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  1. It was more than slightly worrying that decision even had to go to VAR
  2. This is looking to be one of those "not our day" games where nothing goes right.
  3. This is clearly not happening. We were playing bad and the subs have made us worse.
  4. Defence completely standing off of multiple players, terrible. Easy to score an 'amazing' goal when you've time, space and another person just as open to spare your blushed. This is looking like a thrown game. *edit* That was a nice way of jinxing it. Almost as poor from Leicester there, how many defenders standing around doing nothing?
  5. They keep thinking they can Moneyball the league, that they're buying cheap players temporarily out of form rather than unable to cut it at a top level any more.
  6. Congrats to Villareal, hope they can win in the final, they'll need to up their game though. Really poor performance from Arsenal.
  7. We completely outclassed Real Madrid. Brilliant performance, even if we should've scored far more. On to the final! Just wish it wasn't against an English side.
  8. PSG are extreme bottlers. Was comical Neymar ignoring the open PSG player next to him in order to try and take it wide and dribble around City's entire defence. Can't say I'm terrible hyped for tomorrow now. I can't get excited playing City for the fourth time this season.
  9. I actively got angry about Neville being a sanctimonious arse on Sky. He was going on about the 'sanctity of the Footballing Pyramid'. Yeah, Neville, the one you took a dump on when you bought Salford and pumped unsustainable amounts of money into so they'd keep getting promoted. How about his business partner, Peter Lim and what he's doing to Valencia? Then there were the optics of all these players decrying "foreign owners". So much for Kick it Out....
  10. That was a bizarre lack of drive from Southampton once they went down. Just really didn't seem to care. Terrible game.
  11. Hudson Odoi was the exact opposite of an impact sub. Always off getting onto the ball (I refuse to believe that many passes to him were off, he's just always too slow or badly positioned) and the balls from him were terrible. The subs killed any chance of us winning, we stopped delivering any balls forward after that. What we needed was just to have someone who'd actually taking on the shots, the game was crying out for Giroud. I'm starting to get the feeling that Tuchel isn't improving are shooting which has been the weakest part of our game all season.
  12. It's impressive how terrible the football has been this weekend...
  13. Mount confirming he did a Kamehameha, nice. Most entertaining performance I've seen in a while (aside from the inevitable hard defence for the last 15 mins). Beating Liverpool is always great.
  14. I just want this season to be over for all kinds of reasons. Playing toothless possession based football is not fun to watch. We've become Arsenal in the last few years of Wenger.
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