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    TJB reacted to Argo in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Just looked at the Jose thread when he was sacked, similar stuff. Blaming player's, claiming no one got the club like he did, how we've ruined our chance to get something meaningful, people saying they're becoming numb etc
    Within a year we were all chanting "Antonio Antonio Antonioooooo"!!! 
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    TJB reacted to Brutos in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    I hear a lot of talk about morals, at high-level business, morals get left at the door, eat or be eaten, and especially in a cutthroat industry like football.
    Some fans still think this is the 60's,70's or 80's, which gives you great memories of your childhood running around watching Chelsea.
    I appreciate and respect that those memories are great for you; however, this is 2021. Football back then was not so much a business like it is now, with TV money, sponsors having agreements on where you need to be to get your bonus, social media, shareholders, etc... the list goes on.
    So this attachment to Frank is understandable, but in a business sense means nothing as results speak for themselves.
    Roman wants immediate ROI or some indication that there is progress on his ROI, but unfortunately, there is none. With Lampard losing the dressing room, there was zero chance of him turning it around barring selling half the team, and that's was never going to happen.
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    TJB reacted to Hensi in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Wow, I really cant believe that the fans asking for Frank to be released from his duties are being slammed as plastic, glory hunters, etc. This is just outrageous and its not like they were calling for his head without a solid argument for that claim. Each and every one of us asking for a change listed out arguments as to why we want it and when this is all a fact, we are being bashed as plastic. I am sorry, but this is idiotic. We are all fans of the same club and being shamed for asking a change is not the way to do it. 
    I can understand why the old guard here have their arguments, however, if we were to think with our heads and not hearts, we would see that today is not any different than other times when a manager go the axe. Take Sarri for example. People were calling for him to be fired 5 matches into the season. Why were no one mentioning morals and values of the club. We need to be able to distinguish Frank the player and Frank the Manager. His legacy will never be questioned here, he will always be a blue, no matter what and I do believe that if he improves on his knowledge and experience, he will be back one day with JT on the wheel, prove us all wrong and finish what he started.
    There is no denying that there is a lot of logic behind the sacking. Many valid arguments have been made by the others. Some of the bullet points are as follows: 
     - We are 6 months into the season and we never got an identity and a solid starting XI. Even during the winning streak, we were looking shaky and clumsy and there was always the impression things were not going well;
     - I am willing to agree that Frank was also selecting players based on his preferences and not actual work being done on the training ground and the pitch. For example, Mount has played on multiple different positions this season with the sole purpose of him being in the squad. I respect that he is a lad from the Academy and all but there were numerous occasions when he was abysmal and never got to the bench. I dont know what is going on during training, but I do believe that there were other players who deserved more to be on the pitch than him. 
     - Frank was outclassed and outcoached by other managers despite them not having the resource he has at our club. And I am not talking about Carlo, Klopp and Pep. I am talking about Santo, Arteta, Hassenhutl, Rodgers, even Scott Parker was going to take points off of him, only a dumb play by a player of his prevented him from that otherwise the game was going strictly in his favour;
     - We never got a style of play that we all hoped we would have in the summer. We were only relying on possession based football and countless of meaningless crosses when we were clearly not suited for that, especially when our only capable player - Giroud was on the bench;
    - Frank's record as a manager is the worst of every other manager we had during the Roman era. That alone is a fact that can not be ignored and some would argue that even AVB had more ground to be given more time; 
    Its understandable to say the least why most of the fans are reacting this way. But bashing the others that agree with the decision is not the way. It will only divide us during these hard times and will lead to no good. I am not confident in Tuchel either and was much preferring to see Allegri take over but we need to trust Roman as he is the one who brought us where we are now. 
    Anyway, I wish Frank all of the best, I sincerely hope he will find a place where he will be able to fully show his potential and gain the necessary experience and knowledge to succeed at the top flight. I will happily accept him back if he were to take this job again in the future. 
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    TJB reacted to Valhalla in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Long time lurker and sorry for jumping on when a manager has just been sacked. 
    There's a lot of bad comparisons and assumptions being made that I just have to give my thoughts.
    We shouldn't want a long term manager just for the sake of having one. It should be the right person who has proven himself. Lampard has no past experience to back him up and his football was unremarkable even when we went through winning spells playing against teams that should be a division below us. 
    Conte f**ked up for various reasons, Sarri wanted to leave. Now whether you want to take the risk and see if Lampard can get out of this mess is up to you. I would have liked to see him finish the season but it could also mean missing out on top 4. I don't blame the board for sacking him but for hiring him if they had doubts since the beginning. 
    Comparing him to Ole and Klopp is ridiculous when they have past experience to back them up. Lampard probably wouldn't have got the job if it wasnt for the transfer ban so it may have been a short term investment since the beginning in the board's eyes. 
    There is no right or wrong in this situation. 
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    TJB reacted to Slojo in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    So now rival opinions matter? 
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    TJB reacted to Slojo in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    I know it's horrible, I'm just surprised why so many people are surprised, the writing was on the wall. I take no joy in it, but I agree with the clubs decision. No matter what, he still did a very good job in his first season, so credit to Frank. 
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    TJB reacted to Slojo in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Compared to the manager who never won anything and started his career just 2 years ago? 

