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  1. I'm chuffed, obviously our scatter gun managerial process is bound to make us all a bit nervous, and no one wants this to end badly. Having said that I feel that Lampard understands the club, and crucially the owner in a way other managers simply didn't get. We know it will be a challenge and he won't be able to make new signings, but this could be a positive thing. We have a great youth team and there'll be none of that, "well you got your signings, now we expect results" mind set. I know he's inexperienced as a manager but he is not inexperienced when it comes to the unique challen
  2. I feel great, and while I know I shouldn't listen to fans of other clubs, who denigrate us for being a chaotic, mad house of a club. I love that we seem to thrive on chaos and still keep winning things.
  3. I have to tell myself I don't begrudge it, to stay sane. As I posted earlier I hope both sets of fans disgrace themselves, and both managers have a punch up on the touchline which then spreads to the players and both clubs get lifetime bans from Europe. Well I can dream can't I.
  4. So true I feel like filth for saying this, but come on Liverpool. Spurs winning the CL with their new stadium and everything would be just terrible. The Scousers have lost out on the one trophy they really, really want so I wouldn't begrudge them the CL. Saturday is going to be a weird win win, lose lose though, whoever triumphs.
  5. Well that went better than I expected I must say. Brilliant second half from us, and a very fitting send off for Hazard. I so glad Cech is coming home next season he stopped them from getting a proper thrashing last night. When that 4th goal went in I nearly spilled my wine. Just a word on Ozil, I think Winston Bogarde was more industrious than him when sitting on our bench. I'm feeling very happy this morning.
  6. I've been telling myself that I'm not too bothered about this game, and just want this weird season to be over, especially as things don't seem to be going our way out in Baku. But now that the day is here I am getting more and more nervous and excited. I think watching and reading reports of the epic journeys of both sets of fans who have made their way there has perked me up.
  7. We should hang on to Hazard and take the financial hit next year, we'll be saving money by not signing anyone during our ban anyway.
  8. So far this week has been really, really sh*t. I am not holding out much hope for tonight being any better. We've secured at least a 4th spot in the league and I have a feeling the team will now be on the beach. Please, please prove me wrong lads.
  9. My take is this, I do not want Liverpool to win the Premier league, I think that is the one their fans really, really want. They have won the CL fairly recently and while it would be a great, and if I'm fair fitting end to their season, I suspect most of them would, if given the choice, take winning the Prem over the CL. My nightmare scenario is Liverpool winning the title and Spurs winning the CL. As has been pointed out, this would give Spurs a massive financial boost along with their new stadium, also I still want us to be the only London club that has won it. So I reluctantly wo
  10. My Husband is pleased as he can reignite his Man-love for Mourinho now he is no longer at Manu. Funny to see their fans rejoicing over this, especially as they gloated so much over getting him. "It's the job he really wanted" "The chosen one" "We're classy and don't sack managers like Chelsea do" Obviously they have found the post Fergie reality a sobering experience. They could have years of instability and managerial round-about fun. I wonder if Spurs are nervous, although why would Pocchettino go there at the moment?
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to put this or if someone has already posted it, but I can't find anything about it. Anyway one of our all time legends has been battling cancer but now he is on the mend...https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=26&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwje86zTvfLeAhW_wAIHHbvFAa4QFjAZegQIBBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fnews.sky.com%2Fstory%2Fex-chelsea-star-gianluca-vialli-reveals-year-long-battle-with-cancer-11564272&usg=AOvVaw3qEMC9BrVvnUiUkX4BACqk I hope all goes well for him.
  12. It was nice of him to do a tribute to the late, great, Aretha Franklin, albeit a few weeks too late. Respect indeed. He won't walk away, Utd will have to sack him, which is delicious as their fans were so smug over our managerial revolving door all these years. Easy to keep the continuity going when you have a Fergie in charge, that will never happen again imo, so they better get used to replacing their manager every 3 years, unless they get Poch. On a human level I feel sad that Mourinho has been reduced to this, he looks unhinged and on the verge of some sort of breakdown. He
  13. I think losing his Father really hit him hard, he has always had a slightly histrionic personality, but he also had a humorous side to him, which appears to be gone. He is no longer the young, all conquering hero, standing beside Fergie and Wenger he looked like the newcomer, now he just looks jaded and stressed. Living away from his family can't help either. I still love him for what he did at Chelsea, but I must admit part of me is relishing the fact that ManU won't be winning the league anytime soon. For his own sake though I'd love him to come good somewhere else, preferably man
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