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  1. They have to be really really sure when it's a VAR against Liverpool huh? Mane took at two players first, it doesn't even matter if he touched the ball or not (which he didn't).
  2. Is Zouma ever going to lose that lack of awareness? Every game he does something sloppy purely because he doesn't pay attention.
  3. The game ended with a Juve free kick hitting a 1 man wall. Terrible from them.
  4. Morata has a hatrick of disallowed offside goals! The man has zero positional awareness, he must never look down the line. He could play a team of cardboard cutouts and still fail to time his runs.
  5. I would argue that they should make the game free to air and add some additional sponsorship that goes to the clubs (maybe even the dreaded American style popup banners in replays) but the channels would just use that as a pilot for adding them to all games.
  6. Morata's having the kind of "bad luck" he used to regularly have for us.
  7. Zouma at least twice showed a complete lack of situational awareness that could have resulted in goals. He was attempting, not especially successfully, to shield the ball just inside the area when he was under huge pressure, trying to get Mendy to take a huge risk and come out to claim it. Mendy just shouted at him to clear it instead. Zouma then had a go at Mendy indicating he should have been paying attention. The clearance was head and shoulders the safer solution rather than risking the keeper stranded in no mans land or risk giving away a penalty if the attacking player manages to
  8. A slow miskick from outside of the box with good visibility. Of course Kepa gets nowhere near it.
  9. Maybe the problem is that underneath the gloves, Kepa has Trump sized hands.
  10. Kepa isn't even good enough as a second choice keeper. He has zero anticipation and panics at anything unexpected. Not a great combination.
  11. Been playing Hades non-stop for the last couple of weeks. Really fun, enjoyable rogue-lite. It's weird in that it's got an insane amount of conversations in the game (I must've finished it 25+ times and It's still new dialogue for every character every time I talk to them) but that the main game only has 4 short areas and a very small selection of bosses. Also playing Outer Wilds which is oddly one of the most inexplicably scary games I've played.
  12. I can't see that being offside, even if it's technically offside by the image (which I can't see), you've got to allow for a margin of error. 30fps isn't accurate enough for that kind of precision, Don't mind though, Liverpool spent the whole game getting away with cynical tackles designed to stop breaks and Mane needs to get called out on his diving. He tried to get someone sent off after feeling contact (that ended up just being the football embarassingly). Pickford is terrible and he's put Van Dijk out for at least a couple of months with that tackle (knees don't bend that directi
  13. It could have genuinely been double figures. Lots of 1 on 1s not taken.
  14. He's an arse. The way he went "They're losing 7-1.... to VILLA" with such disgust. You're a pundit, not some fan down the pub, give them the respect they deserve for this.
  15. The most entertaining thing about this is all the Liverpool fans who would been giving Man U stick.
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