    I'm not a Tuchel advocate by any means but it's weird why so many people who cling onto Frank go about criticising managers who have actually won silverware and accomplished things. 
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    TJB reacted to CFCCAN in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Waking up to the news this morning - disappointing but not surprised.  The Board and Roman have a ruthless history with those that fail and that will never change while Roman own's the club...'failure is not an option'; said it before and I'll say it again, especially after spending 200+ million. We all wanted Frank to succeed but it became painfully obvious he was struggling to get results especially once the other teams began to wake up from their slumber; tactically it has been a mess and his game management has been non existent for the most part due to his inexperience.  The Board took a gamble and lost. I'm sure we all wish Frank the best for the future I'm sure he'll land on his feet somewhere..maybe Scotland....just a thought as it seems to be working out for his old England team mate.
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    TJB reacted to Brutos in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    I dont think they care much , fans will still turn up to matches
    I dont buy it either when these players signed Lampard was touted as the reason and if it wasnt for him we wouldnt have gotten them now they are not his signings
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    TJB reacted to bisright1 in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Well Chilwell Frank definitely wanted. But are we really saying he didn't want Silva or Werner - he flew out to meet Werner! Maybe he didn't want Mendy, but who did he want instead - Mendy was a great signing for the price and clearly backed by Cech. Whilst Ziyech is also a great signing. 
    I just don't trust most of the things the papers say. But if anyone is saying Frank didn't get the players he wanted and we should feel sorry for him for that reason, is really twisting the events to their own means. 
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    TJB reacted to abister1 in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Only a stupid business man will see his business going down the toilet and not do what he can to rescue it, especially when the management in place have not shown the capability to get the business to thrive. Not from history, past performance or current performance. 
    Anybody that honestly thought the appointment of Lampard was our attainment of managerial bliss is a joker and to all the old timers that feel betrayed, sickened, fed up, are done...... so many funny things I've read from you lot.
    From your downright condescending tones to other posters, challenging their credibility as Chelsea fans because they prefer to look at the facts and make a call on them rather than emotions and blind hope to taking the moral high ground. You can get on your sanctimonious high horses and ride into the sunset. 
    Frank should go and learn his trade more. No team in current top 10 would have hired him so all those saying Chelsea have used him when no one would touch us and dumped him now we have money to spend, it goes both ways. He was always going to be a failure at Chelsea ultimately because he was ill equipped for the role but we have done a world of good to his future career prospects as having it on his CV ex manager of Chelsea basically is a foot in the door for most jobs at his level.
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    TJB reacted to bisright1 in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Fair enough. I wanted Frank gone really in the last few weeks, it seemed obvious to me the team weren't playing for him anymore and he didn't know what he was doing. I wonder how things would be if we were in the ground. But it seemed like he never quite managed to solve how to build a midfield. I also really started to dislike his press conferences, he became very very defensive, he started to deflect blame onto the players and he seemed to only talk about trying harder. It felt like someone who just was out of his depth.
    I'm feeling quite down about it now but hopefully in a years time we look back on this as being a good thing. I even left the forum for a bit because it was affecting me. 
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    TJB reacted to Argo in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Why are you taking twitter seriously? The vast majority on that platform make the worst poster on here look like the best one. 
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    TJB reacted to Slojo in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Loads of twats on Twitter, but that's to be expected. Nobody on here, and nobody on here should be tarred with the same brush. I think this is a good decision by the board, the sooner the better if you ask me but it brings me no happiness to see Frank get the sack. 

    I accepted it a few weeks ago that he was going to go, it was only a matter of time, that's why I was very upset after the Arsenal game, I knew then and there it was never going to work out. 
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    TJB reacted to Slojo in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Love Frank as a bloke and wish him all the best, but I think this is the right move by the Board if so. I think it's the right decision going forward. 
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    TJB reacted to big blue in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Whether Lampard stays or goes, the club need to find some sort of physical midfielder to offer some presence,even if its just someone we look to loan out and flip for cash in the long run, or an older player that come in short term. 
    Centre midfield is shocking. 
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    TJB reacted to smileysmiles in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    A blind person can see whatever he was doing right has been sussed out and is no longer working. You cannot be that one dimensional
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    TJB reacted to Argo in *Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard   
    Yeah I never really got that, my first memory's of the club were around mid 90's (before Zola etc got here) and although I was young I was clued up enough to realise mid table was the best of what our players were capable off so I never expected more of them and were happy when they ultimately achieved such a goal.
    Having said that though you can't really pin this on just us it seems to be an PL culture in general. Some Arsenal fans are calling fellow fans who don't 'trust the process' under Arteta rats, United fans are equally as bad and Liverpool fans went to unreal lengths to defend Dalgish. It seems the average fan of an English club can't separate warranted patience with putting their expectations in the gutter. The media don't help by creating cult of managers with their faux outrage and references to Ferguson whenever one gets sacked.
    Thankfully however unlike with Arsenal we don't have a board that will exploit our willingness to embrace mediocrity.
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    TJB reacted to Slojo in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    Oh f**king hell, give it a rest with the Klopp comparisons please. 

    Stop comparing a bloke who only finished 6th with Derby to a bloke who's had 15 years of managerial experience, won two Bundesligas, two German Cups and got to a CL final with Dortmund. Completely different story. 
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    TJB reacted to Backbiter in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    You can't be offside from a goal kick.
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    TJB reacted to coco in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    Chilwell has been piss poor so far.
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    TJB got a reaction from Brutos in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    Another steaming pile of sh*te of a game produced by these 2 teams. 
    Question is, why the f**k did I watch it knowing what was coming? And why did I continue watching it to the end? 
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    TJB got a reaction from Nibs in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    Another steaming pile of sh*te of a game produced by these 2 teams. 
    Question is, why the f**k did I watch it knowing what was coming? And why did I continue watching it to the end? 
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    TJB reacted to The Brit in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    And the most overhyped game in world football is a snoozefest once again. what a surprise.
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    TJB reacted to The Brit in Fulham v Chelsea (PL) Sat 16th Jan 2021 17:30 GMT   
    A win but fcuk me we’re dross
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