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  1. Same. Not his fault it was sh*t business from the company who gave him that contract. the guilt and responsibility RE: the people losing jobs because of it should 100% sit with Chelsea football club there.
  2. I truely am going to miss this incredible talent playing for us. I remember being at Stoke away when he scored an absolute belter and thinking, this kid is gonna seriously go far. best of luck whatever happens with him.
  3. Really hope city win tonight. Need them to seal the title ahead of Liverpool if the next 30 years of my life isn't going to be ruined having to be reminded of Liverpool winning the sodding thing
  4. I think Sarri deserves alot of credit for tonight. Time to show some unity and get behind him! Got alot to play for and if we can do either top 4 or Europa then that gets us into the CL. Do both and it's not actually a bad season!! Come on the Chelsea!!!!!
  5. @coco Might need you to help with editing the day to Sunday 27th as at the moment it says Saturday 27th! Doh!!!
  6. Oh sorry is it an issue? If so then they shouldn't allow people to start a thread in the matchday chat section unless an admin. Never was an issue before. I've started match threads in the past.
  7. I enjoyed seeing Danny Rose get kicked about too.. Still haven't forgiven the c**t from when he pushed someone over the hoardings into the stand when they bottled it to Leicester
  8. Get in there!!! That's my chelsea. That's the chelsea I know! Superb. Always great to beat those c**ts!!!!

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