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  1. What I love most about Tuchel is his approach. He is clearly a pragmatic guy and gains an advantage in how gives every player a chance to show what they can do. Every one can leave training feeling like they have a genuine chance of being in that starting eleven which I think helps immensely with morale. I don't have any regrets with Frank. Take the emotion away from it and its clear he needs time to develop as a coach. He will be back meanwhile Tuchel seems the real deal. I cannot complain about a guy who has taken us from a very unhappy fan base to genuine CL contenders in 3 mon
  2. Wow what a draw! At home 2nd in both games if we get to the Semi too. Needed to avoid Bayern, Man City & PSG till the final which is exactly what we have done. What a chance to get to the final!
  3. Did you not see Kante? Bloke ran 3 marathons this evening! Unbelievable
  4. Haha that was never a red card but class from Rudi. Been unreal all night. He's in their heads!
  5. Kante had been sensational this evening. Also Rudiger! We need to ride out the next 10 minutes and not concede. Then the space will open up again.
  6. But if those players made the right desicions we would have got at least one goal. Havertz should have scored early in the 2nd half when he blasted it straight at the keeper. Either side of him and that's a goal. Just lacklustre finishing and lack of cutting edge. Makes it really boring to watch.
  7. That was utter dross from the players. Didn't seem arsed about trying to win. Nothing to do with the coach there it's down to the players. Walking about just not interested in actually making something happen. We have to start being much more ruthless.
  8. Thanks for calling him out Yorkley. As soon as I saw the post I had to laugh. It's one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read in this forum but it did give me a laugh!
  9. How you feeling now @cockwomble? Sorry I mean @cfcwomble?
  10. What progress am I talking about? Well he's made about as much progress as one can make in 6 weeks. He can't win a trophy until the season ends at the earliest you doughnut!
  11. Christ! What does it take to impress you? We need to win each game 4-0 otherwise 'you don't see any improvement'? What an overly negative summary of Tuchels progress. It's sad to see people like you actually want him (which means ultimately the club) to fail. Can you not clearly see the progress the club is gradually making? Can't tell if your comments are a parody or sarcastic.
  12. For me, the improvement in attack comes down to the players, not the manager. The instruction is there and the players have the quality. They must deliver. Tuchel has turned us into a whole different animal now. Can you believe the run unbeaten?!
  13. Sensational performance. Should of been 2-0 if not for sh*tty VAR. Outstanding performance from the whole back 3, especially Christiensen. Jorginho was superb too.
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