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  1. I think Sarri deserves alot of credit for tonight. Time to show some unity and get behind him! Got alot to play for and if we can do either top 4 or Europa then that gets us into the CL. Do both and it's not actually a bad season!! Come on the Chelsea!!!!!
  2. @coco Might need you to help with editing the day to Sunday 27th as at the moment it says Saturday 27th! Doh!!!
  3. Oh sorry is it an issue? If so then they shouldn't allow people to start a thread in the matchday chat section unless an admin. Never was an issue before. I've started match threads in the past.
  4. I enjoyed seeing Danny Rose get kicked about too.. Still haven't forgiven the c**t from when he pushed someone over the hoardings into the stand when they bottled it to Leicester
  5. Get in there!!! That's my chelsea. That's the chelsea I know! Superb. Always great to beat those c**ts!!!!
  6. Bit of a discredit if you ask me. He’s been a great servant for the club and the only reason he is off is because he just isn’t good enough anymore. Age not on his side.
  7. 2 Moments for me... Both Vs Man Utd. The goal to put us 2-0 up at home (2006) where he wriggles round Vidic, Ferdinand and Brown then slots home. What a finish. The goal to put us 1-0 up at OT when Malouda sauntered down the channel and he backheeled in. Both goals that effectively gave us control of the league/sealed us the title. Loved his low centre of gravity and silkyness on the ball. Devastated when that clown from Southend gave him that awful Knee injury which I still think he never really recovered from.
  8. He isn't going anywhere this transfer window but I do believe that eventually he will leave (sadly).
  9. Got my tickets yesterday. Actually off to Norway on Monday from Luton airport so took the opportunity to book a hotel near SB on Sunday night to take the Mrs up to London for the day before heading to SB for 6PM KO Which suits me :-) Not looking forward to getting up the A(M)1 from SB to Luton on Monday morning though :-(
  10. Here is hoping that the gap at the top continues to shrink! Just so long as its not Spurs who challenge! Basically its Man City or bust as far as i'm concerned. Unless of course Chelsea could.... Nah shut up Adam!
  11. Leaving work early to make the drive up to Wolves. Hoping to see Hazard start and RLC. Kill the game off in the 1st half. Don't want to see us labour to half time then add the pressure of raising it in the 2nd half. Just get the job done please lads!
  12. Fulham really struggling vs Huddersfield. Suprised really as I thought they would do OK this season.
  13. I would like to see CHO get some game time here. Expect RLC to play too. No need to play Hazard, Jorginho or Kante.
  14. Looked a foul to be fair. His knee caught the back of salahs calf at full pace. Salah looked to have over run it at that point.
  15. Great result. Just watched the highlights. Seemed like a basketball game, end to end!
  16. The best thing about it is that Zola is his go to which is a nice touch as a fan of the club for 25 years :)
  17. What so hes had an offer on the table for a whole year has he? I bet nothing has even been negotiated yet lol!

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