsenal losing to a goal in the 119th minute. Aubameyang missed an utter sitting at the last second. Great stuff.
  9. Pretty much exactly the result I expected. Still frustrating after the first half.
  10. Some people on Reddit claiming Lamela spat at fans when coming on. Anyone hear/see anything about this?
  11. Kick the ball up to their fast moving players and keep fouling in the midfield if you're under pressure until the game is slowed down. They've got multiple fast, clinical players, they can play terrible football for 80 minutes then score from a hoof upfield. Most of football has moved away from bossing the midfield such as the Tika Taka Barcelona of old did so it's extremely effective.
  12. If that wasn't a penalty, it was a dive. Why was Sterling not booked?
  13. 4 minutes of open play before a penalty decision was given. That's terrible. Almost as bad as the penalty itself.

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